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21DUMP.ZIP Yes 24758 11/9/1993 OS2DUMP, ATI Ultra Graphics,Image Adapter/A
21PERF.ZIP Yes 17735 7/12/1993 Helpful Tips For Os/2 2.1
21UPRT41.ZIP Yes 90185 1/24/1994
21UPRT v4.1; REXX PM program to print 2UP in
landscape mode or 1UP in portrait mode on
laser printers using PPDS, HPLJ or PostScript
commands. Will number lines or support ANSI
control characters. Suppresses multiple blank
lines and page ejects. Supports A4 (European)
paper size.
256LOGO.ZIP Yes 32417 1/6/1994 Wallpaper of 256 color OS2 logo
32DUDF12.ZIP Yes 50842 1/1/1994 32bit *nix-like DU & DF for OS/2,HPFS aware
4OS232.ZIP Yes 118905 12/22/1993 4os2 v2.00, 32-bit version, part 1 of 2
4OS2B.ZIP Yes 315500 12/22/1993 4os2 v2.00, part 2 of 2 (for 16 and 32 bit)
649.ZIP Yes 317979 1/8/1994 Pick lottery numbers for 6/49 lotteries
800INF.ZIP Yes 147625 2/11/1994
USER GUIDE for people that call the 800#
Support Center. Contains useful information
for anyone who calls the 800#. See the
README.SPT for details. Both ASCII and INF
VIEWable format.
8514SMAL.ZIP Yes 228066 11/17/1993
OS/2 2.1GA small resource SVGA display driver
for 1024x768x256
AC35MUSO.ZIP Yes 284891 1/3/1994
ACCU MUSIC SYSTEM v3.5 (OS/2); Create music
on your computer. Requires OS/2 v2.x. You
can: Use text-based editor to enter notes;
transpose music to change key signatures or
raise/lower music by half steps; play music
on PC speaker or Adlib/SB comp. sound card;
print music in sheet music format on printer;
convert music to/from .ROL sound card format,
etc. Allows multi-voice songs.
ADU22D.ZIP Yes 135317 11/20/1993 ADU/2 2.2 disk util for large disks, nets
AIFFWAVE.ZIP Yes 25837 11/12/1993 Check WAV, Convert AIFF (Apple) to WAV
ALBT120.ZIP Yes 458604 2/13/1994
ALBATROS CD Player for OS/2 MMPM/2; Compact
Disk Player which will allow you to play your
Compact Audio Disks. Repeat Track; Repeat
Disk; Random Play; Intro Play (play each
track for a couple of Sec); Program Play
(fully programmable); LCD Style Display;
Remembers Titels and Tracks of CD; Displays
Title and Track od CD while Playing; Displays
Track and Title of CD while Iconized; German
and English Version - and more...
ALRMP14G.ZIP Yes 367183 1/8/1994
Alarm Pro v1.4; 32-bit OS/2* 2.0 program for
managing your Contacts, appointments,
important events, and program scheduling from
a convenient desktop clock.
AMAZDESK.ZIP Yes 220820 12/27/1993
A few bitmaps showing my desktop setup that
will hopefully provide ideas for beginers and
experts alike.
AMOS101.ZIP Yes 69106 12/7/1993
AMOS v1.01 is a DOS-program for OS/2 users!
It gives easy access to HPFS-formatted drives
from native DOS. It will read, write, copy,
edit, del, md, rd, type, and much, more...
APAR_CSD.ZIP Yes 27667 2/25/1994
List of fixed APAR's in the OS/2 2.1 Service
Pak that was just released.
APLOG100.ZIP Yes 39321 8/16/1993 Replacement IBM LOGIN. Encrypted passwords
ARCADIA1.ZIP Yes 538978 10/20/1993 Clock/Calendar/Alarm/Phone book/Dialer/Log
ARTSUB.ZIP Yes 7686 12/8/1993 EDM/2 Article Submission Guidelines
ASKIT100.ZIP Yes 25556 12/11/1993
AskIt and AskIt/2 v1.00 Utility that will
allow you to enter one of the user-defined
selections, and exit at a unique errorlevel.
AskIt includes the ability to timeout after a
user-defined length. For example, let's say
that you want to create a batch file that
will ask you which program you want to use.
ATCCNR.ZIP Yes 45175 10/12/1993
Air Traffic Control Container, a very simple
ATC radar simulator whose main purpose is to
provide an interesting example of OS/2 PM
Container programming.
ATP07OS2.ZIP Yes 101151 9/11/1993
ATP QWK Reader 1.42 for OS/2, a full screen
database style reader, easily handles 3000+
line messages, free licensed under GNU GPL.
ATRGF21.ZIP Yes 40164 9/20/1993
ATRGF.CMD allows for executing full-screen
programs as each program will be started in
its own session
AUTOQUO.ZIP Yes 55151 10/16/1993
Enclosed are the two macro files and as well
as the font that this macro needs to work.
The macro "AutoSingle" will determine if you
need a left or right single typographic quote
and insert it while the "AutoQuote" will
determine the same for regular quotes.
BAR1.ZIP Yes 24114 1/28/1994 BaR PM front end for OS/2 backup/restore
BARNES.ZIP Yes 79393 1/22/1994 WAVs of David Barnes at HAL-PC Group Jun 93
BEAV140.ZIP Yes 204560 11/22/1993 Beav 1.40 binary file editor
BG14.ZIP Yes 28185 11/14/1993 Backgammon 1.4, board game for OS/2 2.x PM
BIBDAYO1.ZIP Yes 72742 11/18/1993 Bible Verse of the Day v1.0 program
BIGBEN2.ZIP Yes 66742 12/15/1993 MMPM/2 App plays hourly chimes ala BigBen
BLANK21.ZIP Yes 47522 1/26/1994
Screen Blanker v2.1 32-bit screen saver for
OS/2 2.1.
BLANKR20.ZIP Yes 50262 12/9/1993 Screen Blanker 2.0, 32-bit Full Screen
BOOTI1.ZIP Yes 39012 12/19/1993
OS/2 Boot Interrupter - Get a menu before the
WPS starts, that allows to invoke the
command-processor or any program that you
configure. Working with timeout for auto-
matic startup.
BOS2259B.ZIP Yes 345461 1/20/1994
BinkleyTerm 2.59a beta for OS/2 includes
second executable compiled with Microsoft
Visual C++ and linked with Microsoft C 6.0
runtimes. (snappier and smaller)
BOULDERO.ZIP Yes 378047 1/22/1994 Boulder Dash Full screen game for OS/2.
BOXOS2_6.ZIP Yes 403429 1/5/1994
BOXER/OS2 v6 Powerful, top-rated text editor!
Already a favorite of DOS users, BOXER is now
available for OS/2! BOXER is a full-featured
editor with a smooth, courteous interface.
Color Syntax Highlighting, multi-level Undo
and Redo, full mouse support, macros, column
marking, WP, keyboard reconfig, & much more!
This 32-bit character mode program uses OS/2
virtual memory to edit large files, and has
support for HPFS filenames. From David Hamel.
B_DIR.ZIP Yes 30665 3/7/1994
DIR replacement w/ highlighting, dir sizing
etc for OS/2.
CAWF407.ZIP Yes 162664 12/31/1993 Nroff-like text formatter awf, & C source
CDAUDI.ZIP Yes 13646 12/14/1993
A Compact Disc Audio Player Application The
programs only requirements, besides a CD-ROM
drive capable of audio playback of music
discs, is OS/2 2.x and PM. This program does
NOT require the Multi Media PM2 to be
installed. The program sends IOCTLs to the
CD-ROM device driver, both OS/2 2.0 and OS/2
2.1 drivers will work with this application.
CDAUDIO.EXE will NOT stop playback if the
program is closed.
CDCAR_11.ZIP Yes 45190 12/28/1993 CD Carousel 1.1 Max/2 offline file req door
CDTHRU.ZIP Yes 9275 2/14/1994
Small OS/2 utility that tests the throughput
of a CD drive at various blocksizes.
CEDIT10.ZIP Yes 62891 1/23/1994 Cedit Norton Editor compatible text editor
CENVI22.ZIP Yes 226260 10/14/1993
CEnvi v1.005; Cmm (C minus minus) is 'C' for
the rest of us. CEnvi runs Cmm programs in
the DOS, Windows, OS/2, NT, Unix, etc...
environments. Together, CEnvi and Cmm make
the power and flexibility of the C
programming language part of every computer
user's environment, without the hardware,
time, and programmer resources needed for
developing full-blown C programs.
CFGS_11.ZIP Yes 5047 1/13/1994
Informative document describing how to
considerably decrease OS/2's boot-up time. A
must-have for any serious OS/2 user. v1.1 -
Updated with more information.
CHAOS11.ZIP Yes 86555 12/12/1993 Graphical display of simple chaotic system
CHCKDMNS.ZIP Yes 1700 10/28/1993
CHECK_DEAMONS.CMD; This program will monitor
the deamons it knows about, every
minutes (you define the intervals,
default=2), restarting them, if they are not
active, and terminating them if there are too
many copies of it active.
CHGO95.ZIP Yes 4259 12/19/1993 Why Windows 4.0 not released until 1995
CHKEYCMD.ZIP Yes 456 1/3/1994 CHKEY like DOS ASK but accepts char string
CHKSTO.ZIP Yes 129255 12/31/1993 CHKStore, check space in LAN user home dir
CHMAP.ZIP Yes 22523 12/6/1993
is a font mapping application written for
OS/2 Presentation Manager. Use it to find
graphic characters in a font that are not
normally accessable through regular
CKOEXP.ZIP Yes 3281 7/30/1993
C-Kermit OS/2 external protocols document
Contains all hints and tips about using
C-Kermit with external protocols and using
C-Kermit itself as an external protocol.
CLASSEDI.ZIP Yes 282992 10/3/1993
Classedi v1.01; Watcom VX-Rexx v 1.01 patch
level A Tool for adding/destroying SOM classes
CLOCK201.ZIP Yes 124598 10/13/1993 PM Clock 2.01 with 32-bit GNU C++ source
CMDFLDR.ZIP Yes 42795 1/1/1994 Adds an OS/2 command box to every folder
CMDLINE.ZIP Yes 18254 2/9/1994
CmdLine is a pair of REXX library functions
wrote to implement the OS/2 command line
features in REXX.
CNFGLS30.ZIP Yes 56690 11/22/1993 Lan Server 3.0 configurations for many apps
CNFGSORT.ZIP Yes 2643 11/29/1993
Informative document describing how to
considerably decrease OS/2's boot-up time. A
must-have for any serious OS/2 user.
CONFIGOS.ZIP Yes 17543 8/12/1993
IBM OS/2 config.sys detailed explanation: a
full line by line explanaition of OS/2 2.1
CONTROL.ZIP Yes 95860 12/14/1993 Max/Bink/Squish/Tick/nodelists BBS setup
CPUDRIV2.ZIP Yes 43638 9/18/1993
CPU & Drives for OS/2: The CPU & Drives
program is used to show the amount of
processor time and disk space being used. It
does this graphically and is a great utility
to just keep running in the background as a
system monitor.
CRNTB221.ZIP Yes 54647 7/9/1993
CronTab/CronTab2 v2.21: DOS & OS/2 versions
of a utility that will run programs based on
the date or daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
with or without a specified offset such as
the 3rd day of the month.
CSD21.ZIP Yes 2261 2/24/1994 Os/2 2.1 Csd Release Announcement
CSED11.ZIP Yes 74080 10/3/1993
System Config Editor version 1.1; Notebook of
settings for the OS/2 startup files.
Simplifies the editing of CONFIG.SYS and
CSHELL.ZIP Yes 43243 12/2/1993 OS/2 Shell full screen OS/2, DOS, WIN-OS/2
CUTV10.ZIP Yes 292062 12/27/1993 CutIt quickly save clippings from docs
CVS13P7B.ZIP Yes 386815 1/19/1994 Concurrent Version System revision control
DALEKS.ZIP Yes 84579 8/28/1993 Daleks v1.0a; game for OS/2
DCOPYPM7.ZIP Yes 171722 1/22/1994 PM disk copy utility
DC_CMD.ZIP Yes 673 1/6/1994 Dir Changer OS/2 window commandline assist
DE100.ZIP Yes 33660 1/20/1994 Detect whether an application is running
DEDIT100.ZIP Yes 15815 1/15/1994
DEDIT DOOM Editor v1.00; Another DOOM Editor
written to run under OS/2. And why not!!?
DEFPRN.ZIP Yes 712 10/28/1993 Sample code to query the default printer port
DESKPI.ZIP Yes 143094 10/6/1993 Deskpic support for BocaSoft WipeOut 1.0
DIAL.ZIP Yes 21280 1/8/1994 Automatic dialing without a modem
DIALCMD.ZIP Yes 389 1/6/1994 Dial your phone from REXX, good example
DIAL_OS2.ZIP Yes 18137 1/8/1994
Dial is a phone dialing program for those
that don't have a modem. It requires os/2,
rexx, and mmpm with the rexx interface. The
program plays dialing tones through whatever
sound equipment the computer has. Turn the
volume up sufficiently and hold the phone
near the speaker.
DKCLOCK.ZIP Yes 23082 11/21/1993
Clock 1.0 - A 32-bit digital clock program
written for the OS/2 2.1 PM environment
DLOS2.ZIP Yes 2237 8/13/1993 Boot Rom in DSI Connection 96+ SoftModem
DM101.ZIP Yes 110285 12/19/1993
DirMaster v1.01; Advanced Norton Commander
clone for OS/2 PM
DMPLAY92.ZIP Yes 69119 1/23/1994
An OS/2 2.x Digital Music Player for .MOD
format music files. Multi-threaded design.
Outstanding design. This is a good example of
PM programming and what it can do! Excellent!
DOC211.ZIP Yes 92850 2/4/1994
Installation Guide and Using the OS/2
Operating System
DOOMICON.ZIP Yes 6266 12/19/1993 3 256color icons for Doom 3D adventure game
DQUOTE1.ZIP Yes 37695 12/14/1993 DeScribe 4.0 typographical quotes macros
DSKPICDS.ZIP Yes 58338 7/29/1993
13 OS/2 Desktop Picture and Screen Savers for
use with DESKPIC screen saver.
DSN3IA.ZIP Yes 48416 12/15/1993 PSP Developer Support News, ASCII, Dec 93
DSN3II.ZIP Yes 92334 12/22/1993 Developer Support News
DSN4AA.ZIP Yes 89710 1/17/1994 Developer support news 1994 issue 1
DWATCH.ZIP Yes 41783 10/20/1993 Monitor amount of disk space, with alarm
DWNSRS59.ZIP Yes 104406 12/19/1993 Source for downsort v5.9
DWNSRT59.ZIP Yes 188916 12/19/1993 Downsort v5.9 file area utility for max bbs
DXP231.ZIP Yes 227086 11/8/1993 Disk eXPress 2.31 diskette imaging program
EDEL112.ZIP Yes 14997 11/1/1993 Enhanced delete utility
EHP12.ZIP Yes 357913 11/24/1993 EHP 1.2 editor ported to OS/2 2.x & source
EKDSS.ZIP Yes 25641 7/30/1993
Three Desktop Screen Saver Extensions for
ELVB18S2.ZIP Yes 315070 11/30/1993 Elvis 1.8c, vi clone, source & *roff docs
ELVB18X2.ZIP Yes 209794 11/30/1993 Elvis 1.8c (beta) vi clone (exes & docs)
ENTRTAIN.ZIP Yes 111248 11/30/1993 Entertainment Pack for OS/2, PM Games
ENVED.ZIP Yes 22505 12/9/1993 ENVED edit current process environment vars
EQTREE.ZIP Yes 33314 1/18/1994 Program to synchronize two directory trees
ERGO.ZIP Yes 1148 10/28/1993 Ergonomic prompt for os/2. written in rexx.
EWSCAT.ZIP Yes 44518 2/4/1994 IBM Employee Written Software (EWS) Catalog
EXCAL.ZIP Yes 324275 1/21/1994 EXCAL; The Workplace Calendar
EXISTCMD.ZIP Yes 560 1/6/1994 REXX version of DOS if exist filename then
FACESOS2.ZIP Yes 2985 1/26/1994 Lets emacs 19.x recognize bold/italic fonts
FC2_016.ZIP Yes 95393 10/14/1993
File Commander/2 version 0.16 for OS/2 2.x is
similar to Norton Commander for DOS.
FDSYN103.ZIP Yes 15735 8/1/1993
FDSync v1.03; your hoopy Frontdoor log time
synchroniser gubbins type program. FDSync
will synchronise your PC's internal clock to
the internal clock of a remote computer (the
remote doesn't have to be a PC) using your
FrontDoor log file.
FEELX10.ZIP Yes 378020 11/26/1993 FeelX V1.0 simulates the usage of the mouse
FF_CMD.ZIP Yes 364 1/6/1994 FindFile example of OS/2 window DIR command
FILEB_14.ZIP Yes 131605 2/12/1994
FileBar; An OS/2 Application Launch Facility
and Shell Replacement
FLST120.ZIP Yes 62645 1/15/1994 FastList Version 7 nodelist compiler, OS/2
FM2_128.ZIP Yes 303219 2/17/1994 PM File manager v.1.28 by the author of AV
FORTH038.ZIP Yes 82514 1/20/1994
Forth/2; 32-bit, native Forth for OS/2 2.x
Created specifically for OS/2 using MASM 6.0
Currently it is a text-mode application which
can be run either in a full screen or in a
window. It presently does not conform to any
single Forth standard. Most of the major
Forth functions are included.
FOUR23.ZIP Yes 34830 7/8/1993
Connect Four v2.3 for the OS/2 2.x
Presentation Manager
FOURPM.ZIP Yes 75793 12/22/1993 Connect-Four for Presentation-Manager v1.0
FRAFMOS.ZIP Yes 367176 1/26/1994 AFMOSCOM open COM engine,terminal & server
FREE15.ZIP Yes 15131 1/27/1994 Free drive space util, returns ErrorLevel
FSHL125.ZIP Yes 86269 7/5/1993
F-Shell Command-Line Editor for OS/2 2.0 and
version 1.3. Is much like Anarkey or CED for
DOS with command-like recall, filename
matching, aliases and more. From Oberon
Software. An excellent tool for an excellent
Operating System.
FSTS21.ZIP Yes 37190 7/29/1993
Full Screen Task Switcher (FSTS) v2.1: makes
makes switching from one full screen (OS/2 or
DOS) to another a snap.
FTPRXFE1.ZIP Yes 6655 11/16/1993 Visual REXX PM front end for TCP/IP FTPPM
FX80_1.ZIP Yes 10797 1/19/1994 REXX script print ASCII-Files in 2 columns
GAMES21A.ZIP Yes 12003 12/8/1993 Recommended DOS settings for games
GBM.ZIP Yes 370413 11/10/1993 Generalised Bitmap Module Edit/Convert All
GCPBUT.ZIP Yes 44112 11/29/1993 GCP Button Bar Symbol Font v3.1 Adobe Type 1
GED0241D.ZIP Yes 165557 11/15/1993
GoldED 2.41 (Docs+advanced cfg). FidoNet
compatible msg reader/editor. Supports Fido
*.MSG, Hudson (QBBS), Squish and Ezycom
msgbase formats. Lots of features.
GEOG1219.ZIP Yes 338383 12/19/1993
GoldED 2.42 GAMMA RELEASE. reader/editor.
Supports Fido *.MSG, Hudson (QBBS), Squish,
Ezycom and now JAM msgbase formats! Lots of
features. DOS, DOS 32-bit protected mode and
OS/2 versions are available.
GEOP1121.ZIP Yes 56480 11/21/1993 Latest GoldEd Update from G1114 to G1121
GETINFS.ZIP Yes 26221 11/19/1993 PM front end for selecting and Viewing INFs
GFOLDER.ZIP Yes 82166 11/4/1993 Global Folder Sort Of A Replacement Desktop
GGAME.ZIP Yes 173754 12/17/1993 Generic Game Interface - Source included
GIANTDSS.ZIP Yes 5128 12/12/1993 Deskpic screen saver - NY Giants helmets
GO_12.ZIP Yes 16613 11/27/1993 GO! v.1.2 32-Bit list all running processes
GPAT1115.ZIP Yes 1494 11/15/1993 Patch GoldEd 2.42.G1114 > 2.42G115, OS2/DOS
GREED.ZIP Yes 54434 8/10/1993
OS/2 PM implementation of the UNIX classic
Greed. Greed is a board game a la Mine
Sweeper; though, in Mine Sweeper your goal is
to uncover some numbered tiles - in Greed
your goal is to cover some numbered tiles; in
Mine Sweeper you have to be fast - in Greed
you have to THINK.
GREPCMD.ZIP Yes 1209 1/6/1994 Batch file for screen-pause & output-file
GRX01B.ZIP Yes 36600 1/30/1994 GraphX is a data plotting utility
GUSMIXER.ZIP Yes 22748 2/6/1994
Gravis Ultrasound Mixer (for OS/2 2.x) v1.0;
GUSMixer is a simple OS/2 2.x Presentation
Manager program that allows users with a
Gravis Ultrasound sound card to enable and
disable their input and output lines. This
program does not use MMPM drivers (as there
are none available yet .....waiting....
waiting.... Gravis???).
GUSOS201.ZIP Yes 34476 1/25/1994
Unofficial Gravis Ultrasound OS/2 Driver;
This is a first pass at GUS physical driver
for OS/2 MMPM. It has just basic WAV playing
capability. It works in conjunction with the
Digital Audio player and system sounds.
HALTOS.ZIP Yes 10027 12/10/1993 Text mode shutdown program
HAZ12.ZIP Yes 126353 1/8/1994
Hazel v1.2; OS/2 Presentation Manager Address
book/dialer. v1.2 contains lots of exciting
new features!
HELRES.ZIP Yes 133420 12/10/1993 Heli Rescue 2D copter flying arcade game
HIHOTELN.ZIP Yes 399373 11/29/1993
PM app catalogs many Internet resources.
Telnet, ftp, gopher to these sites.
HOOK05.ZIP Yes 72000 11/19/1993
HOOKKBSM is an OS/2 equivalent of a DOS TSR
HOPALONG.ZIP Yes 92932 1/24/1994 Module for OS/2 ScreenSaver
HPCLC09.ZIP Yes 48774 8/8/1993
HPcalc for OS/2 2.x v0.9; Meant to be a
simple calculator and does not have
programmability, unlike the real HP 41c
calculator. Thus all the functions which
pertain to programming are absent.
HPFSR16E.ZIP Yes 21889 11/19/1993 Tool read HPFS-partitions under plain DOS
HSTART03.ZIP Yes 52305 12/19/1993 Alternative Start command, version 3
HUMANEKO.ZIP Yes 55589 1/3/1994 Animated human follows mouse pointer
ICBM101.ZIP Yes 34691 1/16/1994
ICBM OS/2 Boot-up Manager V1.01 January 1994
OS/2 Boot-up Manager. Fully configurable. Can
specify non-default COMMAND interpreter and
parameters to same. ie. 4OS2, etc.
II07211.ZIP Yes 1296 12/28/1993 Text - Dos 6.1 Install OS/2 Lan Server 3.0
INFXDL79.ZIP Yes 72252 11/19/1993 INFConvert PM beta 79, OS/2 INI/HLP > text
INIDESC.ZIP Yes 4921 1/7/1994 Short Description of IniMaint & SysMaint
INIEDI.ZIP Yes 27497 12/5/1993
IniEdit is a tool that lets you view, modify
and backup your INI files. Please note that
this utility should be used with extreme
INIMT30G.ZIP Yes 576063 1/28/1994 IniMaint 3.0g 32bit PM view/edit INI files
INI_OU.ZIP Yes 48481 12/6/1993
INI_OUTI is an OS/2 INI file editor. This
program will allow you to add, update, or
delete OS/2 INI applications and keys.
INSCDP.ZIP Yes 79060 10/23/1993 Audio cd player
INT_E.ZIP Yes 2413 11/26/1993 Rexx script stops E.EXE from ask file type
IOSTONE.ZIP Yes 19770 7/21/1993 OS/2 Benchmark for hard disk performance
IPLPAU.ZIP Yes 10422 11/1/1993 IPL Pause, small timer program & C source
IRC10H.ZIP Yes 32737 11/9/1993 IRC Client v1.0h OS/2, run off IRC server
JMOS2-10.ZIP Yes 60462 9/11/1993 Joe's OS/2 Tips #10
JOE.ZIP Yes 397418 11/10/1993 Joe's Own Editor 1.0.7 - ASCII text editor
JOEVW122.ZIP Yes 340182 1/19/1994 JoeView 1.22 image viewer for PM
JPLAY101.ZIP Yes 74233 1/6/1994 Command-line WAV/VOC/MIDI player v1.01
JTP113.ZIP Yes 100421 7/31/1993
JunkTick for OS/2. A Tick/Raid/etc.
KBSET100.ZIP Yes 23008 9/17/1993
KBSet 1.00; Change NumLock for DOS & OS/2
Small *FREE* utilities to allow you to set
the keyboard toggles (NumLock, CapsLock, and
ScrollLock) to a desired state for DOS and
OS/2 2.x.
KED206B.ZIP Yes 83414 10/13/1993
KEd is a character mode text editor for OS/2
v 2.x. It is a full 32-bit application, and
features support for HPFS, macros, unlimited
number of files, huge file sizes, cut and
paste, and shelling to a command processor.
You'll also find extensive on-line hypertext
help for ease of use. New version 2.06 with
greater speed, Numlock settings, and HPFS
name fixes.
KIS1193.ZIP Yes 284496 11/28/1993
Keepin' It Simple for OS/2 PM Utility for DOS
BBS SysOps Spawn DOS sessions using
semaphores DEMO version.
KLZIP012.ZIP Yes 67140 12/15/1993 KL-ZIP 32-bit GUI for freeware ZIP/UNZIP
KWQ12C.ZIP Yes 206155 10/19/1993
KWQ Mail/2, version 1.2c. A 32 bit QWK mail
reader for OS/2 PM. Features advanced
multithreaded searching, taglines, many
archivers, fast access toolbar, colored
"message syntax" text, Adobe fonts, an
internal editor, PM, OS/2, DOS or Win3.X
external editors, bookmarks, unlimited packet
size and more.
LATEXINF.ZIP Yes 263716 12/8/1993 LaTex command reference in .INF format
LBB2NUMS.ZIP Yes 8414 1/15/1994 Database of computer support phone numbers
LBB2_123.ZIP Yes 166808 12/27/1993
Little Black Book/2 v1.23; Personal
information manager which may be used to
store and manipulate the names, address,
phone numbers, and other pertinent
information about groups of individuals. It
is capable of storing up to five different
groups of people in each phone book.
LIFE.ZIP Yes 49484 7/14/1993
The Game of Life - A Screen Saver for OS/2
Includes C Source code for guidance.
LIGHTWAV.ZIP Yes 61989 12/12/1993 LightWaves MultiMedia Presentation Tool OS/2
LIVENET.ZIP Yes 94797 1/11/1994 Config & REXX files to run LiveNet OS/2 BBS
LNKRD1.ZIP Yes 276714 10/25/1993 LinkRight Demo, LapLink workalike for OS/2
LOGIN.ZIP Yes 11568 11/1/1993 Display date/time of last OS/2 session
LOWER.ZIP Yes 14030 11/9/1993 Lowering window by mouseclick, Exe, icc src
LSESSERV.ZIP Yes 3776 11/26/1993 OS/2 1.3, ES & LS ServicePaks News nov. 1993
LTIMES25.ZIP Yes 147457 12/9/1993 PM based NNTP News reader for OS/2 v2.0
M2VBBS14.ZIP Yes 3059 8/1/1993
Set of REXX command files that will allow the
VBBS SysOp to install M2Zmodem.exe under a
VBBS/2 system.
MAGCOM23.ZIP Yes 84085 9/1/1993
MagCom V2.30; telecommunications program for
OS/2. Supports: X,Y,Zmodem.
MAGFOSS.ZIP Yes 27278 11/30/1993 Magnum Driver - Run DOS Doors on OS/2 BBS
MAKEBOOK.ZIP Yes 5479 7/27/1993
MAKEBOOK.CMD v1.02 REXX utility designed to
create icons for the OS/2 on-line reference
manuals located on your OS/2 system. This
utility will search all available drives
(including network drives) for OS/2 .INF
files and create icons for them with the
appropriate titles.
MAN11A.ZIP Yes 108870 1/23/1994 Port to OS/2 1.x-2.x of Man 1.1, John Eaton
MAXFIL24.ZIP Yes 123813 1/5/1994 MaxFile/2 text based file manager for Max/2
MCP_100.ZIP Yes 2334 1/15/1994
Multi-Color Prompt for 4DOS/4OS2 v1.0; Not
your normal C:\> prompt!
MDISK.ZIP Yes 25248 12/14/1993 Measure CPU time used by disk I/O
MEMSZ221.ZIP Yes 169656 12/23/1993 System Resources 2.21 Monitor memory & more
MIDIDLL.ZIP Yes 126240 1/2/1994
A DLL that you can use with your app to
simplify reading/writing MIDI (sequenced
music) files. Includes C source and docs.
MIG21.ZIP Yes 15587 11/7/1993 32 bit PM migration aid & program launcher
MINCOM15.ZIP Yes 105712 11/14/1993 C source for MiniCom 15 Telix clone, Free
MIND.ZIP Yes 3014 11/17/1993 Artificial-intelligence REXX program
MINRUN.ZIP Yes 2717 12/13/1993 MinRun starts Windows application minimized
MMPMCSD.ZIP Yes 823 11/25/1993 mmpm/2 1.1 csd text of fixes in mmpmcsd.exe
MORE_20B.ZIP Yes 42809 8/12/1993 MORE 2.0 present text one page at a time
MR2_163.ZIP Yes 227706 12/7/1993
MR/2 - A QWK compatible mail reader for OS/2.
Menu/picklist driven, mouse support, thread
summary pick-lists, multithreaded searching,
user-defined custom conferences, optional
internal editor. Mostly SLMR/OLX compatible
MSHELL.ZIP Yes 58126 1/20/1994
Alternative, simple, mini shell for OS/2 2.X
that uses the replaceable shell architecture
of the Workplace Shell. With this
architecture and their own EXE, programmers
can easily make OS/2 a turnkey platform.
MShell is a program launcher. MShell can save
the desktop, interact with the spooler, and
do a system shutdown.
MSQP22E.ZIP Yes 112824 10/4/1993 Msged Squish protected mode beta
MUSER066.ZIP Yes 69100 11/22/1993 Multi desktops (for multi users) OS/2 2.1
MX_104.ZIP Yes 27610 10/2/1993 MX Message Extraction util for Squish bases
MYPLOT.ZIP Yes 71713 10/17/1993
Simple plotter for quick and easy generation
of X/Y plots from files of numerical data.
NEMO02.ZIP Yes 97539 8/31/1993
Captain Nemo for OS/2 2.0 V0.2, "Captain
Nemo" is a text-mode shell program for OS/2.
It tries to imitate the Norton Commander (R)
for DOS v.2 as closely as possible and yet
realize a smooth integration with OS/2
NIKNAK11.ZIP Yes 27151 12/6/1993 A PM strategy game like tic tac toe
NIM120.ZIP Yes 35936 1/2/1994 The classic game of Nim for OS/2 PM
NLMERGE.ZIP Yes 19571 1/16/1994 Merge FidoNet NodeDiff files with NodeList
NMS_102.ZIP Yes 43853 1/26/1994 NMS 1.02 looks for your unread FidoNet mail
NOLIST2A.ZIP Yes 27547 11/15/1993
noList v2.0a; Removes programs from the
window list and Alt-Esc round-robin It is
designed to be run from the command line,
either windowed or full-screen.
NOODLE1.ZIP Yes 59748 11/11/1993 Misc. BMPs, icons & cmdfiles & OPENFDR.CMD
NOODLE2.ZIP Yes 59957 11/16/1993 More misc. BMPs, icons & cmdfiles & REXX
NTS2CF.ZIP Yes 2231 12/3/1993 CM/2 TCPIP v2.0 & Netware configuration
NUMBER11.ZIP Yes 64257 8/16/1993 Numbers - an OS/2 PM - Game (Quiz)
O2ACEBB1.ZIP Yes 6290 2/10/1994
How to Configure OS/2 to run Optimally with
your BBS with limited system resources.
Includes an almost complete walk threw of
4DOS/4OS2 setups for use with the shareware
PMSHELL replacement Mshell.
OBACK202.ZIP Yes 113845 1/24/1994 OBACKUP & ORESTORE back up & restore data
OCLN113.ZIP Yes 291908 3/17/1994
McAfee's CLEAN for OS/2, version 113 virus
cleaner. This is NOT the NEW total rewrite,
rather this is an incremental update to the
older version.
OLENS.ZIP Yes 11017 10/8/1993 Lens v0.9 OS/2 magnifies area around cursor
OMG2V23D.ZIP Yes 22722 8/12/1993
Outbound Manager for Binkley-style systems;
REXX, requires VREXX. Manipulate outbound
traffic, create polls, etc. PM, not FS.
OPEN.ZIP Yes 10122 11/9/1993 Access WPS objects from the command line
OPENFDR4.ZIP Yes 3715 10/13/1993
OPENFDR.CMD v1.4; OpenFolder is a little REXX
script that works with 4DOS/OS2
OPSYS1.ZIP Yes 12398 11/17/1993
OPSYS 1.1: DOS / OS/2 Utility that informs
which Operating System is running (Either
Now also works with DOS 6.20.
OS2-50.ZIP Yes 2420 12/6/1993
Artisoft Technical Bulletin on Installing
LANtastic 5.0 in an OS/2 2.0 or 2.1 VDM
OS2-TREE.ZIP Yes 407959 12/7/1993 Shows graphical representation of drives
OS23DRNG.ZIP Yes 15877 11/29/1993 Bitmap gray-scale image of OS/2 Ring logo
OS24WFAQ.ZIP Yes 4295 11/30/1993 OS/2 for Windows Special Edition FAQ
OS2CFG8.ZIP Yes 33399 2/12/1994 Updated File Explaining Entries In CONFIG.SYS
OS2CMDLN.ZIP Yes 25947 7/21/1993
OS/2 2.x application that lets user enter
OS/2 command-line statements while in a PM
application. OS2CMDLN can also be used to
launch applications. Freeware
OS2CNFG6.ZIP Yes 23847 8/5/1993
Rick Meigs' latest update of his CONFIG.SYS
description file. Lots of new stuff and
updated for version 2.1 of OS/2.
OS2C_080.ZIP Yes 135200 11/19/1993 OS/2-Commander v0.80wb - OS/2 NC-Clone
OS2GFC.ZIP Yes 37448 1/27/1994 GFC graphical file comparison program
OS2INSTL.ZIP Yes 1721 11/24/1993
Detailed instructions for installing OS/2 2.1
Drivers for SpeedStar VGA, Super VGA, and
Hi-Color, SpeedStar 24, SpeedStar 24X,
SpeedStar Pro ISA and VLB
OS2KJV.ZIP Yes 605911 10/7/1993 PM Online King James Bible Study Program
OS2LOT.ZIP Yes 17958 12/5/1993 Pick random numbers for Pick-6 LOTTO
OS2MAG.ZIP Yes 1730 1/3/1994 Press release announcing new OS/2 magazine
OS2MDISK.ZIP Yes 25427 12/14/1993
OS/2 disk benchmarking program that allows
evaluation of system performance during disk
I/O. (In DOS/Win, DOS will not allow anything
else to use the CPU during disk accesses.)
Also evaluates performance of simultaneous
I/O to two drives, which should show the
advantage of SCSI systems in a multitasking
and multithreaded OS like OS/2.
OS2NT.ZIP Yes 6475 7/18/1993
How to install OS/2 with Windows NT and DOS
on the same machine.
OS2PLAQ2.ZIP Yes 6635 11/28/1993 Windows & NT background bitmap, for OS/2
OS2RNDR.ZIP Yes 3118 11/22/1993 Frontend to Persistence of Vision Raytracer
OS2ROCK.ZIP Yes 134106 11/15/1993 Bitmap OS/2 logo on Red marble monolith
OS2_OPTI.ZIP Yes 100256 7/31/1993
OS/2 2.1 Performance Tuning for the End User.
This guideType will help you get the maximum
use from OS/2 command prompt.
OSCB200A.ZIP Yes 278773 3/16/1994
McAfee's NEW OS/2 SCAN anti-virus for OS/2
machines is the first total re-write of
McAfee's SCAN for OS/2. This is a public Beta
OSGRAPHC.ZIP Yes 104124 10/28/1993 Scientific Graphic Library Version 0.2
OT_100.ZIP Yes 13300 12/28/1993
OS2Term: source (32 bit) for dealing with
modems. Written using only OS/2 system calls
(no C runtime library calls whatsoever). It
should compile under ant OS/2 2.x C compiler.
PAR131.ZIP Yes 61713 9/12/1993
Par 1.31; par is a paragraph reformatter,
vaguely similar to fmt, but better.
PC2PS.ZIP Yes 30911 12/19/1993 PC ASCII to PostScript converter HPFS aware
PCD231.ZIP Yes 48180 11/12/1993 Paddys directory changer
PEG008.ZIP Yes 277454 12/29/1993 Pegasus Resource Monitor v1.8 for OS/2
PEGGED11.ZIP Yes 26086 7/4/1993 Pegged 1.1, board game of logic for OS/2 2.x
PFAQ221.ZIP Yes 78373 12/3/1993 Programmers Frequently Asked OS/2 Questions
PHONE2.ZIP Yes 63085 10/4/1993 Telephone Dialer 1.0b 32 bit OS/2 2.x PM
PILOT.ZIP Yes 55520 8/18/1993
This package contains a pilot interpreter
ported to OS/2
PLOTTE.ZIP Yes 41627 10/26/1993 X/Y plots from files of numerical data
PMBOTS11.ZIP Yes 28053 7/30/1993
PM Robots v1.1; This program is a version of
the classic UN*X game "robots" for the OS/2
Presentation Manager. The idea is that you
are chased by robots, the object to is make
them crash into each other before they get
you. It's Smiley against the Evil Killer
PMCC01.ZIP Yes 93927 12/3/1993 PM Control Center 0.1 launcher/organizer
PMCHAOS.ZIP Yes 74756 11/13/1993 Graphical display of a chaotic system
PMCOM211.ZIP Yes 387138 11/28/1993
PMCOMM v2.11; OS/2 Presentation Manager
asynchronous communications package. Features
Button Bar; Status Line: Drag and Drop;
Printing; Extended Scroll Buffer; Capture;
Log file; Script Generator; File import;
Clipboard; Macros; Host Mode. Demo version
doesn't include Zmodem.
PMDIFF25.ZIP Yes 87219 1/26/1994 PMDiff v2.5 PM file comparison utility
PMDMAT.ZIP Yes 198089 11/27/1993 OS/2 32-bit PM Directory Matching Utility
PMFLCOMP.ZIP Yes 61458 1/3/1994 PMFLComp v1.41 - Compare 2 files 3 ways
PMJPEG15.ZIP Yes 196197 12/18/1993 PMJPEG 1.5 JPEG/TIFF/GIF/PCX/Targa/BMP view
PMMATH24.ZIP Yes 126554 9/15/1993
Fun Kids Math Game For Presentation Manager
Think of it as electronic flashcards
PMP210.ZIP Yes 195940 2/13/1994
PM Patrol is an OS/2 resource monitoring tool
used to track real-time activities such as
free/idle memory, drives online, free disk
space, active processes and threads, CPU use,
swapper usage, and more.
PMPHONEF.ZIP Yes 29127 9/18/1993
32 Bit Freeware Version Of Pmphone. Phone
Dialer/Database. Ver.01 Adds Ability To
Import Ascii Files Into Database.
PMPIANO.ZIP Yes 31462 1/2/1994 Play external MIDI units, some soundcards
PMPSTAT.ZIP Yes 65728 8/24/1993 PM-Stat-process,thread,mem,semaphore monitor
PMSW2.ZIP Yes 53278 8/1/1993
PMSW2 is used by REXX programs to switch
focus to a program whose name is in the
desktop switch list.
PMSWITCH.ZIP Yes 12997 8/22/1993
PmSwitch V2.0 is a 32bit PM application Using
PmSwitch you can mask tasks from the alt-esc
PMSYS101.ZIP Yes 14539 7/13/1993
PMSYSMON VBBS-OS2 System Monitor/Presentation
Manager 32-bit PM-app opens a window on the
OS/2 Desktop, and displays current statistics
and who's online within the window.
PMUND111.ZIP Yes 69687 12/25/1993 PM program, quick recovery of deleted files
PMVD025.ZIP Yes 21410 1/5/1994 PMVDesk virtual desktop screen manager.
PMXEYES.ZIP Yes 23244 1/24/1994 PMxEyes, PM Program, eyes follow cursor
POLYLINE.ZIP Yes 93372 1/17/1994 Module for OS/2 ScreenSaver
PROGRF.ZIP Yes 25128 2/9/1994
Nice Little Program To Easily Set Up Program
PRTF.ZIP Yes 19781 9/8/1993
Text file using PM's Postscipt fonts, rather
than printer's own fonts (as would COPY file
LPTn). It works from full-screen sessions and
from batch files.
PSRT_11B.ZIP Yes 117701 12/16/1993
PacketSorter v1.1b (bug fixed version)
Defragments FidoNet mail packets. Can split
large messages according to FSC-0047. Speed
up message base tossing up to five times with
Squish. Runs with OS/2 2.x and DOS.
PUSHPOP.ZIP Yes 2343 11/26/1993 OS/2 Command Line (REXX) directory push/pop
PVTREE12.ZIP Yes 36205 1/26/1994
PVTree is an utility to see the full (or
part) directory tree of any disks devices
like HardDisk, Floppy Disk, Ram,... in a
graphic window which can be printed.
HardLinks supported. It can be used from the
Shell or from PVTreeGUI or PVTreeMUI who are
two GUI designed for PVTree. PVTreeGUI use
the standard intuition look.
QNOS2203.ZIP Yes 119987 11/12/1993 Qnode for OS/2 nodelist compiler
R201FX.ZIP Yes 96306 11/5/1993 DOS Global Session fix for NetWare Client
RADARDSS.ZIP Yes 1762 12/12/1993 Deskpic screen saver, Radar sweeps screen
RDX200.ZIP Yes 10375 1/19/1994 REXX command-line directory changer
REBUTTAL.ZIP Yes 15507 7/25/1993
OS/2 vs Windows: IBM Rebuttal to Microsoft
Document Comparing Windows NT and OS/2 2.1
RECREATE.ZIP Yes 1400 1/6/1994 Rexx file recreate standard desktop objects
REFAX11.ZIP Yes 48051 8/20/1993 ZyXEL RecieveFAX for mailer & BBS systems
REXXBASE.ZIP Yes 103265 1/12/1994 RexxBase v1.17; dBase Access For Rexx
REXXLB.ZIP Yes 236491 2/8/1994
REXXLIB v1.1; Collection of 150+ functions to
extend the capabilities of REXX in OS/2.
Covers 5 principal areas: compound variable
handling, interprocess communication,
mathematical functions, OS/2 system services,
and text-mode user interfacing.
REXXTR.ZIP Yes 102275 11/21/1993 Many functions for REXX and VisPro/REXX
REXXTUT2.ZIP Yes 47291 11/20/1993 REXX docs, better than OS/2 online help
REXXUTIL.ZIP Yes 27908 7/11/1993
REXXUTIL Information and Samples Attempts to
better explain some of the powerful features
provided by OS/2 V2's dynamic link library
RHYTHM.ZIP Yes 13815 9/9/1993 Visual and audio metronome for musicians
ROBOSV.ZIP Yes 101923 11/9/1993 RoboSave - Back up OS/2 2.x Desktop
ROIDS20.ZIP Yes 57256 1/14/1994 Roids 2.0 32bit arcade game, like Asteroids
ROLODX24.ZIP Yes 161731 11/29/1993 OS/2 address book, can email ftp & send FAX
RUN160.ZIP Yes 17742 12/23/1993
Run-Os/2 version 1.60: a utility that allows
OS/2 users to run OS/2 programs from a DOS
RXAPFD.ZIP Yes 59420 11/18/1993 Rexx APPC FullDuplex Interface for CM/2 1.1
RXDECODE.ZIP Yes 47059 11/15/1993 Intelligent UU/XX-decoder
RXLN11.ZIP Yes 188679 12/9/1993 REXXLAN/2 v1.01 LAN Server REXX extension
RXLOGIN.ZIP Yes 1708 9/8/1993
rxLogin v1.0; Simple way of securing your
OS/2 machine - the program is designed to
simply keep prompting for a password until
the correct one is entered.
RXU13.ZIP Yes 120333 10/26/1993 Package of REXX external functions.
RXUSMP.ZIP Yes 8161 1/12/1994 Assortment of REXX Sample Apps
RXX19.ZIP Yes 152964 2/2/1994 RxExtras-Extra functions for REXX!
S2F01.ZIP Yes 22801 7/12/1993
ST42FITS v0.1; convert a SBIG-ST4(c) image
file into a FITS file, 8-bit image file.
SAVE_ME2.ZIP Yes 1951 7/11/1993
save OS/2 2.x critical system files.
SCANOPEN.ZIP Yes 5045 10/16/1993
OS/2 event timer. Useful for OS/2 server
Getty functions.
SCORCARD.ZIP Yes 319182 12/18/1993
Golf Score Card v1.7 for use with OS/2 v2.1
Keep track of your golf scores. This version
adds graphics so you must be at least svga
and 256 colors.
SCRCOLOR.ZIP Yes 2874 11/17/1993
ScrColor.cmd: set default ANSI screen colors
and allow REXX-programs to query them (used
SDWPS.ZIP Yes 5228 8/15/1993
SDWPS is a shutdown for OS/2's Workplace
Shell. It performs the same function as
selecting "Shut down" from the WPS's desktop
SEAHAV11.ZIP Yes 54217 2/6/1994
SeaHaven Towers for OS/2 is a solitaire card
SEAMWIN4.ZIP Yes 26838 2/7/1994 Speed Loading Of Seamless Windows Programs
SELDEL.ZIP Yes 2921 7/28/1993 Selective delete of OS/2 Applets
SERVICE.ZIP Yes 37707 12/1/1993
Helpful hints as well as updated and
corrections for Installing OS/2 2.1
ServicePak Beta
SHARE.ZIP Yes 1565 1/5/1994 Spreadsheet for OS/2's Spreadsheet Applet
SHOWINI3.ZIP Yes 41870 9/20/1993
SHOWINI.CMD allows you to Interactively edit
& print OS/2-INI-files
SHTDWN15.ZIP Yes 16070 12/29/1993 System shutdown program 1.5 Immediate/timed
SOBNLE.ZIP Yes 72376 12/17/1993 Son of Bonk nodelist editor, beta 1.0
SOB_110.ZIP Yes 149852 1/18/1994 Son Of Bonk outbound/nodelist manager 1.10
SOMBRS.ZIP Yes 100880 1/1/1994
SOMBrowse Prototype; prototype of an
application under development, and as such
may still have bugs.
SORRYOS2.ZIP Yes 28827 12/29/1993 "Sorry" board game for OS/2 PM.
SORT32B.ZIP Yes 36387 1/5/1994 OS/2 2.1 Fast virtual sort text file, free
SOSUTL12.ZIP Yes 94527 10/20/1993
SOS utilities v1.2; All these Utility
programs are public domain.
SOXV10.ZIP Yes 157745 11/14/1993 SOund eXchange - sound sample translator
SOYTXT.ZIP Yes 13853 12/30/1993 Transcript of GEnie Chat with John Soyring
SP.ZIP Yes 24267 9/17/1993
SetPriority v1.0; Utility to start a program
at a defined priority. It is also able to
start a VDM (DOS-session) at a defined
SPATH.ZIP Yes 1304 11/21/1993 REXX Util Searches path for COM/EXE/CMD/BAT
SPKRDD.ZIP Yes 56990 12/9/1993 Play sound files on PC speaker using MMPM/2
SPVIEW.ZIP Yes 131619 10/24/1993 SuperPreview 16-bit PM Image/FAX Viewer
SQED087.ZIP Yes 213218 12/28/1993 32-bit OS/2 2.1 PM Squish message editor
SRCTRN.ZIP Yes 50765 1/11/1994
Source Render Drag/Drop; Shows how to perform
a source rendered drag/drop in the WPS of
OS/2. All drag/drop operations performed in
the WPS are target rendered, so you have no
control if you are coding a WPS class which
needs to be part of the rendering in such an
SSAVER11.ZIP Yes 410044 12/14/1993 ScreenSaver 1.1 modular 32bit screen saver
STARTDOS.ZIP Yes 54100 11/17/1993 Start DOS sessions with OS/2 settings
SWAPC130.ZIP Yes 21841 12/30/1993 SWAP/Check v1.3 swapper.dat monitor
SYSXDUMP.ZIP Yes 44585 1/24/1994
Allows you to send and recieve MIDI exclusive
system dumps between your computer and a MIDI
TASKTIME.ZIP Yes 25498 7/6/1993 Task runtime timer
TCLOCK11.ZIP Yes 86995 10/12/1993 Talking Clock for PM - 1 of 2 install/exe
TCPSTART.ZIP Yes 39494 1/23/1994 Guide to OS/2 networking IBM TCP/IP
TEAMLOGO.ZIP Yes 63918 11/11/1993 Team OS/2 logos in BMP/CorelDraw 2.5/PMDraw
TERMINAT.ZIP Yes 5740 1/23/1994 Terminate process by Process ID number
TEXTFONT.ZIP Yes 71174 10/8/1993 Replacement text mode fonts for OS/2 2.1
THEOS215.ZIP Yes 181245 12/7/1993 THE 1.5: CMS/XEDIT lookalike editor - exe
TIMB10P.ZIP Yes 133426 11/19/1993
TimEd/B10; Small and fast msg editor for
FidoNet; supports Squish, *.MSG and now also
the new JAM msgbase format. OS/2.
TINYED.ZIP Yes 77151 12/1/1993 Tiny Editor v2.2 text mode edit OS/2 & DOS
TLCADR01.ZIP Yes 32015 12/5/1993
A 32-bit, PM desktop address book, written as
a standalone adjunct for KWQ/2 or any OS/2 or
Windows offline reader that doesn't have an
internal address book but supports copy and
paste from the clipboard. Holds and maintains
up to 100, 60 byte addresses in plain text
TLCCLK01.ZIP Yes 32389 11/20/1993
A 32-bit, PM desktop clock (not analog).
Displays time (am - pm) and date. Optionally
floats to the top but does not grab the
focus. Timer is multi-threaded, uses no
resources, except at refresh. Accepts and
remembers drag & drop fonts. Remembers where
you put it. User selectable refresh rate, 1 -
120 seconds. Freeware.
TLST9311.ZIP Yes 60411 11/4/1993 Team OS/2 member list as of 5 November 1993
TMPCNV.ZIP Yes 45819 7/28/1993
OS/2 Farenheit to Celsius temperature
converter & vice versa.
TNEW03.ZIP Yes 264972 12/22/1993 Team OS/2 newsletter December 1993, inf
TOILICO.ZIP Yes 512 1/6/1994 Toilet bowl icon for Shredder in OS/2 WPS
TOPICS.ZIP Yes 34183 11/1/1993 Clip topics of interest from mail readers
TRASHICO.ZIP Yes 7263 8/21/1993
Collection of icons for OS/2 with a recycle
theme, good for trashcans
TREESZ11.ZIP Yes 23268 11/27/1993 TreeSize v1.1 for DOS/OS2 2.x
TRICKS3.ZIP Yes 228888 1/11/1994
January 1994 edition of "Stupid OS/2 Tricks,"
a collection of tips and tricks to use in
OS/2 2.x. Some really incredible commandline
tricks added in this editionDOS users eat
your hearts out! Additional practical things
for PM as well.
TRSHCN11.ZIP Yes 55735 1/28/1994 Workplace Shell TrashCan, replace shredder
TSHELL.ZIP Yes 46078 1/19/1994
TSHELL is a text-based, non-graphical user
interface shell for OS/2 2.1. TSHELL can
start multiple full-screen sessions and run
programs in them.
TSHOS2.ZIP Yes 1991 1/3/1994 Tips on Toshiba T4600C PCMCIA modem select
TSTDEV.ZIP Yes 22212 12/6/1993 C Source code to test devices
TUNE07.ZIP Yes 66438 11/29/1993 Tuning Spreadsheet for LanServer 3.0
UACLOCK.ZIP Yes 21706 9/9/1993
The Ultimate Alarm Clock for OS/2. Provides
an small, attractive, and easy-to-use alarm
clock for all of those reoccuring
appointments none of us can afford to miss!
This alarm clock has been kept purposefully
small and simple. All the scheduling power
you may ever need!
UC2INS.ZIP Yes 168322 1/16/1994 UltraCompressor - new file compressor
UNARJ241.ZIP Yes 84499 8/16/1993
This archive contains sources for the UNARJ
2.41 ARJ-extractor The original archive
contained an executable file for MS-DOS,
which has been substituted with an OS/2
UNDEL102.ZIP Yes 43334 1/7/1994 Use this PM app instead of OS/2 Undelete
UNZ51X2.ZIP Yes 122585 1/14/1994 Version 5.1 Of Info-Zip's Unzip For OS/2
UUCODE.ZIP Yes 42350 12/17/1993 UUdecode/UUencode 1.01 w/long name support
UUDECO.ZIP Yes 18881 12/11/1993 OS/2 UUDECODE receive binary files as text
UUDOALL.ZIP Yes 81679 8/30/1993 Port of DOS/Unix UUDOALL UUDECODER to OS/2
UUGAT023.ZIP Yes 138964 12/4/1993 Complete Fidonet/Internet gateway
VDMS_110.ZIP Yes 108054 1/11/1994 VDM Server Util 1.10 run DOS command in VDM
VF03R2.ZIP Yes 99618 8/3/1993
ViewFITS v0.3: FITS viewer for the OS/2 PM.
"FITS" stands for "Flexible Image Transport
System", a standard in use for many years by
professonials. ViewFITS, in the current
version, can display images of any format, 8
to 32 bits per pixel, integers or floating
points. The colour palette (LookUp Table) can
be easily modified to help the user to get
the maximum of the image.
VGO10.ZIP Yes 342664 11/14/1993
VGO v1.0 and GO v1.0 for OS/2. Execute any
commands on files based on dates, attributes,
sizes, and/or names of those files, regard-
less of where they're located on your system.
Contains both graphical and commandline ver-
sions of this very useful utility
VHELP10.ZIP Yes 20545 8/26/1993 View PM help files without opening the app
VIDEODR5.ZIP Yes 53181 11/14/1993 WIN-OS/2 program to install video drivers
VIZ423.ZIP Yes 75967 8/5/1993
VIZ v4.23; Small resident program that
accelerates BIOS (and DOS) video input and
output in text mode.
VOPNFDR3.ZIP Yes 3509 10/14/1993
VOPNFDR.CMD v1.3; VOpenFolder is a little
REXX script that works in conjunction with
the IBM EWS package, VREXX (Visual REXX)
VXTECH01.ZIP Yes 22144 7/28/1993
EZRXFUNC; An example of how to build
REXX/VX-REXX external functions in C. This
package shows you how to write external REXX
functions in C and package them into a DLL.
These functions will then be available for
use by your REXX and VX-REXX programs.
WBO132S.ZIP Yes 87948 12/9/1993
Weather Board [OS/2] v1.32; A weather
information retrieval program. Installs &
runs as an event from a BBS or front end
mailer. Weather Board will give you and your
users up to the hour weather information for
your area. Weather Board can be used as a
bulletin or as a logon screen. It uses the
WeatherMation number at the nearest airport.
Multi-BBS compatible.
WCAT11.ZIP Yes 122319 1/26/1994 WatchCat v1.1, recover from system hangs
WHRIS2.ZIP Yes 31052 11/28/1993 OS/2 2.x command-line File Find utility
WILLUTIL.ZIP Yes 20233 10/4/1993
WILLUTIL will let you customize many
characteristics of OS/2, including window
scrolling, system beeps (great for those
without soundcards), menu operation, etc.
WIMM121P.ZIP Yes 54968 1/5/1994 Where Is My Mail - MailScanner for Squish
WISHLIST.ZIP Yes 35235 1/24/1994 OS/2 Wish List - Next release requests
WOF2.ZIP Yes 124908 12/24/1993
This is a freeware variant of the popular
Wheel of Fortune game implemented using GPF's
level 08 beta of their GPFREXX product.
WOR_11.ZIP Yes 189904 1/10/1994 Wizard of Wor. Game Port to 32bit OS/2
WP21TUNE.ZIP Yes 100288 8/4/1993
OS/2 2.1 Performance Tuning Tips for End
Users, in .INF format. Use the OS/2 VIEW.EXE
program to view this file
WPLOG32.ZIP Yes 65545 10/3/1993
Four macros for WordPerfect 5.2 for OS/2 and
WPNEWF.ZIP Yes 55340 11/20/1993 Replacement for the WPFolder WPS class
WPPRG18.ZIP Yes 42976 12/28/1993 A replacement WPS class for WPProgram
WPS2REXX.ZIP Yes 73109 8/18/1993 Save contents of WPS to a REXX script
WPSAM110.ZIP Yes 111720 12/6/1993 WPSam Workplace Shell extension
WPSBK203.ZIP Yes 49066 12/30/1993 v2.03 of Workplace Shell Backup Utility
WPS_BACK.ZIP Yes 24561 1/6/1994
Command line utility for backing up the OS/2
XICON10.ZIP Yes 259024 1/5/1994 Icon conversion program (Mac/Win/XBM->OS2)
XYZ2-100.ZIP Yes 50760 11/14/1993
A FreeWare X, Y, and Zmodem protocol driver
from the author of The Blue Wave Offline Mail
System. CEXYZ/2 is a 32 bit OS/2 text mode
application. Protocols include Zmodem, 8K
Zmodem (ZedZap), Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Ymodem-1K,
Xmodem CRC and Xmodem-Checksum. Includes
sample files for installation into Maximus
BBS's. Can be installed into ANY BBS that is
able to utilize external protocols. Fully
windowed/graphical interface.
YAOS04.ZIP Yes 66408 1/25/1994 Yet Another OS/2 Shell v0.4
YRN2-055.ZIP Yes 191341 1/29/1994 Store/Read USENET news & mail SOUP format
ZC152.ZIP Yes 96425 11/28/1993 RPF Zip Control 1.52 ZIP file manager
ZIP201.ZIP Yes 245887 9/22/1993
Zip is a compression and file packaging
utility for Unix, Windows NT, Minix, Atari
and Macintosh. This is the Source Code
ZIP201X2.ZIP Yes 119666 9/19/1993
Zip is a compression and file packaging
utility for Unix, Windows NT, Minix, Atari
and Macintosh.
ZIPBRAND.ZIP Yes 27124 12/3/1993
ZIP Brand FAST! BETA 0.13 (DOS and OS/2
versions) This is a small program to quickly
brand all of your ZIP files with a comment
obtained from a file.
ZIPCTL.ZIP Yes 84730 10/10/1993 Point & click view ZIP for RPF Zip Control
ZIPME11.ZIP Yes 100656 2/19/1994
Good OS/2 program for managing ZIP files.
supports InfoZip for OS/2.
ZOC121.ZIP Yes 264949 3/5/1994
Updated release of powerful OS/2 2.x PM
communications program. Blazingly fast video.
Excellent VT100 support. Large scrollback
buffer. Very configurable. Full name of ZOC
is Zap-O-Comm. ZModem implementation is very
robust. This is virtually uncrippled
sharewareyou get a popup reminder to register
if you use the ZModem to download.
ZOCBK102.ZIP Yes 21149 1/6/1994
ZOCBOOK is a phone book utility for ZOC. It
can convert ASCII, Telix(*), Telemate(+)
phone book entries and FIDO NodeList to ZOC's
phone book. Also you can get some info about
your ZOC phone book, and set/delete ZOC phone
book entries. It runs under DOS in text mode.
ZOCDEV.ZIP Yes 50944 12/17/1993
Zap-O-Com Terminal Communications Developer's
Information Kit
ZOOMIT.ZIP Yes 8114 12/1/1993
ZoomIt v1.01; ZoomIt is a utility program for
OS/2 v2.1 that allows you to magnify portions
of the screen.
ZSX2-310.ZIP Yes 36340 1/25/1994
ZSX v3.10 protocol driver for OS/2 Supports
X/Y/Zmodem, SEALink; DOS versions also
ZVIEW.ZIP Yes 262138 11/12/1993
ZIPPERV is an OS/2 program that will let you
quickly look at the contents of a ZIP file.
This program was written with VX-REXX and can
only run if you have VROBJ.DLL - a dynamic
link library from Watcom. VROBJ.DLL is
included in this ZIP archive.