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Name Extracted Size Date Description
256PBX.ZIP No 26218 03-16-92
Display 256 color bitmaps in
Visual Basic.
3D4VB.ZIP Yes 14092 10-04-92 3D subroutines (Next Style) for Visual Basic
APBSU100.ZIP Yes 65118 01-11-92 APBasic support disk. Source and examples.
BOXMAN.ZIP Yes 52288 05-07-92 Boxman (basic box maker) shareware
BPREP200.ZIP Yes 21335 04-25-92
BPREP v2.0 preprocessor for
basic language (turbo basic,
quickbasic, gwbasic, meq, etc)
CANEDIT.ZIP Yes 29885 12-29-91
Full screen input editor for QuickBASIC.
Built-in error correction etc. Freeware.
CAVCHAOS.ZIP Yes 73785 07-27-92 DnD text adventure written in QB4.5
CBLIST.ZIP Yes 29658 04-19-92
Checklist Box Custom Control
For Visual Basic.
CDITP21.ZIP Yes 256110 05-28-92
Code-It v2.1 for PBS BASIC
builds menus
CDITQ21.ZIP Yes 259218 06-15-92
Code-It v2.1 for Quick BASIC
and windows
CHAIN11.ZIP Yes 5312 08-26-92
QBasic pgm generates user
definable linked chain objects for
ray tracing under POVRAY 1.0.
COLR256K.ZIP Yes 29055 06-14-92
BC7.x: QBasic use of screen 12
256k palette with source.
COMPTEXT.ZIP Yes 43747 03-14-92
Convert ASCII Text Files to
Quick Basic Files Making Use of
The Print Statement. Macroware.
CPVB16.ZIP Yes 68030 04-18-92
Code.Print for Visual Basic
Version 1.6 Source code
formatter/printer for Visual Basic
.TXT files. Very Good. Lots of
Configuration options.
DD1A.ZIP Yes 4201 04-19-92
Add Drag & Drop Support to
Visual Basic.
DFONTD.ZIP Yes 203821 08-01-92 Font Drafter V1.0 For QBasic
DFRAME27.ZIP Yes 169421 02-27-92
DoorFrame v2.7 Doors development library for
QuickBasic 4.x. Has direct support for most
BBS software, COM 1 - 4, up to 115K Baud,
non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high
score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI
and ASCII file send plus a host of routines
provided for programmer use. One of the
MicroNet collection of quality software by
Ted Freeman.
DK200.ZIP Yes 28685 04-12-92
DATEKILL V2.00 Freeware.
Delete and/or truncate to zero bytes files
by date. Cull old backups, F'Reqs, echo
files, etc. New features include
preservation of original file date, and
delete/truncate functions on same pass.
Written in QuickBASIC w/ C library.
DY_DRAW.ZIP Yes 149045 01-28-92
A paint/draw program that uses
Therefore, the files created can
be easily loaded into
programs. Will work with any
monitor and without mouse.
FREDDIE.ZIP Yes 22809 09-04-92 Qb picture of Freddie Mercury
GUITSCAL.ZIP Yes 1906 09-06-92
2 Gwbasic fretscale calculators
for the guitar builder. Very
simple, very specific for the very
GWBSU107.ZIP Yes 13373 07-11-92 File Mgr. in GW-basic 3.22 code. V1.07
HUFFMAN2.ZIP Yes 7395 06-01-92
QB4.5 compressor/decompressor
Huffman encod.
ICONB140.ZIP Yes 40604 01-19-92 VB Icon Browser for listing and viewing Icons
IMDISP1.ZIP Yes 293540 10-03-92
Imdisp: interactive image
viewer/processor 1 of 3.
IMDISP2.ZIP Yes 388841 10-03-92
IMDISP: Interactive Image
Viewer/Processor 2 of 3
LB09AP2.ZIP Yes 236295 06-18-92
This is the most recent version
of Liberty BASIC 0.9a. Features
include faster graphics and
compiler, bug fixes, online help,
better compile error handling.
This file upgrades previous
versions or can be used with
lbas09p1.zip to build complete
system for new users. Requires
Win 3.x and 3 meg RAM.
LINKBAS.ZIP Yes 3846 02-05-92
Quick Basic: Pass information between two
QuickBasic modules.
MLISTBOX.ZIP Yes 8459 02-17-92
Extended, multi-select listbox
for VBasic
MULTIFLD.ZIP Yes 8442 01-03-92 Multi-field input routines for QuickBASIC
PANSI2.ZIP Yes 7533 07-24-92
emulator, improved from earlier version.
PBTLTE12.ZIP Yes 84758 02-29-92
PB Tools Lite v1.2 programming library for
PQMENU.ZIP Yes 15357 02-22-92
Pull Down menu system for use with Quick
Basic and Pro Basic; if you don't own ProBas
don't bother. Features full mouse support,
hot keys and active or inactive items.
PWL500Q.ZIP Yes 137966 03-03-92
DISCOVER WHY ProWindows(tm) LITE 5.0 is the
#1 QuickBASIC TOOLBOX. Create multiple FULL
COLOR text-based virtual windows that can be
moved, scrolled, resized, & hidden via MOUSE
or SOFTWARE control. Event-driven design
allows creation of self-maintaining user
interfaces. With "MUST SEE" Windows(R)-type
mouse cursor. Shareware ($25)/DSE Software.
PXENGINE.ZIP Yes 8659 06-01-92
Visual Basic declarations for
Paradox Engine Version 2.0
QB4TB522.ZIP Yes 404547 02-25-92
QB v4.x ASM AddOn Toolbox for
BASIC programmers. Add many new
things to your programs that were
hard to do before this toolbox cam
about. Many routines! v5.22
QBASIC_1.ZIP Yes 27530 07-25-92
BAS files illustrating/teaching
QBasic aims to be fun and helpful.
QBASWIN.ZIP Yes 2545 10-17-91
Create super-fast pop-up windows in DOS
5.0's QBASIC interpreter! This is a basic
file that includes a machine-language
routine poked into memory that performs the
window functions. Also works with
QuickBASIC! Windows include frame and
transparent drop shadow.
QBCLRSEL.ZIP Yes 38908 02-23-92 QB color selection sub -- source,demo--PD.
QBCMP.ZIP Yes 13134 08-06-92
Several QuickBASIC 4.5
Compression programs Fast Huffman
and LZW routines- all QB source.
QBEVGFX2.ZIP Yes 91267 03-21-92 Graphics library for QuickBasic v4.xx.
QBFAQR01.ARJ No 127306 08-19-92
A frequently asked quickbasic routines file.
Preliminary release. All comments, questions
QBLOCKS.ZIP Yes 58070 02-21-92
QuickBASIC Source code for an EGA Tetris
program. Very well written and commented.
Includes pre-comiled sample.
QBMATHLB.ZIP Yes 209643 06-01-91
Advanced Math Functions For Quickbasic That
is Not Available in Quickbasic as Delivered.
QBMGR.ZIP Yes 3291 02-09-92 File manager in QuickBasic.
QBOX10.ZIP Yes 39582 01-22-92
QuickBox v1.0: uses the CALL ABSOLUTE cmd to
make a Pop-Up box any place on the screen,
using any color you wish.
QBREDIR.ZIP Yes 38180 03-02-92
QB sub to display redirected output--asm
source, OBJ, demo--PD util.
QBSER225.ZIP Yes 29714 07-11-92
QBSerial v2.25 communications
library for QuickBASIC 4.x & BASIC
Compiler 7.x Rates up to 115200
baud, Coms 1-4, IRQ's 1-15 & more.
QBWIZ13.ZIP Yes 28705 07-15-92
QBWiz allows direct access to
QuickBasic 4.5 internal names so
you can obtain information that
would otherwise not be available.
It also allows setting the DOS
ErrorLevel on END. Free with
source code, by Tom Hanlin.
QBXSND11.ZIP Yes 152707 10-22-91 QB Qlb's for programming Midi/Adlib/Sblaster.
QKBCOLOR.ZIP Yes 29159 02-24-92
Example of 320x200x256 in Q or Quick Basic.
Both the exe file and the code.
QLIB54.ZIP Yes 230364 04-25-92
QLIB v5.4: LIBrary of
subroutines for QB and BC7.x with
hundreds of functions including
graphics up to 800x600 in 16
colors, expanded memory,
string/numeric data array
subroutines line editors and
pull-down menus for text and
graphics modes,
hardware/environment detection,
fast file/screen I/O, statistics,
curve fitting.
QREMLIN.ZIP Yes 37443 02-25-92
To remove line numbers on Basica programs to
make them work in qkbasic. Basica programs
must be saved in ascii.
READSUB4.ZIP Yes 49374 06-21-92 Parse Uncompiled Basic programs.
REALDIR.ZIP Yes 8402 12-30-91
QuickBASIC 4.5 real directory selector. Much
like QB's "Open Program" menu.
SMAK126.ZIP Yes 21469 07-04-92
SMAK (Simple MAKE) v1.26:
automates the compile/link process
for QuickBasic & PDS users; it
reads a simple script that resides
in your source file as a comment
and produces an executable file
w/out any further intervention;
replaces those cryptic make
facilities from Borland/Microsoft.
TANDYSND.ZIP Yes 3437 12-28-91
QuickBASIC 4.5 Tandy sound drivers and
VBA102.ZIP Yes 27223 10-17-91
Mike Stewart's VB-ADDON Library 1.02.
Includes: huge array support >64K and many
disk/diskette functions.
VBCTRL.ZIP Yes 92955 04-06-92
Custom Controls For Ms Visual
Basic. If You Use Vb And Can
Afford Microhelp'S Products, These
Pd Controls Work Great. Includes
Improved List Boxes,
Picture-Buttons (!), Enhanced 3-D
Labels And Frames, And Lotsa Other Stuff.
VBSAVRUN.ZIP Yes 197633 05-26-92
Utility for Visual Basic
VECT.ZIP Yes 57744 06-04-92
Assembly and QuickBASIC 4.5 3-D
Rotation fast!
VXBASE.ZIP Yes 199368 06-02-92 VxBase 1.07 Visual Basic xBase DLL
VXBDOC.ZIP Yes 143664 06-02-92
Documentation for VxBase 1.07
Visual Basic xBase DLL (see
VXD102.ZIP Yes 112808 01-10-92
Visual Basic Dbase commands - Comsoft,
Shareware, allows Visual Basic to read/write
dBase records. Disk 1 of 2 - Documentation
WGLIB101.ZIP Yes 124160 08-01-92 GLIB for Visual Basic 250+ routines
XREF15.ZIP Yes 57685 03-20-92
Quick Basic 4.5 documetnation Cross
Reference utility.