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152XUM.ZIP Yes 22164 5/1/1992 Manual for adaptec 152x scsi adapters.
154XA.ZIP Yes 77779 4/4/1992
Adaptec manual for the 1540A and 1542A SCSI
154XATR.ZIP Yes 77785 5/1/1992 Tech manual for 154x-a adaptec scsi adapters.
1640TR.ZIP Yes 77903 5/1/1992 Tech manual for 164x adaptec scsi adapters.
1740TR.ZIP Yes 127753 5/1/1992 Tech manual for 174x adaptec scsi adapters.
1SEAGAT2.ZIP Yes 214070 7/16/1992
All Seagate Drives: 7/1/92 Pretty complete
413TOA.ZIP Yes 11894 5/28/1992 Patch to convert PC-Kwik v4.13 to v4.13a;
4MATAB03.ZIP Yes 92969 10/10/1992 Makes formatting disks quicker and easier.
4MMOS2.ZIP Yes 14748 10/16/1992 Driver for 2GB Tape Drive under Sytos +.
ACAT142.ZIP Yes 155925 4/12/1992
AUTOCAT v1.42: floppy diskette cataloging,
database system; 04/12/92; Martin G. Walker/
ADCCPY12.ZIP Yes 43313 6/19/1992
ADCCOPY v1.2: cmd-line driven diskcopy util
that uses the hard disk (or optionally, a
ram disk) to store a disk image file to
eliminate disk swapping; ideal for making
multiple copies; 06/19/92; AzTech
Development Co.
ALLATBUS.ZIP Yes 85144 6/11/1992
Seagate Drive Info For at Type Computers.
Expanded since original 1990 release.
ALLDISK2.ZIP Yes 6816 4/4/1992 Carries out a command on entire hard disk.
ALLLENS.ZIP Yes 6097 5/2/1992
Does depth-first recursive search of files
on a drive, printing out length, path and
name. Good for spotting disk hogs. C
source included. Public Domain.
ANAD207.ZIP Yes 134344 9/3/1992
Utility for examining, editing, and
analyzing diskettes.
ASPITAPE.ZIP Yes 86448 8/12/1992
SCSI tape driver for Adaptec/DOS Tar
programs you will also need a PC/DOS version
of tar
ATBIOS12.ZIP Yes 70604 7/31/1992
AT-BIOS v1.2: provides a screen listing or
printout of the BIOS hard drive tables
during installation of MFM/RLL drives.
BACKAD1.ZIP Yes 37135 12/10/1992
Backup Advisor monitors hard drives and
advises the user when to back up the
drive(s). This is a minor fix to the text
BACKIT11.ZIP Yes 49293 8/25/1992
Daily backup program, freeware from Eric
Jarrett, copies into matching directories on
BIOSBNCH.ZIP Yes 163704 4/3/1992 Test Your Ide Drive For Specs
BOOTCH31.ZIP Yes 15246 7/3/1992
Bootchk v3.1: keeps a record of the last 20
dates/times when your computer was booted
up, useful to track when you used the
computer or to know when someone else used
your computer;
CAVR2.ZIP Yes 15781 10/18/1992 Info WDAC140/280 Western Digital CAVIAR IDEs
CDFREQ10.ZIP Yes 90675 10/11/1992
Run CHKDSK in autoexec, you control the
frequency - once a day, once a week, etc.
instead of on every boot.
CDISK632.ZIP Yes 258879 9/18/1992
CATDISK ver.6.32 is a disk cataloger by Rick
Hillier. ASP. Many features and supports
4DOS descriptions. Comments up to 43 chars.
CDMENU20.ZIP Yes 37118 8/13/1992
CDMENU v2.0: simple pgm that provides a nice
way to present a list of CDROM systems,
allowing you to place up to 16 various
entries on the menu screen; utilizes
errorlevels; 08/13/92; Clyde W. Grotophorst.
CDROM_08.ZIP Yes 6256 9/8/1992
Latest Cdrom driver for the In2000 from
CDU_V120.ZIP Yes 343380 7/25/1992
CDU is a collection of utilities that can be
used with Rick Hillier's CATDISK (version
6.30 and up).
CFGCYRIX.ZIP Yes 5674 9/18/1992
CfgCyrix v1.0: device driver that will allow
you to upgrade your 386DX-based system to
take advantage of the new, inexpensive
i486like Cyrix Cx486DLC CPU;TechGuys SW
CHKSPACE.ZIP Yes 3281 10/23/1992
Utility to compare disk space needed to disk
space available prior to installation. To
be used from within DOS batch files.
CMOSBR.ZIP Yes 25589 9/20/1992 Backup & Restore Yoyr CMOS Ram - From Belgium
CNFMT108.ZIP Yes 44994 7/17/1992
ConFormat 1.08A from Sydex ...background
formatting util
COPYQ302.ZIP Yes 93420 9/3/1992
Copyqm version 3.02. Quick multiple
copy/format/verify for floppy disks.
CPYDS125.ZIP Yes 39525 10/24/1992
CpyDsk v1.25 Single-Pass DISKCOPY Works
w/UnFormatted Disks
CPYQ302B.ZIP Yes 93281 9/14/1992
CopyQM v3.02 from Sydex. Slight bug fix.
Copy a Master Diskette to many blank disks
CRE8UNIX.ZIP Yes 75309 8/25/1992
This is the latest SCO UNIX driver =>3.2.4
(08-25-92) for the IN-2000 From Always
CT43C.ZIP Yes 107808 7/9/1992 Cache Test v4.3C - Test Drive Cache - Update
DAMENU12.ZIP Yes 137740 5/1/1992
menu mouse ega dos password screensaver
DAMENU - DOS Application MENuing Utility
V1.2 ���� ASP Shareware ۲�� An easy to use
hard disk menuing utility that features
mouse support, password protection for
applications and "Exit to DOS", a built in
screen blanker, and no memory overhead (Not
memory resident)! Easy installation and
on-the-fly menu addition/modification. Load
DASBOOT.ZIP Yes 279325 5/19/1992 .MOD Music file for ModPlay/Sound Blaster
DATEBACK.ZIP Yes 18987 9/29/1992
renames files in batch files to reflect the
time and datestamp of when the file was
renamed. Usefull utility. Earliest file
8-30-92 The Gap Chasm BBS (609)467-0244
DF261.ZIP Yes 67738 9/19/1992
Diskette to File Image Utility v2.61: will
make an image of your 360K, 1.2MB and 1.44MB
diskettes (from its boot area forward) and
place it in a file on your hard disk;
diskette track/sector testing, data compress,
DFILL151.ZIP Yes 27371 10/27/1992 DFILL v1.51 Utility for Filling Floppies 100%
DIRSPC20.ZIP Yes 56694 10/12/1992
DIRSPACE v2.0: simple utility that provides
usage information for your hard disk/display
can run as TSR and be unloaded from memory;
DKP401.ZIP Yes 156674 8/2/1992
EZ-DisKlone Plus v4.01 A "super" version of
DOS's DISKCOPY. Single pass duplication of
any DOS diskette. Compressed file images,
compare, clean, fastformat, etc. Uses bios
calls, so works on almost any machine. Menu
or command line operation. Single, multi,
and network versions available.
DMATE201.ZIP Yes 167252 7/27/1992
DiskMate v2.01: floppy disk organizer that
enables you to keep track of and label all
those 5�" & 3�" floppy disks & to find
floppy disk files fast; menu-driven
w/pop-ups and pick lists; 07/27/92; Ron
Stack/ Key Software
DMGPR231.ZIP Yes 4718 5/8/1992
DmgPARK v2.31: TSR util that will park your
harddisk's heads after a period of harddisk
inactivity; will park one or two disks inde-
pendently of each other;05/09/92;Dan Goodell
DMSUTILS.ZIP Yes 34344 5/7/1992 DMS Utilities
DOG317.ZIP Yes 54617 4/17/1992
Disk OrGanizer v3.17: speeds up your disk
access times by defragmenting files/removing
deleted entries from directories; supports
DOS4x/DOS5/EMS and drives as large as 4,095M;
DPEXPTTB.ZIP Yes 1981 10/10/1992 Export daybook+ address book to text file
DRS122.ZIP Yes 115964 5/5/1992
the last Shareware version! The newest
version of the commercial release is in the
2.00 series and reads ALL hard drives and
requires no inialization. It also has
binary trace and will chain a program back
togeather as well as recovery text files
DRVFR.ZIP Yes 7307 9/15/1992 FREEWARE Hard drive space available w/display
DRVSPC18.ZIP Yes 10059 6/19/1992
DRVSPC v1.8: disk drive space and resource
reporting utility; supports DOS errorlevels;
will report the amount of low DOS memory and
total available memory and the status of the
LPT1/LPT2 printer ports; can display disk
cluster allocation and usage; 06/19/92;
DRVSPEEX.ZIP Yes 373 5/9/1992 Brian -- here is a doc file to include with
DSECURE.ZIP Yes 7475 8/28/1992
Performs a safe wipe of erased files on a
disk or floppy; 08/29/92; Garry J. Vass.
DSKLS262.ZIP Yes 158773 10/15/1992
DISKLIST v2.62: produces diskette covers
with the directory contents for 5�", 3�",
and hard disks; reads all sub-directories;
displays on the printer, screen or a file;
DTCFMT.ZIP Yes 42677 4/20/1992
Data Technology Corp. Hardisk Formatting
DUPLIC.ZIP Yes 2501 4/22/1992
FoxPro 2.0: A small routine to list a
directory of your hard disk to a DBF file
and flag duplicate or probable duplicate
files. Requires DOS 5.0 and FoxPro 2.0.
Source inc.
DXP203.ZIP Yes 89059 10/22/1992
Disk eXPress v2.03 Create Self-Extract
Diskette Images
DZK4D304.ZIP Yes 177497 10/4/1992
DiZk4D 3.04 The FIRST dizk cataloger created
specifically for 4DOS. Unicorn Software Ltd.
EISACFG.ZIP Yes 408835 5/26/1992
A collection of EISA .cfg files for EISA and
ISA Adapter boards
EZDKP401.EXE No 139507 8/9/1992
EZ-DisKlone Plus - 1 pass duplicator that
also stores comprtessed image files for
later retrieval. DOS verify, compare, etc.
EZ_FORMT.ZIP Yes 1878 4/6/1992
Excellent Floppy Disk Format Utility. You
no longer need to know the DOS Switches
required for different disk media types.
Accepts: 360k, 720k, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88M
Drives A: or B:
FBR182.ZIP Yes 15616 7/11/1992 File Backup and Restore - by Vern Buerg.
FDSDA.ZIP Yes 85431 7/20/1992
Future Domain SCSI Device Analyzer Ver 1.0
for Future Domain only, from their BBS.
FDSETUP.ZIP Yes 62675 7/20/1992
Future Domain SCSI Setup Ver 1.3 Low level
format on Future Domain only. From their
FD_FDISK.ZIP Yes 61842 8/11/1992
Future Domain FastDisk Driver Ver 1.1 This
driver allows Win 3.1 fastdisk services with
a Future Domain SCSI. From their BBS.
FLOPTICA.ZIP Yes 4377 9/24/1992
Floptical driver from Insite (req. ASPI)
(10-21-92) From Always Technology.
FM46.ZIP Yes 86140 5/22/1992
Format Master V4.6 - Menu Driven Floppy
Drive Formatting Program.
FNDEX32S.ZIP Yes 120667 8/6/1992
A fast filename indexer for floppy disks
with many features. Shareware. $15 Register
FORMNU22.ZIP Yes 76864 9/24/1992
FORMENU v2.2 - FORmat MENU Enables you both
quickly and easily to format high and low
density diskettes correctly.
FSTAT104.ZIP Yes 179021 10/17/1992
FileStat v1.04: useful util for keeping
track of which files on your system are
regularly used; includes a 9K TSR, a
conversion pgm, & a program to produce a
sorted, printable text
GD14.ZIP Yes 24826 6/5/1992
To quickly display available space on more
than one disk simultanelously.
GTBK21.ZIP Yes 278371 8/24/1992 Superb GUI Backup program
HD10.ZIP Yes 20853 5/20/1992
Hard Disk vr 1.0 - quick info about your
hard disk, fast and reliable. (EqUiNoX).
HDM2.EXE No 57488 7/3/1992 Hard Disk Mirror 2 - a hard disk utility.
HDMIR2S2.ZIP Yes 40935 7/18/1992
Latest version of the Hard Disk Mirror. Has
some important changes.
IBM506.ZIP Yes 8448 4/6/1992
Fix For MFM, RLL, And ESDI Install Problems
With 2.0. This is A New IBM506.add File And
Not A Text Fix. (Reportedly Does Not Fix
Problem on All Machines.).
IDEID11.ZIP Yes 24237 5/12/1992
Freeware; displays information on your IDE
drive's parameters and specifications, make,
model and mfgr.
IDEMAXTR.ZIP Yes 7133 6/27/1992
Maxtor IDE Drive, Controller, Jumper info
from Maxtor BBS. Updated 6/27/92.
ID_IDE.ZIP Yes 9549 8/12/1992
Check the Specs of your AT IDE Drive From
the X. IM Collection of Software 1992.
IN2_AS.ZIP Yes 11551 9/18/1992
Always Technology IN-2000 ASPI driver
version VCN: 461-9; 09/19/92; Always
INCDROM.ZIP Yes 6267 9/17/1992
Released version of CD Rom driver VCN: 330-8
(09-17-92) From Always Technology.
INSTLL92.ZIP Yes 47362 6/27/1992 Install program for your software...
JEMCAT.ZIP Yes 682729 9/21/1992
Jem Disc CD-ROM File Listing and Catalog
Program. Lets you see What is on the Disc
Before you buy. purchased has been very
pleased with it compared to other CD-ROMs
they have bought.
JUMBO254.ZIP Yes 260502 6/25/1992
Colorado Memory Jumbo Tape Backup software.
v2.54 Includes Windows capabilities.
KEYOFF11.ZIP Yes 1920 5/1/1992
TSR which intercepts keystrokes and discards
the keystroke entered on the command line
MAXFORM2.ZIP Yes 22593 5/7/1992
Low level format utility for Maxtor IDE hard
MBALRM11.ZIP Yes 52226 4/16/1992
MEGAback Alarm Utility. Designed to be Run
From Autoexec.BAT to Check Backup Needs
MCP104.ZIP Yes 23777 9/22/1992
Master Copy 1.04-Handles full floppies well!
Allows moving as well as copying; can
overwrite destination files never, always,
only if older, or only if different; etc
MCPDIAG.ZIP Yes 474265 11/7/1992
Math co-prossesor diagnostic's program from
MEMSZ150.ZIP Yes 74614 10/22/1992
System Resources Monitor Rev 1.5. Displays
free memory and disk space, and monitors the
swapfile size. It also can monitor CPU
load. Source incl. Has English and Spanish
texts. Will monitor network drives again
(there was a bug).
MUEZ112T.EXE No 100522 8/9/1992
MENU-EZX - sets up your hard drive with
menus, passwords etc.
MULTVOL1.ZIP Yes 15993 4/17/1992
Backup files larger than media. Auto splits
across floppies.
MXTOR535.ZIP Yes 1149 10/27/1992 Information about Maxtor 535 IDE Drive(s)
NFRMT11.ZIP Yes 34634 5/15/1992 Format utility with a�lot of new features.
NJQUOTE.ZIP Yes 95939 10/4/1992 Nifty James Quote program w/Quotes file
ONEADAY1.ZIP Yes 118172 9/19/1992 Runs programs at selected times of day / week
PAS16.ZIP Yes 7158 5/8/1992 Updated PAS 16 cdrom driver. very small.
PCKPARMS.ZIP Yes 7056 4/22/1992
Comprehensive list of parameters for PCKWIK
PowerPak which includes Super PC-Kwik, the
Disk Accelerator; 04/22/92; Multisoft Corp.
PDQ121.ZIP Yes 88277 10/3/1992
PDQ Utils 1.21 is a set of matched utilities
which can make life easier for any hard disk
user. Includes a directory
changer,directory lister, file locator and a
text file viewer. Newest File in Archive:
September, 1992
PMCPL574.ZIP Yes 183535 5/2/1992
PM-Cat Plus 5.7.4 05/02/92 release. The
ultimate disk cataloging program now
Features File Management, Duplicate entry
checking, improved screen displays and more.
PMDC110U.ZIP Yes 73673 6/14/1992
PM-DiskCopy 1.10. Generation of Image-Files
now included. Shareware. OS/2.
PMMEM.ZIP Yes 16145 6/4/1992
PM Physical Memory usage monitor. Displays
as a bar chart and a percentage the amount
of physical memory used by resident pages.
Updated every 5 seconds.
POLY28.ZIP Yes 53508 10/19/1992
Polycopy v2.80S: Diskcopy replacement makes
multiple copies of a disk w/only 1 pass of
the original. Can also create/ restore
diskette image files a la Teledisk.
PROBDESC.ZIP Yes 189587 7/7/1992
Cache hardware problem diagnosis/trouble
shooter from PKWare
PRTK11.ZIP Yes 24670 7/31/1992 Add copy protection to your diskette 8/1/92
PSBR22.ZIP Yes 121989 8/20/1992
Point & Shoot Backup & Restore v2.2 Safe &
quick backups to floppies. Error checking &
configuration options. (8-20-92).
PSFORMAT.ZIP Yes 8364 5/17/1992
Excellent Floppy Disk format utility program
It makes disk formating a breeze.Menu driven!
PSJACK20.ZIP Yes 47362 9/20/1992
�=- JACKET CREATOR v. 2-=� This is version
2, ALMOST COMMERCIAL level, create
customized disk jackets, with options like,
adding The Print Shop Graphs, Files, and
lots more, also behold the revolutionary
fold back feature, which allows you to cut
out all the jackets simultaneously.
PWR_ON20.ZIP Yes 145195 5/4/1992
Power_on manager v2.0 boot utility that
automates routine maintenance functions &
gives appointment reminders.
QCOPY40.ZIP Yes 80280 8/1/1992
QCOPY v4.0: powerful & fast disk duplication
& formatting util; reads only that portion
of the data contained on the source disk;
defragments files into one block on target
disk & will transfer/create new label; makes
one or multiple copies; supports mouse;
RADFMT11.ZIP Yes 77167 8/31/1992
RADFMT v1.10: menu driven disk formatting
utility that will address secondary
controllers like the Compatticard IV; uses a
small data base for the physical drive
numbers; will not make system disks or
format a hard drive; 08/31/92; Ralph DiMaria.
RAIND112.ZIP Yes 14710 7/17/1992 Read DEC Rainbow diskettes/files; Sydex
REBOOT1.ZIP Yes 145 11/4/1992 RB.COM
RIPPER.ZIP Yes 25621 4/16/1992
Data manipulation tool that lets you change
display format, character/integer value,
jump to file position, change a long integer
value and more;
RTBHL101.ZIP Yes 95649 5/5/1992
RTHLPB v1.01: VGA directory backup, restore
and copy; mouse/keyboard; w/built-in help;
05/05/92; Roger A. Tess/RT Systems.
SCSI_FMT.ZIP Yes 92709 8/12/1992
Low level SCSI format program [All
SDC312.EXE No 109633 8/9/1992
Super DiskCopy - Simply put, a disk
duplicating machine on a disk! It picks up
where DOS diskcopy left off. Read master
once and make as many copies as you wish.
Store images, fastformat, clean, compare,
SDCPY312.ZIP Yes 111826 7/20/1992
SuperDiskCopy v3.12 The "DISKCOPY" that DOS
forgot. Includes 1 pass copies, more. Easy.
SINCE10.ZIP Yes 8503 7/26/1992
Reports changes to drive SINCE last time
SINCE was executed.
SM32.ZIP Yes 181554 10/4/1992
Software Manager ver 3.2 This program Tracks
all your Program (Software) by Disk Location
and keep information about your Programs at
your Finger Tips Plus MORE .......
SMRTDTXT.ZIP Yes 8887 7/18/1992
SMARTdrive questions and answers -- from
SOFPAK21.ZIP Yes 161139 7/8/1992
SofWin Laboratories SofPak v2.1: package
consisting of pgms that measure your PC's
core logic system, cache system, disk
performance and video memory performance of
standard and local bus VGA systems; 07/08/92;
SP110.ZIP Yes 227595 9/29/1992
SmartPhone is a reference source that helps
you plan your calls for optimum use of phone
rates. Shareware from Pinnacle Software
SPDBAK.ZIP Yes 54151 9/8/1992
SpeedBak - powerful, safe, simple way to
restore speed you once had on your hard drive
SPDBAK21.ZIP Yes 48829 8/14/1992 SpeedBak v2.1: hard disk drive defragger;
SPINTIMX.ZIP Yes 687 5/9/1992
Brian -- here is a short DOC file for
Spintime.zip -- it works fine and thanks
SSPACE10.ZIP Yes 8760 10/12/1992
A utility to tell you how much disk space
you have left on your drives.
STAC201.ZIP Yes 132243 4/27/1992
Updates of important files for Stacker 2.01.
Will do you no good if you do not already
have Stacker 2.0.
STACHELP.ZIP Yes 8281 4/4/1992
Stac Electronics Technical Notes for Stacker
version 1.x and 2.0 (8 and 16 bit)
STACKER3.ZIP Yes 6153 10/27/1992 Press release and other info on Stacker 3.0
STAC_OPT.ZIP Yes 19893 6/10/1992 Docs on how to optimize Stacker with QEMM.
STOW190.ZIP Yes 234313 7/3/1992
Stowaway from Patriquin! A true archival
system for the PC which frees hard disk
space by moving old or inactive files to
floppy disks. Stowaway features data
compression, auto disk formatting, and EASY
SUTIL268.ZIP Yes 32533 4/26/1992
SUpreme UTilities v2.68 - Make multiple
Copy/Move/Rename/Delete/... of files/dirs
from Dos Command Line only by using a one
and only command.
TAPECABL.ZIP Yes 2445 9/13/1992
Install a tape drive without losing your B:
drive. This file describes an AIWA 250 MB
tape in a clone 386.
TIMER10.ZIP Yes 18543 5/21/1992
Timer -- track your time on hold (among
other things) (Visual Basic)
TLB_V202.ZIP Yes 359915 7/1/1992
Latest version of the lastbyte memory
manager Must register to receive full benefit
TTLITE11.ZIP Yes 98355 10/28/1992
TestTrak (tm) Lite V1.1: Automated testing
system which simplifies and accelerates QA
testing of text-based applications. Can be
used to test PC software & hardware.
Records keystrokes and screens. Allows
single step playback & comparison or
automated batch playback. Can also be used
to automate PC processes. Shareware ($55)
from Syscon, Inc.
UNARCSB.ZIP Yes 249561 7/14/1992 Thrifty Applications Simple Backup program
V11N15.ZIP Yes 73179 8/4/1992 PC Mag's Vol 11 Issue 15 utils
VDSK.ZIP Yes 28495 9/28/1992 Graphic display of disk space. Fast...
VESAKB.ZIP Yes 12069 4/30/1992
Utility to test for VESA compatibility;
displays list of supported modes with
available video RAM for each mode; with C
source; 04/30/92; Steve Grider.
VGACPY46.ZIP Yes 220182 5/11/1992
Disc-Copy with VGA and Soundblaster-Support
Shareware (from Germany).
VOL11N10.ZIP Yes 75932 5/4/1992 PCMagazine Utilities
VOL11N11.ZIP Yes 322301 5/19/1992 PC Magazine Utilities vol.11 no.11
VOLTST10.ZIP Yes 2576 10/11/1992
VolTest v1.0: utility to check the volume
label on a disk and optionally compare it to
a requested name; returns an errorlevel code
WAITDISK.ZIP Yes 27251 10/22/1992
WaitDisk - Prompt user and wait for a disk
identified by Volume Label and/or Serial
Number to be placed into a specified disk
drive. Allows Disk Changes. Mouse Support.
WFF17.ZIP Yes 76886 9/2/1992
What Floppy Format? V1.7: Menu shell for
Christophe Hochst�tter's FDFORMAT, a PD
floppy formatter that formats 3�" to 1.72Mb.
WFF let's you set parameters & automatically
use them every time you format. Freeware!
WPCUGFS3.ZIP Yes 52881 9/7/1992
WPcug free space utility:a free space
utility that scans all drives except A & B,
and reports on the ammount of free space on
each drive. It also reports free space on
mapped Novel Network Drives.
WSSI522A.ZIP Yes 181354 6/3/1992
Wssindex cataloger vers. 5.22, part 1 of 2.
Build database of directory info, any size
DOS disks. Extract info from ARC, ARJ, LZH,
ZIP, others. Extract image size and no. of
colors from GIF, others. Add comments &
categories to files and disks. Variety of
database query/print opts. Reg $35, s/h
$2.50 US/Canada, $4.50 foreign. ASP member.
WSSI522B.ZIP Yes 117211 6/3/1992 Wssindex cataloger v. 5.22, part 2 of 2
XDISK340.ZIP Yes 74567 7/10/1992
L*Resizable LIM 3+ expanded memory RAM disk
'286/386 vrsns and additional options to
registered users. V3.40.