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48ASMDBG.ZIP No 30483 04-09-92
Hp48sx Sass Assembler Debuger,
C Source Code Included Along With
Compiled Version.
A364_V1A.ZIP Yes 7964 01-06-92 ANSI Library for C Medium Model - Update.
ARTOOL.ZIP Yes 228822 02-09-92
V1.3 graphics editor and CASE tool for
Borland C programmers. Using Oject Oriented
techniques create graphics C code to embed
directly in C code. Shareware.
ASMLIB30.ZIP Yes 167900 06-14-92
ASMLIB v3.0: LIBrary for MASM,
TASM or Turbo C; fast screen
updates, pop-up windows, pull down
menus graphics from Hercules to
SVGA at 1024x768, 16 or 256
colors, equipment and environment
detection, near/far heaps,
strings, array search/sort/fill,
polynomials, curve fitting,
floating point math, disk
operations and more.
ASMLOOK.ZIP Yes 3820 04-23-92
Asm code to search memory for
string. Includes ASM source code.
BCHELP10.ZIP Yes 139657 11-19-91
Borland C++ help common question/answers
from tech support.
BC_TI.ZIP Yes 141367 02-25-92
Borland tech notes/tips on all of their C
compilers as of 2/25/92 (there are very few
changes since the last posting which was
here as C_ALL.ZIP).
BEGINCPP.ZIP Yes 21849 04-17-92 Some introductory C++ code examples.
BIOS386.ZIP Yes 231849 04-07-92
Assembler Listing of 386 Bios, for learning
assembler and bios techniques.
BLAKJACK.ZIP Yes 31306 09-08-92
Game created by David Candel in
C language!
BLKADE20.ZIP Yes 85657 03-20-92
Blockade v2.0: Function LIB for C programs
to self-check for changes (e.g. Virus
infection). MS-C5,TC2,BC++ 2.0.
BOSS0315.ZIP Yes 679968 03-25-92 The Window Boss v03/15 Window library for C.
C7PTCH.ZIP Yes 353383 07-29-92 Official Microsoft patches for MS C/C++ v7.0
CDOS10.ZIP Yes 36346 07-07-92 Library of C routines for DOS apps.
CGAMEJOY.ZIP Yes 42015 01-10-92 C & ASM routines for accessing a game port.
CHEKBOOK.ZIP Yes 22956 08-26-92
Checkbook Program By David
Candel in C!
CLEARC11.ZIP Yes 25670 05-26-92
ClearC V1.1 is intended for C
programmers to help make C program
files more legible by spacing
operators, function calls, control
guards, and by reformatting the
code to a specified style and
indentation preference. ClearC is
a great tool for those who have to
maintain or understand other
people's C programs. Shareware - $30
CLOG100.ZIP Yes 32947 04-02-92
Command line option generator
for MSC optimizing C complier.
CLT141.ZIP Yes 120628 03-18-92
Clint 1.41 C Source Code
Checker. Works With Many
Compilers. Lint Like Checking.
CM_INT.ZIP Yes 7856 02-23-92
TSR interrupt service for ASM programmers
that provides a set of high-order functions
such as editable data entry line with prompt
string, calendar and julian date conversion,
ASCII string to binary number conversion,
and screen/line print services.
COMASM.ZIP Yes 10696 01-12-92 Masm code for VT52 emulator/chat program.
CORWAR.ZIP Yes 20202 03-15-92
ASM programming game. Much like
Pascal's PRobots.
CREF11.ZIP Yes 58498 06-26-92 Charts of Reference for programmser.
CROUTE.ARJ No 107020 09-18-92
Functions to access Paradox
files in C. (LIBS only) (PDN)
CWORD.ZIP Yes 16348 08-22-92
C-WORD is a library of C
functions to create Microsoft Word
documents; supports all available
fonts, font sizes and colors, all
of Word's char/paragraph formats,
tab positions & alignment and all
of Word's page formats.
C_LZW.ZIP Yes 4455 02-10-92
Code for following compression algorithms:
huffman, lemple-ziv, arithmetic written in
turbo c++.
C_TIMR20.ZIP Yes 13299 06-10-92
C-Timer Ver 2.0 is a C code
timer utility. It will time the
execution speed of any function or
library call. The granularity of
the timer is about 1 microsecond.
The maximum execution time is 20
DBPCXL15.ZIP Yes 91733 01-29-92
C library for reading/writing
PX files. With source and
documentation. v1.5
DBVGAL17.ZIP Yes 103953 01-26-92
VGA/VESA C library with C and
ASM source documentation and
examples included.
DIGIKT11.ZIP Yes 37770 01-27-92
DigiKit v1.1 c routines to play sound
blaster digitized sounds.
DJGCC106.ZIP Yes 40641 04-20-92
DJ's GCC port to DOS v1.06:
32-bit 80386 DOS extender with
symbolic debugger, a C/C++
compiler with utilities,
development libraries & source
code. It generates full 32-bit
programs and supports full virtual
memory with paging to disk. This
version is VCPI compatible (QEMM &
386^MAX) as well as compatible
with XMS & VDISK mem allocations.
It does not support DPMI (Win
3.x). This package is for people
who are already familiar with Unix
GCC. The author does not attempt
to teach the compiler (except to
point out differences in the Unix
and DOS implementations). These
ZIPs contain subdirs; use PKUNZIP
-D to extract. There is also a
great deal of duplication.
DLGDSNC.ZIP Yes 73961 11-08-91
DLGDSN v1.2 dialog design program for Turbo
Vision. Requires BC++ and Turbo Vision.
Interactive graphic interface, and mouse
support. Source code available at cost, but
these files are free.
DMAKE38A.ZIP Yes 289890 01-27-92
Complete source for DMAKE v3.80: Will
compile. 1 of 3
DMAKE38B.ZIP Yes 131500 01-27-92
With all of the most popular DOS C
compilers. 2 of 3
DMAKE38C.ZIP Yes 52731 01-23-92
The 3rd ZIP contains files for non-DOS
systems (Unix, OS/2 & MAC). ZIPs contain
subdirs; use PKUNZIP -D. 3 of 3
DPMIKIT.ARJ No 555831 09-18-92
DPMI programming toolkit for
C/C++ from Qualitas. Free! (PDN)
ED192.ZIP Yes 83153 07-20-92
Outstanding Editor For C
Programmers Who Write For 1.3/2.0
Parses C,H,rc,sqc,sc,ipf, C++ And
Dlg Files. Handles 100 Files at same time.
EMBED21.ZIP Yes 13054 12-20-91
Embedtxt v2.1 is C programming technique
for hiding text info in your program so as to
make it difficult for "hackers" to alter it.
EVISION1.ZIP Yes 161558 05-19-92 Library of C++ routines for user interfaces.
FILECOPY.ZIP Yes 10601 03-20-92
FileCopy(), a C function to copy files,
works just like DOS copy command.
FIXDPMI.ZIP Yes 9652 12-28-91
Fixes Borland C++ 3.0 DPMILOAD.EXE to work
properly under DESQview; includes C source.
FLOPTEST.ZIP Yes 7559 01-06-92
MSC v6.0 code to test floppy drive status
and uses DOS int 13h.
FRPRT172.ZIP Yes 786261 03-15-92
C & ASM sources for FractInt v17.2: This is,
according to the uploader, an attempt to
make the source more portable so as to make
it the base for all versions (DOS, Windows,
etc.). There is no explanation from the
authors in here as to what's going on.
GNUC25.ZIP Yes 22066 07-30-92
Gnu C indenter for Lugaru
Epsilon V6.0 (indenter version 2.5)
GRAPHIC.ZIP Yes 2979 12-24-91 Screen graphic functions in C.
GUI_LIBR.ZIP Yes 242275 08-17-92
C++ library for creating your
own GUI. Push- buttons, ICONS,
animated icons & menus.
INDENT3.ZIP Yes 77482 08-04-92 A pretty printer for 'C' w/ all source.
LVSWIN.ZIP Yes 80479 11-11-91 C++ windowing library .
MC220.ZIP Yes 215975 02-24-92 MicroC v2.2 C for small systems
MDIEDIT.ZIP Yes 10958 10-14-91
Borland C++ windows editor based on thier
Object Windows Library. from the borland BBS
includes source code ownloaded.
MOUSPP30.ZIP Yes 49140 02-23-92
Mouse C++ v3.0 general mouse class for TC++
and BC++. Mouse interface with numerous
cursors, and display modes. Includes demo
NEWGETCH.ZIP Yes 1422 10-01-91
C function that can be used as a direct
replacement for MSC/QuickC's getch()
function, now properly reporting ALT-Q/ALT-R
OBJTOO20.ZIP Yes 49133 10-04-92
ObjTool 2.0:
check/view/repair/alter .OBJ
files. Rename publics, externals,
default lib. Delete language,
default lib. Search OBJs. Select
files by wildcard, time, date,
size. A "one stop OBJ shop" by Tom Hanlin.
ODOORS33.ZIP Yes 322950 03-12-92 Opendoors V3.30 C Library
OPTANS10.ZIP Yes 60955 06-14-92
Optimizing ANSI output library
for Borland C. This library will
reduce your ANSI output 10-30%
using familiar conio-like function
names and any selected output
function. Worthwhile addition to
your screen output collection.
PCL4C33.ZIP Yes 68492 08-01-92 Communications Library for C
QKS19.ZIP Yes 42271 01-21-92
QuikStart v1.1 generates complete Windows
3.0 source code files for Borland C++
2.0/3.0 or MSC 5.1/6.0 with SDK. This is for
beginners since it o creates a simple window
with no application functions.
RD_STK.ZIP Yes 47819 03-01-92
C routines to read the game port (joystick)
as well as support for cursor control.
REGKEY10.ZIP Yes 31570 07-19-92
Registration Key System for C
Programmers v1.00
RGC.ZIP Yes 10870 01-08-92 Renegade 'C' structures for programmers.
RJCOM13.ZIP Yes 29041 12-14-91
RJCOM v1.3: Communications LIB for MSC 5.1
and up. Small & large memory models.
RMTC02.ZIP Yes 62289 04-10-92
Raster Master V1.1: Sprite/graphic editor for
Turbo C programmers. Read/Write PCX,Windows
ICO,TEGL's DEF. Features a paint program look
with a number of drawing tools. Draw dots,
preview image.Creates source code that can be
included in your programs. Use PutImage to
display. Requires VGA and Mouse.
SAVEOFF.ZIP Yes 1416 01-29-92
Quick and easy ASM program turns the
SaveSettings feature off in Windows 3.0 from
DOS. Easily installable into your Windows
batch file.
SBDAC.ZIP Yes 34671 02-09-92
Sound Blast C and ASM routines .VOC
Programming... Really good.
SEFX10.ZIP Yes 28609 02-20-92
Sefx v1.0: C language timer-driven sound
effects LIB that allows the pgm to continue
w/other operations while the sound is
generated; produces frequencies from 19 to
20,000+ hertz; time bases of 54.9, 27.5,
13.7 & 6.9 milliseconds; changes frequency
up to 145 times/second; adjustable sound
queue as large as 65532 bytes.
SETHAYES.ZIP Yes 1011 12-23-91 Set Hayes modem from lattice c.
SOUNDE.ZIP Yes 2305 03-16-91
Assembly subroutine performs a Soundex
search May be compiled and used with a
variety of languages and memory models.
SOX.ZIP Yes 80193 06-15-92
SOund eXchange C source for
converting various sound files.
SPP.ZIP Yes 41372 01-21-92 Serial Comunications Lib. For Borland C++.
TCRES201.ZIP Yes 20114 10-31-87 TC library for TSR programming.
TCTNT.ZIP Yes 140378 09-24-91 Turbo C++ Tips and Techniques
TDE.ZIP Yes 43415 08-02-92
Data Entry System Derived From
Tinputline For Borland C++ Turbovision.
TIFF256.ZIP Yes 103364 07-12-92
TIFF256 v1.0 Graphs library
extensions for C programmers to
enhance VAS256 graphics library
with tools for Tagged Image File
Format (TIFF) images.
TODOLIST.ZIP Yes 212732 01-30-92
Borland C++ OWL program to implement a daily
todo list. Has both Windows and DOS text
mode versions made from the same exact
source code. (Src included). Used the MEWEL
Window Library for OWL to recompile the OWL
code and turn it into a DOS text mode app.
MEWEL works with other C++ class libs, like
C++/Views and zApp. Use MEWEL for your
SAA/CUA text &.
TTSBCC.ARJ No 10365 07-28-92
C and ASM source (+obj) for
transaction processes in a network
TTY.ZIP Yes 28784 03-11-92
Asm/c++ int. Driven communications package
supports versanet v8-at, includes source.
T_BCINFO.ZIP Yes 209176 02-25-92
Lotsa good info on Turbo-C
language programming.
UCRASM24.ZIP Yes 229442 12-07-91
Public-domain source-only library for 80x86
assembler programmers from University of
UNARJ230.ZIP Yes 39074 01-19-92
UNARJ v2.30: C source code and executable
for UNARJ which is an ARJ archive extraction
VGAKIT50.ZIP Yes 40571 06-25-92
VGAKit v5.0. With C & ASM
source. Now supports VESA modes
VLIB103.ZIP Yes 37750 06-08-92
ViewLib v1.03: provides
report/file viewing from w/in your
C applications; view any size
file; resize/move the view window
at will; configure color; define
the characters that compose the
border; define the initial size of
the View window. DESQview/EGA/VGA aware.
VSA25611.ZIP Yes 111799 07-12-92
VSA256 v1.1 Graphics library
for C programmers. 256 color VESA
library for modes 100,101,103,105,
and 107. Includes demo program.
VXBC15.ZIP Yes 35654 03-25-92 BorBorland C++ implementaion of VXBASE
WAVEPOOL.ZIP Yes 61614 04-08-92
A "C" like language for creating sound
WCE30A.ZIP Yes 46755 07-15-92
Windows C Editor v3.00A:
multi-purpose Windows application
development package that allows
for quick and easy Windows
development from within the
Windows environment.
ZIP contains subdirs; use PKUNZIP -d
WIDGETS.ZIP Yes 20604 07-22-92
C source code for Windows
routines for animating bitmaps.
Drag bitmaps with the mouse (great
for card games), or make them move
by themselves.
WPF.ZIP Yes 12007 02-05-92 File wiper. Will wipe .C and .ASM files.
XNAS213.ZIP Yes 21537 01-19-92
Create "structogrammes" of C source code
modules to inspect their logic (or lack
thereof). V2.13.