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22NCE140.ZIP No 51545 10/12/1993
DOS emulator for CP-M 2.2, for most CP-M
4D50B.ZIP Yes 28732 11/29/1993
4DOS 5.0 revision B patch file, updates 5.0
rev A to 5.0 rev B. ONLY USEFUL if you
already have 4DOS 5.0 rev A. Also requires
patch program in 4DPATCH.ZIP (this file is
the patch data file only).
4D50C.ZIP Yes 60009 12/15/1993
4DOS 5.0 rev C patch data file. ONLY USEFUL
if you currently have 4DOS 5.0 rev B (use
VER -R to check). Updates all files changed
for rev C. Also requires patch program in
4DPATCH.ZIP. 12-16-93 release.
4DEMS.ZIP Yes 40472 11/13/1993
EMS Functions & Utilities - is a collection
of functions that work with EMS memory. It
includes a function library to call the EMS
services, and EMS driver test, a function to
free allocated EMS pages by name, and a TSR
to reserve EMS pages from greedy programs.
4DHPATB.ZIP Yes 10585 12/1/1993
4DOS 5.0 help system, rev B, help text
patch. Adds an important cautionary note re
DEL -Q to the rev B help text. Only useful
if you have 4DOS 5.0 rev B (use VER -R to
check). Also reuqires patch program (see
4DPATCH.ZIP). Upl by Tom Rawson 12-2-93.
4TSRS.ZIP Yes 32662 12/13/1993
4 TSR's, 3 for fun, 1 is a keyboard lockout
62STAC.ZIP Yes 5198 11/4/1993
Utility for current users of DOS 6.0 and
STACKER 3.1 who wish to upgrade to DOS 6.2
with the Microsoft STEPUP program. From the
Stac Electronics BBS.
62_STACK.ZIP Yes 13253 11/11/1993 MS-DOS 6.2 setup help disk
701703.ZIP Yes 219242 11/16/1993
This patch program upgrades qemm 7.01 to
version 7.03 directly, without the need to
go through the 7.01 to 7.02 upgrade.
701TO702.ZIP Yes 181680 10/1/1993
Patch for QEMM386 version 7.01 to 7.02 This
is an update to QEMM386 version 7.01, files
dated 06-21-93. If file dates are later
than that, not needed. This updates QEMM386
to version 7.02, 09-24-93. Downloaded from
Quarterdeck with permission to distribute
freely, but not alter.
702TO703.ZIP Yes 138077 11/16/1993 Upgrades qemm 7.02 to qemm 7.03.
ABTVEW11.ZIP Yes 141908 10/9/1993
A Batch View v1.1: batch file util set that
allows you to produce color or monochrome
pop up menus, message windows, drawing
functions, and visual effects; interesting.
ACMS11.ZIP Yes 44519 2/19/1994
AUTOCMS V1.1a reads search dumps from
Colorado's TAPE.EXE program and creates
ASCII delimited files suitable for im-
portation to most databases. Process entire
tape in one execution; captures file paths;
multi-vol-multi-tape oper- ation & more!
Shareware, $0-$5 Reg.
ANSI13L.ZIP Yes 43080 11/17/1993
ANSI.COM V1.3l - PC Magazine's ANSI driver.
It can be used in place of DOS's ANSI.SYS
and gives better performance too. Also
includes ANSIPCB.COM that implements
PCBoard's @ codes for displaying text files
at the DOS prompt. This version now
includes all the new PCBoard 15.1 variables
and a fix for sized ratios.
ASK_17.ZIP Yes 60799 11/13/1993
This program lets you decide if you want to
run a program when you boot your computer.
Written by Mike Alderson
ASW_1440.ZIP Yes 85048 11/24/1993 Adaptec SCSI drivers from Adaptec BBS
ATTR100.ZIP Yes 18679 1/23/1994
ATTR is a utility designed to replace the
DOS ATTRIB command. You get all of the
features of ATTRIB plus the ability to have
more than one filename on the same command
line, exclude files, include files with
certain attributes, and more. The best
feature is that it works on DOS 2 or higher.
The nearest version of ATTRIB in features is
only available in DOS 5+. Shareware by
Thomas Dyas.
BATCHLOG.ZIP Yes 26038 1/31/1994
BATCHLOG is a simple non-memory resident
program to facilitate log keeping during a
batch file. BATCHLOG creates and appends to
a text file in the current directory. The
output format is: YY-MM-DD ! HH:MM:SS !
Notes entered on the command line.
BENCH80A.ZIP Yes 713016 10/20/1993 PC Magazine Labs Benchmark Series v8.00
BENCH80B.ZIP Yes 584265 10/20/1993
PC Magazine Labs Benchmark Series v8.00:
objected oriented, menu-driven pkg of
modular system performance tests;
automatically determines display adapter
supporting modes thru VGA; mouse support,
drop down menus, windows & graphs;
integrated dBase-compatible database engine
can track tests-test results in DBF or ASCII
format & much more; 10-20-93; Ziff-Davis
Publishing Co. File 2 of 2.
BOOTR111.ZIP Yes 227505 10/24/1993
BOOT'R v1.11 - DOS Configuration Manager
BOOT'R is a utility that allows the
management of multiple configurations on a
single machine. BOOT'R not only allows the
modification of the CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT files, but any other files that
might be needed
BOTMES10.ZIP Yes 7680 11/14/1993
BootMes v1.0s - This program will allow you
to put a customized message, about 400
characters, on the boot sector of your
MS-DOS data diskettes that will be displayed
if a computer is booted from those
diskettes. Support for 2 drives, A and B,
and all disk formats, DD 360K 5 1-4" - HD
1.44M 3 1-2".
CFG22.ZIP Yes 52656 11/10/1993
Device driver utils for command line-config
CHOOSE21.ZIP Yes 34104 12/14/1993
CHOOSE v2.1 - Simple, yet powerful,
means of menu controlled branching within
AUTOEXEC or other BATCH files. Unlimited
cascading-nesting. A menu selection causes
a branch in the batch flow to perform needed
DOS commands as well as present other menus
with more choices and more branches.
IBM-PC, DOS 2 (runs between applications).
CLOCK352.ZIP Yes 111591 11/19/1993
CLOCK v3.52:set of related shareware
programs Gives you complete control over the
calendar (battery-protected) clock and your
DOS-BIOS clock. They automatically handle
daylight savings time and time zones, etc.
W-C source. ShareWare ($10) by Ronald Q.
Smith: 11-19-93
CONF700E.ZIP Yes 97443 11/13/1993
PC-CONFIG V7.00e - Detects all the hardware
in your PC and shows it on the screen. One
of the best sysinfo-programs ever. Finds
Local-Bus and PCI boards, Cyrix486 and
Pentium CPUs, detects lots of VGA-chips and
all the standard stuff. This is the english
version. A german version is also
CONFIG61.ZIP Yes 103471 10/14/1993 Auto-Config v6.1 Boot Utility.
CSAP420.ZIP Yes 41868 2/10/1994
CSAP - sort and Pack Directories v4.20 -
Classic Shareware program
DDJ0693.ZIP Yes 98042 10/21/1993 Dr Dobbs Journal - June 1993 Source files 80
DDJ0793A.ZIP Yes 702497 10/26/1993 Dr Dobbs Journal - July 1993 Source files 1-2
DDJ1193.ZIP Yes 524499 10/25/1993 Dr Dobbs Journal - November 1993
DIR2BT16.ZIP Yes 32004 10/4/1993
DIR2BAT v1.6: will write a listing of drive
path file specs matching the user's entered
file specification to the file DIR2.BAT,
allowing DIR2.BAT to perform actions to the
files; 10-04-93; Gary S. Tessler, P.E.
DIVEFIX2.ZIP Yes 11388 12/20/1993 Overcome DOS divide overflow error w-this!
DJSCM.ZIP Yes 35391 10/2/1993
Execute DOS Commands on Certain Dates. Good
For Monthly Virus Scans.etc For Use on
Autoexec.BAT File.
DLY400.ZIP Yes 14999 10/18/1993
Delay 4.00 10-18-93 Delay is a small exe
file that lets you set a delay or pause in
your CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, or any other
Batch file. It is very useful when trying
to debug your configuration or batch files.
Shareware registration forms and manual
included. From Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
DOS62PAT.ZIP Yes 19234 11/15/1993
DOS62PAT.ZIP - Enclosed files are provided
to allow patching NETX v3.31 or NETX vers.
3.32 to support MS-DOS 6.2 or PC-DOS 6.1
without requiring the use of SETVER.
DOS62SP.ZIP Yes 748341 12/6/1993
The MS-DOS 6.2 Supplemental Utilities: *
AccessDOS - assists disabled persons *
Keyboard utilities (Dvorak layouts) * create
a bootable compressed floppy * Utilities
from MS-DOS 5.0 * Updated network files for
MS-DOS 6.2 * MS-DOS Shell
DOS6COLR.ZIP Yes 1505 10/17/1993
Tired of white text on your color monitor at
DOS? This patch for MS-DOS 6.0 will allow
you set your own color.
DOS6INST.ZIP Yes 19832 11/10/1993 Use to install DOS 6.2 in drive with drivepro
DOSBAR11.ZIP Yes 12403 12/2/1993
DosBar V1.10 (c) 1993 by Andreas Furrer
DosBar adds a toolbar to any DOS window.
With this toolbar you have an easy access to
the mark, copy, paste and other functions
which will normally only be available from
the system menu of a DOS window.
DOSUNDOC.ZIP Yes 7277 12/18/1993
Undocumented command switches for MS DOS.
These are the docs for them
DOSUP8.ZIP Yes 395192 11/5/1993 Novell DOS Client Files Update Kit Number 8.
DS62NC.ZIP Yes 60542 11/5/1993 Ncache2 updated files for use with DOS 6.2
DSPACE63.ZIP Yes 60344 10/31/1993
= SMEM 6.3 and DSPACE 6.3 = Graphical gas
gauge display of free and used space on disk
drives, plus detailed information on memory
installed and free (including XMS and EMS).
Customizable. Suggested contribution $15.
DVFAQ13.ZIP Yes 35015 10/7/1993 FAQ for DV and QEMM. Ver 13 Oct 93 (DVN).
EDCON220.ZIP Yes 25881 2/10/1994
and AUTOEXEC.BAT, side by side and now with
Horizontal editors on the same screen. Up
to 200 lines of text with up to 128 char's
in each, for both files. Command line drive
select. Built in screen blanker with time
and date. The quick and easy way to get the
job done.
FASTKEY1.ZIP Yes 12129 10/25/1993
FastKey Version 1.00 Allows users to define
the speed of thier keyboard. FREEWARE.
FECHA.ZIP Yes 31207 10/19/1993
Program to temporarily change the date of
your computer.
FMTFIX62.ZIP Yes 5708 1/26/1994 DOS 6.2 format enhancer with ASM source
FVESA100.ZIP Yes 3634 10/19/1993
FIXVESA v1.00 Corrects VESA operability
problem with QEMM v7.0x. Do you use QEMM
and stealth your VGA ROM? Do you have a
Cirrus Logic based VGA? Does your VESA seem
to have quit on you? If you answered yes to
most of the above questions, you probably
need FIXVESA. Another great utility from
RJS Software
GET26UPD.ZIP Yes 31104 12/24/1993
GET.EXE Ver 2.6, Bob Stephan's DOS BATch
file enhancer for Environment and ErrorLevel
BATch services. GET26UPD is an upgrade for
users of Ver. 2.5 and requires the
documentation from Ver. 2.5. Many new
features are described in the file
GET26NEW.DOC incl. string handling,
arithmetic, file dates, return codes from
other programs and much more. Shareware: No
nags, no crippling, no delays.
Registration: $15+S&H see ORDER.GET
GETCLR10.ZIP Yes 4876 1/10/1994
Get Colors v1.0: utility to save a user's
(unknown) screen colors at the beginning of
a batch file, so that they can be reset at
GETDAY10.ZIP Yes 9754 12/4/1993
GetDay 1.00 Batch File Utility This CKWare
utility will place the day of the week into
a DOS environment variable TODAY for use in
.BAT files. You can set batch files up to
operate on specific days. For example, you
can add a few lines to your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file and scan your computer for viruses only
on Thursdays, etc. ** FREE WARE **
GETKEY11.ZIP Yes 12808 12/6/1993
GetKey 1.01 Batch File Keypress Util This
CKWare utility will retrieve a keypress and
store the result in a DOS environment
variable. It handles many keystroke
combinations: CTRL-F12, END, ALT-everything!
It is great for making menus with DOS .BAT
files, and sample .BAT files are included.
** FREE WARE ** Now, included with GetKey
1.01 is the CKPurge Utility for sifting
through stacks of disks to purge or format.
This utility shows you how to use GetKey in
conjunction with simple DOS commands to
create a complete "application" without
GWINDOS.ZIP Yes 212526 11/25/1993 Interactive menu-help system for DOS
HC6.ZIP Yes 131573 10/1/1993
HC6 - allows you to design simple simple
pipe distribution networks using the Hardy
Cross method.
HOLDN212.ZIP Yes 44167 11/8/1993
HOLDON Version 2.12 is a variable delay
program for batch files. HOLDON has five
different ranges. Milliseconds, eighteenths
of a second, seconds, minutes and hours.
These delays are totally independent of the
CPU speed. A delay time message is also
included. Registration is only $6.00
HOLD_.ZIP Yes 28227 10/2/1993
HOLD! 1.0 Utility creates a user definable
time delay. Great for use in batch files,
events, etc., where you need a pause for any
reason. Can also echo a countdown on
screen. Freeware by Paul Cutrona.
IFWT11.ZIP Yes 30468 10/6/1993
IfWait - controls a speaker and-or parallel
port device including the TNT IFBUZZ buzzer
device. It makes the speaker and-or device
buzz or beep so that you can add buzzer
indications to your batch files.
INTER38A.ZIP Yes 372077 12/5/1993
MSDOS Interrupt List, Release 38 A
Comprehensive listing of interrupt calls,
both documented and undocumented. Contains
over 5900 entries in INTER38A to INTER38C,
and conversion programs to create hypertext
databases as well as other miscellaneous
programs in INTER38D.
JOKI21.ZIP Yes 6312 11/5/1993
Joki v2.1: util that does joystick-keyboard
emulation on the BIOS level, enabling you to
play some "keyboard only" games, with your
joystick; 11-05-93; BIGGUN International.
JP4REF.ZIP Yes 243808 11/29/1993
Complete reference manual for 4DOS 5.0, 4OS2
2.0, and 4DOS-NT 2.0, JP Software's command
processor replacements for DOS, OS-2, and
Windows NT. For 4DOS files see 4DOS5A.ZIP
and 4DOS5B.ZIP. 4OS2 2.0 and 4DOS-NT 2.0
files are not yet available. Optional.
Mose of this text is also in each product's
help. 11-30-93 release B.
KEYCON.ZIP Yes 1744 10/15/1993 Control NUM, CAPS, SCROLL keys at Bootup.
KWKMNU31.ZIP Yes 68748 12/20/1993
Improved Version 3.1-A (now with colored
menus)of this simple but efficient batch
file menu maker. KWIKMENU is not a hard
disk menu program as such. The colored menu
screens are furnished separately and
KWIKMENU helps you develop menu listings and
make the little batch files with ease. It
is easy enough not to dis- courage the
beginner yet works well enough to please the
experienced user. File uploaded to BBS is
LGROOM.ZIP Yes 144865 11/25/1993
LEGROOM (TM) v2.0 TSR utility which,
on a 'hot key', shells to DOS from any
application (text or graphic). Make ANY
program a TSR, even a batch file. Works
with DOS 2.0 and up. Swaps to extended,
expanded memory, or disk. Works with
programs lacking a DOS shell feature. LAN
support. Works with memory managers.
Register for $35. Compatible with Windows,
DesqView, and command.com replacements.
LST05.ZIP Yes 12621 1/18/1994
LST 0.5 - A Colorful, Extremely Fast, FREE
DIR replacement. From --ertigo Entertainment
M700B.ZIP Yes 293928 11/8/1993 Update to 386MAX 7.00 to 7.01
MCA_1193.ZIP Yes 24820 11/24/1993 Updated QEMM MCA.ADL file 11-24-93
MCP_100.ZIP Yes 2840 1/14/1994
Multi-colored, multi-function prompt for
4DOS and 4OS-2
MENUDOS6.ZIP Yes 33365 12/17/1993 Automatic create menus to DOS 6.X
MFCLIB.ZIP Yes 654 10/14/1993
Instructions for patching Symantec 6.0's MFC
library. You need d-l MFCLIB.EXE too.
MONTOR.ZIP Yes 54103 11/15/1993
Disk, resource, memory monitor from PC
MOUSKY11.ZIP Yes 15824 11/10/1993
MouseKey V1.10 (c) 1993 by Andreas Furrer
With MouseKey you can assign key combi-
nations or commands to mouse buttons. Now
you can use your right or middle mouse
button in applications that doesn't support
the use of the right or middle mouse button.
All mouse buttons can be combined with a
com- bination of and so you
can setup up to 11 different commands
MYALIAS.ZIP Yes 1450 12/6/1993
This is my 4DOS aliases file. It shows a
real working alias file rather than the
isolated examples in the 4DOS docs.
NEWFOR62.ZIP Yes 2070 10/29/1993 Text file telling new stuff in MS-DOS 6.2
PBOOTV12.ZIP Yes 13851 1/12/1994
PauseBoot v1.2 Allows the ability to abort
loading of any application, including BBS
software. Handy utility so you don't have
to wait for something to load and then quit
the program manually. Use it in your BBS
batch file to choose between loading the BBS
and going straight to your operating system.
Option to display an ANSI display file
instead of PauseBoot's normal output!
PCCLK303.ZIP Yes 88672 10/4/1993
PCCLOCK v3.03 - Sets your PC's date
and time by modem to NIST or USNO atomic
clock. Displays the date and time in big
digits in your choice of built-in designs or
ones you create yourself. Has 6-digit, 12-
or 24-hour display, manual setting option,
chime, and alarm. Supports 300- to
14.4k-bps modems. "AUTO:n" option can set
time every n days through AUTOEXEC.BAT. And
Boardwatch Magazine called it "charming from
front to back."
PCLOCKV2.ZIP Yes 13271 12/27/1993
PD_ALL.ZIP Yes 82622 11/4/1993
All text files on Microsoft BBS relating to
DOS 4 thru 6
PGNAT101.ZIP Yes 12330 10/21/1993
PAGINATE v1.01- Free DOS utility: text file
paginator. (c) 1993 [10-22-93] by David
Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. PAGINATE
prepares text files for printing by placing
formfeed page breaks (ASCII 12), at user
specified intervals. W- Pascal source.
PKTD11.ZIP Yes 452623 11/22/1993 Crynwr Packet Driver Collection rel 11.x 7
POCK31.ZIP Yes 157685 10/16/1993
POCKETD PLUS v3.1 - 29k DOS Army Knife
V1.66 awarded "BEST NEW UTILITY 1992" by
PsL. Excellent color directory list, file
COPY and immensely powerful file manager.
Over 220 (!) options and sub-options, making
it a flexible formidable utility factory!
**NEW!** 4DOS OS-2 supp, Scan Self-extract
Archives, Virus Protected, Dir-Archive
Browser, Menu Builder, More Color, NEW! the
37k MENUD front-end with 60 menus. See
POCKRV16.ZIP for great reviews.
PROKEZ10.ZIP Yes 15114 11/5/1993
Pro-Keys v1.0 - innovative command line
QEMTEC.ZIP Yes 55218 1/12/1994 Tec files for QEMM users
QTIME18.ZIP Yes 11354 11/26/1993
Qtime V1.8 by Joseph Sheppard. A Free
program that creates ASCII, ANSI and @x
Color code files saying what time and date a
specified event last occurred.
RDEL.ZIP Yes 14448 10/14/1993
RDel - searches for and deletes every file
that matches the file specification you
provide. RDel can also find and delete read
only, system, and hidden files.
RUNCOUNT.ZIP Yes 13665 11/30/1993 Batch file util, counts-gets errorlevel
RUSUUPC.ZIP Yes 856554 10/11/1993
Russian UUCP for MSDOS. Ver. 5.09 gamma
Docs in both English & Russian.
RWF100.ZIP Yes 4664 10/1/1993
RWFORMAT v1.00- Free DOS utility: FORMAT.COM
restrictive shell. Public Domain, 1993
[10-02-93] by David Daniel Anderson - Reign
Ware. RWFORMAT disallows formatting of
drives other than A: or B:, and use of the
-AUTOTEST parameter. NO Pascal source!
SBCD2PAN.ZIP Yes 12243 10/4/1993
Creative Arts SBCD2.ADD driver for some
Panasonic drives ONLY. Note: also
circulates as SBCD2. Renamed to include
PAN. SBCD2.ZIP of June, 8400 bytes is
SETER147.ZIP Yes 43310 11/1/1993
SetEr v. 1.47 is a program which will allow
the user to set an errorlevel from the
command line or a batch file. Registration
is only $6.00. SMSnet
SETER148.ZIP Yes 43645 11/8/1993
SetEr v. 1.48 is a program which will allow
the user to set an errorlevel from the
command line or a batch file. Registration
is only $6.00. SMSnet
SMARTD50.ZIP Yes 19356 11/8/1993
Latest version of SmartDrive from Microsoft
- version 5.0. (for public release) Fixes
bugs, and delayed writes are now defaulted
to OFF for extra security.
SNOOP310.ZIP Yes 148685 11/16/1993
SNOOPER v3.10 - System info utility.
Shows CPU-NDP, CPU speed, DOS, BIOS, memory,
disks, video, CD-ROM, env, kbd, sound cards,
ports, IDE model, CMOS info, disk cache,
Stacker, FILES & BUFFERS, IRQs, DMA, modems,
mice, port IRQs. Lets you edit CONFIG &
AUTOEXEC. Network and benchmark screens,
CMOS editor, detects 1100 MicroChannel
cards. Ideal for tech support, HW
inventory, & you!
SOSEVD.ZIP Yes 17714 11/10/1993
EveryDay - automates tasks at boot time, It
allows you to specify what operations are
performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly
SP0625.ZIP Yes 12414 11/23/1993
SP0625.ZIP Sets the speed & cache state of a
Compaq computer. Functionality is the same
as MODE SPEED & MODE MEM except that
MODESPE.EXE may be executed in CONFIG.SYS as
well as the DOS command prompt.
SP0628.ZIP Yes 1266174 11/23/1993
SP0628.ZIP Compaq System Configuration Disk
Version 2.20 rev B. This will create 2 1.44
SP0645.ZIP Yes 11652 11/23/1993
SP0645.ZIP MORE1588.SYS (ver 1.02) allows
reporting of memory above the 16 Mbyte
boundary on all Compaq machines as extended
memory. This replaces MORE1588.SYS (SP0468)
which had problems over 32 Mbytes.
SSR100.ZIP Yes 16948 1/29/1994
SSR, v1.00: DOS Simple System Report
(drives, memory, etc.). Freeware, (c) 1994
[94-01-30] by DDA - Reign Ware. CD-ROM,
remote, & SUBST drives ignored. W- Pascal
STL_200.ZIP Yes 757119 10/26/1993
Diamond Stealth 24 Drivers Disk v2.00.
->Please note README.DOC about possible BIOS
SXTEST.ZIP Yes 3818 10/1/1993
Cyrix'S Test Program To Determine If Your
386 Sx Can Utilize Their Soon To Come "Snap
On" Chip Doubler; I.E., Your Sx16 Will
Become A 16-32. There'S An Extra "Pin" On
Later Sx'S. My 4 Year Old Ps-2 55sx Will
Not Accept The New Chip. Darn!
TASKER.ZIP Yes 36570 11/7/1993
1.95 Unattended prog. dispatcher. will
execute any program and parameters, or
command line input (Copy, dir, etc..) at any
prescheduled time. It's great to load on
unattended pc's to execute backups,
production jobs, virus scans, batch files,
etc. - Uses any specified taskfile - LAN
compatible - Logging feature - Screen
redirection during task execution - much more
TBT321.ZIP Yes 50896 1/17/1994
TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.21 12-21-93
TurboBAT creates a .COM program file from a
DOS batch file. Eliminates the need to
distribute batch files with source code
Registered users do not need to pay
royalties on programs created with TurboBAT.
Shareware registration forms and manual
included. From Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
TFC22B.ZIP Yes 43164 11/12/1993 4DOS BTM files for floppy catalog system
TI_PDOX1.ZIP Yes 15454 10/29/1993
Collection of Technical Information files
relating to Borland Paradox. A 4DOS
descript.ion file is included with
descriptions for each file.
TLB_A231.ZIP Yes 174236 11/6/1993
A set of ADVANCED UTILITIES to go with THE
Requires the companion standard package,
TLB_T230.ZIP Yes 35372 11/2/1993
A small program to test compatibility with
If successful, you may want to download
TLB-V230.ZIP and (perhaps) TLB-A230.ZIP.
TLB_V230.ZIP Yes 223333 11/2/1993
Loads device drivers, TSRs, and more between
640k and 1 meg. Compatible w-DOS 6, Win
3.1, & all prot. mode software. Requires
8088 or above and a supported shadow ram
controller, EMS, or R-W ram in the UMA.
Registration fee: $29.95
TODDY600.ZIP Yes 38565 10/26/1993
Toddy v6.00: TSR utility that improves the
entry-editing of DOS commands, saves
commands for later retrieval, and provides
resident macros that work like simple batch
TSKR195A.ZIP Yes 38489 1/13/1994
v1.95a (fixes) Unattended prog. dispatcher.
Executes any prog. & params, or command
line (Copy, dir, etc..) at any prescheduled
time. It's great to load on unattended pc's
to execute backups, production jobs, virus
scans, batch files, etc. - Uses any
specified taskfile - LAN compatible -
Logging - Screen redirection during
execution - More
TSRCOM35.ZIP Yes 76056 10/21/1993
10-93 Upgrade to TSR utilities MARK,
TSRSRC35.ZIP Yes 79693 10/21/1993
TSR Utilities v3.5: collection of programs
useful for managing DOS memory, particularly
for managing memory-resident programs
(TSRs); revised docs; can Mark-Release the
Novell NetWare shell; supports Dos 6.0 &
high memory this is the TP-ASM source - main
pgm files in TSRCOM35.ZIP (here); 10-21-93;
Kim Kokonnen
TV08.ZIP Yes 13941 12/7/1993
Time View v.08 - View time from |
command-line, configurable & flexible.
TY21.ZIP Yes 12889 1/18/1994
TY.EXE v2.1 -- This is a replacement for the
DOS TYPE command. This release works with
ANSI graphic files. Plus easier to read
help screen. This is a must for those that
like the TYPE command, but get tired of
typing the | MORE. SHAREWARE.
ULTRA62.ZIP Yes 156318 12/10/1993
= The Ultimate Batch Util 6.2 = Over 250
functions, including compression, graphics,
sounds, video, detection, keyboard, files,
archive listing, system manipulation, plus
hundreds more. This thing blows away ALL
OTHER BATCH file utils!
V12N19.ZIP Yes 98995 10/12/1993
PC Mag V12#19: DRVLOAD (load device drivers
from DOS command line) etc. W-src.
V12N21.ZIP Yes 79461 11/15/1993 PC MAG utilities
V12N22.ZIP Yes 87718 11/30/1993 PC MAG utilities version 12 number 22 11-93
V13N03.ZIP Yes 242066 2/7/1994 PC Magazine Utilities-Source v 13 number 3
V13N04.ZIP Yes 153265 1/13/1994 PC Mag utilities.
VIDIO120.ZIP Yes 8368 1/23/1994
BIOS-DOS-ANSI text mode video benchmarks
Compatible with SVGA-VGA-EGA, snow-free CGA,
and MDA-HGC+ adapters, PC and PS-2 machines.
WAITFR11.ZIP Yes 10341 12/15/1993
WaitFor: Add delays to batch files. 1 to
3600 secs (hour). No key press! v1.1
WAITTL11.ZIP Yes 32466 12/9/1993
WAITTIL v1.1 A little batch file utility
that will pause execution until particular
time arrives. WaitTil will simply set
around watching the clock until the time
arrives that you have requested. WaitTil
will allow you to abort the process and exit
errorlevel 99, continue the process and exit
with an errorlevel 0, or specify an
errorlevel to exit with, 1 - 10. WaitTil
also cares enough for your system to prevent
screen burn in. Every ten seconds the
status box will move positions to avoid
burning your screen.
XEQ160.ZIP Yes 15410 12/16/1993
XEQ - COM File Library and Command Executor
v1.60: allows you to combine COM files to
save space; add-extract-run-etc from w-in.
XSET350.ZIP Yes 138818 11/15/1993
XSET 3.50: Extended SET Instruction - the
easy way to write efficient batch files!
ZCPY16.ZIP Yes 32779 1/9/1994 Small, fast replacement for XCOPY.
ZIP_GO12.ZIP Yes 51148 9/30/1993
Increase hard drive space by running
programs from zipped directories. Zip, run,
or backup to-from drives A, B, or C.
Multiple options from the same command line.
Size directories for backup to disk if too
large when zipped. Operates transparently
and uses 7K of memory. -Requires a hard
drive, DOS, and PKZIP v2.0G. Registered
version (expanded features) $15.00 Leonard
Klafta ZIP&GO v1.2 Oct. 1, 1993