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Name Extracted Size Date Description
2002V098.ZIP Yes 446985 12/2/1990 TRADEWARS 2002 v.098 Very popular door game-strategy.
2002V103.EXE No 530432 9/2/1991 TradeWars 2002 v1.03 First full release!! A door game!
3DTTT40.ZIP Yes 24953 10/31/1990 3D TIC-TAC-TOE V 4.0 A door program.
ADASTY10.ZIP Yes 102266 5/21/1990 ADA-Story v1.0 BBS door for users to create ongoing stories
ADDQUOTE.ZIP Yes 53571 12/19/1990 Door for users to add quotes to Wildcat
ADOPT12.ZIP Yes 47735 10/30/1990 ADOPT A DOOR v1.2 Displays messages asking for donations.
ADOPT41.ZIP Yes 62180 8/10/1991 ADOPT v4.1 Adopt a Door Shows possible users who donated.
AKA.ZIP Yes 26057 9/30/1991 AKA v.01 A BBS Door Front End to allow Alias in Doors
AMOEBA.ZIP Yes 53583 5/11/1990 A bbs door game for WILDCAT!
ANINJA22.ZIP Yes 142163 12/24/1989 American Ninja Door game for BBS
AWAR51.ZIP Yes 57362 10/14/1990 AMOEBA WARS. War in the biology lab- a door game.
AXORU58E.ZIP Yes 153318 2/14/1990 XORU A Work of Pseudo-Medieval Fantasy
AXRUD591.ZIP Yes 155270 9/12/1991 XORU v5.91 Pseudo-Medieval Fantasy Door Game
BAR_400.ZIP Yes 192724 1/27/1991 Land of Barons v4.00
BBS4_SW.ZIP Yes 30435 7/9/1990 BBS List Door v4.10 A Door for BBS listings
BBSL.ZIP Yes 97789 11/11/1991 BBS Listings A BBS listing program for running as a DOOR
BBSLST21.ZIP Yes 103385 1/23/1991 BBSLIST v2.1 Allows uploadANSI picture with BBS entry.
BBSWATCH.ZIP Yes 27089 2/5/1990 BBSWATCH - Door game for Wildcat v2
BBS_TERM.ZIP Yes 20413 1/18/1991 BBS-TERMv1.5 Special terminal program for Crash On Line game
BCARD140.ZIP Yes 109256 3/11/1990 BUSINESS CARD DOOR1.40 Pass out/receive electronic bus cards
BCHESS2.ZIP Yes 123222 3/31/1991 On-line Chess game compliments of The Key Place BBS
BETSY16.ZIP Yes 83874 7/11/1991 BETSY ROSS Solitare - Door Game v1.6 ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Move the cards from the grid and the deck to the 4 foundations. Fast-paced, addictive and very hard to beat! NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
BIORYTHM.ZIP Yes 21313 11/8/1991 BIORYTHM A BBS Door Uses DOOR.SYS
BITS122.ZIP Yes 73662 1/26/1992 Bit Spinner v1.22 BBS door game something hangman
BJV12.ZIP Yes 73424 11/5/1991 BlackJack v1.2 A Black Jack BBS Door
BKBASE30.ZIP Yes 99914 1/31/1990 BKBASE A program for a BBS listing as a DOOR
BLIST191.ZIP Yes 64853 12/1/1990 BBSLIST DOOR 1.91 Create a BBS List for variety of uses.
BLKAX.ZIP Yes 23089 10/3/1990 Blackjack door game for Wildcat BBS'
BLOKDR10.ZIP Yes 24846 7/20/1990 Open Door to run Tetris online in a BBS
BOXPKR29.ZIP Yes 80356 12/1/1990 BOX Poker Solitaire - Door Game v2.9 ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Play 5 card stud poker on a 5x5 board grid. You place the 25 cards on the grid to form the best hands you can and accumulate points. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
BRON200.ZIP Yes 81613 2/15/1990 BRON v2.0 arcade quality Door for use under PCBOARD.
BUCK100.ZIP Yes 35435 4/27/1990 BUCCANEER v1.0 Pirate door game
BUCK101A.ZIP Yes 69013 6/25/1990 BUCK101A v1.01 Game door written for QuickBBS.
BXDICE15.ZIP Yes 78647 8/9/1991 BOX DICE - Door Game v1.5 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Remove all 24 boxes from the grid, based on the roll of the dice. Fast-paced, frustrating and VERY hard to beat!! NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level. 
CASTLE72.ZIP Yes 95467 4/22/1991 THE DARK CASTLE V7.2 BBS Door game for many popular BBS's.
CAS_212.ZIP Yes 138891 9/25/1990 MYCROFT CASINO v2.12. BBS gambling door.
CBACKM12.ZIP Yes 137076 8/19/1990 CALL BACK DOOR V1.2 A Callback Verification Door For GAP
CDCOM.ZIP Yes 217002 10/16/1991 CDCOM v1.1c Run an online CDROM as a door! WC 2.x
CDCOMSIG.ZIP Yes 124206 10/15/1991 CDCOM v1.0 For running PC-SIG Cd's as a door
CDROM15A.ZIP Yes 40712 10/22/1991 CD-ROM Door v1.5a Run ANY CD-ROM from a BBS door
CDSUB2.ZIP Yes 44949 11/4/1990 CDSUB DOORv1.0 online subscript. order door/BBS Caller Digst
CHCRAP15.ZIP Yes 69721 1/6/1991 CHAMPIONSHIP CRAPS 1.5 Online door crap game.
CHECK33.ZIP Yes 58133 8/19/1990 CHECKERS DOOR 3.3 Multi-player door for PCBoard v 14
CIVIL10.ZIP Yes 18262 5/13/1990 Civil War BBS Door.
CLOSEDOR.ZIP Yes 67284 3/8/1991 ClosedDoor is a simple easy to use door, v 1.0
CMAGI134.EXE No 298516 11/9/1991 ChessMagic v1.34 A BBS Chess Door game
CMAGI142.EXE No 192544 12/4/1991 ChessMAGIC! v1.42 Chess Door, uses USCF ratings
CMPML100.ZIP Yes 82512 11/14/1990 CMPMAIL, The Complete Mail Door
CMREAD10.EXE No 52312 12/4/1991 ChessMAGIC!'s Offline Game Reader Study moves off line
CMTDOR21.ZIP Yes 22086 8/28/1990 CMTDOR Door to provide immediate reaction comment for door.
CONC14.ZIP Yes 36894 10/23/1990 CONCENTRATION Match prizes and clear board like child's game
CRASH46.ZIP Yes 88352 12/25/1990 CRASH 4.6 multi-user SIMULATION of hacking bulletin boards.
CRDFS311.ZIP Yes 62583 12/5/1990 CARDFISH 3.11 Clone version of Cardsharks
CRYPTO15.ZIP Yes 79447 9/1/1991 Cryptograms - Door Game v1.5 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Solve a coded phrase. Played exactly like the puzzles found in magazines and newspapers. Very difficult, yet challenging. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
CSF_130.ZIP Yes 122578 9/26/1990 Mycroft Casino v1.30 Door for BBS's
CVLWAR39.ZIP Yes 108901 12/16/1990 THE CIVIL WAR 3.91 War game from Confederacy viewpoint. Door
CZAR412.ZIP Yes 221038 2/18/1990 CZARWARS 4.12 BBS Door. Complex Strategy Economic/Military
DATAVIEW.ZIP Yes 28899 12/20/1990 DATAVIEW 1. A "smart" text viewer door.
DECODE14.ZIP Yes 49652 10/21/1990 MAASTER DECODER 1.0 Door game to decode hidden words.
DEPO21.ZIP Yes 102518 12/15/1989 DEPOSITORY SAVING BANK DOOR 2.1 . A time door for PCBoard
DERBY10A.ZIP Yes 49007 3/20/1990 DERBY DAY 1.0 Door Game- A Day at the Races
DFIX141.ZIP Yes 46301 10/14/1990 DOORFIX 1.41 Door Conversion Utility.
DICT_103.ZIP Yes 78460 11/22/1991 DICTATOR PLAY 1.03 Try to conquer the world in 2400 AD.
DJMAL116.ZIP Yes 142253 12/7/1990 DJMAIL 1.16 Offline Mail Door for PCBoard v14.5- one node.
DMANIA10.ZIP Yes 108300 1/5/1992 DOLLARMANIA! v1.0 DOOR program for Wildcat! 2.x and 3.x BBS'
DOOR11P.ZIP Yes 58384 12/12/1990 DOOR LIST A BBS door utility requires ANSI.SYS, and Color
DOORLIST.ZIP Yes 7353 1/28/1991 DOORLIST 1.0 keep your callers current on game status
DORPCH35.ZIP Yes 31255 8/26/1990 Use this for running PCBOARD doors.
DOWN_01A.ZIP Yes 25012 10/16/1990 DOOR DOWN"Front End" for a BBS Door that is down temporarily
DPLAY20.ZIP Yes 205272 11/23/1990 Dirty Play Door Daily Event Program.
DRWY205.ZIP Yes 85155 4/16/1990 Doorway, use as a door for Drop to DOS games etc...
DRWY212.ZIP Yes 180805 12/16/1990 DOORWAY Turn programs into doors on BB/ other programs.
DRWY220.ZIP Yes 205746 7/29/1991 Doorway v2.20, used for remote drop to DOS. Latest version!
DS_102A.ZIP Yes 247253 3/25/1990 DUNGEON STOMPERS 1.02 THE ON-LINE GAME
DWL10.ZIP Yes 182663 5/1/1990 DARK WASTELAND 1.0 A DOORS GAME. 5 player version.
DW_UR100.ZIP Yes 198942 6/25/1990 DEATH WARRIOR Save your planet in 28000 AD
DYNAS302.ZIP Yes 94320 11/16/1990 Space Dynasty, a WWIV online game v 3.02
DZKWR134.ZIP Yes 48743 9/28/1991 DSZ WAR-RANK v1.34 A Bulletin Utility for Global Wars Door
EC110.ZIP Yes 227013 2/27/1991 Esterian Conquest v1.10 Space adventure BBS door game
ECHO290.ZIP Yes 111250 1/27/1990 Echodor v2.80 - Run an Echomail system as a DOOR
ECHO303.ZIP Yes 130541 1/19/1990 ECHODOR v3.03. Full featured echomail conference processor.
ELIM42.ZIP Yes 48790 12/9/1990 ELIMINATE 4.2 A door game, guess the word.
ELY14.ZIP Yes 73366 4/8/1990 Elynthia : The ultimate Multi-Player D&D adventure
EXWORD21.ZIP Yes 50193 10/3/1990 EXWORD 2.02 A multiplayer crossword puzzle 'door'
FACTS18.ZIP Yes 70125 3/26/1991 FACTS v1.8 BBS Door game of FACTS
FACTS20.ZIP Yes 68936 4/17/1991 FACT 2.0 A Jeopardy type game.
FB_POOL2.ZIP Yes 65545 11/17/1990 THE FB POOL 1.50 A 'Pool' Door for any TEAM Sport !
FB_POOL3.ZIP Yes 78752 7/16/1991 A 'Pool' door for Wildcat. Setup and run a sport type 'Pool'
FERS197.ZIP Yes 66586 12/15/1990 Fer Sale-Trade-Giveaway v1.97 Door for a BBS
FFS182.ZIP Yes 104338 6/23/1990 Fresh Water Fishing Simulator v1.82 Fishing door game
FREQ20.ZIP Yes 96908 12/2/1990 RADIO FREQUENCY DOOR. Create a user log of HAM Radio Frq's
FSE_320.ZIP Yes 109522 1/2/1990 Fictional Stock Exchange v3.2 - BBS door game
FTRS0040.ZIP Yes 55263 3/27/1991 ForTris v0.40 Tetris game written as a BBS door
GALARM.ZIP Yes 273556 1/2/1990 GALACTIC ARMAGEDDON 1.05b On-Line Game
GALWAR75.ZIP Yes 422896 7/16/1990 Galactic Wars v7.5 A space type BBS DOOR game
GALWAR76.ZIP Yes 424901 4/29/1991 GALAXY WARZONE 7.6 . Another fabulous Door by Scott Baker.
GANGW110.ZIP Yes 121969 12/26/1990 GANG WARFARE Protect your turf with your own gang. WWIV
GAPQBDR.ZIP Yes 128089 1/12/1991 GAPQBDR Professional Development Kit for BBS Door Programmer
GC2_F.ZIP Yes 214602 11/24/1989 GALACTIC CONQUEST II Interstellar DOOR for BBS's
GETFILE1.ZIP Yes 13214 4/19/1991 GETFILE-small door that uses the special features of PCBrd14
GOLFSTL.ZIP Yes 108951 8/12/1990 GOLF SOLITAIRE v1.2 Golf card game-door
GOLF_ST.ZIP Yes 124766 1/1/1992 Golf Solitree v2.05 Door Card Game for most BBS'S
GRAFFITI.ZIP Yes 70778 7/4/1991 GRAFFITI A BBS Door to allow users to "Paint on a Wall"
GROUPERS.ZIP Yes 45854 4/16/1990 CARD GROUPER 1.0 Simple card gambling game for door.
GTII_25.ZIP Yes 109019 5/10/1990 GOHST TOWN II v.10 interactive multi-user door game/WildWest
GUT_200_.ZIP Yes 76565 2/1/1991 GUTS is an ANSI only Door program for PCBoard 14.x
GWAR231.ZIP Yes 110269 12/4/1990 Global War Ver. 2.31 A BBS DOOR game.
GWAR232.ZIP Yes 102480 8/5/1991 Global Wars V2.32 New release!
GWAR_SCR.ZIP Yes 32637 1/14/1991 GWAR-SCR Generates improved scoreboard for Global Wars Door
GWRK101A.ZIP Yes 18189 4/3/1991 GWRANK 1.01A Accessory to Global Wars v 2.31
GWRK101B.ZIP Yes 17772 4/12/1991 GLOBAL WARS 101A Accessory to Global Wars 2.31
GWTBL110.ZIP Yes 50990 12/5/1990 Global War Status Table v1.10 - Create bltns for Global Wars
GWTERM11.ZIP Yes 27768 1/22/1990 GWTERM 1.1 terminal program/graphics driver for WARGAMES 1.5
GWUTIL12.ZIP Yes 18366 6/27/1990 GLOBAL WARS UTILITIES V1.20
GW_SLT13.ZIP Yes 60719 4/1/1990 GLOBAL WAR v1.3 Enhanced Terminal
HALLWAY1.ZIP Yes 24937 8/31/1990 HALLWAY v1.0 Multi-Door Menu Door
HAMUR10.ZIP Yes 98401 2/13/1990 HAMURABI Govern the ancient empire of Sumeria
HEH23.ZIP Yes 75250 8/30/1990 HANG 'EM HIGH 2.3 enhanced, ANSI graphics game of Hangman.
HIROLL22.ZIP Yes 67854 2/12/1991 HIROLL DICE is a fast-paced board game V2.2 for PCBoard 14.x
HIROLL33.ZIP Yes 85518 3/17/1991 HIROLL DICE - Door Game v3.3 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** A fast paced, challenging dice board game. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
INC_30.ZIP Yes 62910 3/23/1991 INCOGNITO 3.0 A Alias Door For PCBoard 14.5x
INTRIG20.ZIP Yes 251697 4/6/1991 INTRIGUE 2.0 strategy type door game
INTTRM10.ZIP Yes 121398 3/14/1991 INTREGUE v1.0 Term program for BBS Door game of INTREGUE
INTTRM20.ZIP Yes 131429 4/6/1991 INTRIGUE TERM v2.0 Player term program for Intrigue
JAIL.ZIP Yes 77883 9/14/1990 DOOR game Jail Break for wildcat need newkeys also
JAIL1000.ZIP Yes 176715 8/23/1991 JAIL BREAK 1000 A BBS Door - Users Escape from Jail!
JAILTOOL.ZIP Yes 66469 12/12/1990 JAILTOOL A set of utilities for both Jail Break 500 & 1000
JIMMER10.ZIP Yes 75269 3/3/1991 Jimmer QWK Mail door for RBBS
KENO33.ZIP Yes 35219 9/29/1990 RENO KENO 3.3 Online door game for PCBoard 12.1/14/0
KING0191.ZIP Yes 56508 1/12/1991 THE KING OF ROCK-N-ROLL TRIVIA DOOR v2.0
KING709.ZIP Yes 251438 10/8/1990 KING OF THE BOARD 7.09 Triva pyramid game
KMAIL275.ZIP Yes 97888 4/25/1991 KMAIL 2.75 QWK compatible mail generator.
KNK32.ZIP Yes 87426 9/23/1991 KNK v3.2 Kannons and Katapults A BBS Door game
KUWAITI.ZIP Yes 17754 10/3/1991 KUWAITI OIL v1.0 A BBS door game
LADDER17.ZIP Yes 71495 2/12/1991 LADDER'S DICE 1.7 Fast paced dice game
LADDER28.ZIP Yes 84009 12/12/1990 LADDERS Dice - Door Game v2.8 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** If you use the right strategy and have plenty of luck, you will climb the ladders and "capture" the required number to earn points. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
LANDMINE.ZIP Yes 20846 2/10/1990 LANDMINE Door game, Carry important message across field.
LCHAT99D.ZIP Yes 36230 9/23/1990 LIVE-CHAR .099d user to user chat program for PCBoard BBS.
LISTDOOR.ZIP Yes 84819 10/3/1990 THE LIST DOOR Search for BBS in a variety of ways.023
LIVECAT3.ZIP Yes 271686 12/13/1990 Livecat Ver 3.0, used for Wildcat Doors to run externally. G
LIVEPRO3.ZIP Yes 267787 11/21/1990 LIVEPRO 3.0 Tightly control execution of doors on system.
LOCKER14.ZIP Yes 20205 12/17/1990 LOCKER 1.4 Unlock and lock almost every serial door.
LOCKJW.ZIP Yes 81629 1/28/1991 LOCKJAW 1.0 Numbers game for up to 100 players.
LOCKJW10.ZIP Yes 81629 1/28/1991 LOCKJAW V1.0 A DOORS GAME
LOD200A.ZIP Yes 388821 10/8/1991 Land of Devistation v2.0 Part 1 of 2 A BBS Door game
LOD200B.ZIP Yes 141667 10/3/1991 Land of Devistation v2.0 Part 2 of 2 A BBS Door game
LOD210A.ZIP Yes 28680 11/27/1991 Land of Devestation v2.10 (1 of 5) BBS Door Documentation
LOD210B.ZIP Yes 236300 11/27/1991 Land of Devestation v2.10 (2 of 5) BBS Door Main program
LOD210C.ZIP Yes 219565 11/27/1991 Land of Devestation v2.10 (3 of 5) BBS Door EGA version
LOD210D.ZIP Yes 118784 11/27/1991 Land of Devestation v2.10 (4 of 5) BBS Door EGA library
LOD210E.ZIP Yes 124392 11/27/1991 Land of Devestation v2.10 (4 of 5) BBS Door Sysop package
LOTERY35.ZIP Yes 69177 4/17/1991 LOTTERY 3.5 Lottery game with prize you configure.
LOTTO31.ZIP Yes 102814 12/30/1990 INSTANT LOTTO 3.1A Rub off lottery game.
MAHJONGG.ZIP Yes 106989 8/23/1991 MAHJONGG PYRAMID A BBS Door game similar to Mahjong.
MAILFILE.ZIP Yes 42681 3/18/1991 MAIL FILE 1.0 4 Doors emulate sending files to users mailbox
MASTR104.ZIP Yes 39492 12/2/1990 MASTERMIND 1.04 Invicta board game- you vs. computer.
MAYHEM20.ZIP Yes 266093 4/29/1991 UNIVERSLA MAYHEM 2.0 Space Alliance Combat Door
MAZE36.ZIP Yes 273208 12/30/1990 MAXE DOOR 3.6 Object of game- stay alive and escape maze.
MBDOOR10.ZIP Yes 77890 1/8/1991 MYERS-BRIGGS TESTING DOOR 1.0 Entertain and educate.
MCRACE10.ZIP Yes 43492 11/25/1990 MOTOR CITY DRAGSTRIP 1.0c Race against the computer.
MDOOR102.ZIP Yes 49570 1/29/1990 MegaMail Door v1.02 - Echomail system in a Door
MDOOR111.ZIP Yes 52481 4/10/1990 MEGAMAIL DOOR Upload/download your mail with ease.
MINEFLD.ZIP Yes 30154 10/3/1990 Minefield door game
MMAKER14.ZIP Yes 103541 10/8/1991 MATCH MAKER - BBS Door v1.4 ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Allows for the matching of callers with like interests based upon answers given to the questions designed by the Sysop. Door allows for up to 50 questions, sending/receiving of private messages, amongst other options. RUNS ON ALL DOOR-CAPABLE BBS SOFTWARE! 
MNEWS27.ZIP Yes 100270 2/26/1991 Modem News v27 A BBS Door for a subscription to the magazine
MOBBS10.ZIP Yes 96031 10/20/1990 MORE BBSes 1.0 View a list of local or long-distant BBSes.
MONTE25.ZIP Yes 77963 1/5/1991 MONTE CARLO Solitaire - Door Game v2.5 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Another highly challenging, hard to beat solitaire card game. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
MORDOR30.ZIP Yes 80537 6/23/1990 MorDOOR Instant Registration DOOR 3.0 Register New Users
MUMO22.ZIP Yes 93110 6/18/1991 Muder Motel v2.2 - BBS door game, hunt them down!
MURPHY1A.ZIP Yes 21317 11/17/1991 MURPHY-ISM Door v1.0 Display Murphy's Law Type Quotes
MV150.ZIP Yes 315392 2/28/1991 MegaVerse v1.5 A BBS universe type Door game
MWBV19A.ZIP Yes 160555 9/4/1991 MECHWARS V1.8 A Space war type BBS Door game
MWV1_8C.ZIP Yes 155288 3/1/1991 MECHWARS 1.8C Multi-player trading game in the universe.
NEWGAL11.ZIP Yes 125327 1/25/1991 GalWars II. By Scott M. Baker
NUCLEAR.ZIP Yes 19933 10/3/1991 NUCLEAR STRIKE v1.0 A BBS Door game
OOII995B.ZIP Yes 356432 2/28/1991 Operation Overkill, a BBS door game
OOII997B.ZIP Yes 345869 10/17/1991 Operation Overkill II Beta-Version .997� A BBS Door game
OPN_314.ZIP Yes 78700 9/25/1990 Opinion Poll Door by MYCROFT
ORDDOR12.ZIP Yes 79348 3/3/1991 Online Ordering Door for MC/VISA/etc. for PC-Board
ORDOR122.ZIP Yes 80765 4/7/1991 Order Door. Take MC/VISA Orders in PC-Board
ORIGIN22.ZIP Yes 71143 2/5/1990 FILE ORIGINS: File Download / Upload Searches v2.2
OTRCAL11.ZIP Yes 32083 8/31/1990 OTRCALL 1.1 Call your door from remote/ have it call back.
OTRPAG11.ZIP Yes 30717 8/31/1990 OTRPAGE1.1 Private Page Door for GAP or PCB
OTRPRO3.ZIP Yes 37965 8/31/1990 OTRPro v3.0 is an anonymous/private transfer door
OUTRIM2.ZIP Yes 223143 1/13/1991 THE OUTER RIM colonize and control over 85 Planets.
OVERFIX.ZIP Yes 11108 11/28/1990 OVER FIX Utility for PCBoard running Overkill door.
OVRUND15.ZIP Yes 64747 2/8/1991 OVER UNDER SOLITAIRE V1.5 Fast paced card game.
OVRUND26.ZIP Yes 77572 12/24/1990 OVER UNDER Solitaire - Door Game v2.6 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Very addictive, tough, frustrating solitaire card game, requiring luck and good strategy. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
PACK_MAN.ZIP Yes 25746 3/12/1990 PACK-MAN 1.1. The PAC-MAN Clone DOOR Game
PAIR320.ZIP Yes 79544 5/15/1991 3-Pair Poker - Door Game v2.0 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Play Poker against the computer. Will you get 3-Pair first? NEW: Control "Games per Day" & "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level! 
PBFB131.ZIP Yes 115355 12/6/1990 PRO BOWL FOOTBALL 1.3 Online football league game
PBUST203.ZIP Yes 157993 4/28/1990 PLANET BUSTERS 2.03 exciting multiplayer space conquest game
PCBPC31.ZIP Yes 119363 3/17/1991 The Power Converter is a door conversion utility V 3.0
PCBPORT.ZIP Yes 24607 3/9/1990 PORTER program to unlock/relock com ports for PCBoard 14.xx
PCBV31B7.ZIP Yes 224700 5/21/1990 PCBVERIFY 3.0 Callback Verification Door Software
PCHAT1R.ZIP Yes 49249 9/22/1990 ProChat - The Ultimate Chat Door for PCBoard 14.x
PCHAT2B3.ZIP Yes 76390 4/9/1991 ProChat - The Ultimate Chat Door for PCBoard 14.x
PCOVE401.ZIP Yes 89232 3/17/1990 PIRATE'S COVE V 4.0 Multi-player game - sink Galleons
PDBASE11.ZIP Yes 50151 10/3/1990 PRODUCT DATABASE DOOR display Product Information etc.
PHANT.ZIP Yes 165879 5/11/1990 Phantasia Door game for WC!
PHANT600.ZIP Yes 189184 9/25/1990 PHANTASIA - An Inter-terminal Fantasy Game v6.0.0
PICKIT15.ZIP Yes 101240 11/8/1990 PICKIT 1.5 A Livewire BBS Game Door
PIT117B.ZIP Yes 236343 12/5/1990 The PIT. A WWIV Online Game.
PITPLAY.ZIP Yes 10203 12/5/1990 THE PIT v1.17b PLAYERS MANUAL
POKER40.ZIP Yes 27931 12/4/1990 CASINO POKER 4.0
POLL108.ZIP Yes 61778 11/1/1991 POLLDoor v1.08 Users answer surveys, creates stats
POPW121.ZIP Yes 65086 7/2/1990 POPBLT Pop Words High Scores Bulletin Generator v1.2
PREDOR24.ZIP Yes 27148 8/31/1990 PREDOOR 2.4 Show user text file before he/she enters door.
PROKIT33.ZIP Yes 204525 6/28/1990 PROKIT set of tools used to build PCBoard 14.x DOOR programs
PROWHO19.ZIP Yes 51229 3/9/1991 PROWHO The "WHO UPLOADED THAT FILE?" door for PCBoard!
PV301.ZIP Yes 73090 9/27/1991 The Prize Vault v3.01 Door for WC 2.x-3.x to guess Combo
PW112.ZIP Yes 43013 6/29/1990 PIMP WARS Door Game
PW131.ZIP Yes 52854 2/20/1991 Pimp Wars v1.31 - BBS door game
PYRAMID2.ZIP Yes 121207 1/7/1991 PYRAMID v2.0 Graphics Hi-Lo game
QKDOOR29.ZIP Yes 39144 4/11/1990 QUICKDOOR v2.9 Door Type converter for most all BBS's
QKDOOR2C.ZIP Yes 46236 10/13/1990 QUICK DOOR 2C Conversion Utility for Doors info text files.
QREAD10.ZIP Yes 110918 4/26/1991 QREADER 1.0 A `Full-Screen' On-line Text Door for PCBoard 14
QSLOT23C.ZIP Yes 32477 3/5/1990 Q-Slot! v2.3c Door slot game for time
QSLOT25C.ZIP Yes 55780 4/3/1990 Q-Slot! v2.5c Door slot game for time
QUEST300.ZIP Yes 83653 4/14/1990 BATTLE QUEST D&D Adventure type door game
RACES18.ZIP Yes 57841 4/17/1991 RACES 1.8 Horse racing game with betting odds and more.
RAID3_30.ZIP Yes 189049 3/12/1991 RAIDER 3.3 Fantasy Role Playing Modem Game
RAMATK12.ZIP Yes 15408 10/29/1990 REQUEST-A-MATIC 1.2 The file request door for PCBoard 14.2
RANKEM03.ZIP Yes 12400 12/2/1990 This is the Bulletin maker for Global War.
RANKER.ZIP Yes 8899 5/1/1990 Another Bulletin Utility for Global Wars
REGIS26.ZIP Yes 116117 9/29/1990 REGIS 2.6 A BBS Registration Door
RESCUE14.ZIP Yes 74135 9/1/1991 Rescue - Door Game v1.4 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Rescue all the hotel guests before the bombs explode! Fast-paced, frustrating and FUN! NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
RSHL102.ZIP Yes 81778 9/25/1990 Remote Shell v1.02 Guarantee Dos Shell security/Control area
SAFE.ZIP Yes 34481 4/8/1990 safe cracker door game
SCHECK23.ZIP Yes 100443 10/3/1990 SUPER CHECKERS 2.3 multi-player DOOR game of checkers
SCOPE.ZIP Yes 72245 11/8/1991 HOROSCOPE An online Horoscope BBS Door
SCORE12.ZIP Yes 34706 8/30/1990 SCORE DOOR 1.2 See scorecards from all game doors.
SCRABDIC.ZIP Yes 203032 3/16/1990 Scrabble Dictionary for SCRABBLE, the BBS door
SCRBDR3M.ZIP Yes 115464 2/7/1991 Scrabble Door 3.0M for WildCat
SCRBDR3T.ZIP Yes 106381 1/10/1990 Scrabble Door v3.0T Scrabble Door for BBS Single node vers
SCRBWORD.ZIP Yes 203031 3/16/1990 Scrabble Door v3.0T Dictionary to go with the BBS Door
SCSLAB10.ZIP Yes 77793 12/28/1990 LABYRINTH A Door game
SEARCH24.ZIP Yes 84916 6/3/1991 Word Search - Door Game v2.4 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** All-time favorite puzzle game. Choose a word from the Word List, locate it on the letter grid and earn points! NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
SFCOMTRV.ZIP Yes 47572 1/30/1990 SFCOMTRV v1.0 - BBS door game of computer trivia
SFGILTRV.ZIP Yes 34861 9/14/1991 SFGILTRV A Gilligans Island Trivia BBS Door
SFSPRTRV.ZIP Yes 57690 3/12/1990 SFSPRTRV - BBS door game of Sports
SFTVTRV.ZIP Yes 61416 8/25/1991 SFTVTRV - BBS door game of Television trivia
SFTYTRV.ZIP Yes 77579 2/23/1991 SFTYTRV - Turbulent year (1960-79) BBS trivia door game
SFT_100.ZIP Yes 234759 1/2/1990 Star Fight v1.0 - Mycroft BBS door game
SFT_110.ZIP Yes 248804 12/8/1990 STAR FIGHT 1.10 another door game by Mycroft
SHARX20.ZIP Yes 35214 3/17/1990 CARD SHARX 2.0 Guess if next card is higher/lower
SHCASE_2.ZIP Yes 16843 9/25/1990 SHCASE_2 Six mystery door games
SHODOR2.ZIP Yes 31856 8/28/1990 SHODOR 2.0 multi-purpose text file display door.
SHUFFL19.ZIP Yes 81479 6/26/1991 Word Shuffle - Door Game v1.9 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Word letters are shuffled and the player must unscramble them. Includes a database/event manager. NEW: Control "Games per DAY" and "Door Time, globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level! 
SH_262.ZIP Yes 149614 9/25/1990 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes BBS Door by MYCROFT
SIGDR15A.ZIP Yes 124827 6/6/1990 SIGDOOR 1.5 Door for access to PC-SIG CD ROM
SINK30.ZIP Yes 138639 8/20/1991 Sinkem V3.0 A door game for Wildcat!
SM1DR200.ZIP Yes 56932 5/10/1990 SM1 DOOR 2.00 simple-to-setup registration door for PCBoard
SMK_120.ZIP Yes 83495 7/19/1990 Star Market v1.20 The game of Galactic Investment
SMK_121.ZIP Yes 85406 9/25/1990 Star Market v1.21 The Game of galactic Investment
SMLNET1F.ZIP Yes 312190 10/24/1990 SmallNet v1F - A Netmail/Echomail Door Program
SMLNET3F.ZIP Yes 245593 10/24/1990 SmallNet v3F - A Netmail/Echomail Door Program
SMPSNS12.ZIP Yes 61449 6/20/1990 Simsons v1.2 BBS door game of Bart Simpson!
SMPSNS14.ZIP Yes 82577 1/22/1990 Simpsons v1.4 - BBS door game of Bart Simpson!
SOL001.ZIP Yes 54448 3/30/1991 Klondike Solitaire - BBS door game of solitaire
SOL10.ZIP Yes 70880 11/17/1991 Solitaire A BBS Door game of solitaire
SOLITREE.ZIP Yes 113161 6/30/1990 SOLI-TREE Card game-door for BBS'
SSLOT12.ZIP Yes 30313 6/19/1990 SUPER-SLOT v1.2 Slot Machine game -DOOR- for Wildcat!
SS_25.ZIP Yes 82466 2/11/1991 SUPER-SLOT v2.5 Slot Machine game -DOOR- for Wildcat!
STACK_18.ZIP Yes 52042 1/9/1992 Stack'Em! v1.8 A BBS door game similar to Tetris for WC
STACK12.ZIP Yes 30092 6/19/1990 STACK'EM v1.2 Doorware for Wildcat.
STACK_15.ZIP Yes 50074 3/30/1991 STACK'EM 1.5 Join different shaped falling pieces together.
STATES16.ZIP Yes 49569 1/1/1991 STATES1.6 Game whereby computer guesses which State selected
STBBS350.ZIP Yes 52256 9/14/1990 STAR TRADERS BBS 3.50 Build vast interstellar trading sys.
STORY.ZIP Yes 73464 7/4/1991 The STORY BOARD A BBS Door for an ongoing user added story
STORY1.ZIP Yes 38022 4/15/1991 STORYBOARD DOOR allow your users to "write" a STORY together
STRIKE93.ZIP Yes 39199 2/10/1990 STRIKE "9" v2.0 Simple dice game with computer
STRK931.ZIP Yes 49702 11/2/1990 STRIKE "9" v3.1 Simple dice game with Numbers 1 thru 9
STSV2_1.ZIP Yes 52178 2/27/1990 STSRAVEV2.0 Be first country to get space shuttle in orbit
SUNHOF13.ZIP Yes 14663 10/8/1991 Sunrise Doors HOF BLT Generator v1.3 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** SUNHOF is a utility used to create a SET of HALL of FAME bulletins for all Sunrise Door Software games on the 1st of every month; automatically via an EVENT. Will also clear files for a new game. 
SUPERDR3.ZIP Yes 266938 11/24/1990 SUPERDOOR 3.0/S External Menu System and Execution Monitor
SVARD329.ZIP Yes 226437 4/24/1990 SVALVARDS DOOR v3.2.9 a unique, complex, D&D type game
SVRD3294.ZIP Yes 247429 8/4/1990 SVALVARDS DOOR 3.2.94 a unique, complex, D&D type game
TAC140C.ZIP Yes 65741 10/1/1990 ARENA COMBAT 1.40 Search and destroy your tank opponents.
TAPEDOR2.ZIP Yes 49848 2/16/1991 Tapedoor2. Written by Raymond Tracey. Acts as an additional HD for file downloads.. W3JP.. 
TCHESS.ZIP Yes 45776 1/2/1991 Turbo Chess v1.3 BBS door
TDOOR241.ZIP Yes 127186 12/19/1990 Time Door for Wildcat, gamble etc with your user time. Like
TF21.ZIP Yes 135804 1/16/1991 TASK FORCE 2.1 interactive multi-player space war/trade game
TGAMBLE.ZIP Yes 35276 3/22/1990 TIME GAMBLING v.09 5 different gambling games for time
TGTRIV34.ZIP Yes 110490 8/26/1990 TOP GUN TRIVIA 3.4 Door game
TISHARKS.ZIP Yes 63426 1/8/1991 TILE SHARKS Dice game that requires luck and skill.
TM305END.ZIP Yes 376448 1/11/1990 THE MALL DOOR 3.05 Order board for BBS - up to 10 items.
TMWRK120.ZIP Yes 41396 7/21/1990 TEAM WORK 1.20 Unite the known galaxie thru force/treaties
TOC2_0_5.ZIP Yes 393603 11/8/1991 Time of Chaos v2.05 Adventure BBS Door game
TOPTEN13.ZIP Yes 40451 11/2/1991 TOPTEN v1.3 Door creates Letterman style Bulls from users
TOTV15.ZIP Yes 89325 11/2/1990 Time out Trivia v1.5 - BBS door game, beat the clock!
TOT_V15_.ZIP Yes 89322 12/28/1990 TIME OUT TRIVIA Simple question and answer game.
TOURIST.ZIP Yes 26541 7/8/1990 TOURIST Travel in New York City in the dark with challenges.
TRDPST12.ZIP Yes 137214 8/24/1990 TRADIN' POST DOOR 1.2 vintage "Flea Market" type Door
TRISOL13.ZIP Yes 80135 9/23/1991 TRIANGLE Solitaire - Door Game v1.3 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Remove all cards from the pyramid in Pairs that equal 13. Fast-paced solitaire game. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
TRIVIA_2.ZIP Yes 102907 9/29/1990 TRIVIA Game that you can help design
TRUCK101.ZIP Yes 30448 2/28/1990 TRUCKER Deliver the goods from L.A. to N.Y. Door game
TSBLUE11.ZIP Yes 122253 2/13/1990 TOKEN STREET BLUES 1.1 Multi-player Stock Market Game
TSDOOR12.ZIP Yes 216573 2/5/1990 TSDDOOR 1.2 Display searched databases on caller's screen.
TW1K0942.ZIP Yes 198798 4/23/1990 TRADE WARS 1000 Original Space Conquest Doors game
TW22V098.ZIP Yes 447052 5/6/1991 Trade Wars 2002 v0.98
TW2_1001.ZIP Yes 254626 1/14/1990 TRADE WARS 1000 v4.0 Space conquest door game
TWSCOLR2.ZIP Yes 7863 12/3/1991 TRADE WARS SCORE COLOR v2 Space action door
TYAHTZ46.ZIP Yes 102071 12/25/1990 TRIPLE YAHTZEE - Door Game v4.6 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Great Dice game. Plays like the popular board game and is VERY ADDICTIVE! Caller can upload scores attained playing PC-YAHTZEE offline on a PC. NEW: Control "Games per Day" and "Door Time", globally for all callers or selectively based on caller's security level!! 
UBD10.ZIP Yes 101139 1/3/1991 USER'S BIRTHDAY DOOR Door to create birthday greetings
UNICAT10.ZIP Yes 16097 11/19/1991 UniCat v1.0 The universal Wildcat Door Converter WC 3.x
VAULT100.ZIP Yes 96033 11/9/1991 VAULT v1.0 A time/bytes bank program for DOOR.SYS BBS's
VAULT30.ZIP Yes 161478 8/31/1991 VAULT v3.0 The Vault! A door game for BBS's
VB_10.ZIP Yes 53249 4/21/1991 VOTER'S BOOTH The ultimate adopt a door program
VLTBRK33.ZIP Yes 58376 4/21/1991 VAULT BREAKER 3.3 ProKit based game door-Break systems vault
WALL20.ZIP Yes 22748 11/20/1989 Graffit Wall Door v2.0 for PC-Board
WCGUPPY.ZIP Yes 88623 12/21/1990 Wildcat Guppies, a door game for WC!
WCKENO.ZIP Yes 44067 12/15/1990 Keno door game for BBS
WCPOLL13.ZIP Yes 37256 5/19/1991 Wildcat POll, a nifty polling door made just to look and fee
WIZARD14.ZIP Yes 35474 4/28/1990 WIZARD'S CASTLE quest within immense under-ground labyrinth
WOF44.ZIP Yes 146409 9/2/1990 WHEEL of FORTUNE - Door Game v4.4 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Plays like the popular TV game show. Includes puzzle database manager with automatic puzzle changes via your nightly event process ! 
WRDNRD13.ZIP Yes 53610 12/5/1990 WORD NERD V1.1 A clue and a pair of rhyming words game
WWPUZZLE.ZIP Yes 13257 5/10/1990 PUZZLE Sliding number puzzle game
YAHTSEE.ZIP Yes 39362 3/19/1991 YAHTSEE 1.0 5 DICE DOOR GAME
YT20.ZIP Yes 170038 7/6/1990 YANKEE TRADER Space/trading war game
YT28BETA.ZIP Yes 185890 9/16/1990 ONLINE GAME Yankee
YT30.ZIP Yes 197805 8/9/1991 Yankee Trader v3.0 An adventure space BBS door game
YTCALC.ZIP Yes 5412 10/21/1990 This is a calculator of sorts for you Yankee Traders out the
YTFIX.ZIP Yes 66128 9/2/1991 Bug fix for Yankee Trader v3.0