PSL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM, November 1993 Library Index Return to Master Disc Index
Name File Count Description
\DOS\BUSINESS 36 general business apps.
\DOS\COMM 19 communications
\DOS\DATABASE 8 database & Mail List
\DOS\EDUCA 19 education
\DOS\ELEC_PUB 8 electronic publishing
\DOS\GAMES 65 games
\DOS\GRAPHICS 14 clip art, displays, etc.
\DOS\HOME 33 various home apps.
\DOS\HOME_FIN 14 financial programs for the home.
\DOS\MUS_SNDS 2 music and sounds and related programs.
\DOS\PRGMMING 56 programming.
\DOS\PRINTING 4 printer utilities/apps.
\DOS\RELIGION 10 church/religion
\DOS\STATS_EN 5 statistics, math, engineering.
\DOS\UTILS 117 utilities.
\DOS\WORDS 9 word processing programs and utilities, editors, etc.
\WIN\APPS 48 general applications
\WIN\DESKTOP 26 desktop tools (clocks, notepads, reminders, etc)
\WIN\EDUCA 4 education
\WIN\GAMES 30 games
\WIN\GRAPHICS 46 graphics, fonts, icons, BMPs, etc.
\WIN\PRGMMING 49 programming
\WIN\SOUNDS 31 WAV files and sound-related utilities.
\WIN\UTILS 56 utilities