PSL Monthly Shareware CD-ROM, April 1995 Library Index Return to Master Disc Index
Name File Count Description
DOS\BUSINESS 22 general business applications for DOS
DOS\COMMUNIC 274 communications for DOS
DOS\DATABASE 13 database and mailing list managers for DOS
DOS\EDUCA 17 education for DOS
DOS\ELEC_PUB 13 electronic publishing for DOS
DOS\GAMES 54 games for DOS
DOS\GRAPHICS 13 clip art, graphics displays, etc. for DOS
DOS\HOME 55 various home applications for DOS
DOS\MUSIC 4 music and sounds and related programs for DOS
DOS\PRGMMING 49 programming for DOS
DOS\PRINTING 5 printer utilities/apps for DOS
DOS\RELIGION 5 church and religion for DOS
DOS\UT_DSKFI 46 disk drive and file related utilities for DOS
DOS\UT_SYSTM 35 hardware related & operating system related utilities for DOS
DOS\WORDS 6 word processing programs and utilities, editors, etc. for DOS
OS2\AP 21 general applications for OS/2
OS2\UT 31 utilities for OS/2
WIN\BUSINESS 27 general business applications for Windows3
WIN\COMMUNIC 17 communications for Windows3
WIN\DATABASE 11 database and mailing list managers for Windows3
WIN\ELEC_PUB 6 electronic publishing for Windows3
WIN\GAMES 50 games for Windows3
WIN\GRAPHICS 34 clip art, graphics displays, etc. for Windows3
WIN\HOME 59 various home applications for Windows3
WIN\PRGMMING 104 programming for Windows3
WIN\PRINTING 7 printer utilities/applications for Windows3
WIN\SOUNDS 12 music and sounds and related programs for Windows3
WIN\UT_DSKFI 36 disk drive and file related utilities for Windows3
WIN\UT_SYSTM 107 hardware related & operating system related utilities for Win3
WIN\WORDS 18 word processing programs and utilities, editors, etc. for Win3
UTILS\DOS\ARCHIVE 150 archiving
UTILS\DOS\BAT_FILE 261 batch file utilities
UTILS\DOS\CAT_DISK 41 disk/file cataloging
UTILS\DOS\CLOK_CAL 146 clocks, calendars
UTILS\DOS\COPY_DEL 146 file copying, deleting, moving
UTILS\DOS\DIR_VIEW 104 directory viewing
UTILS\DOS\DIRECTRY 86 directory utilities
UTILS\DOS\DISK 102 disk/drive utilities
UTILS\DOS\FILE_CHG 110 file changing/conversion
UTILS\DOS\FILE_OTH 87 other file utilities
UTILS\DOS\FILEFIND 65 file/text finders
UTILS\DOS\FILEVIEW 62 file viewers
UTILS\DOS\FMT_COPY 74 disk format/copy utilities
UTILS\DOS\HARDDISK 129 hard disk utilities
UTILS\DOS\KEY_MOUS 123 keyboard, mouse, joystick utilities
UTILS\DOS\OPSYS_UT 232 operating system utilities, DOS menus, TSRs, etc.
UTILS\DOS\SECURITY 96 system security, password programs, encryption
UTILS\DOS\SYS_SET 236 system set
UTILS\DOS\UTL_SETS 28 utility sets
UTILS\DOS\VID_UTIL 237 video utilities, screen blankers, screen capture, etc.
UTILS\OS2\APPS 40 general business and home applications
UTILS\OS2\ARCHIVE 14 archiving utilities
UTILS\OS2\COMMUNIC 38 communications
UTILS\OS2\DISKFILE 62 disk/file utilities
UTILS\OS2\DRIVERS 12 system drivers
UTILS\OS2\EDITORS 9 editors, word processing, spell checking, etc.
UTILS\OS2\GAMES 23 games
UTILS\OS2\GRAPHICS 29 graphics, BMPs
UTILS\OS2\KEY_MOUS 9 keyboard, mouse, joystick utilities
UTILS\OS2\PRGMMING 13 programming
UTILS\OS2\PRINTING 6 printer utilities, file printing
UTILS\OS2\SOUND 11 sound files and related utilities
UTILS\OS2\SYSTEM 78 system utilities
UTILS\OS2\VIDEO 15 video utilities, screen blankers, etc.
UTILS\WIN\ARCHIVE 46 archiving
UTILS\WIN\COPY_DEL 37 file copying, deleting, moving
UTILS\WIN\DESKTOOL 252 desktop tools: clocks, calendars, notes, conversion
UTILS\WIN\DIRECTRY 10 directory utilities
UTILS\WIN\DISK_OTH 12 disk/drive utilities
UTILS\WIN\FILE_CHG 12 file changing/conversion
UTILS\WIN\FILE_OTH 29 other file utilities
UTILS\WIN\FILEFIND 32 file finders
UTILS\WIN\FILEMAN 65 file manager and Windows File Manager enhancers
UTILS\WIN\FILEVIEW 10 file viewers
UTILS\WIN\FMT_COPY 15 disk format/copy utilities
UTILS\WIN\HARDDISK 37 hard disk utilities
UTILS\WIN\KEY_MOUS 38 keyboard, mouse, joystick utilities
UTILS\WIN\OPSYS_UT 280 operating system utilities
UTILS\WIN\SECURITY 32 system security, password programs, encryption
UTILS\WIN\SYS_SET 297 system set
UTILS\WIN\UTL_SETS 15 utility sets
UTILS\WIN\VID_UTIL 247 video utilities, screen blankers, clipboard, etc.