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Name Extracted Size Date Description
ADRULE10.ZIP Yes 41745 6/4/1994
AddRules V1.0 (for Max and Squish) reads your
Squish.Cfg and an Elarea.Dat to create .SQR
or .DSC files so users are shown conference
rules as they enter new message areas.
AFIX043.ZIP Yes 49068 11/11/1994
AFIX V0.43 An EchoArea Manager by Jesper
Brondum, supports Squish, autocreate,
autolink and maintenance by downlinks
ALGEN121.ZIP Yes 56718 10/14/1993
ALGEN v1.21; Avail List/ALlfiles GENerator
for files.bbs systems. Supports indenting for
D/L counters, Max's /tb flags, Maximus's
summaries, and more. FreeWare.
Self-Extracting with src.
ALSRC121.ZIP Yes 8477 9/23/1993 ALGEN v1.21 source code.
BW301MAX.ZIP Yes 319837 8/3/1993
Blue Wave Offline Mail Door for Maximus
v3.01. This version is compatible with
Maximus v2.00 and v2.01wb. Contains massive
amounts of new features, including internal
protocols, new message packing options, more
controls for the sysop, and internal NEWFILE
list generator. Installs in Minutes!
CALLI105.ZIP Yes 36173 9/14/1993 Caller-ID verifier for Maximus. Flexible
CNTMX100.ZIP Yes 68915 8/2/1993
CNet v1.0 for Maximus BBS; QWK/REP
importer/exporter allowing Maximus SysOps to
participate in national QWK networks.
DONATEV1.ZIP Yes 9865 8/30/1993
Donations Encourager v1.0 for Maximus,
Maximus/2 BBS Software. Designed to assist
SysOps in getting donations from their users.
With it, your users will see a message
highlighting their name as a non-donator and
then a delay for a SysOp-specified amount of
time, or if they have donated they will
receive a special thank-you message.
DWNSRT60.ZIP Yes 241308 8/28/1994
Maximus CBCS DOWNload file SORT and List
utility Version 6.0 (OS/2+DOS)
EASYON1A.ZIP Yes 18362 5/27/1994
EASYON v1.01 - REXX scripts that utilize
caller-id info to log callers onto Maximus/2
when used with Binkley; Allows Sysop to
specify "badlist" of numbers that are not
allowed to call BBS. Also supports Rockwell
chipsets in either SMF or MMF exchanges.
Second script will reset your CPU clock to
Telco time. Configurable.
EX142.ZIP Yes 44391 1/19/1995
Ex 1.42; CD-Rom front end for file transfers;
copies files located on CD-Rom to a hard
drive or ramdisk before downloading. DOS and
OS/2 versions, works with any BBS program
that supports redirected file download lists
and external file transfer protocols.
FDRPM101.ZIP Yes 31129 8/11/1993
FrontDoor Request Processor for Maximus v1.0;
FDRPM is an external file request (FREQ)
processor for FrontDoor and Maximus
FLMD124.ZIP Yes 26687 9/5/1993 File List Manager for Maximus BBS Systems
HUNTCD10.ZIP Yes 6686 6/23/1994
CD FILEAREA.CTL maker for Max, searches CD
for FILES.BBS and generates FILEAREA.CTL
LANYEL20.ZIP Yes 13100 3/1/1995
Utility to allow YELLing for the sysop across
a LAN connection to Maximus. Will also work
as a replacement YELL on a standalone system.
LASTFIVE.ZIP Yes 40045 5/12/1994
LASTFIVE v1.00 - Last Five will generate a
bulletin of the Last Five Callers who have
called your Maximus-CBCS.
LCALL14.ZIP Yes 31342 8/8/1993 Logcall v1.4 - maximus today's caller utility
MAX202C.ZIP Yes 446417 10/31/1994
Maximus 2.02 - Common files. A flexible BBS
program including QWK and multilingual
support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem
and a message-area query feature.
MAX202P.ZIP Yes 507768 10/31/1994
Maximus 2.02 - OS/2 files. A flexible BBS
program including QWK and multilingual
support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem
and a message-area query feature.
MAX202R.ZIP Yes 496945 10/31/1994
Maximus 2.02 - DOS files. A flexible BBS
program including QWK and multilingual
support, multi-node chat, internal X/Y/Zmodem
and a message-area query feature.
MAX2FD_2.ZIP Yes 12936 8/3/1993 Converts lastuser.bbs - lastcall.fd (update).
MAX2MD12.ZIP Yes 19145 1/1/1995
MAX2MD (v1.20) for (32 bit) OS/2. This
program is used to read the LASTUSxx.BBS file
generated by Maximus and write a LASTIN.*
file for MainDoor. Includes full 'C' source
MAX2PB.ZIP Yes 52849 7/12/1994
MAX2PB v1.0�: Convert Maximus 2.01 to
Proboard 2.01
MAXAL104.ZIP Yes 42384 9/23/1993 Maximus Ranker: Ranks everything
MAXCID03.ZIP Yes 73630 6/21/1994
MaxCID a0.3 - Maximus Util for OS/2 and DOS
which uses Caller ID to automatically log in
users, secure BBS's, block out numbers, and
validate new users. Support for private
systems, caller number alias, and caller
MAXD10.ZIP Yes 82959 1/15/1995
MaxDir 1.00 Makes archive list of
downloadable files on BBS
MCCD2-1.ZIP Yes 31577 2/15/1995
Max Credit Card Door/2 - - Online credit card
door for OS/2 based Maximus 2.xx systems. - -
Free for non-commercial use. Authored by
Craig Morrison.
MFIL125.ZIP Yes 238284 2/26/1995
MaxFile/2 v1.25 - A text based FILES.BBS
manager for OS/2. Written specifically with
the OS/2 sysop in mind. FILE_ID.DIZ import,
archiver and viewer functions, all files
list, nightly maintinance, and much much more!
MMLG_107.ZIP Yes 28611 9/13/1994
Maximus Master List Generator 1.07; minor
MPM1_25.ZIP Yes 263838 12/27/1994
MaxFile/PM v1.25 - A FILES.BBS manager for
Presentation Manager under OS/2. Drag and
Drop, FILE_ID.DIZ import, archiver and viewer
functions, and much much more! MaxFile/PM is
in a class by itself for managing FILES.BBS
files from your desktop. All BBS's using
FILES.BBS file listings are supported.
MUREXX04.ZIP Yes 33597 3/1/1995
MaxUserREXX is a REXX callable dynamic link
library for OS/2's REXX Procedures
Language/2. You can write Rexx scripts to
manipulate USER.BBS & LASTUSER.BBS files.
OZ.ZIP Yes 22847 1/4/1995 Australian language file for Maximus
RANMAX11.ZIP Yes 17073 5/9/1994
RANMAX v1.0 is a Maximus utility that simply
generates a designated *.bbs file that will
in turn diplay a designated list of files at
random selecting a random file to display
each time. The sole purpose is to add mor
flixibility to your superior Maximus BBS.
RFLOW120.ZIP Yes 127476 11/25/1994
v1.20 - ReFlow: Reflows your FILES.BBS from
HUGE one-line descriptions to smaller, easier
to read descriptions. Most useful to the
Maximus(tm) SysOp tired of the 255- character
description limit. Other notable features:
Search and convert of ASCII 255 character bug
which breaks FB(P) under Maximus v2.01wb,
creation of 4DOS/4OS2(tm) compatable
description files, search and fix of
DownSort(tm) v6.0l header bug. Multi-
RXSNOOP.ZIP Yes 2348 2/3/1995
RXSNOOP.CMD Read a named pipe as provided by
Binkley or Maximus
SQFLT123.ZIP Yes 87053 12/3/1994
SqFilter 1.23. Sqfilter is a message base
filter, statistics generator, new files
announcer and Allfix request processor. Works
with JAM, Squish, *.MSG and Hudson bases.
Allfix processor & file announcer require
FILES.BBS compa- tible files lists. Maximus
and Lora-friendly. OS/2 version.
SQPCK141.ZIP Yes 102800 10/31/1994
SqPck* v1.41, a 32-bit Squish or *.MSG
messagebase packer for OS/2 2.x.
T2BBS501.ZIP Yes 32759 9/12/1994
Interface for Max, RA & ACFiles, TICK,
AllFix, for DOS/2
TFDCL10.ZIP Yes 75503 9/26/1994
MOST configurable today's callers utility
ever for Maximus v2.xx! Easily design YOUR
OWN output files using MECCA tokens and 24
TFD tokens with MANY options! Decide which
styles will be shown each day in advance!
Includes files to support different
languages, has separate instructions for
single and multi-node installations!
TUSER002.ZIP Yes 14020 11/11/1994
Produces Top User statistics in .bbs format -
Total calls, uploads and downloads as stored
in User.bbs