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A86_D86.ZIP Yes 274363 10/16/1993
A86 & D86 (Isaacson, Eric ASP; $80) is a
full-featured, professional- quality
assembler that is as highly compatible with
the standard Intel/IBM assembly language as
possible, given design and language
enhancements necessary to make A86
"significantly better" than MASM. Support
for the additional instructions of the
IIT-2C87 and the 80387 floating-point
coprocessors and compatibility with programs
written for MASM are included. The A86
manual is so thorough that it can be used to
learn 86 assembly language. Also included is
an outstanding debugger, D86. An AFIX
package is provided which is a set of
machine-readable specifications for
modifying 61 ASM files from PC Magazine's
utilities so that they will assemble under
ASMGEN.ZIP Yes 17199 10/15/1993
ASMGen 2.01 (Gersbach, J. and Damke, J.; $?)
generates cross-referenced assembly language
code from any executable file.
ASSEMBL.ZIP Yes 27387 10/15/1993
Assemble (Fulford, George; $10) is a simple
assembler for Intel 8088/8086 instruction
set, written in TPascal.
CHASM.ZIP Yes 143904 9/16/1993
Chasm (Cheap Assembler) (Whitman, David; $0)
is an assembler written in uncompiled BASIC.
This is a good learning tool. It also offers
symbolic debugging support with Trace86 (a
commercial product).
CROS_ASM.ZIP Yes 402980 10/14/1993
Cross Assemblers Series I and II (Micept
Instruments Inc.; $49/each) is a set of
two-pass assemblers for the Intel 8051/52,
8044, 8048, 8080, 8085, 8096, and Z80 cpus.
These versions do not support macros,
conditional assembly nor included files, but
are otherwise very complete.
D4851Z.COM No 56111 9/19/1990
D4851Z (Post, Jeffery, L.; $0) are
intelligent cross disassemblers for the
MCS-48 and 8051/8052 micro- controllers and
for the Z80 microprocessor. It includes D48,
a new version of D51, and all new DZ80. ASM
and HEX files are included.
DASM.ZIP Yes 277139 10/17/1993
DASM (Williams, Dave; $0) is a disassembler
for 8086 COM files up to 32K in size. Source
code is included.
DISASM.COM No 2992 3/13/1990 DisASM is a disassembler written in Basic.
LASS.COM No 40911 9/22/1989
Little Assembler 1.0 (Mooney, Dorothy R.;
$?) is an 8088 assembler for small programs.
It will create only COM files. It is perfect
for Q&D jobs and for laptops with limited
disk space - LASS is only 11k. Separate
source files may be linked during assembly.
MD86.ZIP Yes 157735 10/16/1993
MD86 (Calkins, Clark A.; $18) is an
interactive disassembler for taking Intel
8086 programs apart and generating source
code files compatible with MASM.
OBJ2ASM.COM No 13670 5/30/1989
OBJ2Asm converts OBJ files to assembler
source files.
SIM01.EXE No 70319 2/20/1991
Sim01 (Lueschow, Kevin; $5) is a debugging
tool that simulates a 6801/6800. It lets you
look at and change the registers and memory.
It also disassembles the code that the
program counter is about to execute, and
allows you to simulate the interrupts.
TASM30.ZIP Yes 140238 11/4/1993
TASM 3.0 (Thomas N. Anderson, reg. fee: $40)
is a table-driven cross-assembler for the
DOS environment. Assembly source code can be
assembled with TASM and the resulting object
code transferred to the target
microprocessor system via PROM or other
mechanisms. Currently versions for the 6502,
8048, 8051, 8080/8085 and Z80
microprocessors are supported, but you can
also build versions for other 8 bit
UN_ASM.ZIP Yes 26633 10/15/1993
Un-Asm (Gordon, Guy C.; $20) converts the
unassembled listing of a .COM file from
DEBUG into an .ASM file which can be
modified and re-assembled with the Macro
YILMAZ.ZIP Yes 98709 6/21/1993
Yilmaz Disassembler 1.1 (Towfeek, Yilmaz;
$25) is an interactive disassembler. It
teaches assembly language by allowing the
user to be a part of the disassembling
process. You can disassemble in different
modes such as visibility of machine codes,
visibility of data labels and using
different data format. Requires 400K free
ZANYSOFT.ZIP Yes 98221 10/17/1993
ZanySoft Debugger (Kirmse, Christopher; $25)
is a symbolic debugger for most common
assemblers such as MASM, TASM, and A86.
Features include pull down menus, multiple
movable and resizable windows, quick-key
combinations, and macros. It is fast, easy
and only 40K.
BAUDOT.ZIP Yes 10595 10/16/1993
Baudot (Hand, Peter; $0) is assembler source
for an ASCII-Baudot terminal emulator.
IBMTOK.ZIP Yes 56260 11/3/1993
IBMToken (Brian Fisher, reg. fee: $0) is
assembler source code for an Ethernet packet
driver for the IBM Token Ring adapter card.
DATER1.ZIP Yes 3932 10/16/1993
Dater is the assembler source, OBJ and LIB
files for calculating days between dates.
DELAYS.ZIP Yes 1550 10/16/1993
Delays (Cravener, William; $0) creates timed
pauses from milliseconds to minutes.
WAITASM.ZIP Yes 1587 10/16/1993
Wait (Doyle, J. L.; $0) is a flexible MASM
procedure that can be used in multiple ways
within one program. It can be used to cause
a delay of varying length depending on the
value of the variable passed to it by the
calling procedure. Though written for MASM,
it could easily be modified for use with
high level languages as well.
CHIPS.ZIP Yes 10638 10/16/1993
Chips (Shea, Pat; $0) is assembler source
for processor/coprocessor detection for V20,
8086, 88, 186, 286, 386 and sort of on the
486. Detects 8087, 287, 387.
CMOS.EXE No 4182 10/3/1991
CMOS is assembler source for a program that
will dump your CMOS data to disk. The
executable is included.
CMOSTD.ZIP Yes 2820 10/16/1993
CMOSTD (Cravener, William; $0) is code for
retrieving and displaying CMOS time and date.
FMT_CAH.ZIP Yes 16389 10/16/1993
FMT 1.0 (Hardesty, Clair Alan; $10-$25) is
the assembler source code (and executable)
for a full-fledged disk formatting utility.
Features include fast formatting, installing
the system, bypassing the "insert disk"
prompt, redirectable output, and extensive
error trapping.
ASM32.ZIP Yes 209691 3/17/1994
ASM32 1.1 is a library of assembly-language
subroutines designed for use with the
START32 DOS extender/startup code. (Douglas
Herr, reg. fee: $25-50)
ASMLIB.ZIP Yes 200044 7/11/1993
ASMLib 3.7 (Herr, Douglas R.; $25-$100) is a
collection of 120 subroutines for assembly
language programmers. It features screen
manipulation, equipment detection, a line
editor, string manipulation,
CGA/Hercules/EGA/VGA/Super VGA graphics, and
much more.
ASMWIZ.ZIP Yes 87614 6/21/1993
Assembly Wizard's Library 1.6 (Hanlin,
Thomas G. III; $29) is a collection of over
150 routines for programming in assembly
language. It includes sound effects,
parsing, advanced file support, mouse
handling, string functions, lightning screen
I/O, 32-bit math, high-resolution timers,
graphics support and much more.
BR136B.ZIP Yes 27014 3/24/1994
BR136 is assembler source code for a
ISPF/PDF program that allows you to browse
most VSAM, BDAM, and multi-volume data sets.
(Gilbert Saint-Flour, reg. fee: $0)
COREAID.ZIP Yes 88581 7/8/1993
CoreAids Macro Assembler Subroutine Library
Utilities 1.0 (CoreTechs, reg. fee: $0) is a
set of over 50 MASM routines that modify
memory block size, write character
attributes to the screen, set cursor
position, get a line of text from the
keyboard, display and convert between
hexadecimal and ASCII codes, control
buffers, load and executes other programs,
and more.
FUNPCK2.ZIP Yes 28071 10/16/1993
FunPck2 (Cravener, William; $0) is assembler
source code (and executables) for a
collection of utilities: display big print,
convert decimal-hex-binary, change cursor
size, display free disk space, display
directory listing, display text files,
change files from upper/lower case, switch
SPLAY.ZIP Yes 9423 11/16/1993
Splay (Paul O'Nolan, reg. fee: $0) contains
the TASM source for Splay Tree data
compression and expansion. It includes OOP
version, OBJ files, and TASM code for
pre-compression string packing.
INSTRUC.SET No 4034 11/8/1989
Humorous Assembler Instruction Set (American
Gumby Corporation; $0) is a very old set of
Assembly Language Mnemonics with a humorous
REALPROG.TXT No 2069 2/17/1985
RealProg.TXT - definition of a "real
E_DN.ZIP Yes 20596 10/16/1993
"E" (Nye, David; $0) is TASM source and
executable for a text editor. Features
include block operations and search/replace.
8087.ASM No 7936 8/26/1984 8087.ASM - code macros for 8087.
AMACROS.ZIP Yes 15424 10/16/1993
A-Macros 2.10 (Endoh, Hortens S.; $0) is an
assembler macro package for Microsoft's
Macro Assembler MASM to write control
structures easier in source code.
ASSEMBLE.MAC No 35968 8/27/1984 Assemble.MAC - macro library for assemblies.
BIOS.ZIP Yes 1853 10/19/1993
BIOS data area equates and function call
DOS.ZIP Yes 3082 10/19/1993
DOS equates, function call macros, and
EQUATE.INC No 1280 8/27/1984 Equate.INC - useful equates for assemblies.
GENKMACA.ASM No 16370 5/18/1985
GenkMacA.ASM - library of general purpose
GENLMACB.ASM No 19317 5/10/1985
GenlMacB.ASM - library of general purpose
INTERUPT.MAC No 4096 8/27/1984
Interupt.MAC - macros for items that replace
BIOS calls.
LMS.ZIP Yes 8141 10/16/1993
LMS 2.50 (Hurukawa, Satoru; $?) is a set of
macros to be used with the Optasm assembler,
by SLR Systems. By using these macro sets,
you may find it easier to express certain
conditional jumps and labelings. Some
routine codes are expanded automatically
with these macros.
M8087.MAC No 29056 8/27/1984 M8087.MAC - file of macros for 8087 support.
MACRO.ASM No 3840 9/16/1983 Macro.ASM - DOS Function call macros.
MACRO.INC No 768 8/27/1984 Macro.INC - A few DOS service macros.
ONEKEY.ASM No 9984 5/15/1985 OneKey.ASM - make your own macros.
SKELETON.ASM No 287 12/28/1983
Skeleton.ASM - skeleton for coding asm
STRUCT.MAC No 3072 9/9/1983 Struct.MAC - structured control macros.
STRUTEST.ASM No 981 9/10/1983
Strutest.ASM - test program for structured
control macros.
AMISLIB.EXE No 62181 10/22/1992
AMISLIB 0.9 (Brown, Ralf; $0) is source for
creating small TSRs which can load high,
detect hot-key con- flicts, and which may be
unloaded in any order. Source for several
sample TSRs is included.
BUFFYS.ZIP Yes 5065 3/4/1994
Buffy's World 1.0 is assembler code which
illustrates how to write a TSR. (John
Jardine, reg. fee: $0)
CLOCKJC.EXE No 4942 11/18/1992
Clock (Chavez, Joe L.; $0) is an example of
how to create a TSR clock. Source code
CLOK_SH.ZIP Yes 3589 10/16/1993
Clok-SH (Hopson, Scott; $0) is the assembler
source and executable for a TSR to display
the time in a corner of the screen. In our
tests, it quickly lost time to the system
clock, but the code is of interest anyway.
CM_INT.EXE No 14788 5/12/1993
CM_INT (Martin, Charles ASP; $0) is a TSR
Interrupt service for Assembly programmers.
It includes editable data entry line with
prompt string, julian date conversion, ASCII
string to binary number conversion, screen
and line print services.
FAKEHI.ZIP Yes 10815 7/9/1993
FakeHI .09 (Tony Ingenoso, reg. fee: $0) is
assembler source for a program which
implements enough of the XMS spec to allow
SMARTDRV 4.X to run on an 8088 or 640K 286
that has a hardware EMS board.
HUGE.ZIP Yes 1864 3/21/1994
Huge 1.0 demonstrates the use of huge
pointers in assembler. You can randomly
access data across segments. Source code and
executable are included. (Paul Carmichael,
reg. fee: $0)
INT5.ZIP Yes 1812 10/16/1993
INT5 (Giannini, Mario; $0) is assembly
language source code and .COM file for a
sample interrupt handler and TSR.
PRNWAT.ZIP Yes 1536 7/14/1993
Printer Watch is ASM code that shows how to
write a TSR that monitors printer activity,
allowing you to make character/control
substitutions, etc.
SCBL_SH.ZIP Yes 3074 10/16/1993
ScBl-SH (Hopson, Scott; $0) is assembler
source and executable for a TSR to blank the
TSRTEST.ASM No 2078 10/2/1990
TSRTest (Thompson, Gary; $0) is assembler
source code for a small TSR, meant to
illustrate how to write TSR's.
XLIB31.ZIP Yes 130155 3/11/1994
XLIB 3.1 is an assembly language library
which can greatly simplify protected-mode
programming. EASYX library included for
those unfamiliar with assembly language.
Procedures added to access memory-mapped
input/output devices. (Technilib, reg. fee:
FLOATADD.ZIP Yes 2427 10/15/1993 Floatadd - floating point addition.
NUMVERT.ZIP Yes 4613 10/16/1993
Numvert (Swift-Ware; $0) contains assembler
source code for a utility to convert
decimal, hex, and binary numbers. A compiled
executable is also included.
POINTR.ZIP Yes 1763 10/16/1993
Pointr (Cravener, William; $0) is commented
assembly source code showing how to change
the graphics mouse pointer.
QMATH10.ZIP Yes 5197 10/15/1993
QMath 1.0 (Moser, Roger; $0) is a set of
fast 64-bit signed integer arithmetic
routines in assembler.
C25SIM.ZIP Yes 99654 2/9/1994
C25SIM is a simulator for the Texas
Instruments TMS320C25 digital signal
processor. (Will Ware, reg. fee: $20)
PC370_1.EXE No 120731 12/11/1990
PC/370 (Higgins, Donald S.; $45) is a PC/370
Virtual Machine. The PC/370 package provides
the capability to assemble, link, and
execute IBM 370 assembler programs on any
80x86 MSDOS micro computer such as the IBM
PC, XT, or AT.
PC370_2.EXE No 91015 12/11/1990 See above.
PC370_3.EXE No 96738 12/11/1990 See above.
SIM85.ZIP Yes 83540 10/17/1993
Sim85 (Lueschow, Kevin; $15) is an 8085
simulator that assists in writing code for
the 8085 processor. It shows code, memory,
ports, and registers simultaneously while
allowing you to step through or run through
the code non-stop.
SIM68.ZIP Yes 349793 10/14/1993
SIM68 (Fisch, Perry J.; $25) S19 object
code. EGA/VGA monitor is required to support
the I/O and A/D simulator modules. 512K is
also required.
FUNPCK3.ZIP Yes 9738 10/16/1993
FunPck3 (Cravener, William; $0) is a set of
six different sound effects: telephone,
phasor, whooper, siren, Cheer, and Ncounter.
Assembler source code is included for each.
FUNPCK4.ZIP Yes 9796 10/16/1993
FunPck4 (Cravener, William; $0) is a set of
more sound effects routines in assembler
(with executables): arcade game sounds,
motor, telephone, falling/rising sound, and
a country tune.
IN_OUT.ZIP Yes 9115 10/16/1993
In-Out (Cravener, William; $0) shows how to
create sounds through the PC's speaker.
Source and examples are included.
PORT_IN.ZIP Yes 5608 10/16/1993
Port-In-Out (Cravener. William; $0) is a
tutorial and sample code for making sounds
on the PC's speaker.
A86_MAKE.BAT No 897 3/23/1989
A86_Make is a Make batch file for the
shareware assembler, "A86".
ASMFLO.COM No 40051 1/29/1990
AsmFlow (Quantum Software; $0) generates
flow charts, tree diagrams and provides a
variety of other functions for assembly
language programmers.
ASSEM.COM No 4677 1/29/1990
Assem (Richwell, Gunner; $5) contains
several programs: FOFFSET.COM will compute
the offset value for a given segment:offset
combination and a new segment value.
FPHYS.COM will compute the physical address
value for a given segment:offset
combination. FSEGMENT.COM will compute the
segment value for a given segment:offset
combination and a new offset value.
ASMEDI.ZIP Yes 51422 3/4/1994
Assembler Editor 1.2 is a multi-window
assembler editor for use with any assembler.
It allows you to use a mouse to open,
resize, and move windows. There are
pull-down menu choices for assembling,
linking, debugging, and setting
configuration options. (Kip Irvine, reg.
fee: $0)
CASE.ZIP Yes 2977 10/15/1993
Case (Bly, Vincent; $0) is for assembly
language programmers who wish to write their
source in all caps and their comments in
lower case. It provides automatic case
switching and indicates the current case by
the shape of the cursor.
DISP_REG.ZIP Yes 3029 10/15/1993
Disp-Reg (Gilbrech, Skip; $?) will display
registers as set by loader.
FPANEL.COM No 5382 1/29/1990
FPanel is a PC Front Panel Simulation. It
displays the contents of the IP, FLAG, SS,
ES and DS registers at the top of the
screen. Assembler source is included.
MPUBLIC.COM No 13011 7/20/1990
MPublic 2.0 (Derouen, Craig; $0) parses MASM
and TASM source files and builds a public
statement file for all symbols for use with
debuggers. It automatically excludes local
labels as defined by MASM and TASM. Includes
C source code.
LOAD.ASM No 3169 3/4/1984
Load (Laboratory Microsystems; $?) will load
.COM files bigger than 64k.
OBJSNOOP.COM No 3072 12/31/1979
ObjSnoop - will find and display label
references in .OBJ files.
OPER.ASM No 2873 3/4/1984
Oper (Duncan, Ray; $?) will test Microsoft
assembler operators, show operation of
various operators and demonstrate some
notational idiosyncracies.
PRHEX.ASM No 943 3/20/1985
PRHex - displays 4 hexadecimal numbers
contained in AX.
PX.ZIP Yes 16905 10/15/1993
PX Procedure Cross Referencer (Dunford,
Christopher J.; $?) is a procedure
documenter. It allows you to print out all
of the procedure prologues in a "dictionary"
and to then print a cross reference of all
procedural calls; i.e., a listing of which
procs call which procs.
REPRTJJ.ZIP Yes 2615 10/15/1993
Report (Johnsen, James L.; $0) will return a
report of what is in what register when the
program enters.
SNAP_D.ZIP Yes 9093 10/15/1993
Snap_D (Gentry, Don; $?) is a user written
interrupt service routine. It is designed
for assembly language programmers to provide
debugging assistance. It will print selected
portions of memory when invoked.
TED.ZIP Yes 120956 2/9/1994
TED 1.40j is an editor for Turbo Assembler.
(Magik Manu++, reg. fee: $0)
TIMSTK11.ZIP Yes 418155 11/6/1993
TimeStack 1.10 allows assembly language
programmers to document how long a function
takes to execute, find its worst stack depth
usage, and check for stack imbalances. (BE,
Inc., reg. fee: $133)
TRACE2.ZIP Yes 1141 10/15/1993
Trace02 (Fricano, C. P.; $?) will display
the current values of the CS:IP registers.
The CS:IP can be sampled a maximum of 18
times per second. This program must be the
last inperupt handler loaded.
UASM_LST.BAS No 6258 3/4/1984
UAsm-Lst.BAS removes addresses from files
created from debug unassemble script files
and inserts labels. A script file (ASCII) is
created with the debug instructions.
80X393.ZIP Yes 163402 11/17/1993
80x393 (Uwe E. Schirm, reg. fee: $0) is a
collection of text files and ASM modules for
Assembler programmers. It includes a list of
books for assembler beginners, hardware
tutorials, tips for debugging programs,
instructions for creating various programs
for sound cards, as well as several modules
for controlling devices, diagnostics, and
much more.
ASMMAG4.ZIP Yes 85228 11/15/1993
Assembly Language Magazine (Patrick and
David O'Riva., reg. fee: $0) is a set of
electronic publications with articles,
reviews, and sample programs for Assembly
Language enthusiasts.
ASMTUTR.EXE No 57451 12/9/1991
Assembly Language Tutorial (ASMTUTR)
(Auerbach, Joshua; $0) is a beginner's
tutorial in Assembler. It includes the
8086/8088 instruction set.
MACHO.ZIP Yes 122554 9/16/1993
(Groff Software; $5-$20) in Assembly
Language. It starts with a discussion of HEX
arithmetic, touches on such basic tasks as
multiplication and division, and ends with
some advanced ideas such as BIN addition.
This 14-Lesson course covers ground slowly
and thoroughly and there are many tests to
make sure you understand everything as you
go along. It can be used with nothing more
than DEBUG and no assembly language program
is required.
PC_ASSEM.ZIP Yes 397078 9/16/1993
The PC Assembler Helper and Tutor (Nelson,
Chuck; $10) is a program and tutorial
designed to help those who are just starting
to learn assembly language as well as those
who know some assembler instructions, but
want to have a firmer grasp of the complete
instruction set for the 8086. It supports
both Turbo Assembler and A86. PCAHT provides
input and output of all standard 8086/8087
integral data types. These include 1 byte, 2
byte, 4 byte and 8 byte signed and unsigned
numbers along with 1 byte and 2 byte hex,
ASCII and binary data. Lastly, there is I/O
for 10 byte BCD numbers. The interface has
been designed so that beginners can use it
with a minimum of trouble. There are also 30
pages of help for those BASIC programmers
who want to use assembler language.
TRNCOMP.ZIP Yes 52190 9/16/1993
Training Computer (Castle Oaks Computer
Services; $10) is a tutorial on machine and
assembly languages. It includes a computer
simulator and assembly programs; lessons in
their use; example programs; and question
and answer exercises.
LAMBDA No 4391 2/6/1993
Lambda (Duro, Albert; $0) demonstrates how
to use Interrupt 10H, Function 11H,
Subfunction 0, to create an alternate
character and substitute it for the default
SCRNSAV.ZIP Yes 3751 10/16/1993
ScreenSave (SCRNSAV) (Barlow, Troy; $0) is a
MASM routine that demonstrates using DOS
from a TSR. It saves a MCGA 256-color
palette and screen to disk.
SHADOW.ZIP Yes 3180 10/15/1993
Shadow (Cravener, William; $0) is assembler
code which shows how to create a shadowed
window box, as well as how to save a copy of
the current video screen contents, fill the
screen with a background, pop down a window
box, shadow the window box along the right
and bottom sides, wait for a keypress then
restore original screen contents.
WINDOW1.ZIP Yes 3890 10/15/1993
Window1 (Blanford, Joe; $?) is actually a
demo of how to make and use windows with
machine language programs for MS-DOS. The
source code is provided to allow you to
modify and integrate it into your programs
for better displays using colored windows.