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GATEWAY.ZIP Yes 1727 3/9/1993
Text on how to tweak Borland's BRIEF editor
to work on the Gateway 2000 4DX2/66V PC
GDESC082.ZIP Yes 19045 4/7/1994
GetDesc v0.82; Update descript.ion in 4DOS
GETERCDE.ZIP Yes 2798 3/13/1993
Reads keypresses and returns the ASCII/scan
code values; returns an errorlevel based on
the ASCII code if the keypress has one
GLOW.ZIP Yes 6983 6/17/1994
It's a Program to Make your Dos colors Glow
Very Nice :)
GMETER13.ZIP Yes 12009 8/9/1993
GMeter] 1.3 (Mike Chaney; $12) - is a system
benchmark program that tests the performance
of your cpu, video and diskettes and tells
you how many times faster than an XT yours is
GNOME103.ZIP Yes 52194 8/17/1994
GNOMES v1.03, DOS utility: random tagline
displayer. Freeware (c) 1994 [94/08/18] by
DDA - Reign Ware. Continuous or single mode.
W/.PAS source. Enhanced, w/2000 Trek gnomes.
GO200.ZIP Yes 18586 7/13/1994
GO v2.00: utility that works like an enhanced
version of the xxDOS CD command; can move you
to a directory on another drive; saves the
directory information for later use;
GODOS100.ZIP Yes 22482 4/25/1993
GoDOS v1.00 - allows you to shell to DOS
and back within any application. Handy!
GO_12.ZIP Yes 16928 11/27/1993
GO! V.1.2 32-Bit is a commandline tool that
is able to show a list of all running
processes, to kill them or simply switch to
them. This is an update to v.1.1 which is
only able to switch to other processes.
GROWP21A.ZIP Yes 22457 6/27/1994
Growp v2.1A: 1400-byte TSR that will add a
default " " or user-entered growth character
to the environment's PROMPT string each time
another copy of Command.Com is shelled and to
remove the growth character when the copy of
Command.Com is terminated;
GVER12S.ZIP Yes 110308 5/12/1993 GAP_VERIFY v1.2 Update GAP BBS filebase.
GWINDOS.ZIP Yes 202610 11/25/1993 Interactive menu/help system for DOS
HIMOV220.ZIP Yes 122335 5/11/1993
HiMOVE v2.20 - Upper Memory Manager
for computers with NEAT-Chipset. Excellent!
HITS62.ZIP Yes 34297 1/18/1994
Hits62 - measures the success rate of the
SmartDrive disk caching software from the
command line. Reqs DOS 6.2 and SmartDrive 5.0
HIV203.ZIP Yes 10904 6/2/1994
HiVIDEO v2.03: uses the unused graphics
memory of the VGA/EGA display adapter, in
text mode, to expand the conventional DOS
memory by 96kB; graphics modes are disabled
HIVIDEO.ZIP Yes 15938 7/10/1993
HiVIDEO v2.03 ASP - DOS Memory Expander for
VGA/EGA systems. The unused graphics memory
of the VGA/EGA display adapter in text mode
is used to expand the conventional DOS memory
by 96kB. No graphic can be used if this mode
is on. The expansion can be switched on and
off dynamically from the command line.
HO54.ZIP Yes 85262 6/15/1994
Hands On v5.0: pgm that will allow you to
connect two PCs together (via telephone lines
and modems, or via a direct cable, or via a
common mini- or main-frame computer),
NEEDS HO51.ZIP to run - can anyone upload it?
HORST_1.ZIP Yes 11669 10/23/1994
Horst Schaeffer's free batch/DOS utilities
from the Fidonet BATPOWER echo. Contents;
HOTERDIR.ZIP Yes 3991 3/21/1993
Color coded listing for DOS as a replacement
for the DIR command. Really neat!
HPFSDS04.ZIP Yes 33776 5/14/1994 Read HPFS files system for MSDOS (beta)
HSIM.ZIP Yes 248358 7/9/1993 Hardware/Software Information Manager
IBM5182.ZIP Yes 1046 3/21/1993 IBM 5182 color printer dip switch settings.
IBMLIST.ZIP Yes 203804 1/14/1993
Excellent IBM PC,AT,PS/2 specs and docs and
part numbers
IBRD.ZIP Yes 112729 1/7/1993 Inboard 386 Technical Specifications & Notes.
ICFD170B.ZIP Yes 228567 3/3/1993
ICF (Inventory Capture Facility) v1.70B:
identifies installed software/hardware on PCs
all status information including memory, cpu,
and even physical items such as printers; all
data is either displayed on screen or saved
to dbase, lotus, or ASCII files; has over 200
options; DOS version; 03/04/93; LanTelligence
ID_CHIP.ZIP Yes 8164 2/5/1993 Cirrus Logic Chip identifier.
IFP1P158.ZIP Yes 114666 9/17/1993
INFOPLUS 1.58 alpha, system information
Display 21 pages of information about
different aspects of your computer.
This 9/17/93 version is the last.
IFP1S158.ZIP Yes 118637 9/17/1993
Pascal source code to Info Plus version 1.58
apparently this is the last release
IMANAGER.ZIP Yes 20343 2/6/1994 Simple set of DOS inventory management tools.
INCOMM20.ZIP Yes 324542 3/2/1993
INCOMMAND V2.0 Command Line Utilities for DOS
important program
INCUBE1.ZIP Yes 163289 7/26/1993
Talk to your PC, give it command with your
voice. With a microphone and sound card you
can now talk to your PC, as well as your pc
can talk to you. That's what Incube is all
INIMGR11.ZIP Yes 82265 11/22/1993
INIMGR v1.10RC3: DOS app designed to make
modification, maintainence, and configuration
of Windows INI files centric; full featured;
DOS environment variables supported; mouse
support; Novell 2.x/3.x/4.x support;
INTCOM21.ZIP Yes 64251 6/4/1993
Internal Commands 2.1 is a TSR that
extends the number of COMAND.COM'S
internal commands without modifying
COMMAND.COM or the image of command.com
in memory. DOS 3.0 thru 5.0 Geoff Friesen
INTERTST.ZIP Yes 17345 11/19/1994
INTERTST - Version 1.12
Test Interrupt Functions and API Calls and
see the register contents on the screen.
INTERVAL.ZIP Yes 61264 8/16/1994
INTERVAL v. 1.97 is a program which
will run a DOS command or program once
during a user defined period of time. Logs.
INTHLP10.ZIP Yes 55549 11/10/1994
Interrupt Helper 1.0 - by Gary Chanson
A search and display utility with cross
referencing for Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.
INTLIST1.ZIP Yes 5547 2/23/1994 Collected/Organized Interrupt Lists.
INTMEMRY.ZIP Yes 302397 1/7/1993
Above Board Technical Specs for Adding/
Dealing with Memory - all.
INTVL197.ZIP Yes 61195 5/1/1994
INTERVAL v1.97 - runs a DOS command or progrm
once during a user defined period of time.
INTVUE15.ZIP Yes 9813 2/17/1994
INTERVUE v1.5: viewer for the Interrupt List
maintained by Ralf Brown; 03/01/93; Bob
IO-DOC.ZIP Yes 60457 12/6/1993 IO testing documents
IOTEST.ZIP Yes 151499 12/15/1993
IO Test - is a set of procedures that will
monitor and analyze the Input\Output system
of your computer.
ISLIVE.ZIP Yes 6452 3/1/1993
Simple util that generates a DOS errorlevel
from the output of Novell's ping command;
ITB14.ZIP Yes 23558 11/30/1993 ITB v1.4: key record and playback utility;
JCSCROLL.ZIP Yes 8329 2/1/1993
TSR that will enable the DOS user to scroll
up on the screen in order to view text that
has scrolled by. Supports EMS v3.0
JOKI21.ZIP Yes 5972 11/5/1993
Joki v2.1: util that does joystick-keyboard
emulation on the BIOS level, enabling you to
play some "keyboard only" games, with your
joystick; 11/05/93; BIGGUN International.
JP4ADD.ZIP Yes 21031 10/11/1994
*Optional* ASCII reference manual Addendum fo
4DOS 5.5, 4OS2 2.5, and 4DOS/NT 2.5. Only
useful if you have a printed Reference Manual
for 4DOS 5.0 / 4OS2 2.0 / 4DOS/NT 2.0. For
4DOS files see 4DOS55A.ZIP and 4DOS55B.ZIP,
for 4OS2 see 4OS216A.ZIP, 4OS232A.ZIP, and
4OS225B.ZIP; for 4DOS/NT see 4DOSNT25.ZIP.
10-12-94 release A.
JP4REF.ZIP Yes 255365 10/11/1994
*Optional* ASCII reference manual for 4DOS
5.5, 4OS2 2.5, and 4DOS/NT 2.5, JP Software's
command processor replacements for DOS, OS/2,
and Windows NT. For 4DOS files see
4DOS55A.ZIP and 4DOS55B.ZIP; for 4OS2 see
4OS216A.ZIP, 4OS232A.ZIP, and 4OS225B.ZIP;
for 4DOS/NT see 4DOSNT25.ZIP. 10-12-94
release A.
JS2.ZIP Yes 36574 1/27/1993
Free text string search program. 100 strings.
Replaces JS.ZIP, which has a bug.
JSPV101.ZIP Yes 32087 7/11/1993
Joe Snow Paint v1.01 - MOUSE driven ANSI
drawing Program.
JSTAT260.ZIP Yes 54364 9/14/1994
Jantzen System Statistics v2.60 -The most
useful system statistics program for command
line users. Provides extremely detailed
memory maps of low and high memory, system
statistics, drive statistics, and device
maps. By SlugSoft.
JULIAN94.ZIP Yes 19654 12/31/1994 Julian date display util for DOS & OS/2
KBCLEAR.ZIP Yes 1301 7/2/1993
KBCLEAR handy utility which provides many
addt'l CHOICE opportunities for DOS 6.0
for batch files
KBDHAND9.ZIP Yes 26926 6/15/1994 INT9 (IRQ1) keyboard handler #9 by Patch
KBSET100.ZIP Yes 24704 9/16/1993
KBSet 1.00 - Change NumLock for DOS & OS/2
Small *FREE* utilities to allow you to set
the keyboard toggles (NumLock, CapsLock, and
ScrollLock) to a desired state for DOS and
OS/2 2.x. Written by Jibben Software.
KC22.ZIP Yes 31347 1/6/1994
KeyCount - is a TSR which keeps a running
count of keystrokes entered. It periodically
logs the result with date, and time into an
ASCII flat file, one file per workstation.
The program can be used to track the work of
stenographers, typists, and data entry people
in a network or on stand-alone PC's. It is
Netbios compatible. Logs keystrokes. 55
KD.ZIP Yes 6137 6/11/1993
KUIK Directory-Alternative to "CD"- Unix
like (V2)
KDOS10.ZIP Yes 103431 2/4/1993
Know It? DOS 5.0 Volume 1 is a unique and fun
learning game in which one to six players can
test their knowledge of DOS 5.0. Fine!!!
KEYBUFF.ZIP Yes 1004 2/17/1994 255 byte keyboard buffer
KEYCAC21.ZIP Yes 15104 10/25/1994 TSR word predicter/expander.
KEYCACHE.ZIP Yes 10062 5/27/1993
Keycache Is A Tsr Program That Accelerates
Keyboard Input By Looking At What You Have
Typed And Showing You A List Of Words That
Start With It. At The Touch Of A Single Key
Or The Click Of A Mouse, Keycache Will "Type"
KEYCLICK.ZIP Yes 747 2/17/1994 Make click sound for clone leyboard
KEYCON.ZIP Yes 1712 10/15/1993 Control NUM, CAPS, SCROLL keys at Bootup.
KEYPRESS.ZIP Yes 949 2/17/1994 Display ascii and scann codes for key pressed
KEYS1_0.ZIP Yes 2514 7/6/1993 Short file to config. Keyboard on bootup.
KEYSVR10.ZIP Yes 25297 2/17/1994
KEYSAVER v1.0 - Provides a means of
automatically typing boiler plate text at
will. Saves repetitive typing, and avoids
misspelled words and other typos. Auto-types
For IBM-PC compatible, 6K TSR, DOS 3.
KEYTG127.ZIP Yes 44730 12/1/1993
KEYTOGGLE Version 1.27 allows
simultaneously setting the state of the
NUMBER LOCK keys. A quiet mode is
included for batch opperations. Handy!
KILBAK5.ZIP Yes 16692 1/27/1993
KillBak V5.0 Search and destroy every .BAK
file on your hard drive or give an optional
name to hunt down. Extremely fast, reports
disked saved. NOW with a drive OMIT option,
to avoid the pesky CDROMs and slow network
drives. Handles DOS wildcards. Mac's Place.
K_SPD401.ZIP Yes 21903 12/23/1993 K-speed 4.01.Cpu benchmark.
LBREBOOT.ZIP Yes 11164 8/9/1994
REBOOTER! Freeware by LBS. Tired of multiple
boot configs? Facilitates management of your
LCGR17.ZIP Yes 50959 2/17/1994
LCG/Remind v1.7 utility to automate tasks
based on the time, day of week, dau
of months or no of days since last executed.
Pop-up windows, log files and mult. command
line functions. ASP. Registration $25.2/20/90
LETTER15.ZIP Yes 10378 6/8/1994
Letter v1.50: util that will tell you which
drive letters are assigned by DOS, either by
fact of drive partitions, or by use of the
SUBST command; 06/08/94; Jeff Bankston.
LGROOM.ZIP Yes 136780 11/25/1993
LEGROOM (TM) v2.0 ASP TSR utility which, on a
'hot key', shells to DOS from any application
(text or graphic). Make ANY program a TSR!
Compatible with Windows, DesqView and
command.com replacements.
LHAVW161.ZIP Yes 95551 4/7/1994 LHA file viewer for Norton Commander
LIGHTNG1.ZIP Yes 9782 4/22/1993
Layman's Guide to Surge Protection by Todd
LNCHR260.ZIP Yes 27152 1/11/1993
LAUNCHER v2.60 designed to work w/any pgm
that can accept the name of a data file on
the command line; full-featured. Gd author.
LOCKOFF2.ZIP Yes 22175 2/19/1993
<-Lockoff V2.0 - 2-20-93> . Simple Way To
Turn Off/On Your Caps, Num,.. And Scroll Lock
Keys. Select Which Ones .. To Turn On Or Off
From The Command Line... Great To Use In Your
Autoexec.Bat. .. * Another Freeware Utility *
LOCKP161.ZIP Yes 8241 5/19/1994
LockUp v1.61: easy system locking for the
terminally lazy (formerly called LockIt)
LOOPR146.ZIP Yes 38513 5/29/1993
Looper v. 1.46 allows the user to
execute the same DOS command or
program many times. Handy multi-copy aid.
Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet
LPATH.ZIP Yes 20808 4/15/1994
LPath - is a replacement for the DOS Path
command for use in working with long path
statements. It can be used to create and edit
the path, remove path segments or save path
to disk.
M701.ZIP Yes 421276 3/21/1994 UPdate 386 Max Version 7.01 patch for 7.00
M8UTL.ZIP Yes 147936 7/12/1993
New install utilities for ATI video cards
that use a Mach 8 processor. Mostly May 1993
MAINT105.ZIP Yes 12356 4/6/1994
MAINTINI is a small DOS based prg. Which lets
you modify any kind of INI-Files from the DOS
commandline. Usefull for networks, just place
it in the login-script! New Version 1.05
MAM1_09.ZIP Yes 65161 8/10/1993
Memory Allocation Manager is a small DOS
utility that provides the funcitonality of
Quaterdecks Manifest program with additional
features like that found in MARK and RELEASE.
Provides at a glance all info. required about
the PC's current memory use and hardware.
MASSDESC.ZIP Yes 1554 6/6/1993 4DOS utility Mass Describe v1.0 Don Clancy
MASTUFF.ZIP Yes 885453 9/30/1993
This software allows you to store stuff, any
stuff. The format does not matter. You'll be
able to retreieve the information by
keywords, any text entered, or assign a date
MB.ZIP Yes 2278 2/17/1994 Small BEEP program, uses INT21 (12 bytes)
MCA-1193.ZIP Yes 24147 11/24/1993 Updated QEMM MCA.ADL file 11/24/93
MCA3-94.ZIP Yes 25650 3/1/1994 Updated QEMM mca adl file, 3/1/94
MCA7.ZIP Yes 23794 9/28/1993
Updated MCA.ADL file for use with QEMM 7
direct from Quarterdeck BBS
MCD10.ZIP Yes 6785 4/14/1993
Mcd V1.0: Equivalent Of DOS's Md And Cd Cmds
Rolled Into One.
MCLK101.ZIP Yes 10514 9/9/1993
MCLK- Free DOS utility: colorful moving
clock display v1.01, 09/10/93. (c) 1993 by
David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware.
MCP_100.ZIP Yes 2912 1/14/1994
Multi-colored, multi-function prompt for 4DOS
and 4OS/2
MCSHELL.ZIP Yes 164210 4/21/1994 Mac Shell - Mac like shell for DOS Files
MEMKIT2.ZIP Yes 134548 2/3/1993
Memory Managment Kit ver 2.02 What Dos lacks
Make upper memory from shadow, loadhi on
8088 and 286's, make 64k+ more upper memory
optimize and with HRAM 1.3 with 40 chipsets
MENUDOS6.ZIP Yes 33437 12/17/1993 Automatic create menus to DOS 6.X
METAMUSE.ZIP Yes 19387 3/21/1993 Mouse Utilities
MGRAF240.ZIP Yes 27266 7/30/1993
Timegraph And Daygraph V2.40 shows max
System USAge by hour and by day respectively.
MINIAPPS.ZIP Yes 60020 6/5/1993
Time, date, and update applets, includes C++
MKPRT101.ZIP Yes 4915 5/11/1994
MAKEPORT v1.01 Small util corrects problem of
BIOS losing your COM ports or LPT1 after warm
MKU.ZIP Yes 49418 3/28/1993
MSDOS & MS Windows Shareware Make Utility -
A very powerful, yet simple to use, make
program to automate program building. A
superset of the original UNIX make program
with some powerful extension for MSDOS.
MLTIBOOT.ZIP Yes 1422 6/27/1993 Examples of DOS 6.0 Multiboot.
MM43S.ZIP Yes 11906 8/21/1994
MemMap MM v4.3 MM is a program that
will display what programs are resident
in memory. This program can display both
lower memory and upper memory.
MORTUTIL.ZIP Yes 342527 5/1/1994
Morton Utilities - Collection of DOS Tools
And Utilities.
MOSLO12.ZIP Yes 4274 1/29/1993
Mo'Slo v1.2: lets you slow the speed of your
computer from 1 to 99% of normal, in 1%
increments; 01/30/93; David Perrell.
MOSUTILS.ZIP Yes 75742 6/5/1994
The Mosquito Hawk Utility Pack - five utils
for DOS - SPARKS (screen saver), CODIFY
(security), CRC (fingerprint), and GO
(directory util)
MOUSKY13.ZIP Yes 21818 6/16/1994
MouseKey V1.30 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer
With MouseKey you can assign key combi-
nations or commands to mouse buttons.
Setup up to 11 different commands.
MOUSMENU.ZIP Yes 7608 9/7/1993 Mouse Menu System - Uses NanFor and Frankie.
MOVE.ZIP Yes 14829 1/10/1994 File mover from Computer Tyme
MPA10001.ZIP Yes 118963 2/25/1994 Microchip assembler from mchip bbs
MRFIX10.ZIP Yes 60835 6/26/1994
MRFIX is a DOS based, memory-resident file
manager. Allows file names up to 256 char,
and other handy features.
MRXPOP11.ZIP Yes 31837 2/24/1994
MarxPop allows you to pop up 7 programs as if
they were TSRs.
MS60-ERR.ZIP Yes 6302 9/18/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 documentation errors
MSD201.ZIP Yes 169721 12/14/1993
Microsoft Diagnostics Utility v2.01 - DOS
based- provides technical info about your
hardware/software components when trying to
diagnose/solve problems w/Microsoft products.
MSD301.ZIP Yes 164166 9/14/1994
Microsoft MSD 3.01 Auto detect sound card!
MSD_V211.ZIP Yes 169370 6/11/1994
2.11. Revision Date: 6/94 Update release.
MSNOTES.ZIP Yes 19966 3/23/1993 Support notes from MS for MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.0.
MSUPDATE.ZIP Yes 379116 8/12/1994
BBS. Microsoft MSD 3.00 Update Disk (1/1)
Works With Qemm 7.04 No More Bugs Also Has A
New Virus Check! (Tested With Ms-Dos 6.22).
MSWINOS2.ZIP Yes 17829 5/17/1994
Allows you to use WINDOWS or OS2 from MSDOS.
replaces fix-wos2.zip
MSYS12.ZIP Yes 61600 1/31/1993 Multi-Sys, Multiple Boot Configuration Util.
MTINI12B.ZIP Yes 29572 9/2/1994
Maintini v1.20B: small DOS-based pgm which
lets you modify any kind of INI-files from
the DOS cmd line; create new section, add or
modify key & values; delete, comments,
uncomments keys and sections;
MTWIN127.ZIP Yes 72792 11/21/1994
MAINTINI v1.27 and MAINTGRP v1.01 are small
DOS programs that let you modify INI and GRP
files from the command line. Use them in
network login scripts to update your Windows
users. These programs are email-ware.
MUF16.ZIP Yes 25899 9/12/1993 MicroSoft Undocumented Features #16.
MUFDOS62.ZIP Yes 8820 6/3/1994
Microsoft's Undocumented Features
and 6.2. Learn about all the things avalable
documentation. 5/23/93 release (not new new)
MW624.ZIP Yes 145419 3/17/1993 Logitech MouseWare v 6.24
MWATCHTI.ZIP Yes 8223 12/14/1993
MemWatch - is a 1k TSR which reports on
how your system memory (EMS,XMS,Int 15,DPMI,
and VCPI) is being used. w/assembly source.
MYALIAS.ZIP Yes 1497 12/6/1993
This is my 4DOS aliases file. It shows a
real working alias file rather than the
isolated examples in the 4DOS docs.
MYTUTOR.ZIP Yes 50449 7/6/1993
This is a simple DOS tutorial written with
the Tutorial Writer Software. Freeware.
Do not modify. Dir 55
NCAV47B5.ZIP Yes 143021 7/26/1994
The Norton Commander Archive Viewer - v4.7
Beta-5 (Public BETA!) - manipulate ARC,ARJ,
Easy to use, can also be used as stand-alone
ND_110.ZIP Yes 23368 4/21/1993
Replacement for CHDIR or CD command in DOS
v1.10 Cactus Software Systems
NE20.ZIP Yes 98694 3/10/1994
NE v2.0 from GDSOFT. (stands for NO
replacement for EDLIN and DOS EDIT
NOCADEL.ZIP Yes 23518 2/7/1993
No Boot on Control-Alt-delete. Simple Utility
Helps Disable Control-Alt-delete Key Boot
Sequence. Source Included.
NOECHO2.ZIP Yes 5869 2/17/1994 Patch most DOS versions for ECHO OFF default
NONUMS.ZIP Yes 1377 1/26/1993
Utility to permanently shift top row
keyboard numbers... Dir 55.
NOSH15.ZIP Yes 23961 7/22/1993
Version 1.5 of NoShell.COM - allows you to
require a password for any attempt to shell
to DOS. Use as part of comprehensive system
security / menuing package. Includes docs.
Public Domain software offered by the author.
NOSOUNDS.ZIP Yes 79869 6/11/1994 Kill Beep utility for DOS based PCs
NP3.ZIP Yes 4249 8/2/1993
Nosy Prompter. Checks your memory and
reminds you at every dos prompt of all
suspended programs.
NTBAN11.ZIP Yes 11426 6/3/1993 NTbanner ver 1.1 memory utility.
NU7STK.ZIP Yes 1436851 7/2/1993
Norton Utilities ver 7.0 update to support
Stacker version 3.1.
NU8DRV.ZIP Yes 1964660 6/14/1994
Norton utils 8.0 compatibility update for
msdos 6.22.
NWSLICE.ZIP Yes 10296 10/30/1993
Novell DOS-7 Specific. Allows display of
system tick duration and time slice allocated
to the foreground task. Time slice may also
be modified by the use
N_STAL.ZIP Yes 48111 8/3/1993
Install It! 2.6 [N STALL] (group.m; $0) - is
a software installation program.
O2SPD100.ZIP Yes 16042 8/23/1994
OLX2SPD v1.00 - DOS Utility: Converts OLMR
folders from OLX to SPEED (v1.40) format.
Freeware (c) 1994 [94/08/24] by DDA - Reign
Ware. W/ Pascal source. Very slick and easy!
OEMCLIP.ZIP Yes 42260 6/3/1993
OemClip fixes incompatibilities between DOS
apps & MS-Windows' clipboard;
OFFS.ZIP Yes 1833 2/17/1994 Turn NumLock or all "lock" keys off at once
OP495711.ZIP Yes 84470 1/27/1993
Bios docs for ami opti chip set 495-sx with
711 write back.
OPEN256.ZIP Yes 33561 2/17/1994 InfoWorld - Gibson's TSR - Open 256 Files
OPSYS_.ZIP Yes 12301 8/30/1993
OPSYS: DOSOS/2 Utility that informs which
Operating System is running (Either OS/2,
OTTO14.ZIP Yes 21491 1/19/1993
Otto V1.4 - Rse Incorporated.
Task Automator Utility/Program
PARA14.ZIP Yes 86028 10/31/1994
Parallel Port Information System v1.45 by Jay
Lowe and Don Schuman Parallel is a simple
utility which displays the configuration of
the parallel ports (LPT ports) in your system
PATHM40.ZIP Yes 95186 5/14/1993
Path Master v4.0: path utility; choose your
path from a menu, configure 20 paths, add a
directory, delete one, and use your mouse;
PATHTL23.ZIP Yes 57815 3/2/1994
PathTool v2.3 - Powerful PATH utility lets
user modify PATH by using straight forward
commands. Up to 121 bytes long. LAN/non-LAN
DOS, Windows, OS/2 tested. Steve Meirowsky.
PATHWIZ.ZIP Yes 23783 10/30/1994
PATHWIZ By Intergrated Data Systems Use
PathWiz to add or subtract directories in
your path. When you tell PathWiz to add a
directory to your path, it first checks to
see if it is already there. PathWiz also
increases the usable size of your path to 512
bytes! (DOS normally gives you 127).
PB23.ZIP Yes 31306 7/2/1993
Playback v2.3: captures your keystrokes,
including the delay between keystrokes, &
lets you play them back w/hot-keys, as an
executable file, via a batch file, or from a
pointn-shoot menu;
PB24.ZIP Yes 32140 12/15/1993
Playback - captures your keystrokes,
including the delay between keystrokes,
and lets you play them back in various ways
PBDOS.ZIP Yes 330931 11/30/1993
Push Button DOS - is a disk management
program with 22 handy, and basic functions
PBOOTV12.ZIP Yes 13170 1/12/1994
PauseBoot v1.2 Allows the ability to abort
loading of any application. Handy!
PC37042.ZIP Yes 288511 2/17/1994 IBM 370 emulator for the IBM PC
PCBWRAP!.ZIP Yes 19115 9/8/1993
PCBWrap- Free DOS utility: PCBoard filelist
reformatter v1.01a, 09/09/93. Long/Short line
PCCLK303.ZIP Yes 83965 10/4/1993
PCCLOCK v3.03 ASP - Sets your PC's date and
time by modem to NIST or USNO atomic clock.
Displays the date and time in big digits in
your choice of built-in designs; much more!
Supports 300- to 14.4k-bps modems. "charming"
PCDOSCID.ZIP Yes 86324 12/14/1993
PC DOS 6.1 UpGrade and Utilities. Direct from
will delete your system files.
PCHEK20.ZIP Yes 7247 1/22/1993
Paulchek Version 2.0. This Is A Replacement
Chkdsk That I Wrote Because I Hate How Dull
Chkdsk Is. Ibm-Pc & Compatibles.
PCL60A.ZIP Yes 229136 7/13/1993
PC-Learn Beginners Computer Tutorial Ver 6.0
Part One of Two Complete beginners tutorial
Study DOS, history of computers, batch files,
virus prevention, how to buy a PC, MUCH MORE!
PCL60B.ZIP Yes 206020 7/13/1993 PC LEARN ver 6.0: File 2 of 2 Upgrade files
PCLOCKV2.ZIP Yes 12748 12/27/1993
Did the kids mess with your keyboard this
holiday season? This utility prevents any
possible problems. Simple and easy to use.
Selectable hot key and password.
PCMOUS12.ZIP Yes 7621 8/6/1993
PC-Mouse. Paste what you have Cut with your
Mouse in the text mode of Dos or OS/2 VDM.
PCOPY93C.ZIP Yes 123633 3/31/1994 PCOPY v9.3 - the ultimate DOS COPY - try it!
PCSYS515.ZIP Yes 77415 3/19/1993
PCSYS version 5.15 - A nice DOS utility to
see what your system has. SHAREWARE.
PC_DOS61.ZIP Yes 2472 7/1/1993
IBM Anouncment of PC-DOS 6.1! This is What
MS-DOS 6.0 Should Have Been! Has Number to
Order And Everything.
PD0471.ZIP Yes 2796 3/24/1993
Microsoft Application Note For DOS Containing
An Explanation Of The Wina20.386
PD0473.ZIP Yes 2052 3/24/1993
For DOS Containing Information On Installing
DOS From Drive-B; 03/24/93; Microsoft Corp.
PD0743.ZIP Yes 2490 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 Installation and Partition Q&A
PD0744.ZIP Yes 5190 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 General Installation Q&A
PD0745.ZIP Yes 3284 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace Q&A
PD0746.ZIP Yes 3809 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 MemMaker Q&A
PD0747.ZIP Yes 4167 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 Configuration Q&A
PD0748.ZIP Yes 3516 3/5/1993 MS-DOS 6.0 Other Commands and Programs Q&A
PD0771.ZIP Yes 6483 3/22/1993
PD0771.TXT 22147 Repartitioning Your
Hard Disk to Upgrade to MS-DOS 6.0
PD0785.ZIP Yes 4031 3/9/1993
Microsoft Application Note For DOS Containing
Information On Upgrading Dr DOS To Ms-DOS 6;
03/09/93; Microsoft Corp.
PD0836.ZIP Yes 70384 6/25/1993
Info on MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace API and CVF
from MS BBS, includes DSDUMP.EXE test program
PDEL44.ZIP Yes 67966 10/20/1993
PDELETE version 4.4 from Patri-Soft.
PDELETE is the delete utility that DOS
should have provided. Delete by date\time,
size, attribute, wildcard patterns and more.
Wipe file data to prvent undeleting a file.
PEACH93.ZIP Yes 44513 5/7/1993
Peachville Software Package 1993
File Manager, Scientific Calculator and
Autoexec.Bat manager -- well done Shareware
PENTBUG.ZIP Yes 9884 11/25/1994
Pentium bug - test & Intel phone for
replacement of defective Pentium processors
PERFORM.ZIP Yes 68393 7/22/1993 Benchmark comparisons for pcs, ws. Postscript
PGNAT101.ZIP Yes 12402 10/21/1993
PAGINATE v1.01- Free DOS utility: text file
paginator. (c) 1993 [10/22/93] by David
Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. w/Pascal source
PHTM29K.ZIP Yes 219412 4/14/1994
DOS PHANTOM v2.9k Task Automator -
Record any task you perform at the keyboard
for playback by hotkey or on a schedule.
Powerful shareware classic! Integrator.
PJ.ZIP Yes 3827 2/17/1994
Send parameters to .EXE and .COM files
---- P R A M J A M ----
PJ06798.ZIP Yes 67428 2/17/1994 Fixes for Dosread, I think
PKPK$!#@.ZIP Yes 14833 4/18/1994
Poke and peek bytes to and from your IBM PC's
memory. Good for the recreationally
challenged. "C" source included.
PM35.ZIP Yes 96733 5/9/1993
Path Master 3.5 The Ultimate Path Utility!
Choose Your Path From A Menu, Configure 20
Paths, Add A Directory, Delete One, And Use
Your Mouse. Forget All That Typing or
Stretching Your Environment For A Long Path.
PMINFO.ZIP Yes 56346 5/31/1994
Simple DOS command line utility that measures
protected mode, XMS and CPU performance
PMIPS.ZIP Yes 32291 4/1/1994
Measure & compare your pc's MIPS to others
nice program from C&T
PM_10_94.ZIP Yes 52930 10/12/1994
PMODE v3.04 protected mode DOS extender by
Tran. Update as of October 1994. Small, fast,
stable, and FREE!
PNPISA10.ZIP Yes 60273 5/28/1993
Intel Plug and Play interface specifications
for ISA system hardware
POCK41.ZIP Yes 167265 5/31/1994
PocketD Plus File Manager v4.1 - 30k DOS Army
aaKnife awarded "Best New Utility" by PsL.
Powerful file manager.
POPASC.ZIP Yes 2323 4/21/1993 TSR ASCII chart for EGA/VGA-based systems;
POPKEY.ZIP Yes 9124 8/2/1993
PopKey 1.0 (Geoff Friesen; $10) is a TSR that
makes it easy to adjust the keyboard's
typematic rate and initial delay value.
PORT122.ZIP Yes 30325 6/8/1994 Hardware port diagnostics utility
PORTLIST.ZIP Yes 3639 1/23/1993 Listing of AT clone i/o ports.
PORTUTIL.ZIP Yes 2056 1/24/1993 Port utility.
POWERPAC.ZIP Yes 43788 2/17/1994 Keyboard utilites program
PROGREF1.ZIP Yes 82337 2/17/1994 IBM/DOS/BIOS tech info, excellent, part 1
PROGREF2.ZIP Yes 74283 2/17/1994 IBM/DOS/BIOS tech info, excellent, part 2
PROKEZ10.ZIP Yes 15186 11/5/1993
Pro-Keys v1.0 - innovative command line
PSB10.ZIP Yes 314969 1/20/1994
Push button Dos v#1 Utility program for DOS
version 5.0 or higher
PSPORT.ZIP Yes 1692 12/30/1993
Quick program to allow the Print Screen key
to send its data to either LPT2 or LPT3
instead of LPT1
PTM229N.ZIP Yes 254738 7/3/1994
DOS PHANTOM v2.9n Task Automator -
Record any task you perform at the keyboard
for playback by hotkey or on a schedule.
PTM29N.ZIP Yes 251838 9/9/1994
The latest version 2.9n of the popular
automated keyboard program PHANTOM. Very
intelligent. Very powerful for unattended
keyboard operations.
PV_BETA.ZIP Yes 141000 1/22/1993 BETA version of memory viewer by McAfee.
PWL300.ZIP Yes 330574 7/2/1993
PowerLine is a command line interpreter like
COMMAND.COM. Fully compatible with MS-DOS
version 6.0 and with MS-Windows. Use DOS
commands effectively in Windows AND in DOS.
PWRBASE4.ZIP Yes 61482 2/17/1994 PC World's PowerBase IV -- Utils and tips
Q&DV10.ZIP Yes 27571 2/17/1993
Quick and dirty Config.Sys multiple utility.
Invoke 1 of 2 different config.sys files
at the touch of 2 buttons.
QCD3.ZIP Yes 25449 2/21/1993 Quick Change Directory v3.0 Enhances DOS cd
QCONFG.ZIP Yes 171054 1/11/1993 Query system information. Both Dos and OS/2.
QDMPI11.ZIP Yes 92421 1/7/1993
Version 1.1 of Quarterdeck's DPMI standard
with bug fix for PKzip and unzip v2.X. For
Qemm users. Multi-Tasking
QDPMI101.ZIP Yes 79184 1/3/1993 QuarterDeck's DPMI host v1.01 for use w/QEMM
QE75PAT2.ZIP Yes 354646 11/30/1994
Update QEMM 7.5 (QEMM386.SYS) date version
9-17-94 or 10-12-94 to version 11-22-94
QEMM7REL.ZIP Yes 7176 6/15/1993 Info on QEMM release 7.0 (DVN).
QEMM7TEC.ZIP Yes 3554 6/5/1993
Info re: Quarterdeck's new QEMM version 7
What's new and how much the upgrade costs
($35 plus $5 shipping & fondling): 06/01/93.
QEMMDOS6.ZIP Yes 7775 5/10/1993
Tec note About QEMM386 and MS-DOS-6
compatibility. From Quarterdec's BBS.
QEMTEC.ZIP Yes 55290 1/12/1994 Tec files for QEMM users
QHINTS.ZIP Yes 10833 6/8/1993 QEMM 7 hints.
QINFO51.ZIP Yes 123547 5/7/1993
Qinfo 5.1 Super Little Utility For Anyone Who
Needs to Maintain Their PC. Supports Large
Netware Volumes, Shows Cpu Benchmark, Totals
Disk Space, Memory And Much More!
QOS-T121.ZIP Yes 3798 3/30/1993
Quarterdeck Technical Note #121.
Bus-Mastering Devices And Qemm. ).
QTUT10.ZIP Yes 238438 3/1/1994
QTUT 1.0 - Very easy to use disk based DOS
tutorial for beginners or experienced users.
Read the text, do exercises, and return with
a simple command at any time. Features full
search, print and text export functions.
QUICKEXT.ZIP Yes 11348 7/1/1993
QUICKEXT ASP - For 80286 ONLY - access
extended memory & return from protected mode.
QUIETDDA.ZIP Yes 12799 8/26/1993
QUIET- Free DOS utility: quiets noisy
programs v1.00, 08/27/93. (c) 1993 by David
Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. QUIET silences
QUTILS31.ZIP Yes 74255 1/14/1994 Collection of Useful DOS Utilities.
QUTILS32.ZIP No 80423 11/20/1994
Quick Utils 3.2 (c) Copyright 1994
Consisting of 14 small, efficient command
line programs. Handy!