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Name Extracted Size Date Description
20DUP.ZIP Yes 16071 1/26/1992 20DUP v1.1 Finds dupe user in Wildcat v2 database
ABOOT200.ZIP Yes 17701 4/27/1991 AUTOBOOT v2.0 - Auto boot the PC in case of no activity
ACTVP121.ZIP Yes 59119 11/4/1990 ACTVIEW PCBv1.2 PC Board Activity Log Viewing/ Analyzer.
ADDFILE.ZIP Yes 38580 4/11/1991 ADD FILE v1.0 Allow files to conferences for Command Line.
ADDFL11.ZIP Yes 38729 4/19/1991 Addfile is a command line utility for ProDoor SysOps
AH_111.ZIP Yes 37682 1/6/1991 AH_11 v1.10 Scan for security breaches on PC Board v14.
AIPCB220.ZIP Yes 172828 3/21/1991 Artificial Intelligence v2.20 Analyze user use on BBS.
ALTEREGO.ZIP Yes 47727 3/31/1990 ALTER EGO Allows door user to use "alias" while online.
AR200B.ZIP Yes 67046 10/28/1991 Amiga-Reader v2.00 Beta .QWK packet mail reader
AREAS.ZIP Yes 28382 3/24/1990 Areas v1.0 Create headers for file area on Wildcat 2.x
AVIEW38E.ZIP Yes 67420 8/21/1990 AVIEW v3.8e Used for viewing .zip files from board.
AVIEW39D.ZIP Yes 62037 9/30/1990 AVIEWCOM V3.9d allows BBS callers to view archive contents
AVIEW54A.ZIP Yes 67625 6/20/1991 AVIEW v5.4 for viewing archives online with a BBS
BABL10.ZIP Yes 94834 11/8/1991 Babble v1.0 A nice fast, small QWK reader.
BARPAPER.ZIP Yes 40947 7/17/1990 BARPAPER v1.11 Newsletter maker for BBS like Barpaper
BBS0191.ZIP Yes 61335 1/2/1991 THELIST, National BBS listing, 01/01/91
BBS0391.ZIP Yes 60204 3/1/1991 P.D.S.L.O. BBS submission form for new bbs's
BBS1190.ZIP Yes 56055 11/1/1990 TheList BBS SysOps mailing list and new bbs addition info.
BBS1290.ZIP Yes 65037 12/1/1990 National BBS list dated 12/90
BBSCHAT.ZIP Yes 17431 4/21/1990 Artificial Intelligence program, similer to Eliza30.ZIP
BBSDIR14.ZIP Yes 45855 1/28/1990 BBSDIRv1.4 Utility that matches subdir/corrects byte counts.
BBSDR32.ZIP Yes 26923 1/26/1992 BBS List Door v3.20 - Create BBS lists through a Door
BBSGIF.ZIP Yes 41269 5/11/1990 BBSGIF View GIF's while you download them.
BBSLST15.ZIP Yes 53757 1/26/1992 BBSLIST v1.5 Online BBS Database Program
BBSLSTER.ZIP Yes 37984 6/12/1991 BBSLSTER - BBS list creator to run as a Door in WC v2
BBSUTILS.ZIP Yes 123355 9/28/1991 Set of Utils for QBBS and other type BBS's
BBS_MNRS.TXT No 8704 2/11/1991 Text File of common BBS manners...
BBS_SUIT.ZIP Yes 3514 11/23/1990 Text file on a BBS law suit.
BCAT101D.ZIP Yes 195834 3/8/1990 BIMODEM v1.01d w/ BICAT, Install program for running on WC 2
BDAY13.ZIP Yes 25785 2/1/1990 BDAY V1.3/GAP Allows quick/easy birthday listing notice.
BETA_APP.ZIP Yes 5166 1/22/1991 Mustang Software - Official Beta Test Application
BORED.ZIP Yes 2690 4/26/1990 Text File on what to do when downloading... Humorous
BULL1191.ZIP Yes 186835 11/1/1991 Listing of International Wildcat BBS's 11/01/91
BUSY.ZIP Yes 14415 1/26/1992
CALLDR18.ZIP Yes 36358 1/4/1990 CALLER LOG DOORv1.8 allows user to view/search caller log.
CATFLS2X.ZIP Yes 13819 7/30/1990 CATFILES v2.x Create Allfiles list for Wildcat 2.x
CDTK1B30.ZIP Yes 266095 8/8/1991 CDTKIB30 v1.0 BBS use with CD-ROMs with commeted directory.
CNAM2CNF.ZIP Yes 11896 8/4/1990 CNAM2CNF convert your CNAMES.@@@ to a CONFINFO.
CNTLOGV1.ZIP Yes 26601 1/13/1991 CNTLOG 1.1 Read Caller Logs and perform statistical calcul.
COMPR211.ZIP Yes 34940 3/24/1991 COMPARE 2.11 BBS File List Comparing Utility
CONF308.ZIP Yes 5654 1/26/1992 CONF v3.08 - Create Wildcat conferences in v2.xx
CONINFO2.ZIP Yes 42918 1/2/1991 Conference Info Generate Conference info screens for PCB
CONTEST.ZIP Yes 3256 12/26/1991 Boardwatch 100 Reader's Choice Bulletin Board Contest VOTE!
COURIE15.ZIP Yes 120472 10/26/1991 COURIER v1.5 Automated Quick Mail Packet retriever for WC!
CRC32.ZIP Yes 10862 12/31/1989 CRC32 - Quick 32-bit CRC calculation unit
D2_121UP.ZIP Yes 164461 1/2/1992 This archive contains everything you need to update your existing copy of Qmail DeLuxe� to release 1.21.
DBAK21.ZIP Yes 14033 12/29/1990 DBAK Simple utility to clean up after the PCboard event
DBILL29.ZIP Yes 92367 10/27/1990 DOORBILL 2.9 Add and delete door programs with ease.
DDOOR191.ZIP Yes 57672 12/8/1990 DDOOR 1.91 Go from door to door without returning to PCBoard
DEADCAT.ZIP Yes 26383 7/1/1990 DEADCAT Leaves a message to callers when board is down.
DELMSGS.ZIP Yes 8125 3/17/1991 Delete messages from a confrence or make Sysop mail as PRVT
DELUXE2.ZIP Yes 313473 9/8/1990 DELUXE2 Message system for BBS and QWK reader
DFMS24.ZIP Yes 13658 2/12/1991 DFMS Directory File Management System for PC Board 14.5.
DIGCLK.ZIP Yes 3847 11/10/1991 DIGCLK Track online BBS sessions.
DIRX12.ZIP Yes 50136 1/30/1991 DIRX 1.2 PC-Board/ProDoor Directory Compilation Program
DLCT165.ZIP Yes 108235 3/28/1991 DLCOUNTER1.65 Read how many times program has been download
DLST205.ZIP Yes 19599 4/18/1991 DIRLIST 2.05 allows a multi-column CNFN file
DLX2FONT.ZIP Yes 74770 9/8/1990 DELUXE2 47 fonts for QMail Deluxe2. EGA/VGA
DLX2_11.ZIP Yes 323694 4/29/1991 QMAIL DELUXE2 Offline mail reader *qwk
DLX38611.ZIP Yes 110165 3/4/1991 386 compiled version of QMAIL DELUXE
DM401.ZIP Yes 86759 3/16/1990 DOORMASTER 4.01 run doors designed for almost any other BBS
DMS_33S.ZIP Yes 65088 11/30/1990 WGM-DMS 3.3 Utility to take care of PCBoard directory files.
DOOR2DOR.ZIP Yes 14249 10/2/1990 DOOR2DOR A BBS Sys File Conversion Utility
DOORLOCK.ZIP Yes 6587 2/3/1990 DOORLOCK - Util to help doors run with locked baud rates
DORDOWN2.ZIP Yes 21061 8/28/1990 DORDOWN DOOR 2.0 Temporary door replacement
DPAGER2U.ZIP Yes 36699 12/9/1991 DPAGER v2.0 Use a Sound Blaster card to replace normal page
DRWY221.ZIP Yes 203634 1/31/1990 DOORWAY revision 2.21. This program allows both BBS's to add normal programs to BBS's as DOORS, and provides a shareware alternative to expensive commercial programs for remote accessing of a home or office computer. This version contains both a HOST and COM program for full functionality without any 3rd party software, yet is still compatible with most other com programs. Has printer redirection capability plus many more features. Maintnance release from version 2.20. 
DZKBB003.ZIP Yes 21546 11/15/1991 DZK BBS-Listing and viewer program
DZKVIEW1.ZIP Yes 98582 11/15/1991 DZK BBS-List Viewer v1.0 Use on regular BBS lists
ECHOS.ZIP Yes 7684 3/28/1991 ECHOS Turn ECHO flag on under certain conditions.
ELIST103.ZIP Yes 7858 3/1/1991 The complete Echo Mail Conference list as of 03-01-91
EXAMINE.ZIP Yes 77995 9/28/1991 Set of various BBS utilities
EZ133.ZIP Yes 181804 8/7/1990 EZ-Reader v1.33 QWK mail reader for Tomcat/Qmail/Markmail
EZ135.ZIP Yes 188774 9/6/1991 EZ-Reader v1.35 QWK mail reader for Tomcat/Qmail/Markmail
EZUTL103.ZIP Yes 51104 2/19/1990 EZutils V1.03 EZ-READER Utility program
FC_ASK.ZIP Yes 7185 7/15/1990 FC_ASK External Reason-to-chat mode for FastChat.095
FDC_281.ZIP Yes 52710 4/6/1991 FILE DOWNLOAD COUNTER 2.80 See which programs are popular.
FD_WILD.ZIP Yes 18180 1/26/1992 Text and help on how to run FrontDoor with Wildcat v2
FILEDIFF.ZIP Yes 99849 10/13/1991 FILDIFF Compares BBS file lists for potential uploads.
FILEHUNT.ZIP Yes 54587 12/14/1991 FILEHUNT v1.01 A DOOR for BBS users can view BBS lists etc
FILEWI22.ZIP Yes 33426 3/31/1990 File Wish List v2.12 A Door for Wildcat systems
FILSUM14.ZIP Yes 11963 8/27/1990 FILSUMRY v1.4 - WC v2 util to create Blts of file activity
FIXCTY16.ZIP Yes 66963 2/15/1991 TopUSR. Keeps track of City/State with most active users.
FLASHLNK.ZIP Yes 4641 11/27/1989 FLASHLINK Communications Software Package.
FOLDUP2.ZIP Yes 14166 3/8/1990 FOLDUP - Globally open and close floders in Wildcat v2
FSTHST21.ZIP Yes 16207 4/16/1990 FASTHST v2.1 Get optimum speed fromUS Robotics Courier HST.
FSTHST22.ZIP Yes 15552 8/10/1990 FASTST V2.2 Get optimum speed from US Robotics Courier HST.
FTAG10.ZIP Yes 12236 2/14/1990 FILE TAG1.0 (TSR) Program to simplify BBS downloading
GAPNOVEL.ZIP Yes 12220 1/11/1991 GAP BBS Chat Routine for Novel and Multi Node GAP
GAPSTRUC.ZIP Yes 10902 9/17/1990 GAP BBS Structure files for programmers
GATEWAY2.ZIP Yes 6441 1/2/1990 GATEWAY v2 - Allow control over exernal processing in BBS
GETCSPD.ZIP Yes 6165 1/19/1991 GETCSPEED Used with PCBoard to get CONNECT speed.
GROUCHY.ZIP Yes 14192 1/31/1990 GROUCHY - Set of quotes to be used in Wildcat's opening
GUARDSLT.ZIP Yes 2817 10/9/1990 GUARDSLT Interface GUARD program with Telix host.
HNR100.ZIP Yes 78357 11/24/1991 Headline NewsRoom Version 1.00 Newsletter maker for BBS
HOST43.ZIP Yes 94908 5/1/1990 HOST43/H43UTIL SAIT language scripts for Telix.exe (C).
HST144.ZIP Yes 1885 4/23/1990 HST144 Setting for Telix3.11 and Courier 14.4HST modem & AT
HSTCNFIG.ZIP Yes 21504 3/16/1991 HSTCNFIG. How to configure US ROBOTICS COURIER HST.
HST_SET3.ZIP Yes 9938 7/19/1990 HST_SET3 Setup notes for Courier 14.1(bps) or HST dual stand
HST_SET4.ZIP Yes 10092 2/15/1991 HST SET UP NOTES Describes how to setup HST etc.
HYPERP2D.ZIP Yes 48682 7/31/1990 HYPERPROTOCOL External file tranfer protocol.
IRSUSER1.ZIP Yes 17951 4/22/1991 IRSUSER 1.0 Audit your PCBoard14.5a users.
JH2.ZIP Yes 227153 4/28/1990 John Hancock v2.0 Tag line utility, for users of QWK mail
JH2DOCS.ZIP Yes 81136 4/28/1990 John Hancock v2.0 Documentation files.
KQDUP102.ZIP Yes 38110 11/10/1991 Kill QWK Dupes v1.01 by Dataware, Inc. Quickly removes duplicate messages from QWK & REP packets, even across multiple files. Useful to users, netmail sysops and sysops with QWK compatible mail doors. Maintains its own CRC file which is smaller than most other dupe checking mail doors. Can talk to a comm. port. Very flexible and configurable.
KQWK008B.ZIP Yes 175555 10/11/1991 KingQWK v.08(beta) - QWK reader by Mike King
KQWK011B.ZIP Yes 184725 11/11/1991 KingQWK - The wide beta release of this new FAST, small QWK reader. It has MANY features not found in other readers including a unique interface to QWKMerge allowing it to control precisely which messages are merged into the ensuing QWK packet. Shareware by Mike King
KQWK100.ZIP Yes 202639 8/3/1990 KingQWK - The first non-beta release of this new FAST, small QWK reader. It has MANY features not found in other readers including a unique interface to QWKMerge allowing it to control precisely which messages are merged into the ensuing QWK packet. Shareware by Mike King
LANSERV.ZIP Yes 40210 5/15/1990 LANSERV Help with automatic reconnection for BBS under LAN
LANSETUP.ZIP Yes 5340 1/31/1990 LANtastic setup sample for running Wildcat and LAN together!
LAST10.ZIP Yes 42318 8/23/1990 LAST 10 Track last 10 callers on BBS.
LAST105.ZIP Yes 42633 1/28/1991 Last10 - "Last 10 Callers" Bulletin Generator for GAP BBS
LASTON42.ZIP Yes 24068 1/5/1991 LASTON 4.2 Last on BBS utility.
LOGCHK12.ZIP Yes 47276 4/19/1991 LOGCHEK 1.2 A PCBoard 14.5A CALLER Log Viewing Program
LOGON20A.ZIP Yes 237592 4/29/1991 LOGON 2.0 General Purpose logon event program for BBS's
LOGST10.ZIP Yes 55284 3/2/1991 LOGSTATS 1.0 Track user activity in Conferences
MACUP1.ZIP Yes 13690 1/2/1991 UPLOAD 1.0 Local PCBoard file Uploader
MAD107.ZIP Yes 33796 12/12/1990 MADNESS1.07 access com port/use ANSI escape seq. update scrn
MAST2PCB.ZIP Yes 6317 5/4/1990 Convert text files to a PCBoard Format
MBA310.ZIP Yes 157578 12/27/1990 MESSAGE BASE ACCOUNTANT 3.10 Award upload credits for messag
MBULL14.ZIP Yes 102071 10/21/1991 MAKEBull v1.4 An ANSI Bulletin generator for BBS
MBULL201.ZIP Yes 122692 1/18/1992 MakeBull v2.01 Full featured bulletin generator for BBS
MEGABAT.ZIP Yes 1716 2/5/1990 Sample batch files to run MegaMail in Wildcat v2
MEGAR120.ZIP Yes 141078 5/4/1990 MegaMail Reader v1.2 A .QWK compatible mail reader
MEGAR210.ZIP Yes 201049 6/5/1991 MegaMail Reader v2.1 A .QWK compatible mail reader
MEGASCPT.ZIP Yes 27982 3/16/1990 MegaScript - Automate MegaMail Transfers with ProComm Plus 1.1B and external protocol. Author: Mark Fine
MEOW.ZIP Yes 37893 8/7/1990 MEOW A call analyzer for WC 1.1 - 1.13 StatPro Clone
MERGETWO.ZIP Yes 15671 11/26/1991 MERGETWO Use to add all of your Activity logs into one...
MLS130.ZIP Yes 20953 7/11/1990 "MLS" Multi-Library Searcher Ver 1.30
MM110.ZIP Yes 77636 6/18/1990 Menu Master v1.1 - Menu maker for Qbbs and RA
MMM10.ZIP Yes 142551 8/26/1990 MIDNIGHT MODEM MANIAv1.0 PCBoard users read material offline
MT_100.ZIP Yes 236971 9/15/1991 MilqueToast v1.0 Front End Mailer for BBS's similar to Bink
MT_200.ZIP Yes 26531 3/23/1991 MAILTIME v2.0 Create/update any news or bulletin for BBS.
MV110EVL.ZIP Yes 64076 10/3/1991 MessageView v1.10 Offline mail reader for Amiga! .QWK & XRS
NEWS11.ZIP Yes 99599 10/3/1990 NEWSPAGE v1.1 Online DOOR for BBS newsletters. WC 2.x
NOTAG_02.ZIP Yes 10222 11/12/1991 NO-TAG v2.0 Removes Qmail Deluxe tag lines
NOTAG_22.ZIP Yes 10577 12/14/1991 NOTAG v2.20 - Remove Qmail DeLuxe� Taglines
ODPCB14.ZIP Yes 48341 3/31/1990 OPEN DOOR 1.4 Aid in installing doors.
OFFLI112.ZIP Yes 84202 10/15/1991 OFFLINE v1.12 A .QWK offline message reader
OLX_TD.EXE No 228665 1/10/1992 OFF-LINE XPRESS "Test Drive" v2.1 Offline Mail reader!
OPMED300.ZIP Yes 119622 11/1/1990 OPMED v3.00 Friendly FidoNet Compatible Message Editor.
OREAD110.ZIP Yes 26549 3/12/1990 Opus Based Computer Conversion System
PCBCPS.ZIP Yes 67003 4/21/1991 PCBCPS 'PCBoard Baud/Protocol CPS Rating' v1.0
PCBCS136.ZIP Yes 53731 1/3/1991 PCBCS - PCBoard Caller Statistics v1.36 Analyze log file.
PCBCS137.ZIP Yes 50237 1/23/1991 PCBCS - PCBoard Caller Statistics v1.37 Analyze log files.
PCBDEP19.ZIP Yes 77347 4/12/1991 PCB-Deposit for PCBoard 14.5 Save your Bytes and Time
PCBDIRSZ.ZIP Yes 36074 4/22/1991 PCBDIRSZ 'PCBoard Directory Statistics' v1.0 Track dir files
PCBFV22.ZIP Yes 74420 2/22/1991 PCBoard F V Compressed File Viewer 2.2-Read/select files
PCBL205.ZIP Yes 37214 4/12/1991 PCBLIST2 PCBoard Directory Compilation Program
PCBPAG10.ZIP Yes 57782 4/20/1991 PCBPAGE 1.0 External Page option for PC-Board
PCBUTI12.ZIP Yes 37849 2/12/1990 PCBOARD UTI Driver V1.4
PCHECKR.ZIP Yes 37498 1/8/1991 PCHECKR V.01 Sysop phone directory utility
PCP_H11.ZIP Yes 29614 4/1/1991 PCP_H is a program generator for C programmers V1.1
PCRL_200.ZIP Yes 84980 11/8/1990 PC-Relay LIST DOOR with RIME List
PCZ2DSZ.ZIP Yes 8694 2/9/1991 PCZ2DSZ A PCZ to DSZ Log Converter for PCBoard
PHONEV4.ZIP Yes 10264 7/21/1990 PHONE v4.0 Reboots if modem does not answer phone.
PKINSV62.ZIP Yes 78436 8/10/1991 PKINSERT V6.2 BBS utility to scan file/add comments to ZIP
PLAD110.ZIP Yes 34425 9/30/1990 PCBoard Compatible Ad Placement Program Version 1.10
PND10B.ZIP Yes 71301 8/20/1991 PRONEWS DELUXE v1.0 A Bulletin/Newsletter util for BBS's
PNPCB250.ZIP Yes 96613 1/2/1991 POWER NEWS/PCB2.50 create/modify/maintain multiple news bltn
PORTER.ZIP Yes 77153 5/1/1990 PORTER v3.0 Used to unlock port rates during communications
POWER205.ZIP Yes 204280 5/27/1991 POWER-QWK v2.05 QWK Mail handler from England
PSR.ZIP Yes 61961 5/11/1990 PAPER, SCISSOR, ROCK v2.1 The Door! Compatible with many BBS
QES61.ZIP Yes 67170 2/22/1991 QESSUMRY v6.1 Summarize data from questionaires for RBBS.
QMAIL1B.SIT No 49408 8/29/1991 QWK packet reader for Machintosh users! Check it out!
QMM303.ZIP Yes 63652 3/23/1990 QM 3.03 The Qmail/PCBoard Manager.
QUESTS12.ZIP Yes 49814 9/21/1991 QUESTATS v1.2 Creates statistics for WC 2.x
QUSERDOC.ZIP Yes 16135 11/20/1990 QMAIL 4.0 User Documentation for QMail v 4.0
QWKM024B.ZIP Yes 168073 9/4/1991 QWKMerge 0.24(beta) - a QWK packet merging/archiving utility
QWKM025B.ZIP Yes 159614 10/24/1991 QWKMerge v0.21� A .QWK Packet File Merging Utility
RAID0122.ZIP Yes 112228 8/8/1991 RAID v1.22 An AreaFix type program for .TIC files
READCALL.ZIP Yes 42737 1/19/1991 READCALL 1.0 PCBoard 14.5 Logon Reporter
REALITYF.ZIP Yes 22569 9/16/1991 Listing of BBS utilities and Doors & where to find them.
RFUPDESC.ZIP Yes 8514 4/21/1991 RFUPDES 1.0 Reformats "short-line file desc. to "long-line"
RNET107U.ZIP Yes 177205 1/3/1991 RNET1.07 EchoConference driver for "QWK"packet based EchoNet
ROS400_1.ZIP Yes 159464 12/16/1990 Fast multi user BBS
ROS400_2.ZIP Yes 147691 12/16/1990 Fast Multi-user BBS 2 of 2
ROTATE.ZIP Yes 8714 10/28/1991 ROTATE A File/Screen rotation utility
RPE_312.ZIP Yes 60975 9/25/1990 Opinion Poll Remote Editor
RWDIR12.ZIP Yes 90831 3/1/1991 RWDIR 1.2 Create File Directories Headers/File Menu's
SCCGVIEW.ZIP Yes 35843 6/6/1991 SCCGVIEW Used with online Archive viewer shows GIF headers
SECFIL10.ZIP Yes 36644 3/25/1991 SECURITY FILE GENERATOR Check security level of current user
SLHEA201.ZIP Yes 30667 1/11/1992 Make Header v2.0 PD program like jsquote for SLMR/OLX
SLMR20.ZIP Yes 165601 5/23/1991 SillyLittleMailReader v2.0 Off-line BBS message reader
SLMR21A.ZIP Yes 177737 1/4/1992 SillyLittleMailReader v2.1A Mailer reader for WC v3
SLMULT15.ZIP Yes 9458 5/15/1990 SLMULTI v1.5 A Mutiple BBS Door Type conversion utility
SLTS105.ZIP Yes 22663 3/31/1991 SLTS v1.05 Takes your TAGLINES.MR file and jumbles it around
SM100ALL.ZIP Yes 423478 9/23/1990 SESSION MANAGER 1.04 Mail reader/res editor/offline mgnment
SM106_N.ZIP Yes 245008 4/29/1991 SESSION MANAGER 1.06 Mail reader/res edit./offline mgmt etc.
SOFARP19.ZIP Yes 13617 2/11/1990 SoFar Today v1.8 for PCB 12/14 makes b/w and | color bulletins of who has called SoFar today
SPEED10.ZIP Yes 149747 10/15/1991 SPEED READ 1.0 QWK reader/message database. You define how many old messages to keep per area. Features include optional message base compression, context-sensitive help, JH sup- port, popup menus, multiple packet import, word censor, twit filter, Fido mode, 3000+ conf support, virus-resistant EXE, picklists and much more. Easy to learn and use.
SS01_143.ZIP Yes 69349 3/31/1991 SUBURBAN SOFTWARE Display area codes of registered PCBoards
STAMT121.ZIP Yes 88413 7/3/1990 STAT MASTER A Statistic Bulletin Generator for GAP
STARTBBS.ZIP Yes 13862 4/21/1990 Text file on starting your own BBS...To do or not to do??
SUBSIZ11.ZIP Yes 51253 2/4/1990 SUBSIZ11 quick and dirty GAPFILE list utility
SUPER7_H.ZIP Yes 17457 8/11/1991 SUPER7-H v1.0 A BBS screen rotation utility
SURVEY10.ZIP Yes 33844 5/10/1990 Survey Door/ PCBoard v14.x automated way to conduct surveys
SXPR228.ZIP Yes 154068 7/30/1990 Silver Express Reader v2.28. Offline Net and Echo reader
TAGLINES.ZIP Yes 3115 1/2/1992 Taglines for Silly Little Mail Reader
TBACK150.ZIP Yes 61491 12/4/1989 TALKBACK Call back verifier for Wildcat 2.xx
TC_SCRNS.ZIP Yes 1589 10/15/1991 TOMCAT .BBS & .SCR screens for Tomcat
TDFILES.ZIP Yes 23608 7/23/1991 TDFILES Creates files listing for the TEST DRIVE Wildcat!
TFERS.ZIP Yes 40338 11/20/1990 TFERS - File Transfer Reporter for WILDCAT! v2
TIMEDOOR.ZIP Yes 33257 10/5/1990 TIMEDOOR 1.0 Keep track of who used your system each day
TNAT20.ZIP Yes 91734 4/3/1990 TheNewsAtTen v2.0 Newsletter utility/creator for BBS's
TNET21.ZIP Yes 91583 8/24/1991 TNET v2.1 Automated mailer for Wildcat sysops using Tomcat!
TOMCAT25.ZIP Yes 250493 10/6/1990 Tomcat v2.5 .QWK Quick Mail door for Wildcat 2.xx
TOMCAT29.ZIP Yes 257790 3/1/1991 Tomcat v2.9 .QWK Quick Mail door for Wildcat 2.xx
TOMCT29A.ZIP Yes 272726 6/20/1991 Tomcat v2.9a .QWK Quick Mail door for Wildcat 2.xx
TOMCT29F.ZIP Yes 271981 10/1/1991 TOMCAT v2.9F FREEWARE version for WC 2.xx No registration!
TOPCAT.ZIP Yes 13670 5/1/1990 TOPCAT v2.01 Top ten users Bulletin generator WC 2.xx
TRIBUNE3.ZIP Yes 22660 8/14/1991 TRIBUNE v3.0 News File Generator for BBS's
TVDEM092.ZIP Yes 82094 3/28/1990 TheVerifier DEMO Call back verifier for Wildcat 2.xx
TX2MB220.ZIP Yes 60797 3/10/1991 TXT2MSG 2.20 Textfile to PCBoard 14.x MessageBase Utility
UBU50.ZIP Yes 46833 2/23/1991 UBU User Bulletin Utility - Create text files from RBBS.
UPLOAD11.ZIP Yes 5633 8/27/1990 UPLOAD v1.1 Wildcat! 2.xx Sysop Utility to find new uploads
USAGEV13.ZIP Yes 28522 4/14/1991 USAGE LOG 1.3 BBS Usage Bulletin Maker
VERIFIX.ZIP Yes 30878 1/1/1991 Verifix v1.0 Call Back Verifier for Wildcat 2.xx
VNET016.ZIP Yes 19524 12/13/1990 V-NET, VERVAN'S International Echomail Game Network
WATCH110.ZIP Yes 16879 8/26/1990 WATCHCAT v1.1 Carrier monitoring/booting utility
WATCHALL.ZIP Yes 19406 3/20/1990 Watch All. Reboots after 8 hours of inactivity or 4 rings.
WATCHDOG.ZIP Yes 3756 4/27/1990 Watchdog 1&2 for monitoring carrier on Door Programs.
WATCHKIT.ZIP Yes 16454 3/18/1990 Watch Cat reboots after 2 hours of inactivity or 4 rings.
WC2DRWY.ZIP Yes 8869 3/12/1990 WC2DRWY v1.1 Conversion Routine for Wildcat 2.xx to Doorway
WCF2TXT.ZIP Yes 9353 9/30/1990 WCF2TXT creates ASCII comma delimited file of WC v2 filebase
WCFL22D.ZIP Yes 27788 11/30/1991 WCatflst v2.2 Create ALLFILES list for Wildcat 2.xx
WCLIST.ZIP Yes 19810 8/29/1991 Latest official list of Wildcat BBS's from Mustang
WCMH100S.ZIP Yes 44441 6/17/1990 MultiHook v1.0 Run several programs from one DOS hook WC2
WCTOP25.ZIP Yes 94863 2/6/1991 WCTOP40 - Wildcat v2 Top user bulletin utility
WC_SCR.ZIP Yes 21315 8/20/1990 WC-SCR - Wildcat v2 screen code utility
WDDV115.ZIP Yes 23100 7/13/1990 Watchdog v1.10� for DESQview! Monitor carrier over modem
WILDCAT1.EXE No 274432 3/19/1991 Wildcat Test Drive 03/01/91 (1 of 2) From Mustang
WILDCAT2.EXE No 354394 3/19/1991 Wildcat Test Drive 03/01/91 (2 of 2) From Mustang
WILDCL10.ZIP Yes 15164 11/9/1990 WildCall v1.0 Create screen for last ten callers WC 2.xx
X00V123J.ZIP Yes 109122 11/30/1991 X00 V1.23J Fossil Driver needed to run several doors.
X00V124.ZIP Yes 112596 3/27/1990 X00 v1.24 - Fossil Driver for comm port handling
XLATE34.ZIP Yes 22210 2/7/1990 XLATE v3.4 BBS Text File to Phone Directory conversion
XRS450AT.ZIP Yes 222402 6/10/1991 XRS offline mail system for AT & above requires XRS45COR.ZIP
XRS45COR.ZIP Yes 71171 6/4/1991 XRS offline mail reader "core" program required for XRS450AT
XRS45DOX.ZIP Yes 62882 6/4/1991 XRS offline mail reader documentation for XRS450AT.ZIP
YSTRDY21.ZIP Yes 32335 11/18/1990 YESTERDAY v2.1 Log scanner for Wildcat! BBS v2.5x
YSTRDY33.ZIP Yes 76965 11/18/1990 Yesterday & Today v3.3 - Log scanners for Wildcat! BBS v2
ZDCS151.ZIP Yes 190540 4/1/1991 ZDCS1.51 Deal with duplicate files in ZIPs already on a BBS
ZIPLAB5.ZIP Yes 165787 4/19/1991 ZIPLAB V alternative/replacement for the normal PCBTEST.BAT
ZIPTV20.ZIP Yes 33436 1/30/1990 ZIP TV v2.0 Online Zipfile Directory/Text View Module