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Name Extracted Size Date Description
ALERT220.ZIP Yes 86513 4/28/1990 ALERT220 v2 Protect against dumb and intelligent virii.
AUTOSN31.ZIP Yes 38803 5/7/1991 AUTOSCAN v3.1 Anti virus utility for any compressed file.
BANDAID.ZIP Yes 7670 4/16/1990 BANDAID Prevents harmful writes to partition table. ( TSR )
CHECKUP.ZIP Yes 32183 5/12/1991 Anti-virus, multiple checksums, VG!
CHKOUT11.ZIP Yes 48947 12/22/1989 CHECK OUT Virus protection program for achive formats.
CKZP101.ZIP Yes 14977 1/9/1991 CHECKZIP A scanning program for viruses
CLEAN75.ZIP Yes 74300 2/26/1991 McAfee program to remove virus after using Scanv75
CLEAN76.ZIP Yes 73956 4/8/1991 CLEAN-UP (CLEAN) is a virus disinfection program.
CLEAN80.ZIP Yes 88334 8/26/1991 McAfee's Virus Cleanup v80 6-24-91
CLEAN82.ZIP Yes 98383 9/14/1991 McAfee's Virus CleanUp v82
CLEAN85.ZIP Yes 117018 12/10/1991 CLEAN-UP 8.1V85 virus disinfection program
CY91G.ZIP Yes 93016 6/5/1991 CANARY v91g. The Passive virus program.
DGLOCK21.ZIP Yes 51795 7/10/1990 LOCK v2.10 Lock access to your computer.
DS410A.ZIP Yes 163879 3/10/1991 DIRECTORY SCANNER Organize and manage directory and files.
EXPEL11.ZIP Yes 72955 2/20/1990 EXPEl v1.1 Virus Control Device
FPROT114.ZIP Yes 250739 1/21/1991 F-PROT Large virus detection package.
FSHLD14.ZIP Yes 33858 8/27/1990 FILE SHIELD v1.4 Virus protection for EXE files.
FSP_17.ZIP Yes 59356 1/28/1990 FLU SHOT PLUS 1.7 Protection from virual and trojan progrms
IMAST101.ZIP Yes 228752 11/10/1991 INTEGRITY MASTER1.01A Complete data intregity anti-virus sys
I_M102.ZIP Yes 264699 12/5/1991 Integrity Master v1.02 Data integrity and anti-virus program
MYTHS_3.ZIP Yes 8738 2/6/1990 Text file on Computer Virus myths!
M_DISK.ZIP Yes 12403 3/31/1990 Mc Afe's hard disk boot sector virus remover dated 033190
NETSCN76.ZIP Yes 59951 4/8/1991 NETSCAN v76 Network version of VIRUSCAN
NETSCN82.ZIP Yes 77485 9/15/1991 McAfee's NetScan Virus Scan v82 for networks
NOCANSEE.ZIP Yes 131006 8/17/1991 NO-CAN-SEE SCRAMBLER 1.0 Scramble/unscramble readable files
PROGNOSE.ZIP Yes 15583 2/7/1990 Prognose Determine if a file is safe...
PRO_SCAN.ZIP Yes 48529 5/12/1991 McAfee Virus Program Shell. Useful!!
RESQ02.ZIP Yes 31070 8/31/1990 Mc Afee's virus rescue-online help to virus removal and she
RESQ11.ZIP Yes 30273 8/23/1990 VIRUS RESCUE V1.0 Comprehensive online virus help.
SCANUTIL.ZIP Yes 345533 9/29/1991 A Package of the most popular GID and File Archivers
SCANUTL.ZIP Yes 285028 5/30/1991 A Collection of various Archivers and Gif converters.
SCANV80.ZIP Yes 92710 6/25/1991 VIRUSCAN v7.6 Virus detection and identifaction program.
SCANV82.ZIP Yes 88197 9/14/1991 McAfee's Virus Scan v82
SCANV84.ZIP Yes 89390 10/7/1991 SCAN 7.9v84 From McAfee 10-91
SCANV85.ZIP Yes 101704 12/12/1991 Virus checker from McAfee. Scan 8.1V85
SECUR214.ZIP Yes 32342 5/12/1991 The *BEST* anti-virus, uses only 4k!
SECUR218.ZIP Yes 33939 12/15/1990 memory resident program that prevents viruses
SECUR229.ZIP Yes 19447 12/12/1990 SECURE v2.29 TSR to prevent viruses from infecting system
SECUR230.ZIP Yes 21529 8/31/1991 SECURE v2.3 A virus protection program for PC's
SECUR232.ZIP Yes 20559 12/23/1991 Secure v2.32 TSR that prevents viruses from infecting PC
SENTRY16.ZIP Yes 39973 12/13/1991 PC-SENTRY v1.6 Collection of small memory resident programs
TBVIRSIG.ZIP Yes 12657 2/18/1991 Resident virus scanner text info file
TPSCHK11.ZIP Yes 16305 2/5/1990 SCHKINST Install CRC anti-virus program complied withSelfchk
UC300EGA.ZIP Yes 113621 7/20/1991 VIRUS CONTROL Shell for Viruscan, Netscan and Cleanup.
VALIDATE.CRC No 12160 1/27/1990 Validation CRCs for Mc Afees programs and other Shareware
VC100.ZIP Yes 57863 8/8/1990 VIRUS CENTRAL 1.00 Shell pgrm for use with ViruScan/Cleanup
VC140EGA.ZIP Yes 96320 12/1/1990 Virus Central v1.4 A shell program for McAfee's Scan utils
VCOPY67.ZIP Yes 32998 10/8/1990 Mc Afee's replacement for DOS COPY which checks for viruses
VCOPY74.ZIP Yes 40861 2/14/1991 VCOPY 0.5V74 Replacement for the DOS COPY command.
VCOPY82.ZIP Yes 57141 9/15/1991 McAfee's "DOS COPY" replacement, virus check when copying
VIRSIM10.ZIP Yes 22283 2/12/1990 Mc Afee's 03/90 Virus simulation pgm
VIRSIMUL.ARC No 16512 10/3/1990 Mc Afee's 12/89 virsum simulation demo
VIRSRCH.ZIP Yes 37458 9/3/1990 VIRUSEARCH Documentation for this program
VIRUSCAN.ZIP Yes 124906 3/31/1990 VIRUSCAN 3.1V61 5 new viruses since 1989 included
VIRX12.ZIP Yes 50619 4/7/1991 VIEX-PC Real-Time Virus Prevention Program
VIRX17.ZIP Yes 64005 8/4/1991 VIREX Detection only version of VPCScan.
VSHELL10.ZIP Yes 30940 12/12/1990 VSHELL Shell for McAffy's SCAN and CLEAN utilities.
VSHLD80.ZIP Yes 73277 6/25/1991 VSHIELD v39v80 Virus Prevention Program.
VSHLD82.ZIP Yes 78632 9/15/1991 McAfee's Virus Scan Shield (TSR) v82
VSTOP400.ZIP Yes 29672 5/23/1991 VIRSTOP v4.0 Memory Resident program to prevent viruses
VTEC25A.ZIP Yes 97197 7/10/1991 THE VIRUS TERMINUS v2.5A Front end for McAfee's Scan etc..
VTEC30C.ZIP Yes 104814 10/30/1991 VIRUS TERMINUS 3.0C Intelligent front end for Viruscan et al