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4CALS.ZIP Yes 36151 3/8/1992
4Cals is a set of several different types of
desktop calendars. The first displays the
current month. The second displays the
current month with the current day
highlighted. Both of these return immediately
to the DOS prompt. The third program displays
the current and next month, allowing you to
scroll through months/years with the cursor
keys. A log program is also included which
keeps track of up to 400 lines of
miscellaneous information by date/sequence.
(Scott McPherson) (Reg.Fee: $0)
ACLK12.ZIP Yes 2409 11/15/1994
Alarm Clock (AD) 1.2 is a TSR that displays
real time in the upper right corner, beeps
every hour and plays music at the selected
time. (MarkoTech) (Reg.Fee: $0)
ADDER.ZIP Yes 9643 3/15/1993
Adder is a basic calculator that runs a tape
up the screen. A keypress causes each amount
on the tape to also be shown as a percent of
the total. (Bill Hutchinson) (Reg.Fee: $0)
ALARM.ZIP Yes 37779 5/29/1989
Alarm is an alarm for Word 6.0 for Windows.
A Multimedia alarm goes off at the specified
time and displays a user message while
playing a sound file. (Andrew M. Freeman)
(ASP) (Reg.Fee: $5)
ALARMSM.ZIP Yes 6808 2/11/1990
Alarm is an alarm clock for your computer.
Only one alarm can be set with each
invocation of the program but it can be run
more than once to set multiple alarms. It
takes less than 1k for each alarm set.
Assembler source included. (The author is no
longer at the address provided in the
documentation.) (Scott Mason) (Reg.Fee: $0)
AREACODE.ZIP Yes 19289 9/7/1993
AreaCode 1.0 finds the state, country and
large metropolitan areas when you type in the
area code. (Jeff Harrington) (Reg.Fee: $0)
BCAL.ZIP Yes 31661 5/26/1992
Batch-Cal 1.0 displays one month or a full
screen of calendars, from eleven months
before to eleven months after the current
month, in user-specified screen colors and at
specified screen locations. Since Bcal
requires you to enter seven parameters
(screen colors, location, etc) each time, you
will probably want to set up a batch file or
macro for executing the program. (C Patrick
Software) (Reg.Fee: $10)
BIGBEN.ZIP Yes 2927 6/14/1989
BigBen 1.1 chimes every 15 minutes and chimes
the hour. (Norman Newman) (Reg.Fee: $0)
BIGTIME.ZIP Yes 29633 7/14/1994
BigTime turns your computer screen into a
digital clock. (Reg.Fee: $0)
BJCLOCK.ZIP Yes 4831 7/24/1991
BJClock 2.03f is a 1K TSR clock that displays
the time and the Texas state flag in the
upper right corner of your monitor. Time can
be displayed in 12 or 24 hour format, an
alarm can be set, the display colors can be
changed, and an option is provided for
disabling the Texas flag. (Bill Jones)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
BUGME.ZIP Yes 1898 8/10/1994
BugMe will remind you of something at a
specific time with a message appearing in the
upper left corner of your screen. The
computer beeps once a second for 30 seconds
or for five seconds after you press a key.
(RSE, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $0)
C.ZIP Yes 18282 3/11/1994
C 1.56 is a command line calculator which can
perform the basic four math functions and can
also work with exponents. NEW: additional
functions percentages, roots, Pi, and time
and date. (Tom Wilson) (Reg.Fee: $5)
C4D.ZIP Yes 28591 3/25/1994
Cards For DOS (BETA) 1.0 allow you to view
Windows card files in DOS. (Frank Font)
(Reg.Fee: $4)
CAL_MS.ZIP Yes 14363 4/29/2023
Calendar pops up a calendar for the current
month and lets you scroll to the previous or
next month, year or decade. It optionally
will send the selected month's calendar to
your word processor. (Dr. Masaaki Sawada)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
CAL_POZ.ZIP Yes 8803 7/1/1990
Calendar displays the current month calendar
and allows flipping a month or year at a
time. Pascal source is included. (Alan
Pozner) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CAL13.ZIP Yes 31679 1/10/1994
Cal 1.3 will display a colorful calendar from
the DOS prompt. The current day blinks in
yellow. Calendars can also be directed to a
printer. (Dan Devoe) (Reg.Fee: $7)
CAL20.ZIP Yes 18880 9/30/1993
Cal 2.0 is a command line floating point
calculator. (Paul Wienckowski) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CAL2K.ZIP Yes 9558 4/6/1994
Cal2K 4.0 is a handy 3k pop-up monthly
calendar and clock. You can page the calendar
a month or year at a time. (Doug Fogg)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
CALC.ZIP Yes 45159 5/29/1989
Calc 4.8 is a pop-up four-function
calculator. (Timothy Coleman) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CALC_AH.ZIP Yes 24838 8/15/1990
Calc 10S is a command line calculator that
solves input such as (2.49 - 1.08e - 3) *
4 / (3.1e + 2 - 4.09^(1/2)). (Avis-Hill,
Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $19)
CALC_JC.ZIP Yes 61725 1/16/1994
Calc_JNC 9.51 is a powerful 22K TSR
calculator. It provides on-screen conversion
of Decimal, Hex, Octal, and Binary instantly
as you enter a number, and then it displays
the result. Additional functions supported
include NOT, AND, OR, EXCLUSIVE-OR, and
NEGATION. Other features include floating
point functions such as absolute value,
power, square root, reciprocal, sine, cosine,
tangent, logarith, integer, cube root and
more. DOS 5.0 is supported, and it will work
on all 8086-80486 CPU's. (James N. Cox) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $25)
CALLFOR.ZIP Yes 12512 5/29/1989
CallFor 0.1 is for recording calls of a
phone/visitor on a form that can be popped up
from within other programs. CallFor keeps
track of how many such forms were filled in
since the last time the computer system was
turned on. And every form also has the date
and the time that the pop up was called, so
you don't have to note anything. CallFor uses
only 6k of DOS RAM. (Dr. Masaaki Sawada)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
CALQUE.ZIP Yes 32883 7/30/1989
Calque is a powerful calculator program. It
can be used as a simple, four-function
calculator with or without "paper tape". It
also has trig and exponential functions,
hex/decimal conversions, and a complete set
of financial functions, such as
yield-to-maturity interest rate computation.
Calque can be programmed by recording
keystrokes into macros which can be saved and
recalled later to implement sequences of
operations used, for example, to solve
equations. (Reg.Fee: $10)
CARDVIEW.ZIP Yes 35887 11/30/1994
CardView 1.2 reads Windows Cardfile data
files without being in Windows. (Sound Micro
Solutions) (Reg.Fee: $15)
CCLK.ZIP Yes 6827 7/5/1990
Call-CLocK 1.0 is a 1k TSR that displays
elapsed time and a running total of dollars
and cents based on a command-line specified
cost-per-minute. You can start the timer
running by pressing a hot-key or it will
start automatically when a modem carrier is
detected. It's main purpose is to monitor
long-distance telecommunications costs, but
could as easily be used to see what it's
costing you to chat with your lawyer at $250
per hour. (Dale R. Andrews) (Reg.Fee: $15)
CGCLOCK.ZIP Yes 2750 3/27/2018
CgClock displays the time in the corner of
the screen. (Reg.Fee: $0)
CHAMELEO.ZIP Yes 19059 3/9/1994
Chameleon is an extensive pop-up name,
address book and calendar program. It takes
45k of DOS RAM when loaded into memory. (You
must run either INSTALL or INSTALLF before
loading the program.) (Reg.Fee: $?)
CHECKR24.ZIP Yes 12551 3/18/1994
Checker 2.4 is a simple timer for checking
elapsed times. (James Huckabey) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CLOCK200.ZIP Yes 24953 3/1/1993
Clock 2.0 is a 2k TSR which will display the
day of the week, date and time on the screen.
(Steve Emmer) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $10)
CMDCAL.ZIP Yes 9518 10/26/1994
CommandCalc 1.0 is a calculator for
performing simple mathematics at the command
prompt. (Charles Eglinton) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CODEBLUE.ZIP Yes 133797 3/9/1994
Code-Blue is a telephone area code look-up
program. This program really isn't as good as
other area code programs such as ACHUNT, but
Code-Blue does cover Canada. (Robert L.
Manis) (Reg.Fee: $15)
CONTACT.ZIP Yes 41186 3/6/1991
Contact Tracker 1.1 is a tool for tracking
and managing sales contacts. (La Mesa R&D)
(Reg.Fee: $30)
CTRLALT.ZIP Yes 48846 3/9/1994
CtrlAlt is a 7k TSR that offers support for
systems with two monitors, such as copying
the active monitor to the inactive monitor,
and more; pop-up tables, such as ASCII and
ANSI codes,; easy entry of non-keyboard ASCII
characters; screen cut and paste; selective
screen printing; and printer control. It will
also let you escape from some types of system
lockups. (Barry Simon) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $?)
DATELIN.ZIP Yes 4782 5/29/1989
DateLine 1.5 is a resident program that will
display the day of the week, month or year
and the last day of the month along with a
feature to calculate future and past dates.
(Thomas A. Schroder) (Reg.Fee: $5)
DATEPOP.ZIP Yes 27551 5/4/1990
Date Pop-Up Calculator 1.03 is a 6k TSR for
use with work scheduling programs. (Jim
Stone) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DAYCOUNT.ZIP Yes 46315 5/17/1994
Day-Count 3.6 will display the number of days
before the next holiday, as well as the
number of days in the year that have passed
and number to go. (Jerry Wilson) (Reg.Fee:
DAYS.ZIP Yes 15612 3/21/1989
Days offers a quick and easy way to find the
number of days there are between two dates.
The current month's calendar is displayed
first. You use the cursor keys to change
months and to select a date. Then a second
calendar is displayed. As you more around the
second calendar, the number of days
difference is continually updated on the
right of the bottom line. (Bill Morgan)
(Reg.Fee: $?)
DBDIAL.ZIP Yes 591209 3/10/1994
dbDIAL is a sophisticated telephone dialing
and logging program. It can be loaded as a 7K
TSR or run as a stand-alone program. It
allows up to four phone numbers per record.
More than 2000 characters of notes can be
added to each record. It can grab numbers
from screens of other applications. It can
handle mnemonic numbers like "800-242-4PsL".
Current time of day for any area code is
displayed. Incremental search capabilities
locate records as soon as you start typing.
Data can be imported and exported in
different formats. Support is provided for
ZipKey, Grab Plus for DOS and Grab Plus for
Windows. Other features include mouse
support; the ability to switch between
databases in one keystroke; call-again
reminders; a log of every call made; file
filtering and record output language for
merging letters, generating mailing labels,
and exporting whole databases. Requires a
hard disk, modem and 500K. (Rob J
Rosenberger) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $54)
DCAD20.ZIP Yes 195115 9/22/1994
Desk Caddy 2.0 is a comprehensive organizer
and desktop manager. It includes a file
editor and viewer, notepads, clipboard,
macros, file manager, diary with scheduler
and to-do list, user-defined menus,
calculator, calendar, screen blanker, games
and more. (Rob McDonell) (Reg.Fee: $26)
DCTIME.ZIP Yes 13197 4/19/1993
DCTime20 displays the time and date in 20
cities that you choose. You may edit the CFG
file with an editor and change the cities and
their local time. (Daniel Corod) (Reg.Fee:
DEMOND.ZIP Yes 21477 5/28/1990
Demon Dialer will redial your phone (through
your modem) every three seconds until it
connects. C source code is included. (Andrew
Dumke) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DESKTEAM.ZIP Yes 81490 3/10/1994
PC-Deskteam is a 65k pop-up with a
calculator, calendar, note pad, timer, clock,
10 alarms, phone dialer, and more. Although
still functional, PC-Deskteam is not as
powerful as many others and takes quite a bit
more RAM than others. (Alternative Decision
Software,) (Reg.Fee: $30)
DIALTHA.ZIP Yes 4343 11/9/1990
DialThat 1.01 is a 2k TSR that will read
phone numbers on the screen and dial them
through a modem. (Roger Schlafly) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $0-10)
DO_SAH.ZIP Yes 25265 3/7/1994
Do - SAH 1.0u is command line calculator.
(Scott Alan Hoopes) (Reg.Fee: $5)
DOS_CALC.ZIP Yes 290410 3/5/1994
DOS-Calc 3.1 is a calculator with scrollable
and printable tape. It features the standard
calculator functions and more. It has Trig,
Log, exponents, square root and PI functions
plus six constant memory registers. It also
has annuity loan payment, loan balance and
linear line fit functions. Other features
include a DOS shell, the ability to add your
own tables and conversion data, automatic
save of tape date upon exit, and more. Other
functions provide the area of circle,
circumference of a circle, factorial of a
number, permutations, floating point and
scientific decimal displays, and statistical
functions including sum, sum of X^2 (X
squared), variance, standard deviation, and
mean average. (Reg.Fee: $10)
DTCX.ZIP Yes 24102 5/29/1989
DTCX is a calculator that operates in
interactive, command line, or batch modes. In
addition to calculating regular expressions,
DTC allows for the definition of variables
which can be recalculated and listed
dynamically. (Garry J. Vass) (Reg.Fee: $0)
EC_WWP.ZIP Yes 26406 3/26/1991
Expression Calculator 1.0 evaluates an
expression typed on the command line. The
expression may contain factorial or
exponential operators, as well as
parentheses. It also allows conversion of
Metric and Standard units of measurement.
(William W. Pfeifer) (Reg.Fee: $0)
EDITFEM.ZIP Yes 67910 6/7/1994
EditFEM 1.0 allows you to change DOS EDIT's
file extension match pattern used to get a
list of the files in your current directory.
(LogiGraphics) (Reg.Fee: $12)
EDTEXT.ZIP Yes 16372 4/18/1994
Command Line Text Editor 1.8 is a replacement
for the DOS Edlin utility. It allows you to
make line changes to any small batch file or
text file using a variety of switches from
the command line. (Herman R. Willett)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
EVAL_CC.ZIP Yes 27332 12/12/1991
Eval 1.03 evaluates mathematical expressions
entered on the command line, including
formulas with trigonometric functions.
User-defined variables are also allowed.
(Copy Con Incorporated) (Reg.Fee: $15)
EZYD21.ZIP Yes 36676 1/16/1995
Ezy-D 2.1 is a command-line phone dialer for
making unattended pager calls in response to
system or application events. (Keith
Parkansky) (Reg.Fee: $5)
FAC175.ZIP Yes 116475 11/30/1994
Find Area Code 1.75 will quickly locate U.S.
and international telephone area codes. It
contains about 120 U.S. area codes and about
150 foreign countries with over 450 city
codes. You can search by city, state, area
code, or country. You can also do a fuzzy
search with sound-alike spelling and modify a
data file with the ASCII editor. You can run
it from the command line or make it memory
resident in as little as 7k of RAM. It also
has the capability to search an external data
file. Support is provided for TSR swapping to
expanded (EMS) RAM. NEW: area code splits
for Illinois, California, Texas, Virginia,
Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Washington,
Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North
Carolina, Michigan, and Ontario. (Michael
Molloy) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $20)
FASTCALC.ZIP Yes 66177 10/5/1994
FastCalc 1.0 is a simple desktop calculator.
(TTW, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $9)
FLEXALM.ZIP Yes 68774 2/11/1990
Flexalarm 2.2 is an alarm/reminder system
with 20 different alarms and signal types. It
can sound an alarm, run/display a file, or
display a message at a preset time. Other
features include several sound/music alarms,
silent visual alarms which use colors and
screens, password protection, on-line
instructions, and more. (Taxonomic Computer
Research) (Reg.Fee: $12-$39)
FN80031A.ZIP Yes 555959 9/12/1994
Fone800 3.1a is a database of over 200
toll-free 800 numbers. You can add, delete or
modify information. Numbers can be
automatically dialed through a modem. (Eugene
L. Woods) (Reg.Fee: $35)
FN90021.ZIP Yes 166560 9/12/1994
Fone900 2.1 keeps track of 900-number
information telephone services. You can
monitor and log a call's cost and duration,
as well as estimating cost in advance. The
number can be automatically dialed through a
modem. You can print reports for each 900
information service. (Eugene L. Woods)
(Reg.Fee: $35)
FONE63B.ZIP Yes 745483 9/12/1994
Fone 6.3b calculates the approximate cost of
telephone calls before placed, displays
on-going call cost in real time, and serves
as a powerful business/personal directory
management tool. Features include address
labels, appointment calendar, phone book of
frequently called numbers, on-screen note pad
for each client entry, client reports, modem
dialing, auto-redial on a busy signal, call
log report, estimated monthly bill, data
importing, user defined fields, and ASCII
file support. Requires 640K RAM, 286 or
better, 3.2 MB of hard disk space, and DOS
3.3 (Eugene L. Woods) (Reg.Fee: $50)
FONEDOS.ZIP Yes 216171 8/25/1994
DiaLog 2.11 is a phone dialer, logger and
more. It logs the date, time, name, number,
minutes, job code, city, state, company, and
purpose. It features a stopwatch, two address
books, calculator, alarm clock, editor, and
screen saver. It also prints envelopes. (John
Wolfgang) (Reg.Fee: $18)
FONWORD.ZIP Yes 2379 5/17/1994
Phone Words 1.0 will display all the possible
letter combinations for a given seven digit
phone number. It can also give the number
equivalent to a set of letters. (Jerry
Self) (Reg.Fee: $5)
FRACTION.ZIP Yes 27323 10/11/1993
Fraction is a new and easy way to practice
reducing, multiplying, and dividing
fractions. Interactive exercises provide the
immediate feedback proven to help students to
quickly learn and master mathematics
concepts. New problems are provided at each
use. Multiple levels of difficulty make the
program useful over a long period. A progress
record may be kept. The program is easy to
use, has on-line help, and looks very
professionally written. (Segrid B. Walker)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
FREEKICK.ZIP Yes 41697 2/25/1994
FreeKick is a 35k pop-up resident
calculator, calendar and ASCII table. Pascal
source code is included. (Dan Bowen)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
GDAYMATE.ZIP Yes 82019 3/9/1994
G'Day Mate provides a personal diary,
calendar, timer, alarm clock, appointment
reminder, and a data manager for phone
numbers, addresses, home inventory, and more.
The program is slick, fast, and easy to use.
(Sitting Duck Software) (Reg.Fee: $35)
GEN7VO17.ZIP Yes 547838 8/2/1994
Gen7 with Voice Module 1.7a is a program
manager for DOS with the added feature of a
voice module with close to 40 voices and
sounds for audible feedback, including
talking calculator, clock, and error
messages. New: corrected errors in clock,
music, and quote modules, new catagories for
quote module, and more. (George W. Freas II)
(Reg.Fee: $14)
GETDATE.ZIP Yes 19433 10/24/1994
Getdate 1.0 is a command line program which
will optionally tell you how many seconds it
is after the current minute, how many minutes
after the current hour, how many hours after
midnight, what day of the month, how many
months since January, how many years since
1900, how many days since Sunday, and how
many days since January 1st. (M. Vignali)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
HEBCAL.ZIP Yes 9651 3/27/1993
HebCal displays a calendar on screen in
Hebrew. (Norman Newman) (Reg.Fee: $0)
HOLID_RK.ZIP Yes 11651 3/8/1994
Holiday 1.0 will display a listing of
selected US holidays falling within a range
of dates. You may specify a starting year or
date, choose to show only Easter and Ash
Wednesday, or show only postal holidays.
(Raymond T. Kaya) (Reg.Fee: $0)
INSTINF.ZIP Yes 22132 5/29/1989
InstInfo 1.03 is a 98k resident utility for
keeping notes about different topics. (David
G. Webb) (Reg.Fee: $0)
JOT_IT.ZIP Yes 6602 2/15/1991
Jot-It6 is a 15k memory-resident note pad
and screen capture utility. Note-pad text is
saved to a file named JOTS. (Circle Software)
(Reg.Fee: $10-$35)
JULCAL.ZIP Yes 26143 5/4/1994
Julian & Gregorian Calendars 1.0 will display
a scrollable calendar with dates in Gregorian
and Julian format. (Brad Trupp) (Reg.Fee:
JULIAN.ZIP Yes 14669 5/29/1989
Julian 3.0 converts between Julian and
Gregorian dates. The three-digit Julian date
is handy to use in creating unique file names
(eg: JOURNAL.074 and JOURNAL.341) and in
calculating the number of days between dates.
Pascal source included. (David Brown)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
KATE130.ZIP Yes 261688 11/9/1993
Kate Workplace 1.30 is a desktop manager that
includes a text editor and viewer, file
manager, an appointment calendar, hypertext
compiler and viewer, a clock, calculator,
screen blanker, and more. (Rob McDonell)
(Reg.Fee: $35)
LC10.ZIP Yes 44323 9/15/1993
S3 Line Calculator 1.0 allows mathematical
equations to be solved on the command line.
(George Spafford) (Reg.Fee: $10)
LOCFON.ZIP Yes 12707 8/2/1994
LocFone 1.5 allows you to enter a three digit
prefix between 200 and 999 and receive the
city in Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware,
or the metropolitan northern Virginia area
where that prefix is used. The area code for
the city is also displayed. (Gene Cummins)
(Reg.Fee: $3)
MAGICKEY.ZIP Yes 45513 4/25/1994
MagicKey 1.00 is a pop-up TSR help window in
which you can enter any info you might need
to refer to. You can enter email addresses,
CompuServe commands, DOS commands, anything
you might type in any program. It features an
unlimited number of entries in multiple
files, and comes with 300 Internet services
listed in sample help files. (Jennings
Communications, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $10)
MDIAL.ZIP Yes 19623 5/29/1989
MicroDial is a very compact (3k)
memory-resident telephone dialer. (Kenneth D.
Whitney) (Reg.Fee: $15)
MEMTOOL.ZIP Yes 177990 7/20/1993
MemTool 3.1 is set of pop-up desktop tools.
Included is a simple calculator, a
quick-and-easy appointment calendar, an
editor for small files, an excellent on-line
DOS manual, a crude directory lister, a
simple phone directory with dialing, an alarm
clock (single alarm set only), screen capture
utility, screen saver, ASCII table, and more.
With EMS or disk swapping, it can take up as
little as 5K of DOS RAM; otherwise, it uses
up 195k. (Chris W. Woodmansee) (Reg.Fee: $30)
MONOCLO.ZIP Yes 1405 1/17/1980
MonoClok will put a clock display in the
upper right corner of a monochrome display.
(Rich Winkel) (Reg.Fee: $?)
MORCALC.ZIP Yes 64782 6/26/1990
MorSoft Calculator 2.0 is an on-screen
calculator that will add, subtract, multiply,
percent, divide, do square root,
exponentiation, trigonometric sine, cosine,
tangent, and arctangent. Decimal or hex can
be used. The on-screen tape does not print as
you go, but may be printed at any time.
(MorSoft) (Reg.Fee: $15)
MSECRET.ZIP Yes 13960 5/29/1989
Msecret 1.2 is pop-up notepad that stores
your information on a part of a floppy that
is normally unused. This means that the data
will normally will not be lost if the disk is
copied over or even reformatted; the data
cannot be copied with a normal disk copy or
viewed with another program, making it useful
for storing confidential information such as
passwords. A utility that comes with MSecret
prepares the disk for the data (without
harming data already on the disk). Points to
note: MSecret will not work with some drives,
particularly 1.2 meg drives, it appears.
MSecret, like most of Dr. Sawada's other
TSR's, will not pop up if you are in DOS; you
must be running some other program and then
pop it up. (Dr. Masaaki Sawada) (Reg.Fee: $10)
MWDEMO.ZIP Yes 66058 10/21/1994
MetaWINDOW DEMO 4.2 showcases the latest
release of Metagraphics professional
C/C++/Pascal graphics programming toolkit for
DOS real-mode, 16-bit protected-mode and
32-bit protected-mode. (Metagraphics Corp.)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
MY_DESK.ZIP Yes 132913 3/9/1994
My-Desk is a pop-up desktop utility. The
heart of the program is a powerful text
editor. Up to 40 file names, with complete
drive and PATH location, can be assigned to
the function keys for fast and easy loading
with a simple keypress. This lets you pop-up
as many as 40 different do-it-yourself help
screens, to-do lists, calendars, appointment
lists, note pads, form letters or just
different files on which you are currently
working. Other features include a powerful,
flexible appointment calendar; to-do list; up
to 10 active alarms; basic file management;
unattended control of programs; screen
blanking and much more. (Nelson Ford) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $25)
NABDAILY.ZIP Yes 19430 10/21/1994
Not-So-Precise Computer Terms displays the
day and date, along with a different wacky
computer definition each day. Put it in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT to start each day with a smile.
(Timothy J. Gallagher) (Reg.Fee: $12)
NATIME.ZIP Yes 9633 8/10/1994
NATime displays the current time in the six
North American Time Zones and shows several
of the most well known cities in those zones.
It alerts you when Daylight Savings time is
in effect and displays the season. (David R
Malmberg) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $0)
NJCHIME.ZIP Yes 9703 5/29/1989
Nifty James' Famous Chimer loads into memory
and chimes on the hour. The different tunes
you may choose from are Westminster Chimes,
St. Michael Chimes or the Whittington Chimes.
The default option is to have 3 quick beeps
go off 3 seconds before the hour and one
longer beep on the hour if you do not want
the chimes. Assembler source code is
included. res:1k (Mike Blaszczak) (Reg.Fee:
NJEVAL.ZIP Yes 34213 5/29/1989
Nifty James' Famous Expression Evaluator 1.01
is a four-function calculator that works from
the DOS command line. For example entering
NJEVAL 3+5*5 at the DOS prompt will result in
the answer 3+5*5 = 28. (Mike Blaszczak)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
NOTEWARE.ZIP Yes 108216 11/17/1994
NoteWare 4.0a is a 16K TSR notepad. It
creates, edits, and retrieves screensize
notes. Features include autosave and resume,
screen capturing, word wrap, text search,
ASCII file loading and saving, cut and paste,
an index of notes, printing options, and
more. Other features include a monthly
calendar and a non-TSR version. NEW:
dialing options dialing options (Lee Nelson)
(ASP) (Reg.Fee: $25)
NUMERATR.ZIP Yes 91524 3/5/1994
Numerator is a pop-up calculator with a
built-in programming language. The calculator
has an extensive set of operators and
functions, flow control statements,
configurable conversions and constants, use
of variables, and binary and hex support. The
programming language allows you to write
simple applications that can be used as
either TSR programs or non-resident programs.
Sample programs in areas such as medicine,
statistics, and business are included. (Keith
Flower) (Reg.Fee: $25)
PAGAND10.ZIP Yes 89086 2/8/1994
Pagan Daybook 1.0a is a calendar application
which will display the current date and time,
the ancient and modern tides and the names
and meanings of any pagan festivals that fall
on this day. (Alchemy Mindworks Inc.)
(Reg.Fee: $0-10)
PAGEME.ZIP Yes 48336 2/28/1990
PageMe D1.0 is a remote phone message alert
system. It monitors a phone line to which an
answering machine and modem are attached;
after a call is received, it will call a
preset number to let you know that you need
to call back and pick up messages. Normally,
you would have it dial your pager/beeper
number, but it could call a voice number just
as easily, although all it will do on a voice
number is beep into the phone. A maximum of
six messages can be handled without the
program's being rerun. It can also serve as
an alarm clock by setting it to call you at a
specified time. (Steven C. Slowik) (Reg.Fee:
PC_AREA.ZIP Yes 80186 3/9/1994
PC-AreaCode lets you find area codes by city
and state, as well as for many other
countries. The program can swap itself to
disk or expanded/extended memory, using just
8k of RAM. When installed as a pop-up, it can
insert an area code into the underlying
application. Also see Zipkey, in the
Mailing List section, which is a pop-up that
does zip codes as well as area codes. (Left
Coast Software) (Reg.Fee: $18)
PC_WINDO.ZIP Yes 7001 3/3/1994
PC-Window is a resident note pad and a
timer. (Reg.Fee: $0)
PCALC.ZIP Yes 38021 2/11/1990
Personal Calculator 2.3 is a non-resident,
four-function, printing calculator. It has
memory store and recall and also does squares
and square roots. It does not have an
on-screen tape. (TDM Software) (Reg.Fee: $10)
PCCLOCK.ZIP Yes 83572 12/15/1994
PC Clock 1.3 is a highly accurate computer
chronograph that provides two or three levels
of precision for up timers, race timers, down
timers, lap timers, game timers, and split
timers. It features date, calendar, and
holiday functions. (MacGregor K. Phillips)
(ASP) (Reg.Fee: $25)
PCFDIAL.ZIP Yes 144213 3/5/1994
PCFDial is a TSR phone dialer that will
pluck numbers right from the screen of your
favorite software program. It will remind you
at regular intervals how long you've talked
on the phone. It keeps a log of calls. (Rob J
Rosenberger) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $19)
PCLOCK.ZIP Yes 5010 5/29/1989
Pclock is a resident alarm clock program.
Instead of a constant display intruding on
the screen, the PopClock only comes up when
you press a "hot key". Of course, the alarm
feature stays active and will sound at the
pre-set time even though the time is not
being displayed. (Tulk Associates Software)
(Reg.Fee: $?)
PDL.ZIP Yes 82630 6/27/1991
PDL 1.0 is a pair of phone dialing programs.
The pop-up version supports 100 records; the
non-TSR version, 800 records. Both support
comm ports 1-4 and logging of calls. (Steven
Hawkins) (Reg.Fee: $25)
PH.ZIP Yes 4519 5/29/1989
PH is a fantastic phone directory and
dialing program because it is all done with a
"simple" batch file. Even if you don't need a
phone dialer, this batch file is worth
studying. (Jon Payne) (Reg.Fee: $0)
PHO_NUMS.ZIP Yes 7571 5/26/1990
Phone#s contains voice numbers and
support-BBS numbers for a large number of
hardware and software vendors. The numbers
are arranged by product category for easy
reference. (Evan Wagner) (Reg.Fee: $0)
PHON_EM.ZIP Yes 1561 12/24/1991
Phone 1.0 translates phone numbers depicted
with letters (for example: 1-800-242-4PSL)
into a completely numeric, easier-to-dial
number. You can also use it to experiment
with words-into-numbers if you want to get an
easy-to-remember number of your own. (Eric
Meyer) (Reg.Fee: $0)
PHONEJW.ZIP Yes 52726 11/19/1989
Phone1 1.43 is a dialing utility that has
great flexibility in dialing numbers through
a modem. It will dial a number specified on
the DOS command line, or it will search a
data file for the first match of a name
specified on the command line and then search
for a legitimate phone number. Since it can
be made to search multiple lines down from
the name, the file could be a regular text
file of names, addresses and phone numbers.
Automatic redial is available. The program
supports COM1 through COM4. It does not log
calls nor does it have a timer, but it is
quite handy for just dialing numbers. This is
not a memory resident, pop-up utility.
(Jonathan Wayne) (Reg.Fee: $15)
PHONEPF.ZIP Yes 43714 7/12/1989
Phone 1.25 dials and registers outgoing phone
calls, recording the name and number called,
date, time and duration of each call. A memo
field is provided for entering a noting the
purpose of the call. You can also perform
multiple searches for names to call and
editing of the memo field in the PHONEMEM
file. (Peter F. Feldmann) (Reg.Fee: $20)
PHONWRD.ZIP Yes 5894 5/29/1989
PhonWord will print all possible letter
combinations given a phone number or will go
the other way and print a phone number for a
given set of letters. For example, 225-5775
is CALL-PSL. Assembler source included.
(Jerry Self) (Reg.Fee: $0)
PL.ZIP Yes 6305 9/8/1994
PhoneLet 2.0 converts phone number pneumonics
like 800-2424-PSL into numbers like
800-242-4775. (Shawn Anderson) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
PMSG.ZIP Yes 58699 10/6/1991
Phone Message 1.0 is a 9K TSR that keeps
track of information from incoming phone
calls and messages. The information can then
be exported to a database or word processor
for further processing, statistics or
storage. (Contact Plus Corporation) (Reg.Fee:
POPDATE.ZIP Yes 17422 7/9/1992
PopDate is a 15K memory resident appointment
calendar. It keeps track of personal
appointments and group meetings. It has a
perpetual calendar and prints daily, weekly,
and monthly appointments, but does not have
alarms. Requires a hard disk. (Robert K.
Summers) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $39)
POPDIAL.ZIP Yes 7310 11/4/1991
PopDial 1.0 is a TSR which will dial a number
located on the display or one you enter.
(Scanlon Enterprises) (Reg.Fee: $10)
PPRO.ZIP Yes 76893 2/17/1990
Phone-Pro 2.11 is a non-TSR personal address
book manager and phone dialer (modem
required). It supports COM3 and COM4 and
auto-redials when the number dialed is busy.
(Michael Raugh) (Reg.Fee: $20)
PRC.ZIP Yes 34959 5/29/1989
PRC 3.6 is a pop-up calculator which
optionally will use the printer for a paper
tape. The result can be "pasted" into the
application in use when PRC was popped up,
assuming the application will accept such
input from the keyboard. The current time and
date can also be passed to the underlying
application. (Timothy Coleman) (Reg.Fee: $15)
QA_QUERY.ZIP Yes 137882 3/9/1994
Que Accounting Query is a non-resident
desktop utility program with pop-up
calculator with "paste" functions, notepad
with search and replace, a calendar, phone
directory, and a means for accessing any DBF
(dBase) file. The latter feature lets you
view and edit records or create new DBF
files. The only problem we had was in trying
to create and save a new data file. The
program aborted. All the other functions of
the program are very well designed. The
program would be more useful if it were a
pop-up, but it works well in a Carousel or
DESQview window. Requries 512k RAM, 500k disk
space. (Gerald McHugh) (Reg.Fee: $20)
QALARM.ZIP Yes 10877 7/22/1994
QuickAlarm is a pop-up reminder program
which, at the specified time, displays
whatever message you entered. (Paul Kimmel)
(Reg.Fee: $5)
RAMDSK26.ZIP Yes 203432 8/4/1994
RAMdesk 2.6 is a 7k+ pop-up schedular/alarm,
work/expense log, address/phone directory,
infobase, and calculator. It is designed for
both single PC's and networks, and can be
accessed from as many as 200 workstations.
When used in a network environment, it will
provide a pop-up cross-LAN message system.
(Richard A. Kelly) (Reg.Fee: $50)
RNUMB.ZIP Yes 122861 3/5/1994
Real Numbers 2.0 is a calculator program with
switchable, scrollable tapes (or windows)
that can be edited, printed and saved. Each
tape/window can contain a different set of
calculations which you can return to at any
time. Over 30 functions and operators for
math and business are built in. The system is
flexible enough to even let you generate
reports, checkbooks, and financial
statements. The only drawback we found is
that you can only see a total for the current
window. Other features include pull-down
menus and on-line help, the capacity to add
comments on the side of each tape, and the
ability to evaluate formulas and math
expressions of unlimited complexity. (BU
Systems Company) (Reg.Fee: $28)
SB_AB.ZIP Yes 33750 5/28/1989
Shadow Box is a 39k pop-up utility whose
main unique feature is allowing the number
pad to be used for line drawing. Other
features include 16 user-defined macro keys;
a calculator with Hex/Dec, memory, statistics
and trig functions; time, date, calendar and
alarms; background printing; and ASCII table
and keyboard scan code table. Note: After
pressing the hot keys (Alt-Left Shift), SB
did not pop up until we also pressed Enter.
(Al Babyok) (Reg.Fee: $20)
SCRCALC.ZIP Yes 11822 11/24/1991
ScrCalc 1.8 is a different kind of pop-up
calculator. It pops up across the bottom line
of the screen and although you can enter
numbers manually, its uniqueness comes from
being able to move the cursor around the
screen and performing math operations on the
numbers you point at. It takes only 5k of DOS
RAM. (KY Software) (Reg.Fee: $5)
SD301.ZIP Yes 145651 11/29/1994
Super Dial 3.01 is a telephone dialer with a
notepad, macros, automatic redial, search
function, and more. (Gary R Heitz) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $20)
SIMDXTF.ZIP Yes 72882 5/29/1992
SimdexTF 3.1 is a 4.5k pop-up utility that
that keeps track of names, phone numbers,
notes and more. It will pop-up over all text
screens and most VGA graphic screens.
(Simplified Computer Services I) (Reg.Fee:
SIR.ZIP Yes 40777 2/5/1989
Sir! is a very sharp looking and easy to use
"Rolodex-type" name, address and phone number
keeper. You can see the names on about the
next 10 cards; you can scroll through the
cards with the cursor keys; and you can dial
numbers through a modem and print lists or
envelopes. (Dennis P. Todd) (Reg.Fee: $5)
SNOOZE.ZIP Yes 18518 6/21/1993
Snooze 1.0 is a TSR clock with a snooze
alarm. When the alarm pops up, it displays
the current time, plays a tune, and allows
you to either turn it off or select a 3
minute or 5 minute snooze before the alarm
pops up again. (John Owen) (Reg.Fee: $5)
SOLVE12.ZIP Yes 27570 9/30/1994
Solve 1.2 is a DOS command line mathematical
expression solver for engineers and
scientists. Expressions like 2.15 + 6 *
sin(pi / 2) are evaluated and the result
displayed. SOLVE contains many built in
functions including decimal-hexadecimal
conversions.. (C. Kenneth Curtis) (Reg.Fee:
SP133.ZIP Yes 261423 10/24/1994
SmartPhone 1.33 is a database which will
provide information that can prove useful
when making telephone calls. The information
includes area codes, time zones, zip codes,
mailing codes, language spoken, population &
more. It can be run as a TSR, using only 7K.
A multi-tasking search/edit feature is also
provided. Also included is The Five-Minute
Database which is a pop-up quick-reference
system that lets you create your own pop-up
databases. Requires 640k RAM, DOS 3.+, and a
hard disk. (Timothy Campbell) (Reg.Fee: $17)
SPDCALL.ZIP Yes 45095 8/9/1991
SpeedCall 30 1.2 is a utility for use with
the telephone company's Speed Calling
service. This service allows using just two
digits to dial assigned telephone numbers, up
to a limit of 30 different telephone numbers.
This utility lets you easily maintain and
change your 30 entries. (Tim Mitchel)
(Reg.Fee: $5)
STARDAT.ZIP Yes 3741 7/22/1991
Star Date 2.03s is a tiny TSR that displays
official Federation Star Date, as well as
military Earth time. There are options for
customizing the color display, hourly chimes,
and alarm clock settings. This is a must for
Star Trek fanatics. (Bill Jones) (Reg.Fee: $0)
STOPNGO.ZIP Yes 11984 6/30/1992
Stop'n Go is a 2k pop-up stopwatch. (Omega
Point, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $0)
STORIT.ZIP Yes 25311 5/29/1989
StorIt 2.0 lets you save 20 lines of up to 78
characters each of notes or other
information, optionally in an encrypted form
to ensure privacy and security. Storeit saves
disk space by writing the data right into the
program file itself. (Enhanced Data
Communications) (Reg.Fee: $16)
TAPEMAXS.ZIP Yes 194287 3/6/1994
Tapemaxs is an adding machine with tapes
that can automatically catch errors. A tape
can be printed on any size paper in different
formats. It also allows fast entry for
repeated numbers. (Dale Dillon) (Reg.Fee: $15)
TCAL.ZIP Yes 7541 6/24/1990
Tcal is a 12K pop-up calendar. It displays
the current date and time and a monthly
calendar. You can scroll through the months,
a month or year at a time. (Bob Dolan)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
TCLSWV.ZIP Yes 154518 6/3/1994
TCL 2.00 is a telephone call logger. It can
be used to monitor your telephone usage. Each
call you make is logged and you can print a
statement to check against your bill. You can
use the system to distribute call charges to
different account codes and produce a
separate statement for each account. If you
have a modem installed you can use it to dial
calls automatically, like a telephone with an
unlimited number of memories. (Gordon F
Henson) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $30)
TCLSWV2.ZIP Yes 154131 7/21/1994
Telephone Call Logger 2.0 can be used to
monitor your telephone usage. Each call you
make is logged and you can print a statement
to check against your BT bill. You can use
the system to distribute call charges to
different account codes and produce a
separate statement for each account. If you
have a modem installed you can use it to dial
calls automatically, like a telephone with an
unlimited number of memories. (Gordon F
Henson) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $30)
TENKEY.ZIP Yes 47657 5/29/1989
Tenkey is a slick, non-resident tenkey
calculator. You can pull the tape back down
(on-screen) and make changes, with the totals
changing automatically; `tear off' the tape;
and enter comments on the tape. (It does not
print a paper tape.) (Kenneth Stott)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
TIMERTT.ZIP Yes 32901 5/29/1989
Timer is an interesting twist on the
full-screen clock type of program. You start
it before leaving your computer and it
displays a count-down timer, a message saying
where you went and when you are due back and
a phone number where you can be reached. If
you are late, everyone will know it because
the program sounds a short alarm and states
that you should be back now. In other words,
this isn't what you want to run if you are
planning a long lunch. (T. E. Tyler)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
TIMETALK.ZIP Yes 52670 2/8/1994
Time Talk 1.0 will speak the current time
through your PC's speaker. It will also
optionally display the time. (William
Cravener) (Reg.Fee: $0)
TIMEZON.ZIP Yes 28782 8/22/1992
TimeZone 1.0 displays time zones, area codes,
and other information about specified states
and cities. You can also enter an area code
for a matching list of cities. You can enter
a state name, or just part of name (eg:
"Penn") if you are not sure of the complete
spelling, or you can enter the state's
two-character abbreviation or a particular
city. All the area codes for the state are
displayed in a scrollable list, along with
time zones, plus the state flower, bird, and
capital. (John Wilson) (Reg.Fee: $10)
TIMKEEP.ZIP Yes 40850 2/4/1993
Timekeeper 2.2 turns your computer into an
attractive digital clock. It features large
block letters and musical tones that play
every quarter hour and has a colorful
graphics display at the top. Requires
EGA/VGA. (Will Boyett) (Reg.Fee: $12)
TINYCAL.ZIP Yes 36232 12/23/1989
TinyCalculator is a colorful calculator that
will add, subtract, multiply and divide. It
has two memories and an on-screen, scrollable
"tape". (David H. Jr. Stanley) (Reg.Fee: $0)
TM12.ZIP Yes 52000 2/8/1994
Package of Three is a set of three programs:
a general purpose timer and alarm, a file
viewer, and a line drawing program. (Tom
Wilson) (Reg.Fee: $0)
TOLLFRE.ZIP Yes 4485 10/8/1984
TollFree gives you a lengthy list toll-free
numbers for computer products. The list also
includes the addresses of the companies
listed. (Reg.Fee: $0)
TPC14.ZIP Yes 100750 7/28/1994
The Phone Center 1.4 is a phone dialer with
directory printer, DOS shell, quick memo
entry, calculator, calendar, sliding windows,
entry finder, area code search, time zone
search, and more. (Russell Holloway)
(Reg.Fee: $20)
ULT_PHON.ZIP Yes 279486 3/5/1994
Ultimate Phone Dialer is a phone dialing
program. All calls are logged with comments
on the results of the call. The date, time,
name, phone number and results of the call
are stored in a file that can be reviewed at
any time by name or date. Extensive search
features allow you to find any piece of
information. You can also print phone books
or mailing labels base on code criteria.
(Thomas E. Tyler) (Reg.Fee: $10)
VMESSAG.ZIP Yes 41618 3/25/1990
VMessage 1.0 is a versatile voice message and
general desktop utility. It can read files,
initialize printers (with six printer font
files included), write scratch pad notes,
print short files, and dial a phone via a
modem. If you have COVOX speech thing, it
talks what you type in the pop-up menu or
reads your software's screen out loud. (Dr.
Masaaki Sawada) (Reg.Fee: $10-$20)
WHEN31.ZIP Yes 57754 11/2/1994
When 3.1 is a message alarm clock and
scheduler that will beep when an alarm time
and date has come due, or the next time you
turn the computer on if the set time has
passed. It can remember up to 256 alarms. You
can keep, view and print messages before and
after they come due. A printed schedule can
be created at any time. Phone dialing through
a modem is supported, and a text file may be
attached to each message. NEW: black and
white option for laptops and the ability for
output to be directed to the printer or an
ASCII text file. (Lee Jordan) (Reg.Fee: $30)
WNOTE40.ZIP Yes 132849 9/24/1992
W - The Note Writer 4.0 allows you to create,
and edit documents of up to 50K. It features
word wrap, converting to ASCII text, and an
option to provide a short description of the
document to ease future identification.
(Larry Myers) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $6)
WT.ZIP Yes 26581 5/28/1989
World Time 1.1 tells the time in 100 cities
across the 24 world time zones. (Alan Hobesh)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
WYWA.ZIP Yes 188358 10/31/1993
While You Were Away 1.0 displays a message on
your screen to let others know where you are
and when you will return. It will also allow
others to post messages while you are away
from your desk. It has two levels of password
protection. (Sheldon L. Sobel) (Reg.Fee: $29)
XACT.ZIP Yes 241754 3/9/1994
XACT Series Calculators is a set of three
pop-up HP calculator emulators: XACT-11C is a
scientific calculator, XACT-12C is a
financial calculator, and XACT-16C is a
programmer's calculator. (CalcTech, Inc.)
(Reg.Fee: $32)
XCALC.ZIP Yes 30439 2/17/1990
xCalc 2.0 is a pop-up formula calculator that
displays the values of and lets you edit all
elements of the formula. For example, you
could enter the formula for the future value
as Future_Val = Annuity *
((1+Rate)^NumPeriods-1) / Rate. xCalc will
show the formula in the listing area, but say
that it is "Not evaluable". After you enter
values for all the elements - Annuity, Rate
and NumPeriods - it will show the value of
Future_Val. You can change the values of any
of the elements, and the value of Future_Val
will change instantly. In addition to the
standard math functions, xCalc supports trig
functions, floating point numbers, logs,
factorials, and more. The only bad news is
that as a TSR, it takes over 60k, and it
locks up hard under DESQview. (Marco P.
Pescarmona) (Reg.Fee: $25-$35)
ZCALC11.ZIP Yes 38008 9/12/1994
ZCalc is an algebraic entry calculator
designed for general purpose use. Features
include 19 digits, standard or scientific
format, ability to handle large numbers,
basic math functions including log,
exponents, modulus, nth root, percent. 5
function memory plus last result carry over.
It is non-TSR and non-RPN. (Thomas J. Esh)
(Reg.Fee: $15)