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Name Extracted Size Date Description
2COL27.ZIP Yes 21102 12/31/1991 2Col v2.7 A Compressed Print Utility for Dot Matrix
2ON1.ZIP Yes 3383 12/2/1989 2ON1 - Print two pages of text on one...for Lasers!
2SIDES.ZIP Yes 169195 1/27/1991 BOTHSIDES v1.0 Allows you to print on BOTH sides of paper
4_PRINT.ZIP Yes 101889 10/9/1990 4PRINT v3.10 HP LaserJet Multiple ASCII File Printing Util.
ADDFF10.ZIP Yes 36874 11/10/1990 ADDFF10 v1.0 Add Form Feed Codes to Text Documents.
ADRIVERS.ZIP Yes 78218 3/13/1990 ADI DRIVERS Allows printers to be used as printer plotter.
AFONT.ZIP Yes 85120 12/31/1990 FUTURI-BLACK A high quality Type 1 Postscript font.
BF170B.ZIP Yes 347934 1/6/1991 Back & Forth 1.7 now includes print buffer/spooler. Executab
BOOKLETS.ZIP Yes 175447 8/18/1991 BOOKLETS v1.0 LP utility, up to 4 doc. pages per sheet paper
BOOKLT.EXE No 48763 10/13/1991 BOOKLET v3.4 Print docs in Booklet form two pages on one
BOOKLT33.ZIP Yes 40378 7/28/1991 BOOKLET v3.3 Create PC booklet sized doc from full page text
BOTH31.ZIP Yes 70590 6/7/1990 BOTH SIDES v3.1 The BothSides Text Formatter
BOTH35.ZIP Yes 80325 1/14/1991 BOTH v3.5 Print ASCII text on both sides of page.
BOTH360.ZIP Yes 24983 5/9/1990 Print both sides of a page. Nice utility fot HP lasers!
BRAD200.ZIP Yes 238109 1/26/1990 Bradford v2.0 Prints High quality Wordstar Files on Printer
CASELIN3.ZIP Yes 22542 9/23/1990 Case Liners. Prints audio cassette case liners (J-Cards)
CWBARS.ZIP Yes 278477 10/7/1991 CWBARS v1.2e Allows HP to print Postnet barcodes.
CWBARS12.ZIP Yes 22080 10/5/1991 CWBARS v1.2 Print PostNet bar codes on outgoing U.S. Mail
DISKLI21.ZIP Yes 134209 8/19/1991 DISKLIST v2.10 Prints a directory listing on ANY printer
DISKMA13.ZIP Yes 40677 5/12/1991 Diskman It produces disk labels for HP Printers. Supposed to
DJWIN3.ZIP Yes 149143 10/29/1990 HP DeskJet Family printer driver supports the HP DeskJet 500
DMP202.ZIP Yes 47692 5/12/1991 Printer Driver / Spooler v2.02
DMP205.ZIP Yes 56082 2/10/1991 DMP v2.03 Printer driver/spooler for IBM PCs and compatibles
DMPLAS.ZIP Yes 310952 8/15/1991 DMPLAS v1.1 Convert Dot-Matrix printer controls to Laser!
DPRINT.ZIP Yes 10360 9/10/1991 DPRINT.COM Ver 1.01 written 9/9/91 by Nat Guyton
DSII32.ZIP Yes 126269 3/23/1991 DISK SPOOL II v3.2 Printer spooler for networks!
ENVLJ730.ZIP Yes 86503 8/10/1991 Handy program to print envelopes with a HP Laserjet printer.
ENVLJ737.ZIP Yes 91019 11/2/1990 ENVLJ v.7 Envelop printing program for HP LaserJet Printer.
FPRINT.ZIP Yes 8655 5/1/1990 FPRINT Enhanced print spooler for PC/MS-DOS
GETART.ZIP Yes 70876 5/31/1990 GETART v4.02 Display printmster/printshop graphics on screen
GIFDOT.ZIP Yes 76605 1/26/1992 GIFDOT v1.1 Dot matrix printer utility for printing GIF's
GIFP32.ZIP Yes 43803 9/3/1990 GIFPRT v3.2 Display, print GIFs. Hi-res printing, monochro
HPREAD.ZIP Yes 21835 5/4/1991 Capture HP-28C, 28S, 48SX Printer Outp. on PC! Incl C-Source
HPSRT08.ZIP Yes 113877 3/31/1991 HPSORT Pen Plotter Pen Motion Optimizer/file compressor/HP
IPV4_1.ZIP Yes 200266 10/31/1990 IMAGEPRINT V4 Print Quality Enhancer for dot matrix mach.
IPV4_2.ZIP Yes 202029 10/31/1990 IMAGEPRINT V4 Print Quality Enhancer for dot matrix mach.#2
JETPAK10.ZIP Yes 106900 9/30/1990 JETPACK v1.0 DeskJet and LaserJet Printer Utilities
JETPILOT.ZIP Yes 138641 8/18/1991 JET PILOT v1.2 Laser Jet Printer Control program.
KPRINT50.ZIP Yes 37704 11/4/2000 KPrint. Prints any file and or format to any printer.
LABLER72.ZIP Yes 38645 4/14/1991 Labler v7.2 Print lables and much more!
LASERGIF.ZIP Yes 21867 10/23/1990 LaserGIF takes standard GIF files and prints to HP LaserJet
LASERJET.ZIP Yes 257611 5/8/1991 LASERJET Soft font package for LaserJet printers.
LJBOOK32.ZIP Yes 9990 1/8/1991 HP laser utility to print 4 pages on one sheet. Does it Book
LJBOOK35.ZIP Yes 11296 4/25/1991 LJBOOK v3.5 Print text document in a book format.
LM5SHELL.ZIP Yes 339852 3/12/1991 Label Master 5.1 Handy printer labeling program
LQ235.ZIP Yes 247110 7/17/1991 LQ v2.35 Near letter quality for 9 pin dot matrix printers.
LZSELECT.ZIP Yes 90350 4/17/1991 From V10N2 of PCMAG - Laser printer setup utility - see SET
MRLABEL.ZIP Yes 132655 5/12/1991 Mr. Label v5.0 Program supports all laser printers
NABBIT16.ZIP Yes 15199 3/10/1991 NABBIT Print ASCII off of screeen.
ONSIDE1.ZIP Yes 112329 2/17/1990 ONSIDE1 Sideway printing program.
ON_SIDE.ZIP Yes 112233 2/17/1990 ON-SIDE Prints documents in Lanscape format!
P280.ZIP Yes 47969 10/3/1990 SUPER PRINTING UTIL 2.80 Combines several print utilities.
P4UP21.ZIP Yes 28027 3/18/1991 P4UP Print 4UP pages of ASCII in portrait mode.
PCP.ZIP Yes 21272 2/22/1990 PRINT CONTROL PROGRAM 2.0 (PCP)
PCSET18.ZIP Yes 34312 11/10/1991 PCSET Print plain DOS text files to printer.
PPLUS581.ZIP Yes 80478 9/7/1991 PPLUS v5.81 Prints files with many options. Mouse support!
PPLUS585.ZIP Yes 75448 10/2/1991 PrintPlus v5.85 Super file printing & More! Tag and Print, Copy, Move, Delete files. View files. Pull Dn Menus. Mouse support. Many Features! Easy & Convenient. Powerful! Option to save paper via 4 different pmodes. Print select pages. Preview # of pages for each Pmode. Replace IBM box characters with User defined ones. Configurations for screen color, printers, etc. A must have program! Shareware. <> 
PPRINT55.ZIP Yes 111279 11/23/1991 PPRINT v5.5 General purpose print utility
PRINTR3.ZIP Yes 80594 12/21/1989 PRINTR.PAS 3.0 Printer Interface using EPSON FX emulation
PRN2B201.ZIP Yes 23678 2/13/1990 Another Printer utility for printing on 2 sides. Splits file
PRNTGL16.ZIP Yes 92745 2/8/1991 PRINTGL 1.16 pen plotter emulator for IBM/DOS systems.
PRNTPLUS.ZIP Yes 21591 9/29/1990 PRINT PLUS v3.6 Versatile Print Program.
PRTLABEL.ZIP Yes 75909 8/17/1990 Ver. 5.0 Label Printer. Easy and very configurable labels!
PSCREEN.ZIP Yes 6598 11/26/1990 Allows you to print screen from DOS or a batch file.
PSP151.ZIP Yes 30155 11/3/1991 PSPRINT Print ASCII files to a Postscript Printer
PSPRINT3.ZIP Yes 10050 6/8/1990 PSPRINT v3 Print any ASCII test to postscript printer
PSX102B.ZIP Yes 15037 1/5/1992 PSX v1.02b Extract ASCII text from POSTSCRIPT and write file
PVLAB312.ZIP Yes 89304 11/3/1991 Plain Vanilla Labels v3.12 Simple program to print lables
QP275.ZIP Yes 40100 11/3/1991 QUICKPRINT 2.75 Easy to use text file print utility
QUADPRNT.ZIP Yes 34562 7/10/1990 Allows printer to print 4 pgs on 1 page of 8.5 X 11
QUIKTITL.ZIP Yes 55103 7/24/1991 QUICK TITLE v2.2 Creator large screens with ASCII fonts.
SEE100A.ZIP Yes 21904 11/6/1991 SEE is a simple program for displaying and printing files.
SETUP2.ZIP Yes 16165 3/25/1990 From V8N10 of PCMAG - utility to setup your printer. See LZ
SIDE103.ZIP Yes 112329 2/17/1990 ONESIDE V1.03 Sideways printing program.
SIDET101.ZIP Yes 15208 5/22/1990 SIDE-TWO Spooler-reprinter to produce 2 sides, HPJet and II
SNIP22.ZIP Yes 13311 1/25/1990 SNIPPER V2.2 Copies part of text screen to file/printer/more
TPOP.ZIP Yes 7200 5/12/1991 Pop up Printer Control utility.
TSRDLOAD.ZIP Yes 195796 1/21/1991 TSR Download v2.9a Memory resident soft font manager
V_SPOOL.ZIP Yes 15669 10/21/1990 Versa Spool. Vulti Printer Spooler
XPRT31.ZIP Yes 46107 10/11/1991 XPRT formats text for output to the HP LaserJet Family
XPRT35.ZIP Yes 52661 11/26/1991 XPRT - Formats text for output to the HP LaserJet Family
XPRT36.ZIP Yes 53146 12/13/1991 XPRT v3.6 LaserJet family and compatible text formatter
ZC34.ZIP Yes 101280 5/1/1991 ZAPCODE v3.4 Professional Printer Controls.
ZPP.ZIP Yes 49510 1/4/1991 Zippy Print by Ecola Design v1.20