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Name Extracted Size Date Description
BWIZ329.ZIP Yes 144075 11/7/1991 Bakup Wiz v3.29 A backup utility program
FFF27.ZIP Yes 33900 7/9/1990 File Finder Pack v2.7 - Find files on your hard disk
FFF330.ZIP Yes 43734 6/12/1991 FFF v3.3.0 - Fast File Find
FLIX110.ZIP Yes 63591 7/20/1991 File List Extended v1.10 - Advanced DOS file processor
IC183.ZIP Yes 111484 10/6/1991 InteliCat v1.83 (Formerly Named LogiCat) Disk catloger
NJFIND.ZIP Yes 124113 4/21/1990 Nifty James' v2.1 File Find Utility
SHRLOCK.ZIP Yes 122172 3/15/1991 SHERLOCK - A Dual Window ASCII File Comparison Utility
STOW150.ZIP Yes 212803 11/27/1991 Stowaway v1.5 True Archival System for PC Systems
WHENIS21.ZIP Yes 38628 12/19/1991 WhenIs v2.1 Given date, finds all files matching that date
ZIPZP715.ZIP Yes 54056 12/31/1991 ZipZap v7.15 View and/or modify a file/disk sector by sector