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Name Extracted Size Date Description
24BAR.ZIP Yes 1409 9/13/1993
24BAR is a Basic SUB for printing 3 of 9 bar
code on Epson 24 pin printers.
3D120.ZIP Yes 116097 9/6/1993 is a companion to 3DLib.
3DLIB1.ZIP Yes 329614 9/6/1993
3DLib 1.7 is a Turbo Pascal 3D graphic
animation package. It features fast wire-mesh
3D objects with a macro to Pascal language
translator, support for TP for DOS and TP for
Windows, DOS and windows hosted macro
translator and animator, and a new DOS object
ARCADE.ZIP Yes 386108 9/2/1993
Programming Arcade Games is an interactive
tutorial for programming object oriented arcade
games in Turbo C. Available only on 1.44MB 3.5"
disk or CD only.
AS01.ZIP Yes 66176 9/13/1993
Assembly Source Code Part I (Various Authors;
$0) a collection of 37 assembly routines
related to memory management, interrupt
controllers, window scrollers, text conversion,
program loaders, printer conversion and more.
AVTS13.ZIP Yes 362734 9/6/1993
ARIS Version Tracking System 1.3 is a low cost
version control/configuration management
BIOASM.ZIP Yes 43218 9/10/1993
BIOASM (Thom Bierenbroodspot; $0) allows the
calling of DOS and BIOS interrupts directly
from FORTRAN. All source code is included.
BLFMATH.ZIP Yes 46389 9/13/1993
BLFMATH (Bryan Flamig; $0) is the complete C++
source code to sample vector and matrix
BP70LIB.ZIP Yes 97667 9/22/1993
BP70 Lib 1.3 (Rockland Software Productions;
$27) is a library of routines for Borland
Pascal 7.0. Included are routines for dos,
mouse, conversions, files, rebooting, text I/O
including popup menus and message boxes, sound,
joystick, math, grey keys, plus other
miscellaneous functions. Requires EGA/CGA/VGA
or VESA graphics, 1024x768 256 color monitor
and Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0.
CENVI.ZIP Yes 167245 9/9/1993
CEnvi 1.0 (Brent Noorda; $38) is a simple
interpreter that uses C syntax.
CHKDATE.ZIP Yes 1371 9/14/1993
Chkdate (Program One, Inc.; $0) is a C++
function which validates unformatted date
CL121.ZIP Yes 51110 9/15/1993
CodeLister 1.21 (ASP) prints C source code
CLINT161.ZIP Yes 175583 9/15/1993
CLINT 1.61 reads C source files and generates
reports about possible problems.
CODEGEN.ZIP Yes 58020 9/14/1993
CodeGen (Tri-Power Consultants; $0) is the
template source file code generator portion of
QuickRez TV Resource Case tool.
CP1.ZIP Yes 124117 9/22/1993
CP1 (Casey Pearson; $0) is a collection of 90
files of C source code and information.
EMSIF.ZIP Yes 68878 9/15/1993
EMSIF 2.42 provides a high-level interface to
LIM EMS control functions.
EXCEPT.ZIP Yes 1762 9/15/1993
80386/i486 Exception Handler 1.01 (JBM; $0) is
a device driver which can handle GP faults,
invalid opcode faults and stack faults when
installed from real-mode.
FEXPAND.ZIP Yes 68889 9/15/1993
File Template Expander (Joe Acunzo; $20) is a
library of C-callable functions for expanding
wildcard characters in filenames.
GETBAUD.ZIP Yes 1260 9/10/1993
GetBaud (Dave Navarro Jr.; $0) is an assembler
routine which gets the baud rate from a
specified port.
GET_VOL.ZIP Yes 15148 9/21/1993
Get_Vol.BAS (John De Palma; $0) translates the
screen color number obtained with the Microsoft
QBASIC SCREEN Function into the two numbers
needed by the COLOR Statement which works with
any color set.
GLIDE.ZIP Yes 430659 9/5/1993
The Glide 1.00.02 (Russell A. Powell; $52) is
an integrated programming development
environment. It is fully configurable for any
language. Features include mouse support,
swapping to EMS, HMA or disk, 25,43, or 50
column video mode support, internal make and
link script generator, internal clock,
calendar, calculator and more. (2 Disks.)
GR3D.ZIP Yes 23419 9/12/1993
GR3D (Lei Ming; $0) is a set of 3-D graphics
HDK90A.ZIP Yes 188689 9/8/1993
Help Development Kit 9.0 creates help files for
the Windows Help engine, DESQview/X, QuickHelp,
THelp, TVHC, and PopHelp. NEW: support for
advanced word processors and automatic group
menu generation. Also included is
ICPY21.ZIP Yes 126180 9/12/1993
ImageCopy 2.1 copies diskette images to hard
disk where they can be stored and copied to
floppies in any quantity.
IL2HDK.ZIP Yes 91993 9/8/1993
IL2HDK 2.1 converts Ralf Brown's interrupt list
to the Help Development Kit's HDF format.
IMPRESS.ZIP Yes 153683 9/3/1993
First Impression 2.6 ASP is a toolkit for
creating an easy-to-use installation program.
INSTALL.ZIP Yes 12390 9/10/1993
Install 3.0 (Kenneth W. Illig; $0) is a simple
software installation program.
INT70.ZIP Yes 9217 9/10/1993
INT70 (Thiadmer Riemersma; $0) demonstrates the
use of the Real Time Clock interrupt in
assembly language.
KWTREE.ZIP Yes 7467 9/13/1993
Kwtree (Karl Weller; $0) is C source for
reading into an array all the directories on a
LINES.BAS No 1404 9/21/1993
Lines is a Basic SUB for connecting upper ASCII
MERGSORT.ZIP Yes 8938 9/14/1993
List-based MergSort Example (Bryan Flamig; $0)
is a C++ routine for sorting singly-linked
lists using a non-recursive merge sort
MOUSLI.ZIP Yes 169749 9/5/1993
MouseLib 8.0 is a Turbo Pascal event driven
mouse library. It supports the standard mouse
API, plus extensions for event driven
programming, support for DPMI mode, text,
graphic and true VGA cursor. It also includes
DESQview support unit and video hardware
support functions.
NUM_CAP.ZIP Yes 10962 9/15/1993
NUM_CAP (Patrick Hung; $0) is C source for
toggling Num & Caps Lock.
OBENG101.ZIP Yes 122813 9/15/1993
Object Engine 1.01 is a C++ class library that
encapsulates the core functionality of the
Paradox Engine database library.
PBWIZ.ZIP Yes 217607 9/9/1993
PowerBasic Wizard's Library 1.8 (Thomas G.
Hanlin III; $25) is a library of nearly 325+
routines for PowerBASIC 3.0.
PGEN_2.ZIP Yes 86686 9/18/1993
Parser Generator 2.0 (Keith L. Robertson; $20)
is a parser generator for C.
PPM110.ZIP Yes 524065 8/17/1993
Programmer's Project Manager 1.1 allows BASIC
programmers to have complete control over a
program's development. You can compile, link
using multiple libraries, compress the EXE,
scan for viruses, date/time stamp, and compress
the entire project. Source files can be edited
using your own editor or the PPM editor
PRGMMRS.LET No 6909 9/27/1993
PRGMMRS.LET is the November edition of PsL's
thoughts for programmers.
RGB15.ZIP Yes 77909 9/14/1993
RGB Color Mixer 1.5 is a color mixer for use
with the setrgbpalette() function.
S3BAS11.ZIP Yes 195594 9/15/1993
Low-Level Routines 1.1 is a tutorial for
Microsoft BASIC.
SDT.ZIP Yes 353525 9/7/1993
Software Developers Toolkit 1.0 (Vic Williams,
ASP; $0-$60) is a set of tools for software
development. This toolkit provides a make with
backup capability, a makefile builder, a tool
to convert standard makefiles to Blinker/plink
overlay format, a copy of awk, a basic
installer/DOS menu program, and remote support
software that you can distribute with your
products. It provides development tools,
installation capability, and ongoing
support/maintenance functions including both
user and developer backup capability.
SOSENG.ZIP Yes 16731 9/13/1993
SOS Engine 2.14a is a debugging tool which
records low level application activity such as
file accesses, reads, writes, memory
allocation requests and more.
SPY_TRAK.ZIP Yes 49975 9/13/1993
Spy_Trak (Korvin Communications; $35) is a
disassembling and debugging tool. It tracks
each operation performed by the program as it
is executing, records the status of its
registers and flags any errors.
TP70UTL.ZIP Yes 72899 9/15/1993
Turbo Pascal 7.0 Utilities (Pat Ritchey) will
take your IDE configuration file (TURBO.TP) and
create a configuration file (TPC.CFG) for use
with the command line compiler.
TSRTOOL.ZIP Yes 132146 9/21/1993
TSR Toolkit 1.5 is a toolkit for writing TSRs
which need DOS access. NEW: support for
extended memory access, mouse support, sound
and timer support, improved documentation, and
more reliable kernels.
UNST13.ZIP Yes 98359 8/29/1993
Universal Install 1.3 (The GoodSoft Co., ASP;
$36) is a professional installation package. It
can match the look and feel of your own
software. It includes an undo installation
feature, support for multi-disk copying,
external programs, CONFIG and AUTOEXEC
modifying, and more.
VGALIB3.ZIP Yes 169789 9/15/1993
VGALIB (John E. Cressman; $40-50) is a library
of graphic functions for QuickBasic. These
functions can add speed and power to your QB
programs. They will only work in the 256-color
VGA modes up to 320x480. Demos are included,
but locked up one of our test machines.
XFILED.ZIP Yes 47739 9/17/1993
XFILED (Bob Cozzi) demonstrates how to subclass
the CFileDialog common dialog box. The derived
class in this sample is very similar to the
Visual C++ AppWizard dialog box. C++ source
code included.
XLIB10.ZIP Yes 46666 9/14/1993
XLib 1.0 (TechniLib; $45) is an assembly
language library which can greatly simplify
protected-mode programming. It utilizes 32-bit
XPWNDG.ZIP Yes 170451 9/15/1993
TExplodeWindow TExplodeWindow and
TExplodeDialog Classes allow you to add
exploding windows and dialog boxes to
applications. Both classes are fully streamable
and can reside in a resource file until needed.
Source is included.