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RAMDSK12.ZIP Yes 27975 3/2/1994
These FREEWARE utilities are 2 RESIZABLE
ramdisks. One is for XMS and the other one
is for EMS.
RAMMAP15.ZIP Yes 12313 7/1/1993
RamMap v1.5: displays how much memory is used
& if it can recover space used by the
environment area of TSRs; Computer Tyme
RBT400.ZIP Yes 56024 1/24/1993
ReBooT v4.00 - Utility to switch between
multiple AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.
Eliminates need boot disks. NEW Shareware.
RCD17.ZIP Yes 27154 4/22/1993
RCD v1.7 - program change the default
disk/directory in a "do what I mean" manner.
You can specify all or part of the name of
the directory you want to go to, and RCD will
do it's best to figure out which directory
you mean; will show popup selection window
RCD21.ZIP Yes 28113 1/25/1994
Intelligent Change disk/directory. Use
partial names -- select if several pop up.
RCDIR834.ZIP Yes 22504 8/28/1994
Deluxe DIR 8.34 - Replaces command.com's
"DIR" command. More switches, faster and more
powerful than dir. Uses colors to show
file-type and uses Unix style extended
RDMEM107.ZIP Yes 8411 4/7/1994 Upgrade to READMEM, the RAM dump program.
READMEM.ZIP Yes 4856 3/8/1994 Simple memory dump util, better than debug
READY51.ZIP Yes 13188 4/27/1993
PAUSE replacement DOS utility. Sound/Timeout/
Clock/KeyList, etc.
REAL2DOS.ZIP Yes 5990 6/21/1993
REAL2DOS.ZIP - Reads the REAL time clock and
resets the DOS clock. v1.01
REDATE!1.ZIP Yes 12117 9/8/1993
REDATE!- Free DOS utility: file redater
v1.10a, single field & century support.
REDEFN23.ZIP Yes 21983 1/30/1993 Define 10 keys tsr v. 2.3.
REKEY20.ZIP Yes 5519 2/12/1993
Rekey 2.0 command line pop-up menu f1 - f12
recalls last 50 command inputs. Dir 55.
RELE106.ZIP Yes 5086 1/19/1994
Resident programs & system crash recovery
RESQ32.ZIP Yes 20267 7/16/1993
Resq v3.2. Recovers text otherwise lost in
the computer. Searches XMS and EMS memory as
well as low RAM.
RING14D.ZIP Yes 14344 3/8/1994
TifaWARE RING v1.4d - rings console bell.
yseful for notifying you when a program has
finished or an error has occurred. w/TASM 3.0
RITM258A.ZIP Yes 280314 8/25/1993
RighTime v2.58a: Precision Learning CMOS/DOS
Clock Corrector. Learns corrections itself.
Full-screen installer, other utilities. Works
well with TimeSet v7.10 or later. Tom Becker.
RMDIR_.ZIP Yes 9307 4/1/1994
RemoveDir quietly removes a directory without
DOS messages.
RODENT.ZIP Yes 1030 8/16/1994
Rodent: Compute mag program shows mouse
RONDA110.ZIP Yes 26697 9/14/1994
Reboot On No Disk Activity v1.10 -Wonderful
utility for BBS sysops: Reboots the computer
after a period of no disk activity. Works
with any DOS device.
ROSETOOL.ZIP Yes 574365 5/1/1994
Rosenthal Engineering Tools 04/94 Assorted
DOS Tools.
RU103.ZIP Yes 29083 8/11/1993
RAVITZ UTILITIES v1.03 - A package of
misc utilities. Disk security, plotter, etc
Extremely handy if in your sphere..PIC2GL
modify the BIOS keyboard handling to make the
keyboards more useful. Shareware - no charge.
RUNON13.ZIP Yes 28083 11/4/1993
Runon is a nifty little utility that will let
you run an event only on a certain day, or on
a RANGE of days. Freeware.
RUNWN21S.ZIP Yes 52442 5/13/1993
RunWen v2.1 The BEST Bootup Program Scheduler
! New version 2�1 fixes the infamous
"February" bug. You'll never find a better
shareware Bootup Program Scheduler
RUSUUPC.ZIP Yes 856172 10/11/1993
Russian UUCP for MSDOS. Ver. 5.09 gamma
Docs in both English & Russian.
RWF100.ZIP Yes 4736 10/1/1993
RWFORMAT v1.00- Free DOS utility: FORMAT.COM
restrictive shell (a: or b: only) Public
Domain [10/02/93] by David Daniel Anderson
S3FC10.ZIP Yes 9944 2/17/1993
S3 Software's small front end for using DOS
5.0's FC Compare . Dir 56
S3S11.ZIP Yes 30366 6/29/1993
S3 Software's Sloppy DIR replacement utility
v1.1 (minor bug fix)
SCHEDT10.ZIP Yes 21463 1/11/1993 Task Scheduler written in C++ $5 reg
SCHEDTSK.ZIP Yes 86425 1/3/1994
Schedule and run DOS programs anytime-
Task Scheduler will schedule and run any DOS
program or programs for execution
SDFLUSH.ZIP Yes 3256 12/15/1993
Utility for use with 4DOS 5.0 and SMARTDRV,
instructs SMARTDRV to flush write-behind
buffers before displaying 4DOS prompt. See
this file for more details. 336-byte TSR.
Freeware by JP Software.
SEE270.ZIP Yes 23656 2/23/1994 Popular memory checker.
SERMOU.ZIP Yes 9687 10/22/1993
Replacement for the Sermous.Sys File for
Intel X86.
SET401.ZIP Yes 4364 6/4/1994
Set4017 - change CAPS Lock and other
SETBEP11.ZIP Yes 11587 1/18/1993
SetBeep v1.1: TSR pgm that will set the beep
character's (ASCII decimal 7 or control-G)
duration to a user specified value; 01/18/93;
SETKEY10.ZIP Yes 6711 1/1/1993
Setkey v1.0: simply util that enables you to
redefine the function of
Ctrl-/Altcombinations, useful for storing
frequently used DOS commands; req ANSI.SYS;
SETMODE1.ZIP Yes 11933 3/15/1993
SETMODE v1.0 FREEWARE from Fremont Software.
This set of files was made for changing the
AUTOEXEC.BAT and the CONFIG.SYS files and
rebooting your computer. This is a must for
those that have 5 different BOOT disks
sitting around.
SHAREFIX.ZIP Yes 10397 12/27/1993
C) 1993 Andrzej G rbiel What is SHAREFIX? It
is a set of tools that fix many problems
resulting from usage of SHARE with most old
DOS applications in multitasking environment
(e.g. Windows).
SHROM24B.ZIP Yes 18377 12/23/1993
Shroom v2.4B: gives a DOS application's shell
more room by intercepting the shell operation
swapping out the application program, freeing
up the memory, and then performing the shell
SHTDWN16.ZIP Yes 16532 8/5/1994
System shutdown program V1.6 Immediate, timed
or on specified time/date. Now also with
reboot option.
SIFT10.ZIP Yes 13839 6/26/1993
SIFT v1.0 - Excellent DOS FIND filter
replacement / enhancement.
SIMCLOCK.ZIP Yes 9669 5/7/1993
Text-mode digital clock with big, easy to
read numbers. Best for people who have a
spare XT that doesn't sell for much money.
TURN YOUR XT INTO A CLOCK - It's free, too.
SIPLU134.ZIP Yes 166357 6/1/1993
Systmes Information Plus. Shows a vast amount
of technical information about your PC. used
mainly for diagnostic purposes. Identifies
addon cards etc..
SIREN11.ZIP Yes 8280 6/24/1993
Will sound a siren sound for a specified time
at a specified time...
SISEISA.ZIP Yes 65084 1/8/1993 Sis-Chipset Ami Eisa Manual Dated 1/3/93.
SIXPCK10.ZIP Yes 17960 3/4/1994
Sorcerer Sixpack, version 1.0. A collection
of very small, very fast, DOS utilities
a popup date and time clock, a utility which
can perform formfeeds with the touch of a hot
key, text printing and reading utils.
SLMT.ZIP Yes 9976 8/18/1993
SLMT- Free DOS utility: offline reader ASCII
tagline file creator v1.00 - 08/19/93. (c)
1993 by David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware.
SMARTR10.ZIP Yes 2916 6/19/1994
SmartRepeat v1.0 - by Gary Chanson
Keyboard enhancment TSR which makes typematic
key repeats smart. Prevents build-up of
keystrokes in the keyboard buffer while
running slower programs.
SMETER.ZIP Yes 64476 1/28/1993 Update to Stacker 3.0's STACOMTR.EXE.
SNAPSYS.ZIP Yes 29528 12/4/1993 Finds and displays your system information 56
SORT251.ZIP Yes 9876 2/27/1994 DOS sort replacement utility
SORTX100.ZIP Yes 13693 3/11/1994 Enhanced DOS sort utility
SOSEVD.ZIP Yes 16668 11/10/1993
EveryDay - automates tasks at boot time, It
allows you to specify what operations are
performed daily, weekly, and monthly
SOSTB.ZIP Yes 215158 5/18/1993
Solid Oak Software's DOS Tool Box. 76 utils
for batch file enhancement, command line
operations, PC and network administration,
process automation, and more. Literally 100's
of uses and functions - many unique. $25 reg.
SP0388.ZIP Yes 250490 2/21/1993 COMPAQ: Systems diagnostic package
SP0514.ZIP Yes 11719 6/3/1993 COMPAQ: Systems Diagnositics package
SP0625.ZIP Yes 12486 11/23/1993
SP0625.ZIP Sets the speed & cache state of a
Compaq computer. Executes MODESPE.EXE in
config.sys and at DOS prompt!
SP0628.ZIP Yes 1266246 11/23/1993
SP0628.ZIP Compaq System Configuration Disk V
rev B. This will create 2 1.44 Mb diskettes
SP0636.ZIP Yes 11130 3/22/1994 Compaq file - enhances Keyboard typematics
SP0645.ZIP Yes 11724 11/23/1993
SP0645.ZIP MORE1588.SYS (ver 1.02) reports
memory above the 16 Mbyte boundary on COMPAQa
as extended memory. Replaces MORE1588.SYS
SP0681.ZIP Yes 27961 12/28/1993 Compaq Softpaq - MSCDEX.EXE for MS DOS 6.2/V
SP0768.ZIP Yes 1271462 4/25/1994
Compaq Diagnostics 8.28 This will only work
on a compaq. Direct from Compaq's BBS.
SP0865.ZIP Yes 792119 8/4/1994 COMPAQ: Systems Diagnositics package
SPKT465S.ZIP Yes 399764 9/2/1993
SpeedKit from HyperWare Version 4.65
Contains the shareware versions of the
world famous HyperDisk, HyperKey and
HyperScreen Utilities.
SSINF323.ZIP Yes 49277 3/16/1994
SysInfo v3.23 - Display Info about CPU/
/Boards/Mem, etc.
SSPUTIL.ZIP Yes 67284 7/14/1993 Diamond Speed Star Pro updated Utilities
SSR100.ZIP Yes 17020 1/29/1994
SSR, v1.00: DOS Simple System Report
(drives, memory, etc.). Freeware, (c) 1994
[94/01/30] by DDA - Reign Ware. CD-ROM,
remote, & SUBST drives ignored. W/ Pascal
SSR101.ZIP Yes 17217 8/17/1994
SSR v1.01, DOS Simple System Report (memory,
drives, etc.). Freeware (c) 1994 [94/08/09]
by DDA - Reign Ware. W/ Pascal source.
ST701UP.ZIP Yes 3095 6/30/1993 Improved STEALTH.VXD for QEMM 7.0 and 7.01
STARMU70.ZIP Yes 711292 11/2/1994
STAR MENU for DOS 7.0 - New Version! Now run
Windows programs directly from DOS! Also
includes new Auto-Run program Scheduler, new
optional 2-box main menu, new main menu help
message line, MUCH MORE!!
STARTD22.ZIP Yes 9965 6/5/1993
Update to Startd - Program to Start A Synchr.
Or Async. DOS or OS/2 Session Dos Sessions
Can Have Custom Settings. This Resolves Some
Problems With OS/2 2.1 And Increases The Size
of The DOS Settings to 4k.
STATRAM3.ZIP Yes 4021 3/19/1994
Stat-ram v3.0 - a very fast recoverable ram
drive. Dir 56
STATUSX.ZIP Yes 79720 3/30/1993
From Gayle Davis Software..Complete Status Of
Your Pc. 20 Pages Of Data. ).
STLADNDM.ZIP Yes 3796 9/3/1993
Addendum to Diamond Stealth VRAM manual.
Contains many useful hints -- 1992
STRDEL.ZIP Yes 794 2/12/1993
String Delete For Dos - Wildcards Allowed
From Pcworld ).
SUP622.ZIP Yes 778763 7/7/1994
Supplemental Files for MS-DOS 6.22 6.29.94
Need to have that version already or upgrade
SUPRBOOT.ZIP Yes 5552 6/7/1994
SuprBoot - allows you to boot the computer
from drive A, B, or C by holding down a
series of specified keys during booting.
SUTL.ZIP Yes 17312 2/17/1994
Collection of Utilities for DOS that begin
with 'S' - scroll, slow, sweep, etc Dir 56
SW200MAR.ZIP Yes 17104 5/12/1993
-!! !!-!! A DOS Stop Watch !!-! Utility to
time events !- SW.exe = StopWatch 2.00 -SW
SWANFIX.ZIP Yes 2033 2/3/1993 Fix for Bug in Swan Dx2-66 computer
SXTEST.ZIP Yes 3696 10/1/1993
Cyrix'S Test Program To Determine If Your 386
Sx Can Utilize Their Soon To Come "Snap On"
Chip Doubler; I.E., Your Sx16 Will Become A
16/32. There'S An Extra "Pin" On Later Sx'S.
My 4 Year Old Ps/2 55sx Will Not Accept The
New Chip. Darn!
SYSCHK40.ZIP Yes 103049 8/7/1994
SYSCHK v2.40 ASP - System Information
Checker, Provides Complete Details On Items
Installed In Your System. Print Out A Report
SYSINF.ZIP Yes 22891 10/16/1993
SYS INFO Version 2.50 system information
utility! prints/output to file. SHareware$5
SYSMANV1.ZIP Yes 36219 2/20/1993
New From The Cheap Utilities People A System
Configuration Manager That Will Give You Up
To 7 Different Configurations For Your
Config.Sys And Autoexec.Bat Files And
Automaticly Reboot The System With The New
SYSMON30.ZIP Yes 54144 5/7/1994
System Monitor 3.0 - Rosenthal
Engineering. Detect and report problems early
each time the computer is used, System
Monitor re-evaluates the system by testing
and extensively monitoring a number of
performance and security indicators.
TAME320.ZIP Yes 106775 1/4/1994
TAME Release 3.2 - Speeds multitasking of DOS
applications in Windows, OS/2, Desqview, MORE
TASKTIME.ZIP Yes 25969 7/6/1993 Track time spent running different programs.
TBOX14.ZIP Yes 336734 12/10/1993
The ToolBOX v1.4 : Shareware ASP A unique DOS
shell plus an assortment of DOS utility
programs. The shell allows access to normal
DOS command line functions while adding many
additional features not found elsewhere.
TCDIR11.ZIP Yes 12191 5/6/1994
TC Directory v1.0 - Color directory program
Replace that plain DOS DIR command. Breaks
directory into multiple formatted pages.
TCT134.ZIP Yes 92363 6/1/1993
The cALMER TSR - keyboard enhancer with
mouse support, alarm. Can be loaded into
high memory. Function key definition, etc.
TDSK12.ZIP Yes 12197 12/31/1992
TurboDsk - Ram Disk controller for DOS and
Windows 3.x systems. Versatile, can
reallocate memory.
TFC22B.ZIP Yes 43165 11/12/1993 4DOS BTM files for floppy catalog system
THRU2B4.ZIP Yes 24756 5/30/1993 ThruPut v2.0 BETA 4 - DOS file I/O benchmark.
THRUPUT2.ZIP Yes 16531 8/9/1993
ThruPut disk & network benchmark v2.0.
Uses real figures.. that is, the numbers it
is showing you is exactly how fast the DOS
is moving things.
TIMEIT10.ZIP Yes 12284 2/13/1993
Timeit Wait Utility v1.00 Timeit waits for a
specified number of seconds, or until it is
told to stop waiting. Event coordinator.
TIMEODAY.ZIP Yes 10915 6/2/1993
Two Handy Little Utilities That (1) Call A
Bbs, Gets The Exact Time, And Resets The Cmos
Clock. The Second Forces All Programs To Read
The Cmos Clock, Rather Than The Dos (Bios)
TIMSTK11.ZIP Yes 416663 3/31/1993
TIMESTACK 68HC11/6805/8051/8048 V1.10 ASP
Finds max/min execution time and analysis of
Motorola 68HC11 & 6805 and Intel 8051 & 8048
family of processors.
TLB_A252.ZIP Yes 209727 10/24/1994
BYTE MEMORY MANAGER (vers. 2.52) Requires the
companion standard package, TLB-V252.ZIP.
TLB_T252.ZIP Yes 39149 10/24/1994
Small program to test compatibility with THE
successful, you may want to download
TLB-V252.ZIP and (perhaps) TLB-A252.ZIP.
TLB_W252.ZIP Yes 4648 10/9/1994
What's new in version 2.52 of THE LAST BYTE
TM20.ZIP Yes 7137 3/19/1993
TM v2.0: very simple replacement for Norton's
"TM" cmd w/TP source; Samuel H Smith
TMDATE.ZIP Yes 7028 8/28/1993
Prints day-of-week, date and time in nice
way. add to end of autoexec.bat. Oldie!
TMWARP10.ZIP Yes 11942 7/7/1994 TimeWarp v1.0 - Check system clock. FreeWare.
TNT3_2.ZIP Yes 313092 6/30/1993
Tessler's Nifty Tools v3.2: Collection of
file & disk utils, some of which are quite
unique (e.g., one searches your disk for.COM
&.EXE files of the same name). Several DV
utils are also included in this collection.
Mail/upl author: Gary Tessler as 24 separate
ZIPs with 24 copies of TNT.DOC & LICENSE.DOC.
TOP210.ZIP Yes 549364 1/12/1994
TOP version 2.10 Improves DOS commands
without sacrificing the command line!
including help! Screen savers, custom colors,
super VGA support, much more. The color DIR
utility alone has over 35 options!
TP_ASCII.ZIP Yes 12846 8/1/1993 ASCII - Table v2.00.
TRACE122.ZIP Yes 39608 11/20/1994 INTerrupt TRACER W/SRC VER 1.22
TSKR195A.ZIP Yes 36485 1/13/1994
V1.95a (fixes) Unattended prog. Dispatcher.
Executes any prog. & params, or command line
(Copy, dir, etc.) at any prescheduled time.
TSRCOM35.ZIP Yes 76128 10/21/1993
10/93 Upgrade to TSR utilities MARK, RELEASE,
TSRSRC35.ZIP Yes 72872 10/21/1993
TSR Utilities v3.5: collection of programs
useful for managing DOS memory, particularly
for managing memory-resident programs (TSRs);
revised docs; can Mark/Release the Novell
NetWare shell; supports Dos 6.0 & high memory
this is the TP/ASM source - main pgm files in
TSRCOM35.ZIP (here); 10/21/93; Kim Kokonnen
TSTIF121.ZIP Yes 15731 1/26/1993
TESTIF v1.21: tests the system & returns DOS
error codes that can be used to control the
execution of .BAT files; 01/26/93; Marc
Perkel/Computer Tyme.
TSX420A.ZIP Yes 151345 11/1/1994
TSX-Lite v4.20 - 32-bit, multi-user operating
system. Part 1 of 4. Download first and read
documentation before downloading rest of
system. TSX-Lite is a full, 32-bit,
multi-user O.S. That is DOS compatible and
supports 2 users with up to 10 tasks each,
background batch jobs, DPMI, virtual memory.
TSX420B.ZIP Yes 1369230 11/2/1994
TSX-Lite v4.20 - 32-bit, multi-user operating
system. Part 2 of 4. Download TSX420A.ZIP
TSX420C.ZIP Yes 1383447 11/2/1994
TSX-Lite v4.20 - 32-bit, multi-user operating
system. Part 3 of 4. download TSX420A.ZIP
with doc files first. TSX-Lite is a full,
32-bit, multi-user O.S. That is DOS
compatible and supports 2 users with up to 10
tasks each, background batch jobs, DPMI,
virtual memory. Cohabits peacefully with DOS.
Shareware product. Full set has four.
TSX420D.ZIP Yes 1004557 11/2/1994
TSX-Lite v4.20 - 32-bit, multi-user operating
system. Part 4 of 4. Download TSX420A.ZIP
TY31.ZIP Yes 14901 3/2/1994
TY.EXE v3.1 - This is a replacement for the
DOS TYPE command. Added in this release is
80x50 mode.
TYPEDOS#.ZIP Yes 53655 8/23/1993 Learn DOS - Analyses 66 commands if typed.
TYPEID13.ZIP Yes 18016 6/14/1993
PC-Typ ermitteln und als
TYPSMART.ZIP Yes 40589 6/8/1993
TypeSmart 2.2 by Tim. W. Lian. Helps reduce
keystrokes when typing long or repetitive
words. It works in the background while you
are in a text editor or word processor. Handy
UCPBTM10.ZIP Yes 13431 12/22/1993 A 4dos 5.00 btm decompressor
ULTRA20.ZIP Yes 79754 4/23/1993
85 Utilities combined here - encrypt, manage
your batch files, make sounds, and more. 56
ULTRAF.ZIP Yes 7010 9/29/1993
Fix for some QEMM 7 conflicts with Ultrastor
SCIS cards
UMAX143.ZIP Yes 16478 9/27/1993
Utility to test/map UMB allocation via XMS or
UMB-linked MS-DOS version 5 and 6. Also tests
HMA and A20 status, and basic extended memory
allocation services. Enter for help
UMBFIL13.ZIP Yes 5347 4/5/1993
UMBFILES Version 1.3 Now 25% smaller. Save up
to 15K of conventional memory. Places File
Table into Upper Memory Area. For DOS 5.0 or
above and a 386 or above. Includes a .COM and
.EXE versions and Docs.
UPD393.ZIP Yes 478326 4/15/1993
This is the March update of DR DOS 6.0
You must have DR DOS 6.0 on your HD or its
worthless to you. "Faster Disk Drive Access".
Numerouse bugs fixed.. DL from Norvell.
USD631.ZIP Yes 1210947 4/26/1994 IBM PC DOS v6.3 upgrade. Disk 1 of 5 1/5
USD632.ZIP Yes 1129852 4/26/1994 IBM PC DOS v6.3 upgrade. Disk 2 of 5 2/5
USD633.ZIP Yes 1242765 4/26/1994 IBM PC DOS v6.3 upgrade. Disk 3 of 5 3/5
USD634.ZIP Yes 1257672 4/26/1994 IBM PC DOS v6.3 upgrade. Disk 4 of 5 4/5
USD635.ZIP Yes 1030847 4/26/1994 IBM PC DOS v6.3 upgrade. Disk 5 of 5 5/5
USEMOUSE.ZIP Yes 8735 3/9/1993 UseMouse Ver 1.52; use mouse w/mouseless apps
UT1192A.ZIP Yes 129065 1/23/1993
Dr-DOS 6.0 Update of 11/92. This One Really
Does Contain Command.COM in A Self Extracting
UTIL314.ZIP Yes 21778 7/17/1994 Lots of utilities. Package known as Murphy 56
UTL110.ZIP Yes 170216 9/8/1994
Utilities with File Viewer with Printer
support ASP, STAR & ASAD , a number of
printer utilites for specific printers.
UTRIM13.ZIP Yes 60739 7/15/1993 Definitive Log Trimmer Be Jason Lingohr.
VERSN27.ZIP Yes 8264 11/16/1993 Util avoids "Incorrect DOS Version" error
VIDIO120.ZIP Yes 7921 1/23/1994
BIOS-DOS-ANSI text mode video benchmarks
Compatible with SVGA/VGA/EGA, snow-free CGA,
and MDA/HGC adapters, PC and PS/2 machines.
VIPER311.ZIP Yes 34170 1/10/1993
Viper v3.11 - The Visual DOS Command Line
Editor: it remembers your DOS keystrokes and
can play them back without you having to
retype each one; full mouse support, pop-up
visual window, function key assignments,
TRASHCAN delete file feature, digital battery
watch, well-behaved TSR, compatible with high
memory managers, and more; 01/10/93;
VLB2.ZIP Yes 33231 7/7/1994
VLAUNCH will scan your hard disk for all of
the *.INF files in the specified search path
Replacement for IBM's VIEWALL.
VMS240.ZIP Yes 36243 4/26/1994
VMS40 EMS memory emulator v1.1b ASP VMS40
uses hard disk to emulate EMS memory LMS40
uses high memory to emulate EMS memory.It is
a software emulation of the 28 function LIM.
WAITFOR.ZIP Yes 10784 4/14/1993
Waitfor Is An Improvement Over The DOS Pause
Command; Specify Delay In Seconds From
Command-Line; Great For Your Autoexec.bat
WCPU050.ZIP Yes 15899 3/12/1993
Which CPU, version 5.0, identifies cpu
currently running.
WHATMI50.ZIP Yes 43480 1/20/1993
What Am I? V5.0: identifies equipment
contained in or attached to your PC including
a complete list of all environment strings
set in the DOS environment;Peter A. Hyman.
WHCHCPU.ZIP Yes 21913 1/12/1994
WhichCPU - is an assembler routine for PDS
7.1 which tells you what type of CPU is in a
machine. NEW: updated source code.
WHEN33.ZIP Yes 13187 4/4/1993
WHEN v3.3 - A TSR delayed activation utility.
David HAtch. Dir 56
WHRES271.ZIP Yes 14901 2/24/1994
Computer Tyme WHEREIS Version 2.71 Release
WHEREIS is suitable for piping filenames and
directory names into other applications.
WINFLO94.ZIP Yes 9402 9/21/1994 Updated QEMM Winflow tech file 9/94
WSISA301.ZIP Yes 1086109 3/16/1994
Version 3 of the diagnostic and software
disks for the IBM Windsurfer card [1 of 3]
WSISA302.ZIP Yes 695049 3/16/1994
Diags and software for the IBM Windsurfer
card [2 of 3]
WSISA303.ZIP Yes 838860 3/16/1994
Diags and software for the IBM Windsurfer
card IBM DSK format [3 of 3]
X10DC150.ZIP Yes 217557 12/21/1993
X10DC v1.50 - X10 Direct Control - Send
commands to the X10.DAT CP290 Controller.
Point & Click DOS character interface.
X10EC102.ZIP Yes 271247 12/31/1993
X10EC v1.02 - X10 Event Control - Event
Scheduler for the X-10 CP290 Controller Point
& Click DOS character interface. From the
author of X10DC. Supports X10 DAT file format
X10XA2.ZIP Yes 153402 1/14/1994
Send X10 commands/events to CP-290 directly
from DOS prompt, batch file, or script file.
Supports all COM ports (IRQ's not required).
Includes DEMO program for new users.
X10XA200.ZIP Yes 132832 10/15/1993
Send X10 commands/events to CP-290 directly
from DOS prompt, batch file, or script file.
New features include: POWERFAIL RECOVERY,MORE
X10XT200.ZIP Yes 61037 6/17/1994
DOS Terminate-Stay-Resident utility for the
CP-290 allows sending ON-OFF-DIM commands to
any X-10 device from instant pop-up menus. XT
continously monitors the CP-290 for X10.
XDOS0794.ZIP Yes 1016475 10/29/1994
ExtraDOS Toolbox 09/93 Release
A collection of over 50 DOS utilities.
Includes TurboBAT, SpeedRAM, Tidy,
CleanUp and many more. All utilities
work with DOS 6.0. Foley Hi-Tech Systems
XDOS0993.ZIP Yes 893013 9/7/1993
ExtraDOS Toolbox 09/93 Release
A collection of over 50 DOS utilities.
Includes TurboBAT, SpeedRAM, Tidy,
CleanUp and many more. All utilities
work with DOS 6.0. Shareware registration
form and manual included. From Foley
Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
XDOSLITE.ZIP Yes 94007 9/16/1993
X-DOS Disk Operating System, Version 5.0 A
better DOS, and it is Shareware too. X-DOS is
a single user, single tasking, enhanced Disk
Operating System (DOS) for Personal
Computers. With disk surface analzyer, more!
XEOL10.ZIP Yes 17795 9/29/1993
Translate End-of-Line Characters for DOS &
XMS2SPEC.ZIP Yes 10302 2/26/1993
EXtended Memory Specification (XMS), v2.0,
July 19, 1988. Allows DOS programs to use
additional memory found in the 80286 and
higher architectures in a consistent, machine
independent manner. XMS adds almost 64K to
the 640K available to programs, and,
depending on hardware, possibly more. More
XMSTEST.ZIP Yes 14980 10/11/1994
A program that tests to see if XMS is
XMSTR20.ZIP Yes 102157 2/15/1993
X-Master v2.0: full-featured replacement for
the OEM control pgm that comes with the X-10
CP290 Computer Interface; pull-down menus,
scroll bars, pick-lists, easy full-screen
editing, complete context-sensitive help and
full mouse control; Bob Jordan.
XRBOOT10.ZIP Yes 39606 3/6/1993
ReBOOT-NOT! V1.0: simple utility that allows
you to trap the keyboard re-boot sequence of
++; Dir 56
XRCFG104.ZIP Yes 179095 1/16/1993
XRConfig (for DOS) version 1.04 - fullscreen
GUI configuration manager for XRS-CONFIG.XRS
XTHELP.ZIP Yes 6767 3/7/1994
IBM XT (& clones) motherboard switch settings
speaker POST codes, & install 1.44 meg drive
XTNDPATH.ZIP Yes 23201 1/11/1993 Extend MS-DOS environment PATH lgth; w/C src
YESNO21.ZIP Yes 31738 3/29/1993
YESORNO Decision Utility v2.1 - Displays
your text prompt. Default answer is used
after a selectable time. Clears the screen if
selected. More features available if
registered. ie colors sound and borders.
ZAPCHK.ZIP Yes 12680 12/11/1993
Quick and dirty utility that patches MS-DOS'
Chkdsk.Exe v6.2 to remove these ScanDisk
advertising messages; 12/11/93; Bruce Gavin/
Online Reference.
ZBACK1.ZIP Yes 111236 6/18/1994
ZBACK Version 1.0; Dialog driven Backup
Utility using PKZIP V2.?. Span disks. No
syntax to remember. Mouseable. Easy. Full,
Week and Day backups, any drive to drive.
ZCHECK30.ZIP Yes 13721 10/22/1993
4Dos batch file front end for checking zip
files for viruses using PKUNZIP and McAfee's
SCAN. Shareware.
ZCOPY30.ZIP Yes 42251 8/29/1994
ZCOPY V3.0 - XCOPY replacement, copies whole
directories and/or files with many options.
and gives more information about the process.
*FREEWARE* (C) 1994 C. Buijs
ZCPY16.ZIP Yes 32851 1/9/1994 Small, fast replacement for XCOPY.
ZI.ZIP Yes 9412 1/14/1993
A DOS filter which scans Microsoft OMF
formatted object files and echos the source
file name if and only if there are LINNUM
records in the file (i.e. the file was
compiled with /Zi). Source included.
ZIP4.ZIP Yes 61169 11/26/1993
Transparently stores 4dos descriptions in
zipfiles. Freeware.
ZPRO124.ZIP Yes 395202 3/25/1994
ZIP'R Pro For DOS v1.24 - HD Tripler!
ZIP'R Pro is a popular hard drive utility
that uses ARJ, LHA, or PKZIP/PKUNZIP to store
programs in compressed form. version 1.24
_1UTIL21.ZIP No 64196 2/9/1993
The $1 Utilities V2.1 2-9-93. Nine DOS
Utilities And 22 Pages Of Documentation
Date, View View Ascii Files, Caps Turn Caps
Key On / Off, Num Turn Off Numlock Key, etc
Developed By Imagisoft, Inc. $1 eachreg