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1601_112.ZIP No 797003 2/20/1996 Matrox millineum os/2 drivers 1.12 2/20/96.
28019OS.ZIP Yes 1269718 2/26/1996
Os2 s3 trio32(732) trio64(764) trio64v
(765). Video device drivers
AD960226.ZIP Yes 5347 2/26/1996
Patrick Duffy's information files on PCI
hardware and OS/2. Feb. 1996 update.
Motherboards, chips, network cards, FAQ,
IDE, SCSI and Video.
ASST_CON.ZIP Yes 148569 3/14/1996
PCASST IBM PC Assistant-Online OS/2 INF book
files (115th edition, 96/03/15). The IBM
Consumer PC Assistant.
ASST_SVC.ZIP Yes 207126 3/14/1996
PCASST IBM PC Assistant-Online OS/2 INF book
files (115th edition, 96/03/15). The IBM PC
Service Assistant.
BA5_PM10.ZIP Yes 29985 11/17/1995
The 32 bit OS/2 PM Automated Episode Guide v
1.0 for BABYLON 5. This is a full featured
OS/2 PM program that makes it easy to view
information on the popular TV Show BABYLON 5!
BASICOS2.ZIP Yes 109538 2/26/1996
NitrousBasic for OS/2. A Basic Interpreter/
compiler that builds native 32-bit OS/2
EXEs. DOS and Windows NT versions also
available. Complete source code available.
Lots of sample basic programs Included.
BBS2PCB2.ZIP Yes 13341 6/27/1996
FBBS2PCB OS/2 textmode 'standard' files.bbs
to PCBoard files.bbs convertor. Second
release. Turns out that PC Board doesn't
like '/'s as the month delimiters and
requires leading 0's for months with less
than 2 digits. It requires 2 command line
arguments. The first is the complete path &
name of the files.bbs to read. The second
is the complete path and name of the file to
BBSPPP10.ZIP Yes 24350 3/3/1996
BBSPPP v1.00 for DOS BBS's running under
OS/2. Acts as a shim between a DOS Fidonet
mailer and the BBS, allowing your callers to
either load the BBS, or fire up a PPP
session via OS/2's PPP.EXE. Requires
HSTART03.ZIP from hobbes!
BIOG10C.ZIP Yes 289850 4/7/1996
BIOGRAPH FOR OS/2 v1.0c: The ultimate
program to compute biorhythms and pair
matching. Bio- Graph tells you about the
four cycles of your biorhythm. This
information can help you in planning dates
and gives you more understan- ding for your
friends' and your partner's feelings.
BioGraph currently includes german, english,
dutch, spanish and catalan language.
BIRTH211.ZIP Yes 63750 3/10/1996
BirthDay for OS/2 PM v 1.0, Did you ever
forget the birthday of any loved person, or
any person that works with you every day?
BKILL21S.ZIP Yes 130866 6/29/1996
A GUI interface to McAfee's OS/2 Anti-Virus
BLT2_205.ZIP Yes 364585 2/26/1996
Bullet/2 2.050: thread-safe, multi- process
capable database engine toolkit for OS/2.
Provides pre-built and tested access methods
to data and index files for application
programmers. Compact, efficient, and very
fast. Can be configured to use custom
key-build, user sort-compare, and parser,
dBASE data and memo files, or custom data.
BM20CSD.ZIP Yes 240604 4/18/1996
BackMaster version 2.0. Driver 1.231
Supplement Update
BMAGIC11.ZIP Yes 61421 3/3/1996
Background Magic [1.1] OS/2 Background Util
Works with the WPS and replacement shells
such as filebar, mdesk, etc..
BOOTSET.ZIP Yes 46137 3/9/1996
BootSet allow you to run batchfiles
(batchcommands) during the OS/2 boot.
BVS_PM10.ZIP Yes 121553 4/5/1996
The 32 bit OS/2 PM Automated Episode Guide v
1.0 for BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD. This is a full
featured OS/2 Presentation Manager program
that makes it easy to view information on
the popular MTV Show, Beavis & Butt-Head.
B_DIR131.ZIP Yes 47713 4/7/1996
(v1.31) B - 32 bit OS/2 DIR replacement 32
bit command line program. Replaces OS/2's
DIR command. Supports file highlighting by
extensions, recursive directory searches,
changing of file order. Can change what
information is shown. Fully configurable by
using switches and environment variable.
Freeware, Dohn Arms, dohnarms@uiuc.edu
CASE13.ZIP Yes 36743 2/25/1996
Case conversion utility for file/dir names
on OS/2 HPFS drives and LONGNAME EAs on HPFS
or FAT drives of OS/2.
CASE14A.ZIP Yes 42059 3/16/1996
Case Conversion Utility For File/Dir Names
on OS/2 HPFS Drives And .Longname Eas on
Hpfs or Fat Drives of OS/2.
CDADMP12.ZIP Yes 540756 3/25/1996
CD Audio Dump v1.20 - multilingual CD Audio
Dump is an OS/2 PM application for copying
CD Digital Audio tracks to your hard disk.
The program has a well done user interface
and does not need multimedia support
(MMPM/2) for both copying or playing audio
tracks. This is a multilingual program
package with an english and a german program
version. Shareware (c) 1996 Richard J.
Reuters Version 1.20 multilingual [Mar 25
CDBOX165.ZIP Yes 109044 3/19/1996
(v1.65) CD in a Box OS/2 CD Player. This is
an CD Player where tracks appear as icons in
a folder and you use direct editing to enter
track and Title names. Add tracks to a Disc
to create custom CD's and many more
features. CARDWARE lroger@southnet.co.nz
CFGSRT10.ZIP Yes 17166 4/5/1996
ConfigSort 1.0 (05/04/96) for OS/2 -
re-orders config.sys into sections. -
groups known application entries. -
compiled executable req. REXX. Phil
O'Malley, phil.omalley@zetnet.co.uk
CFGSRT13.ZIP Yes 100556 6/24/1996
ConfigSort 1.3 (23/06/96) ConfigSort is a
utility which re-orders OS/2's config,sys
into something more manageable. System
entries are sorted into sections, and
additions made by known applications grouped
together. SET statements can be sorted and
the file can be either be converted to upper
case or left as mixed. The program is
compiled and requires REXX to be installed.
RXEXTRAS.DLL is also necessary and is
included in the release. Phil O'Malley,
CFGST111.ZIP Yes 98179 4/28/1996
ConfigSort 1.11 (28/04/96) - re-orders
config.sys into sections. - groups known
application entries. - compiled executable
req. REXX. Phil O'Malley,
CLNDSK10.ZIP Yes 50924 4/3/1996
CLEANDSK v1.0. Purge garbage files from all
directories of specified drive/path. DOS &
OS/2 executable. Supports both FAT & HPFS.
COMNT109.ZIP Yes 15108 2/14/1996
Comment.Cmd 1.09 (14-Feb-1996) REXX program
that allows you to display and change file
comments from the command line.
CPUMT10A.ZIP Yes 275243 7/7/1996
CPUMeter v1.0a is an enhanced CPU-usage
meter similar to OS/2's PULSE, but it does
not use a counting loop to determine the
CPU-load -it uses the DosQProcStat API-call
which reduces CPU-load and CPU
CPWARP11.ZIP Yes 243189 3/6/1996
Conversion Pro - OS/2 PM Application.
Scientific and engineering units conversion
program for scientists and engineers.
Excellent reference for students, as well.
Includes a button calculator and a
temperature converter. Version 1.1 -
Shareware $10US
CROSSPTR.ZIP Yes 4747 3/3/1996
Cross Mouse Pointers. Set of mouse pointers
for OS/2 WPS which incorporate the Christian
cross. Install program included. Freeware
from Creative Systems, producer of WordWise
and CODEX.
CSINST.ZIP Yes 127326 5/22/1996
myNstall 1.02Beta Small universal
installation PM-application. myNstall can
be used for: Installing from one directory
to another, Update of the existing product,
Recreating WPS object for a previously
installed program, Use of the Rexx interface
(exits). New: New control words, exit
examples. This package includes:
Installation appl, Help dataset, Docu file,
An example, script, This file, REXX example
for creating an installation package,
CTEL060.ZIP Yes 89496 3/25/1996
CapiTel is a ISDN CAPI 1.1 based 32-Bit
answering machine for OS/2 PM. This is a
BETA version!
DES3_OS2.ZIP Yes 126895 2/20/1996
DES3_OS2 - OS/2 WARP library for the NBS
Data Encryption Standard (DES) in ECB and
CBC mode with support of 24 byte keys
(3DES). Simple-to-use C API to the
cryptograhic functions. Sample make files
and source code of a file encryption utility
to show their use. ANSI Standard
X3.92-1981! Outstanding performance of 270
KB/s (i486DX/33) ! Free 4 private! Protect
Your Privacy
DFB18B.ZIP Yes 28166 3/6/1996
Data Flow Benchmark v1.8b Determines the cpu
type, size and properties of cache, main
memory and video adapter. Tests memory
bandwidth and data throughput between these
components. OS/2 2+ required. Lots of new
cpu types.
DISKCT12.ZIP Yes 222058 3/16/1996
DiskCat v1.2 for OS/2 Warp - cataloging of
all disks (floppy, harddisk, cdrom, magneto
optical, lan drives, audio cd) - search the
database for files, audio titles - print
reports - import audio cd titles from PMDCAT
format - automatic detection of drive types
DISKCT13.ZIP Yes 222042 6/25/1996
DiskCat v1.3 for OS/2 Warp - cataloging of
all disks (floppy, harddisk, cdrom, magneto
optical, lan drives, audio cd) - search the
database for files, audio titles - print
reports - import audio cd titles from PMDCAT
format - automatic detection of drive types
DMP107.ZIP Yes 174136 3/22/1996
(v1.07) Dual Module Player by Julien Pierre.
Dual Module Player is a simple and fast
module player for OS/2. It uses MMPM/2 or
the new Direct Audio for output. It
supports many module formats : MOD, NST,
STM, S3M, 669, FAR, MTM, and AMF. Freeware
by madbrain@ibm.net Note : do not confuse
DMP for OS/2 with Digital Music Player aka
DRGTXT11.ZIP Yes 135358 2/28/1996
DragText v1.1 gives Warp drag-and-drop text.
Drop text on a folder to create a file or a
WebEx Url object. Drag a file into a window
to read it, or drop a folder in to list its
contents. Copy or move text between windows
or drag it to the shredder. Works with many
popular apps, including the Internet Access
Kit. DragText's basic features are free and
its extended features cost only $15 (US).
Archive File: drgtxt11.zip
DVORKB.ZIP Yes 32395 3/6/1996
DVORKB A Dvorak Keyboard Remapper for OS/2
DZ140D.ZIP Yes 696269 3/11/1996
Drop Zone By Black Pine Development Version
1.40 Demo OS/2 PM Utility Drop Zone keeps
all of the most common tasks in one place,
as well as many original & performance
utilities to increase your productivity
while using OS/2 WARP. Limited Function
shareware version, Register for $20.00 U.S.
EFCM212B.ZIP Yes 266799 4/6/1996
Commander v2.12b-OS/2 support the latest Bug
into IBM-FixPak#17, HPFS, netware,
commandbar with history, much more. Speedy.
ENTRT21G.ZIP Yes 1291250 3/10/1996
Entertainment Pack fr OS/2 - Multimedia-
Spielesammlung fr OS/2 Warp mit Backgammon,
Battleship, Dame, Vier Gewinnt, Galaxy,
Golf, Master Mind, Memory, Mine, Othello,
Pac, Pegged, Poker, Puzzle, Pyramide,
Roulette, Store, TetraVex, Tetris, Tic Tac
Toe, Wurm.
ENTRTN17.ZIP Yes 1068499 2/25/1996
Entertainment Pack for OS/2 - a collection
of classic games including Battleship,
Backgammon, Checkers, Connect Four, Galaxy,
Master Mind, Memory, Mine, Othello, Pac,
Pegged, Puzzle, Store, Tetravex, Tetris, Tic
Tac Toe and Worm for Warp.
EULER412.ZIP Yes 461262 3/4/1996
EULER for OS/2 PM. A numerical math
program, handling real and complex numbers,
vectors and matrices, with 2D/3D graphics,
programming language. Shareware.
FFF131D.ZIP Yes 182534 4/11/1996
(v1.31) FFF - OS/2 Frisky File Finder
Vielseitige Dateisuche mit DRAG & DROP und
vielen anderen Features wie Dateisuche nach
Namen, Datum, Zeit, Groesse und Attributen
mit Operatoren Shareware (DM 19.- privat; DM
40,- business). Fuer OS/2 2.x oder Warp 3
U. Hegemann Softwareentwicklung
FIAW112.ZIP Yes 92137 2/25/1996
(v1.12) Finger-In-A-Window - PM finger
prgrm. OS/2 PM program that will allow you
to store a list of frequently finger
addresses and display the finger output in a
scrollable window. The address list can be
saved, sorted, and arranged and the
program's size, position, and font may also
be saved. Freeware by Greg Kondrasuk
FIH112.ZIP Yes 123550 3/27/1996
Icon Heaven is an OS/2 Workplace shell
enhancement that enables the user to assign
icons to objects using simple drag & drop.
Sample icon libraries included. New release
adds Warp support for animated icons, icon
extraction and fixes problems with empty
icons. Registration $15.
FIH113.ZIP Yes 124191 6/7/1996
Icon Heaven is an OS/2 Workplace shell
enhancement that enables the user to assign
icons to objects using simple drag & drop.
Sample icon libraries included. New release
adds Warp support for animated icons, icon
extraction and fixes problems with empty
icons. Registration $15.
FM2_241.ZIP Yes 1253065 3/12/1996
FM/2 v2.41, An OS/2 2.1+ PM 32-bit
file/directory/archive/etc. maintenance
package with plenty of bells and whistles --
a Swiss army knife for OS/2.
FQ_09C.ZIP Yes 30284 3/22/1996
FileQuery/2 v0.9c OS/2 F R E E W A R E NEW:
ESC Key sup.+ some silly bugs fixed ;) This
is an enhanced DIR and ATTRIB command, with
nice configurable, COLORED output!
Features: -REAL size of files on disk -Show
size and change attributes of entire trees +
percentage ev. -/s search feature
combineable with changing of attributes
-change directory attributes and much more
Author: Fabian Beuti
FTREE10A.ZIP Yes 552869 3/16/1996
FamilyTree is a PM-32bit-multithreaded
genealogy program for OS/2 3.x.
FWKTL100.ZIP Yes 39524 3/18/1996
Enjoy tight, .COM_like code in protected
mode in OS/2 -- flat, 32_bit code, able to
address megabytes of memory with ease, use
OS/2 APIs, and call dynamic link libraries
(.DLLs). Let your programs modify
themselves and their program files. Program
"Hello, world!" in under 70 bytes!
Shareware. Must be registered for
commercial, school, or government use.
Assemblers A386 and ALP are recommended.
FWKTL(TM) Text_program Launcher, Ver. 1.00.
FYF110.ZIP Yes 54824 3/21/1996
FindYourFiles v1.10 a flexible OS/2
program to locate files. Locates files by
date, size, attributes, day-of-week, name,
sounds like, and much more. Automatically
finds and searches all local and networked
drives, or user specifed files. Can also
search inside ZIP and LZH type compressed
files. Defaults can be specified via the
.INI file.
GALCIV2D.ZIP Yes 1399450 3/21/1996 Os2 galactic civilizations 2 playable DEMO
GAMDEV2.ZIP Yes 460528 2/25/1996
GamDev2.zip - PM Game development guide A
guide for finding more information relating
to OS/2 PM game development. In OS/2 INF
format. by Mr Antonino Iannella
GJBOXX23.ZIP Yes 19794 3/22/1996
(v2.31) Grin's Simple MIDi Jukeboxx Very
small CPU overhead! REXX source! Requires
OS/2 and MMOS/
HV33.ZIP Yes 194495 5/6/1996
HyperView 3.3: High performance OS/2 file
viewer with special features for isolating
and extracting information from word
processing, text, and ZIP files. PM and
text mode editions. Automatically reads Ami
Pro, Clearlook, DeScribe, WordPerfect &
WinWord. New in 3.3: HTML (World Wide Web)
IC204B.ZIP Yes 518763 4/6/1996
InterCom v2.04B - PM Internet Telephone for
OS/2. Features such as answering machine,
caller ID, call blocking, dialing
directories, quick dial, and VIDEO, file
transfers, clipboard text sharing.
Electronic telephone book server and talk
servers. Seamless support for dynamic IP
users. Fully functional shareware version.
Fixes two bugs in the 2.04 version.
Everyone download this version!
ILOGO32.ZIP Yes 191484 4/12/1996 InfoLog v3.2 for OS/2 PM Online time monitor
INADV019.ZIP Yes 678594 4/13/1996
Internet Adventurer v0.19 for OS/2 PM This
is a BETA version This is THE Internet Suite
for OS/2 Supports: IRC Fully, including
CTCP/DCC WWW Almost finished Gopher Now via
WWW FTP Now via WWW, later alone Telnet
Later News Later Mail Later Copyright (c)
1996 by Kim Rasmussen http://www.belle.dk/kr/
INITOR11.ZIP Yes 58946 7/1/1996
Initor v1.1 (INIfile ediTOR) is an OS/2 INI
file editor by Jobst Schmalenbach that
enables you to add, delete/edit
applications, keys and key data.
IN_JOY09.ZIP Yes 412885 6/28/1996
In-Joy v0.09 by Bjarne Jensen is an OS/2 PPP
dialer replacement (not an extension of the
PPP.EXE found in OS/2's IAK).
IPRATES.ZIP Yes 6246 6/28/1996
REXX command graphical display of TCP/IP
connection rates for OS/2 Warp and written
by John Ross Porter.
IPSPEED.ZIP Yes 24944 6/24/1996
IPSpeed - a small PM-application to measure
the speed of your tcp/ip connection.
IRCDOR11.ZIP Yes 63727 3/18/1996
IRCDOOR/2 v1.0 - 32-bit IRC BBS door for
OS/2. Provides Internet Relay Chat access
from your BBS. Featuring: ANSI and
multi-node support, fast and small 32-bit
code, flexible configuration, specific
commands, online help, can be used as a
normal IRC client in "local" mode, extensive
support for Maximus, more Requires IBM
TCP/IP and OS/2.
J6306.ZIP Yes 95450 3/6/1996
(v3.06) j.exe VIO file manager for OS/2,
requires emxrt
JC146E.ZIP Yes 399280 2/22/1996
JetCommander, V1.46 powerful NC-Clone for
for OS/2 and DOS. Only one user interface
for OS/2 and DOS !, see REGISTER.DOC for
registration information
JSHF_OS2.ZIP Yes 55600 4/14/1996
JShifter/2 Version 1.00 Turns Numlock on
under OS/2. Use Info-Zip to extract EA's.
JSHIFT13.ZIP Yes 71478 6/25/1996
JShifter & JShifter/2 Version 1.3 Shifts the
state of Num Lock to on (at boot up) in OS/2
and allows user to select shifted state of
Num, Caps and Scroll locks in all DOS
sessions launched under OS/2. Includes
English and Danish versions. FreeWare by
Jeppe_Cramon@dk.ibm.com Copyright 1995, 1996
IBM Corp.
JVW10H.ZIP Yes 784608 2/26/1996
(v1.0h Beta) JView - OS/2 Image Utility
Highly functional image utility. PM based
viewer for most file formats (GIF, JPEG, ).
Prints, paintbrush, distortions, filtering,
color manipulations add text, Currently no
scanner support. Beta is free, all
encouraged to use it. Crunch Products,
KBDREDEF.ZIP Yes 34005 3/10/1996
Keyboard Redefiner 2.00 for OS/2 KBDREDEF
redefines the standard 101/102 keyboard to a
customizable layout. The keyboard will be
redefined in every session. Layout Editor
and sample Dvorak layouts are included.
KLDIR158.ZIP Yes 165433 2/22/1996
KL-DIR Version 1.58 OS/2 PM based utility
for cc:MAIL Mobile. Allows cc:MAIL Mobile
users to send a message to an ID and this
utility will monitor IDs and will return a
directory listing. Makes up for features
lacking in cc:MAIL ADE Register on
Compuserve via GO SWREG. Keith Luken email
on CIS: 75627,563 or Internet:
KMMEPM04.ZIP Yes 7853 4/12/1996
OS/2 EPM macro quickly launches Internet,
multimedia or other apps.
KZIPV0_9.ZIP Yes 64397 6/26/1996
KZipper v0.9 by Kevin Ash is an OS/2 PM util
for making zipfile management easier.
LCPWFD.ZIP Yes 8237 6/30/1996
OS/2 Lockup Password Finder by Jerry Gawor
is a DOS utility that finds and displays
OS/2's standard lockup screen password.
LOS241B3.ZIP Yes 750798 4/16/1996
LoraBBS v2.41 beta 3 (OS/2) Mailer, BBS and
Mail Processor. The most advanced Mailer,
BBS and Mail Processor ever seen. Features
multiple message bases (Hudson, Fido *.MSG,
Squish, GoldBase and Pip-base), EMSI, IEMSI,
Janus (bi-directional file transfer
protocol) fast FidoNet compliant mail
processor capable of processing 3d or 4d
point systems with built in Areafix
capabilities. Now with INTERNET
connectivity built in! Upgrade only, you
should obtain the full release (LORA240D.ZIP
or LORA240S.ZIP) before applying this upgrade
LW32.ZIP Yes 1799144 2/15/1996
LiveWire v3.2, Powerful communications
program for OS/2 Warp. Includes feature-
packed graphical and text mode versions.
High speed display, ANSI, VT102, Zmodem,
IEMSI, TELNET, REXX enabled, and much more!
LW32TEXT.ZIP Yes 409921 2/15/1996
LiveWire v3.2, communications program for
OS/2 Warp. High speed display, ANSI, VT102,
Zmodem, REXX, File Navigator and more! This
is the text-mode version only.
LXLT101.ZIP Yes 40626 2/23/1996
FRIENDS software presents OS/2 executables
packer w/maximal compression, much more.
LXLT115.ZIP Yes 201775 6/19/1996
FRIENDS software presents \// An OS/2
executables packer //\ Lots of features,
maximal // compression, nice interface //
version 1.1.5
M3DARC.ZIP Yes 57128 3/26/1996
Native OS/2 PM Minesweeper Game with 3D
Version and solvable Games.
MACTR021.ZIP Yes 568906 2/22/1996
(v0.21) MainActor/2, A Mod Animation Package
MainActor/2 is able to load, edit, play,
create and save animations and pictures of
any size in a format independent manner.
The final version will include most of the
animation and picture formats found in the
graphics world. Together with many
animation processing functions (timing of
animations, sound effects, .. ). Includes
DIVE support. Shareware(US$60. -
MAG9DEMO.ZIP Yes 1088103 3/31/1996
MAGNUM BBS ver 9.00D2 DEMO for OS/2 2-node
(1 dialup + console) demo is fully
functional (with some minor limitations).
High-Speed File Xfer, 115.2 KBaud DTE, QWK
Nets, Handles (Alias Names), RJE (bacground
processing), E-mail, LAN pipes (modemless
logon), optional Internet E-mail, highly
customizable, easy setup! You can install
and be running this powerful software in
less than 10 minutes! MAGNUM BBS runs under
all versions of OS/2 including WARP! MAGNUM
BBS -- since 1989
MAGUUCP3.ZIP Yes 116896 3/11/1996
MAGUUCP v3.00D Demo (Formerly known as
MagCom). Terminal Program w/ X,Y,Zmodem,
UUCP capabilities, and scripting language.
Runs under ALL versions of OS/2. Native
OS/2 multi-threaded app. Supports
redirected serial ports under IBM's
LanServer and WarpServer. Source Code
licensing is available! Works with "Magnum
BBS" v8.08 & higher to support Internet
E-mail, although "Magnum BBS" is not a
MAKMAN10.ZIP Yes 319020 3/31/1996
MakMan/2 v1.00 PacMan close for OS/2 PM
Fearuting DIVE and MMPM2 support Requires at
least 800x600 resolution Proposed directory:
/os2/games (c) 1995/6 Markellos J. Diorinos
msdiorin@cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de This
version of MakMan/2 is shareware Check
readme.txt for licensing information v1.0
release version
MCHK40.ZIP Yes 120098 4/24/1996
MailChk/2 for OS/2 ver 4.0 is a 32-bit
freeware utility that operates under a
Netware/ OS/2/Pegasus Mail environment that
allows the user to specify the root mail
directory and will automatically scan for
new (requires MMPM) and floating to the top
until the messages are marked as read.
MDESK13.ZIP Yes 381788 5/6/1996
MDesk for OS/2 Release 1.3, a fast, complete
shell replacement or add-on for OS/2 Warp.
Features many desktop tools not found in the
OS/2 base product. Shareware
MEMSZ313.ZIP Yes 510346 4/8/1996
System Resources v3.13 (MemSize) for OS/2
Simple utility monitors system activity &
resources. Source code included. English,
French, Spanish, German, Catalan, Danish,
Chinese (BIG5), Norwegian, Italian, Japanese
and Hungarian language files. GREAT
program! (Rick Papo, 08 April 1996,
MNL9603.ZIP Yes 26142 2/28/1996 OS/2 Warp Monthly Newsletter March 1996.
MONITR15.ZIP Yes 26488 4/13/1996
Monitor v1.5: OS/2 app that provides modem
lights for internal modems
MR22OLP.ZIP Yes 38019 3/6/1996
Converts saved messages from "MR/2" for OS/2
to run in OLPRINT! If you are upgrading to
MR/2 from SLMR/OLX then you need this
program! Free from author of OLPrint.
Super easy and fast!
MR2I099W.ZIP Yes 738877 4/10/1996
MR/2 ICE v0.99w: Internet Email Client An
OS/2 PM reader for internet email. POP3 and
SMTP support, 32 bit multi- threaded,
toolbars, multiwindow, thesaurus, speller.
Many more features with more to come.
Public "wide" beta.
MR95_11.ZIP Yes 730633 3/26/1996
Mailreader95 V1.11 Offline Mail Reader.
(Qwk Compatible) Allows You to Read/Write
MSgs Without Wasting Time Online. for OS/2
MRBTR10B.ZIP Yes 10460 3/5/1996
MasterBooter v1.0b - Use multiple operation
systems without boot floppies or changing
hard disks. Choose among three operating
systems at boot time, selecting from DOS,
OS/2, Win95, Linux and unknown OS.
MRSR100.ZIP Yes 35337 7/18/1996
Multiple Recursive Search and Replace
version 1.00 for OS/2.
MSWEEP.ZIP Yes 25747 3/10/1996 Mine sweeper game with an attitude
NEF233.ZIP Yes 279538 3/13/1996
NEF 2.33 OS/2 32bit Tic File Processor for
file-attach (Binkley-Style) systems.
Supports Squish and *.MSG message base
formats via the Squish MSGAPI. Integrated
FileFix. Support for FileBone.Na files.
Forwards requests for missing areas to the
FileBone uplink. Announcement of tossed and
hatched files. Full multitasking
provisions, via BSY support, file sharing
and delayed file-attaches for busy systems.
Flexible MultiAka support. Outbound
analysis and report. Area split/merge.
Single node hatch.
NFTP060.ZIP Yes 138085 3/31/1996
Nftp 0.60 - New FTP client for OS/2 Freeware
version; limited to 30 Jun 1996
NFTP080.ZIP Yes 333175 7/12/1996
nftp 0.80 - New FTP client for OS/2 Uploaded
by: Mark Davidson
NL960308.ZIP Yes 7060 3/11/1996 OS/2 Warp Weekly Newsletter 08 March 1996.
OS2AVI.ZIP Yes 1443678 2/27/1996 "Winner" 1000 avi driver for ibm os2 warp
OS2C_110.ZIP Yes 403456 4/8/1996
OS/2-Commander v1.10 - the FINAL Norton
Commander clone for OS/2. Integrated
archive handling, HPFS-support,
user-definable menu, tree-function, VERY
powerful FIND-function, DBF viewer, internal
browser & editor! Full 4DOS/4OS2 support,
network compatibility, disk-image function,
132-column mode & more
OS2DAYL.ZIP Yes 62665 2/26/1996
Libraries for OS2DAY - Today, every day
reminder OS2DAY OS/2 clone of famous Patrick
Kincaid TODAY/PC. Displays events in
history for current or specified date.
Accepts your personal databases of events.
Oleg Titov, Oleg.Titov@fis.cinvestav.mx
OS2ONICE.ZIP Yes 96520 3/8/1996 OS/2 on Ice. An OS/2 Bitmap graphic
OS2SIG_1.ZIP Yes 210963 3/1/1996 CPAV for OS/2 signature March 96 update.
OS2WIN95.ZIP Yes 60369 3/2/1996 Warp users can now experience true win95 8
PCIOS2.ZIP Yes 89437 6/6/1996
Reference documents for PCI cards under
OS/2, including PCI FAQ; product
specifications; manufacturer support numbers.
PFOWL107.ZIP Yes 402757 2/26/1996
Professor Owl is a C++ Code generator for
the Object Window Library. It is the
fastest way to wrte OS/2 applcations using
your Borland C++ compiler and the Object
Window Library classes. Professor Owl
generates skeleton applications, make files,
and C++ code with headers. It is easy to
add objects and classes with
functions/events to your existing C++ files
or new C++ files.
PGMG040.ZIP Yes 63082 4/2/1996
PageMage 0.40 . Virtual Desktop utility for
OS/2. Sticky windows, flip at edges of
screen. Free.
PMAUD11.ZIP Yes 12112 4/24/1996 OS/2 digital audio player replacement
PMCALC20.ZIP Yes 145635 3/31/1996
pmCalc 2.0 OS/2 PM calculator (not EWS), PM
calculator with scientific functions, hex,
easy transfer to/from the clipboard,
detailed error messages, online help.
Shareware 20$. Compuserve SWREG 10704.
English and German language versions.
PMDE24.ZIP Yes 46655 4/23/1996
PM Directory Enforcer v2.4, 32 bit, multi-
threaded application for OS/2 2.0 or above.
Displays results of a comparison between two
directories. Can be used to perform various
functions on the files within those
directories. FreeWare
PMP41A.ZIP Yes 826240 4/19/1996
PM Patrol version 4.1a, 32-bit PM resource
mgmt software and toolset for OS/2 2.1
PMP42B.ZIP Yes 749499 5/26/1996
PM Patrol v4.2b 32-bit PM resource mgmt
software and toolset for OS/2 2.1+
PMSB26.ZIP Yes 143374 3/14/1996
PM Scrapbook is a 32 bit OS/2 PM Personal
Information Manager/Database with address
books, to-do lists, user definable "tables",
note pads and Workplace Shell references
organized in a graphical tree format.
Allows you to store any number of personal
information "objects" in a file. These
objects are organized in the familiar
parent/child heirarchy (like the directories
and subdirectories on a hard drive). All
objects may be searched, sorted, and
printed. The organization of the entries
can be manipulated with the mouse.
PMSPX.ZIP Yes 286298 3/29/1996
Version 1.0 of PMSPX which is a FTP-like
application for OS/2 that uses the Novell
SPX protocol for its transport mechanism.
PMS_103.ZIP Yes 383284 4/25/1996
PMStripper. A fully functional, OS/2 PM
utility which strips HTML codes from Web
pages leaving some formatting intact. You
may perform basic editing of the resulting
text, and save the file via using
highlighted text as the file name.
Registration adds the ability to easily
transfer the stripped output file to a
favorite word processor, text editor, or
even HTML editor. Shareware by Don
Hawkinson (dwhawk@southwind.net).
PMS_104.ZIP Yes 329039 7/3/1996
PMStripper. A fully functional, OS/2 PM
utility which strips HTML codes from Web
pages leaving some formatting intact. You
may perform basic editing of the resulting
text, and save the file via using
highlighted text as the file name.
Registration adds the ability to easily
transfer the stripped output file to a
favorite word processor, text editor, or
even HTML editor. Shareware by Don
Hawkinson (dwhawk@southwind.net).
PNP12.ZIP Yes 105978 3/3/1996
(v1.2) PNP - Programmers Notepad for OS/2
and Windows. March 1996 Conversion between
decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary
integers. ASCII table. Mathematical,
logical, binary operations. Shareware with
registration reminder. Author Michael
Mieves, CIS 100334,142
POINTER3.ZIP Yes 42370 3/26/1996
Complete collection of OS/2 pointers
including the BatMan, Comix, Simpsons and
Sports series, by hyperSven.
POPSRV1A.ZIP Yes 67507 4/20/1996
(v1.01) pop3 server for OS/2. Needs TCP/IP
stack. Support: * APOP MD5 login, * posting
via POP and * INETD operation. This package
includes MAIL.EXE (local delivery agent)
used by sendmail and INT2FID.EXE gate for
internet mail to fidonet.
POPSRV1B.ZIP Yes 67630 4/20/1996
(v1.02) pop3 server for OS/2. Needs TCP/IP
stack. Support: * APOP MD5 login, * posting
via POP and * INETD operation. This package
includes MAIL.EXE (local delivery agent)
used by sendmail and INT2FID.EXE gate for
internet mail to fidonet.
PROS0496.ZIP Yes 232769 3/19/1996
PROS/2 Newsletter for April 1996 in various
file formats: ASCII text (.TXT), PostScript
(.PS), and INF suitable for use with the
standard OS/2 "View" utility (VIEW.EXE).
Simply type: VIEW PROS0496.INF See included
README.TXT file for description and
installation instructions. PROS/2 is the
official newsletter of the Tampa Bay OS/2
Users' Group (TBOUG).
PSTRY106.ZIP Yes 330693 2/28/1996
Pastry Box v1.06, OS/2 WARP (only) utility
loads files or the clipboard contents into a
listbox from which multiple noncontiguous
lines can be pasted into other applications
in one operation. Good with offline readers
to select lines from other sources to paste
into replies. WPS aware
PSUP_300.ZIP Yes 271335 6/7/1996
PSUp.EXE - Version 3.00 - June 07, 1996
-Format and Print text files to Postscript
printer under OS/2 Warp. 32-bit PM program
with 1UP, 2UP, and 4UP support. DRAG/DROP,
and Command-Line printing. 8.5x11, A4 and
Legal paper. PSUpREXX Library available to
registered users. See PSUp Reference for
full documentation and examples.
Copyright(c) D.A.Ritari-KNIGHT RESEARCH-1996
All Rights Reserved. 60 Day Evaluation.
QLP_PM10.ZIP Yes 44174 3/1/1996
The 32 bit OS/2 PM Automated Episode Guide v
1.0 for QUANTUM LEAP. This is a full
featured OS/2 Presentation Manager program
that makes it easy to view information on
the popular syndicated TV Show, Quantum Leap.
QWERTY05.ZIP Yes 95191 4/17/1996
QWERTY v0.5 Fast-typing program for OS/2 Try
it, you just may like it.
RAR200P.ZIP Yes 253803 5/4/1996
The RAR archiver v2.00 (release) for OS/2
Integrated archive manager
REREAD10.ZIP Yes 61799 3/20/1996
ReRead v1.0: pretty simply OS/2 pgm that
reads files and spits it on the screen,
allowing you to browse back and forth.
RXNUM10.ZIP Yes 13605 3/20/1996
(V1.0) RXNUM - Adds functions to REXX
RXNUM.DLL runs under OS/2 and adds the
following functions to REXX: Conversion
between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and
binary format of integers. Bit OR/AND/XOR,
Shift left/right and basic math functions.
- shareware w/o limitations. Online
registration: CIS GO SWREG 10523 Author
Michael Mieves, CIS 100334,142
RXPOP12.ZIP Yes 6420 6/25/1996
RXPOP means REXX-Utils for POP-Mailing and
enables to check a POP account and
automatically download messages. For OS/2
S3TOS251.ZIP Yes 882328 2/23/1996 Os2 video driver s3 trio 64 v2.52 for warp 1.
S3TOS252.ZIP Yes 1301454 2/23/1996 Os2 video driver s3 trio 64 v2.52 for warp 2.
SERVCENT.ZIP Yes 404644 4/8/1996
Service Center 2.1 is a front end for all
your system utilities (backup tools, virus
scanners etc). For OS/2
SHOWFN12.ZIP Yes 341708 2/28/1996
Showfont v1.2 for OS/2 version 1.2 will
show, preview, install new fonts to the os/2
SIO155.ZIP Yes 207314 6/27/1996
Ray Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.55.
SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the
OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and
VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS
provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support
for DOS programs SIO can be ordered to
supporting any number of ports. Vmodem now
has both inbound and outbound Telnet.
SMALED12.ZIP Yes 284273 4/4/1996
Smalled 1.20 for OS/2, high powered 32 bit
multithreaded PM system editor with extras.
SMLED121.ZIP Yes 285977 4/9/1996
Smalled 1.21 Is a high powered 32 bit multi
threaded PM system editor with a lot of
extras. Features Full DRAG-N-DROP interface
(for: open, save, print, copy, move, shred
and PP), ATM fonts, WYSIWYG printing, MORE
SMPOS211.ZIP Yes 55626 6/24/1996
The 32 bit OS/2 Automated Episode Guide v
1.1 for The Simpsons. This is a text mode
menu-driven program that simplifies viewing
the episode info for the popular FOX TV show
THE SIMPSONS. This update features the
complete Season 7 episode data!
SMP_PM10.ZIP Yes 57200 3/7/1996
The 32 bit OS/2 PM Automated Episode Guide v
1.0 for THE SIMPSONS. This is a full
featured OS/2 Presentation Manager program
that makes it easy to view information on
the popular FOX TV Show, The Simpsons.
SP1629.ZIP Yes 43889 4/11/1996
EX_BOX.EXE is utility to allow users of
COMPAQ laptop computers to detect whether or
not they are plugged into the Expansion Base
and use that information to branch a batch
file to control driver loading and/or
environment settings. This program will run
under either DOS or OS/2 operating systems.
NOTE: Contura 400 family can only detect
Ethernet Expansion Base.
SPLMS131.ZIP Yes 271859 3/24/1996
Spell Master v1.31 is an OS/2 app intended
to help people learn how to spell properly
reqs MMPM/2;
SVENICO3.ZIP Yes 56977 3/26/1996 84 high quality icons for OS/2, by hyperSven.
SVNWARP.ZIP Yes 23599 3/26/1996
Over a dozen full animated OS/2 Warp
compatible folds, by hyperSven.
TABLCA13.ZIP Yes 271336 3/30/1996
Tablica/2 1.3 - Periodic Table of the
Elements: native OS/2 application with
point-and-click interface. Contains all
essential data on 106 chemical elements from
atomic weight to thermal conducti- -vity.
Indispensable reference tool for high school
and college students. Many unique features
added with each release
TAFELD08.ZIP Yes 335499 3/4/1996
TafelEd/2 0.8 Beta. PM Tiny Tafel Editor.
PM application that helps you edit your Tiny
Tafel files. It also provides matching
between your TT and others you have gathered
from other sources.
TASKR403.ZIP Yes 310481 2/28/1996
(v4.03) Tasker 4.0 /OS2 Task Scheduler
Tasker 4.03 is a OS/2 Work place shell
scheduler from Evolutionary software. it
has the following features. 1.) Work Place
shell Program 2.)Schedule DOS,Windows,OS/2
programs 3.) Automatic Logging 4) Log viewer
with extensive filters. This version fixes
a leap year problem contact us with email at
TEOS2WB2.ZIP Yes 248225 2/22/1996
Planets: TEOS V2.00 Wide Beta 2 True
interactive multinode node play for any dos
based BBS. Hundreds of new features -
Cartels, IGM Support, smart NPC's! 97%
new/rewritten code.
TIMEBOY.ZIP Yes 17753 3/22/1996
Timeboy schedules applications for periodic
execution. Handy FreeWare for OS/2
ULP2_220.ZIP Yes 186919 4/13/1996
UpLoadProcessor/2 for OS/2 v2.20. Now the
premier upload processing system is
available in a multi-threaded 32-bit native
OS/2 version! NOTE: This archive is not a
complete package; it contains the OS/2 files
only. The general release archive
ULP_220.ZIP must also be downloaded for the
complete package To install, simply copy
these files to your DOS ULP 2.x subdirectory.
UNH175.ZIP Yes 28802 3/22/1996 OS/2 command line util to strip HTML codes
UNH204.ZIP Yes 32910 6/25/1996
UNH is a fully functional, OS/2 utility
which strips HTML codes from Web pages
leaving some formatting intact. It will
optionally put the URLs found in a 2nd
output file.
VD08SMP.ZIP Yes 32364 2/16/1996
OS/2 Visual Development Tools Version 0.8
Sample Programs For The Development Package.
WALLTX02.ZIP Yes 107440 2/20/1996
OS/2 Background textures.Saved as OS/2 BMP
WARPNET.ZIP Yes 33678 2/28/1996
(v1.0) WarpNet - Supplemental Network Driver
Diskette for OS/2 Warp Connect and OS/2 Warp
Server. A collection of drivers for older
ethernet adapters, including the 3Com 3C501,
Novell NE1000, Novell NE2000, and
compatibles. Use at your own risk.
Provided "as-is." Includes drivers from
free, public sources, with rewritten NIF
files for easy installation.
WOL0496.ZIP Yes 443109 4/13/1996
Warp Online - The Independent Guide to OS/2
Warp Computing, April 1996, Vol 1 Number 1.
WOL0596.ZIP Yes 378378 5/17/1996
Warp Online - The Independent Guide to OS/2
Warp Computing, May 1996, Vol 1 Number 2.
WOL0696.ZIP Yes 378189 5/31/1996
Warp Online - The Independent Guide to OS/2
Warp Computing, June 1996, Vol 1 Number 3.
XIT22.ZIP Yes 301333 4/3/1996
Xit v2.2 OS/2 PM 1 button zapper. Add user
defined titlebar buttons left or right side.
Over 30 predefined actions
YAOS101.ZIP Yes 90527 7/1/1996
YAOS (Yet Another OS/2 Shell) v1.01: OS/2
(Warp) shell that runs on top of cmd.exe;
Unix-like file name completion; editing.
ZOC214.ZIP Yes 605222 4/10/1996
ZOC 2.14 - PM Terminal App. for OS/2.
Outstanding GUI, solid VT102 and Zmodem,
countless options and features including
scroll- back buffer, external CIS-B
protocol, online JPG and GIF viewer, REXX
scripting, telnet and an ISDN kit. Not
crippled -- just a registration reminder
after file transfer.
ZTB155.ZIP Yes 170815 5/6/1996
ZTreeBold v1.55: OS/2 32bit text-mode clone
of XTreeGold. With full archiving support,
and handling of EAs and HPFS.