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22DSK142.ZIP Yes 196110 11/7/1994
22Disk 1.42 is a media conversion utility for
converting data from CP/M disk formats to DOS
or vice versa. The 22DISK disk conversion
package offers user-defined CP/M formats in
addition to the standard support for single-,
double-, and quad-density formats. It also
features custom keyboard mapping. This
software will not convert CP/M-80 disks used
on Apple II's with CP/M cards. (Charles P.
Guzis) (Reg.Fee: $28)
288DRI.ZIP Yes 2930 7/21/1994
2.88MB Floppy Drive 1.0 describes how to add
a 2.88MB floppy drive to your computer. (John
C. Ebsen) (Reg.Fee: $0)
3DRIVE.ZIP Yes 51089 12/22/1994
3Drive uses DOS to find all of your local
valid drives. It also finds those that run
from devices on your parallel port or SCSI
interface. A QuickBASIC program displays one
drive and then a scroll box of all drives
valid or illegal without a single error
message or squawk. Executable file, source
code and Quick Library are included. (John De
Palma) (Reg.Fee: $0)
3FLOP.ZIP Yes 5296 5/29/1989
3Flop tells how to run three floppy drives
with a standard two-floppy controller.
However, while three drives can be made
available in the same machine, only two are
usable in the same session. (Bob Sully)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
4SPD20.ZIP Yes 74489 9/8/1994
4-Speed 2.0 graphically displays your drive's
data transfer rate. NEW: repetitive and
sequential test modes, captures up to 35
tests for the log/analyze file, creates an
encapsulated postscript printer file of the
screen.. (Dustbowl Designs, Inc.) (Reg.Fee:
ADCACHE.ZIP Yes 10766 2/24/1990
ADCache 1.2 is a TSR, hard-disk cache that
uses EMS memory for caching and less than 5k
of DOS RAM for the software. It should work
on any PC compatible, including PS/2, and
will support one or two hard disk drives that
use the BIOS INT 13h interface. (David H.
Rifkind) (Reg.Fee: $15)
ADI10.ZIP Yes 25430 9/15/1993
All Drive Info 1.0 identifies all drives on a
system and displays relevant information
about each drive. (George Spafford) (Reg.Fee:
ADJRAM.ZIP Yes 37809 3/8/1994
AdjRAM lets you set up and change the size
of a RAM disk without rebooting and without
losing data on the RAM disk when the size is
changed. It also may work with expanded
memory, though it has not been thoroughly
tested. The 'C' source code is also included
on the disk. RAM.SYS/SETRAM is perhaps Josh
Cockey of Dahlgren, VA rebuts: "I agree that
RAM.SYS/SETRAM is perhaps easier and simpler
to use, but it is limited to only 32
directory entries while ADJRAM allows 128
entries and also can be used in expanded RAM.
(Gary Cramblitt) (Reg.Fee: $?)
ANAD207.ZIP Yes 122112 10/27/1993
Anadisk 2.07 is a general purpose utility
package to analyze, inspect, edit, repair and
copy floppy diskettes. It makes extensive use
of the PC's hardware facilities. It contains
support for, but is not limited to, DOS
compatible diskettes. Almost any diskette
that can successfully be read by the hardware
contained in your machine can be processed by
Anadisk. The CompatiCard is also supported.
(Charles P. Guzis) (Reg.Fee: $28)
ASPITAR.ZIP Yes 64444 8/19/1994
Aspi is a DOS version of the UNIX tar
utility which drives SCSI tape devices via an
ASPI driver. (Reg.Fee: $0)
AUTOTES.ZIP Yes 8759 1/1/1987
Autotest shows floppy and hard disk access
times for sequential and random seeks. It
will not damage any files on the disk. Works
on RAM disks too. (Reg.Fee: $?)
BOOT_B.ZIP Yes 5373 12/27/1990
Boot_B 1.0 creates a new boot sector for a
disk in drive A: which when booted will pass
the boot process over to the B: drive. This
allows you to run programs (mostly games)
that must be booted from the distribution
floppy when your drive A: is not the same
type as the floppy and drive B: is. (The
author can no longer be reached at the
address provided in the documentation.)
(Solutions by the Numbers) (Reg.Fee: $10)
BOOTDUM.ZIP Yes 2052 5/29/1989
Bootdump displays technical information
about a disk's boot record. (Reg.Fee: $?)
BOOTLK.ZIP Yes 10113 2/11/1990
Bootlook reads track 0, sector 1 of a
selected drive and displays all the technical
information about the type of disk. Works on
floppies, hard disks, and other media (eg:
Bernoulli's). (William C. Scott) (Reg.Fee: $0)
BOOTREX.ZIP Yes 2879 2/11/1990
Bootrex 1.2 will read the boot sectors of a
disk (hard or floppy) and display the
parameters that are kept in the boot record
table. (Jack A. Orman) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CACHE2.ZIP Yes 3146 5/29/1989
Cache2 speeds up disk accessing. (Reg.Fee:
CACHSTA.ZIP Yes 15679 5/29/1989
Cachstat gets disk cache statistics for
IBMCACHE program. This program works ONLY
with IBM's IBMCACHE program which comes with
the PS/2 Models on the Reference diskette.
(Jack Wright) (Reg.Fee: $?)
CACHTST.ZIP Yes 60973 6/18/1993
Cache Test 5.0a tests the effectiveness of
your disk caching software. It checks
sequential write and read, random write and
read, random update, and DOS directory
services times. (George Spafford) (Reg.Fee:
CDISK2.ZIP Yes 4915 6/22/1989
CDisk is a resident utility that gives you
information about your disk drives. (Keith P.
Graham) (Reg.Fee: $5)
CHKFREE.ZIP Yes 10063 4/14/1994
CHKFree 1.01 will check all drives, including
network drives, for a specified amount of
disk space. (N.A.M. Enterprises) (Reg.Fee: $5)
CLEAN2.ZIP Yes 2605 6/22/1989
Clean2 is a drive head cleaner that works on
single or double sided or quad density
drives. (Marty Smith) (Reg.Fee: $0)
CLEANER1.ZIP Yes 32350 8/9/1994
Disk Drive Cleaner 1.0 is software to be used
with a head cleaning diskette. (Doren
Rosenthal) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $20)
CMB113.ZIP Yes 48424 2/3/1994
Combi-Disk 1.13 lets you set up a RAM disk
and disk cache in the same area of extended
memory. C source code included. Requires an
extended memory manager. (Vadim V. Vlasov)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
CRAM.ZIP Yes 5135 5/29/1989
Cram is a Compressed RAM disk. It takes an
existing diskette and compresses it down into
a dos file and then this compressed disk can
be loaded into memory as a ram disk. Many
times a ram disk is used to hold utilities
and applications, but is never written to.
CRAM is a read only-ram disk. (Keith P.
Graham) (Reg.Fee: $?)
CRITTER.ZIP Yes 12474 7/31/1991
Critter 1.2 is a TSR that replaces DOS's
"abort, retry, ignore" message with a pop-up
window that restores the screen when finished
processing the error. It also features the
ability to log errors encountered to a
printer. (Dana W. Cline) (Reg.Fee: $20)
CUVL.ZIP Yes 20603 6/24/1989
Colorado Utilities Volume Labeler 1.0
automates diskette volume labeling. You give
a starting number and feed in disks. The
program will increment the number and record
it on the next disk as the volume label.
Pascal source is included. (Fred C Hill)
(ASP) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DE111E.ZIP Yes 157550 12/13/1994
Disk-Emu 1.11 emulates a floppy disk drive in
RAM memory. The emulation is carried out
through the BIOS, making it compatible with
all the programs that do not directly access
the hardware. NEW: improved screen
refreshing. (Carlos Fernandez Sanz) (Reg.Fee:
DE111S.ZIP Yes 158845 12/13/1994
Disk-Emu - Spanish Version 1.11 emulates a
floppy disk drive in RAM memory. The
emulation is carried out through the BIOS,
making it compatible with all the programs
that do not directly access the hardware.
This is the Spanish language version. (Carlos
Fernandez Sanz) (Reg.Fee: $20)
DF_JN.ZIP Yes 3274 6/6/1994
Disk Free will display free memory and
available disk space for any drive. (John
Norton) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DFACC.ZIP Yes 1775 5/29/1989
Dfacc is a small resident utility that can
accelerate file access in many programs.
DFACC predicts when your program will want to
read from a file and reads the data into a
buffer before it is asked for. This is the
opposite of a cache type program. A cache
keeps data AFTER it has been used; DFACC gets
data BEFORE it is needed. (Reg.Fee: $?)
DFIX.ZIP Yes 6482 8/10/1994
Dfix 1.1 will search for and lock out bad
disk sectors. (Back up data before trying.)
(Howard Rumsey) (Reg.Fee: $?)
DFREE11.ZIP Yes 27789 7/9/1993
Disk-Free 1.10 displays hard drive
information including volume label, capacity,
how much space is used, free to use, and the
percentage of free space. (Greg King)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
DISCEX.ZIP Yes 22949 12/28/1989
PC Disk Excerciser 1.03 is used to burn in a
disk drive or test for intermittent errors or
to force a dying disk to fail. (Steven D.
Stern) (Reg.Fee: $?)
DISKFLG.ZIP Yes 38068 10/26/1989
DiskFlag 3.1 keeps track of used vs available
disk space, and notifies user when space used
is more than a user-preset percentage. It
supports up to ten drives - hard disk or
floppies. It could be placed in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to check the drives on
start-up, or run at any time. It is NOT a
TSR. For a TSR that continuously monitors
your disk usage, see PAlert on the Patriquin
Utilities disks. (Stephen C. Lenz) (Reg.Fee:
DISKLF28.ZIP Yes 47019 7/20/1994
DiskLeft 2.8 will display a summary of disk
space usage on all your logical drives,
including floppy drives. There is also an
option to allow a continuous display of
information which is updated per second.
(Paul Munoz-Colman) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DISKLITE.ZIP Yes 1302 5/29/1989
Disklite puts a graphics block in the corner
of the screen when your disk drives (even
hard disks and RAM disks) are active.
(Reg.Fee: $?)
DISKPIX.ZIP Yes 57102 7/16/1990
Diskpix 1.9 graphically displays the archival
status of your hard disk or floppies,
including any partitions. The pie charts show
the percentage free, archived, and still
needing to be backed up. (Charles J. Okstein)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
DISKTRAK.ZIP Yes 12234 6/22/1989
DiskTrak helps keep track of disks. It
creates a database with a list of disks,
files names, free space, comments and more.
It extracts files stored inside a ZIP, PAK,
ARC, and LZH archive file. It labels disks,
delete and/or restore any set of files in its
database, and produce five types of hard
and/or soft copy reports of its database
contents. (Birk Binnard) (Reg.Fee: $15)
DISKUSE.ZIP Yes 173414 1/18/1994
DiskUse 4.01 shows disk utilization in bytes
and percent of total of all files and
subdirectories at any user-specified
directory level. (R. A. Pabst) (Reg.Fee: $15)
DKI190.ZIP Yes 60348 1/14/1994
Best Disk Analyser 1.9 will display a
colorful graph detailing the usage of all
active drives. It can identify the operating
systems, Windows, disk compression utilities,
networks, disk type - floppy, hard disk,
CD-ROM, etc. The program also contains a
search and delete utility. (Philippe Duby)
(Reg.Fee: $10)
DMAP12.ZIP Yes 5044 11/22/1994
DriveMap 1.2 display information about disk
drives on your computer. It will identify
floppy, fixed, network, removable, Stacker,
COMpanion, ASSIGN, JOIN and SUBST drive
mappings. (Oxford House Software) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
DMD.ZIP Yes 12133 6/22/1989
Disk Meter Deluxe 2.0 displays free space
remaining on disk both graphically and
numerically for one or more drives. The
graphic display shows space used in yellow
for over 50% and in red for over 90%. The
author suggests that consultants put DMD in
client's AUTOEXEC.BAT file with instructions
to call when red blocks start showing up. It
will also work on monochrome systems and
includes a similar memory checker. (P.C.
Consulting) (Reg.Fee: $5)
DPRESET.ZIP Yes 3636 7/23/1991
Dpreset overrides a feature of DOS 3-5 that
normally causes freed-up disk space not to be
used until remaining contiguous free space
has been used up, which is supposed to reduce
file fragmentation, but may have the opposite
effect sometimes. (Jim Kyle) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DRESET.ZIP Yes 3366 11/22/1993
DReset forces DOS to reread a floppy drive
instead of using the directory listing which
it has in memory for the drive. This fixes
problems when DOS does not recognize that a
floppy has been changed and continues to show
the prior disk's directory. (Trillium
Resources) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DRIV15.ZIP Yes 18096 3/7/1994
Drives 1.5 will display the volume label,
total space, used and free space in kilobytes
or megabytes for a specified range of logical
drives. (Mike Marshall) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DRIVE.ZIP Yes 9441 10/28/1993
Drive 1.03 allows you to turn on or off your
drives (A through E) and indicates what mode
you're in. A drive that is turned off cannot
be accessed unless your turn it back on or
reboot. (Mark Vitt) (Reg.Fee: $0 (01-94)
DRIVE4.ZIP Yes 5690 6/14/1987
Drive4 tells you how to install four
internal floppy drives. (Jim Gainsley)
(Reg.Fee: $?)
DRIVLED.ZIP Yes 1434 4/15/1993
DriveLED is a 1k TSR that displays a disk
activity indicator in the corner of screen.
It works for hard and floppy disks. (Tom
Markowski) (Reg.Fee: $5)
DRVINFO.ZIP Yes 9417 12/21/1994
DrvInfo contains a function that can be used
to find the different types of disk drives
available on a system. It locates removeable,
fixed, RAM, CD-ROM, network, or substituted
drives. Assembler source code is included as
are small and large model OBJ files for those
without TASM. (Eric Woodruff) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DRVPAD.ZIP Yes 3176 4/4/1993
DrivePad is a dummy device driver which uses
up a drive letter. If your system may or may
not be hooked up to a network drive, CD-ROM,
removeable drive, etc, you know how annoying
it is when the letters assigned to those and
other drives change depending on what you are
using at the time. With this device, you can
keep them constant. (Greg Shenaut) (Reg.Fee:
DRVSPC.ZIP Yes 9822 4/25/1994
DrvSpc 2.0 is a disk drive space and resource
reporting utility. (Wayne E. Birch) (Reg.Fee:
DRVSWP.ZIP Yes 2572 9/15/1993
DrvSwp lets you reassign or swap drive
letters, as well as write-protect hard
drives. This is invaluable if you ever have
to temporarily change the number of drives on
your system and some software is set up to
look for files on specific drives which no
longer have the same letter. (Reg.Fee: $0)
DSIZ_CJ.ZIP Yes 10531 3/16/1992
Disk Size is a 9K TSR that displays your
free hard disk space in a small window in the
upper right corner of your monitor. (Clive
Jones) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DSKVERIF.ZIP Yes 22905 8/2/1994
Disk Verifier 1.0� checks a diskette for
defects. (Mr. Sugit) (Reg.Fee: $0)
DSKWATCH.ZIP Yes 1603 6/22/1989
Dskwatch reports disk errors that DOS may
retry and overcome. This lets you know that
you have a potential problem before it gets
critical. (Reg.Fee: $0)
DWATCH12.ZIP Yes 43193 3/25/1994
Disk Watch 1.2 sounds an alarm if the amount
of available disk space is reduced below a
specified minimum. (Logan Industries, Inc.)
(Reg.Fee: $27)
EMC110.ZIP Yes 8413 9/27/1987
EMC110 is a disk caching program that uses
expanded memory to cache hard disks (not
floppies). Features include the ability to
resize, disable and uninstall the cache, and
caching on both read and write. (Frank
Lozier) (Reg.Fee: $?)
EMMCACH.ZIP Yes 8756 5/29/1989
Emmcache is a disk cacheing program for
Expanded Memory. (Reg.Fee: $?)
ERRWAS.ZIP Yes 17289 11/7/1989
ErrWas 1.0 is a small TSR that remembers the
last ten disk errors and tells you what the
error was caused by, in case your software
only flashes it for a moment, or doesn't
display errors when it needs to. (Dr. Masaaki
Sawada) (Reg.Fee: $10)
EXHUME.ZIP Yes 10974 1/25/1992
Exhume 3.0 will rescue data which has been
lost on a disk after the directory or FATS
have been corrupted. (Norman Newman)
(Reg.Fee: $20)
FAT.ZIP Yes 11514 5/29/1989
Fat includes three programs useful for
recovering lost files, such as ones that are
mistakenly deleted, or a patching up an
incorrect FAT. (Steve Turley) (Reg.Fee: $?)
FAT2.ZIP Yes 14661 1/25/1990
Fat2 1.09 displays the chain of clusters that
belong to a disk file, to determine which
file owns a specified cluster or sector, and
to display general information about a disk.
It will also display general information
about a disk. This also has support for large
partitions under DOS 4+. (Christopher J.
Dunford) (Reg.Fee: $0)
FATFIX.ZIP Yes 8250 2/24/1989
FatFix is a FAT repair utility, for those
who are SURE their first File Allocation
Table is messed up. It will read the second
FAT and let you copy entries back to the
first FAT. Do not use this unless you know
what you are doing and your hard disk is
already trashed anyway. (Michael A. Hotz)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
FDCLEAN.ZIP Yes 132141 4/6/1994
Floppy Drive Clean 1.0 is designed for use
with diskette drive cleaning programs. It
will keep a maintenance log of each cleaning,
along with dates and any additional comments.
(Kevin H. Murphy) (Reg.Fee: $9)
FDCTEST.ZIP Yes 27839 11/30/1994
FDC_Test determines the base address, DMA
and IRQ channels for a standard floppy or
dedicated QIC tape controller. (Chris
Malcheski) (Reg.Fee: $0)
FIXFLOP.ZIP Yes 1645 11/9/1994
FixFlop 1.0 is a 1k TSR which will allow your
computer to read disks with unusual formats,
such as 5.25" double density disks that are
formatted to 720k capacity or 3.5" disks
formatted to more than 1.44M. (Micro System
Designs, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $0)
FLASH1.ZIP Yes 6453 12/8/1993
Flash Facts Add Subtract is a flash card
style game which is designed to test your
child's knowledge of addition and
subtraction. Parents can adjust the skill
level of the game. The child's grade will be
displayed at the end of the game. A sound
card is required for voice and sound effects.
(David Teach) (Reg.Fee: $10)
FLASHLD.ZIP Yes 6705 12/9/1991
FlashLED 1.01 is a TSR that indicates disk
drive activity by flashing the keyboard LEDs
and, optionally, the system speaker. This is
useful on systems in which the system case is
on the floor or otherwise out of sight.
(Seagate Technology, Inc.) (Reg.Fee: $0)
FLOPTOOL.ZIP Yes 14078 6/21/1993
FlopTool 1.0 reads anything there is on a
floppy disk, whether it is a DOS disk or not.
The results are written as a ASCII-file on
your hard disk. (Feico P J Nater) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $15)
FLUSH.ZIP Yes 2399 5/25/1994
Flush 1.0 allows you to override the delayed
write feature found in many disk caches, and
write the cache contents instantly to disk.
It supports SmartDrive, NCACHE, SpeedDrive,
Superpck, PCache, and Qcache.
(Richard A. Bross) (Reg.Fee: $0)
FREE3.ZIP Yes 22960 4/25/1994
Free III 2.0e+ will display disk space usage
of all hard drives and network drives in your
system. (Greg Merideth) (Reg.Fee: $0)
GCDROM.ZIP Yes 13109 12/22/1991
GCDROM 1.0 is a generic CDROM driver that
supports SCSI controllers. (James C. Davis)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
HD_INFO.ZIP Yes 227118 12/16/1990
Info-Base2 is a database of technical specs
for 865 different types of hard disks. (James
Rohrer) (Reg.Fee: $25)
HITS62.ZIP Yes 33780 1/18/1994
Hits62 1.0 measures the success rate of the
SmartDrive disk caching software from the
command line. Requires DOS 6.2 and SmartDrive
5.0. (Bob Moroz) (Reg.Fee: $0)
HP15S201.ZIP Yes 16723 10/28/1993
HP150Sys 2.0 is a set of two DOS device
drivers for Hewlett-Packard's HP-150 and
HP-150 series II DOS diskettes. (Charles P.
Guzis) (Reg.Fee: $20)
HRAMDISK.ZIP Yes 5889 2/28/1994
Hramdisk lets you use the memory area
between 640k and 704k for a RAM disk.
(Reg.Fee: $?)
INVIS.ZIP Yes 11376 6/22/1989
Invis-I-Disk fixes your floppies so that
they will be invisible to the system on
bootup without your having to open the drive
latch. (Note: Some systems let you set an
option in system set-up of BIOS to boot from
C: before A:, so try that first.) (Reg.Fee:
IOMON.ZIP Yes 1857 6/22/1989
Iomon displays an indicator of disk activity
in the top-right corner of your screen.
During a Read, Write, Format or Verify, a
R,W,F or V, respectively, is displayed. An
asterisk indicates other activity. RAM disk
activity is not shown, just floppy and hard
disk activity. (Samuel H. Smith) (Reg.Fee: $0)
JPRDY.ZIP Yes 54367 9/3/1993
Jeopardy Detector 1.0 monitors disk caches
for periods when the disk structure is in
jeopardy. Many disk caches produce periods
when directories point to files which have
not yet been allocated in the File Allocation
Table on the disk. If a crash occurs during
these jeopardy periods, cross-linked files
can result. (Reg.Fee: $?)
MAP_CS.ZIP Yes 11732 8/10/1989
Map 1.0 displays a graphic and numeric chart
showing usage of all of your logical drives
from C: up. (Common Systems) (Reg.Fee: $5)
MEG.ZIP Yes 129005 12/13/1994
Meg 3.6 displays a pie and bar chart of total
space, free space, spaced used, and percent
free for hard and floppy disks. (James F.
Tolliver) (ASP) (Reg.Fee: $20)
MOREDIR.ZIP Yes 2283 6/22/1989
MoreDIR will change the maximum number of
directory entries on a 5-1/4 inch floppy. The
maximum can be increased up to 255 or
decreased to as low as 16. When a small
number of directory entries are reserved the
diskette can hold several K more of data.
MoreDIR did not work on 3.5" and 1.2MB 5.25"
drives when tested by PsL. (Keith P. Graham)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
NDI.ZIP Yes 11068 3/13/1994
Network Disk Info monitors and displays
graphically disk space usage on network
drives. It is intended to be left running,
and it updates the display every 10 seconds;
however, it can also be used on a one-shot
basis on non-network drives. (Mark Vitt)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
NJRAM.ZIP Yes 26211 5/29/1989
NJRam is a RAM disk for EMS memory. When the
RAM disk is accessed, the speaker clicks
softly to let you know that some activity is
taking place. The clicking can be disabled,
but seems like a very good idea. (Mike
Blaszczak) (Reg.Fee: $?)
PALERT.ZIP Yes 17052 6/22/1989
Palert monitors a specified disk drive while
you use other programs and warns you when the
amount of free space falls below a specifed
percentage or number of kbytes. Optionally,
you can use Palert in a batch file that calls
your program and have the batch file not
start the program if the disk doesn't have
sufficient free space. (Norm Patriquin) (ASP)
(Reg.Fee: $?)
QCACHE.ZIP Yes 506204 3/8/1994
QuickCache II is a disk caching program. It
provides both read-ahead and write-buffering
facilities that significantly reduces the
number of physical accesses that must be made
to the drive. Typical speed increase vary
from 4x on a 55ms hard disk to 14x on a
floppy. The 10k of memory for the system does
not include cache memory, but extended or
expanded memory may be used for that. You can
also Lock Down disk directory sectors, which
insures that they will always be available in
cache. This can increase your disk throughput
significantly for some applications. (P. R.
Glassel & Assoc.) (Reg.Fee: $25)
QUIKFLP.ZIP Yes 6234 2/11/1990
QuickFlop 2.01 speeds up the heads on your
floppy drive and turns the drive off
immediately so you can change floppies
without waiting for the drive to slowly quit
turning. It is not a TSR and the effect can
be reversed at will. We tested it on a picky
486 and it worked fine, so it should work on
almost anything. Assembler source code is
included. (Dave Williams) (Reg.Fee: $0)
RAM.ZIP Yes 2719 5/29/1989
Ram.SYS is a RAM-disk-emulator that allows
you to adjust the size of the RAM-disk
without rebooting the system. (Reg.Fee: $?)
ROCKDI.ZIP Yes 24876 1/21/1991
Rock Disk Info 1.13 displays a chart of
information about one or all disk drives.
Info includes their type, volume labels,
sizes, space used/available, sector size,
cluster size, number of FATs, sectors,
clusters, and system identifications. (Rock
Systems) (Reg.Fee: $21)
RWALL.ZIP Yes 14460 2/11/1990
RWAll will allow you to read and write Amiga
and Atari ST floppies with your PC. (ZIS
Software) (Reg.Fee: $15)
SCAV23.ZIP Yes 1697 6/21/1986
Scav23 reads all blocks on the disk, and
marks unused bad ones in the FAT so that DOS
will not use them later. It will not touch
files with bad blocks. Copy the file which
contains a bad block to another disk, delete
it, then run SCAVENGE again to map out the
bad block. (Back up before trying.) (Reg.Fee:
SCSI.ZIP Yes 2119 12/10/1993
SCSI 1.0 explains how to convert a
Mac-formatted SCSI drive to a DOS-formatted
SCSI drive. (Richard Goldman) (Reg.Fee: $0)
SETVDISK.SYS No 1408 3/27/1986
Setvdisk lets you set the size RAM disk you
during bootup. Put SETVDISK.SYS plus
VDISK.SYS from DOS 3.1 in your root
directory. In your CONFIG.SYS file, insert
the line: DEVICE=SETVDISK.SYS. When booting,
you will get a prompt asking how much ram to
allocate to the ramdisk. (Reg.Fee: $?)
SIZE.ZIP Yes 6153 3/30/1994
Size 1.0 will display the size of the
subdirectory this file is executed from. It
will also show files larger than a specified
size, deepest directory in the tree, largest
subdirectory and the size of all subdirectory
trees one below the current subdirectory.
(Steve Jackson) (Reg.Fee: $0)
SREP.ZIP Yes 11423 1/16/1995
SMARTReporter 1.0 is an 8k TSR which monitors
Microsoft's SMARTDRV cache in DOS. It will
show the hit ratio in the upper corner of
your screen and will turn green if your ratio
is over 50%, red if it falls below 50%.
(Scott Alan Hoopes) (Reg.Fee: $5)
STAT.ZIP Yes 433 8/10/1994
Stat displays disk cluster size and other
disk info. (Reg.Fee: $0)
SYSTAT.ZIP Yes 2270 6/22/1989
Systat when executed from DOS will display
on your screen the capactity of each drive
and the free space on each. Also if you have
placed on each disk an ASCII file with the
extension of .NAM, it will display the Name
you have given the disk and a comment about
the disk. (Jeff Garber) (Reg.Fee: $?)
TESTDRV.ZIP Yes 35256 12/7/1990
Test Drive 1.4 tests floppy disk drive speed
and performs a read-write test. The
documentation is an extensive course in the
working of diskettes and disk drives.
(Microsystems Development) (Reg.Fee: $0)
TRAKPIC.ZIP Yes 18175 2/18/1993
TrackPic patches a floppy to replace the
"non-system disk" message (that you get when
booting up with a non-system disk) with an
attractive graphic display. TrackPic stores
the graphic in an otherwise unused area of
the disk. For example, on a 40-track, 360k
disk, TrackPic formats a 41st track and
stores the graphic there. This does not
affect normal use of the disk in any way.
(Thomas Opheys) (Reg.Fee: $10)
WASTE.ZIP Yes 20731 9/12/1994
Waste 1.0 displays the amount of slack space
on your hard drive, thus allowing you to make
informed choices as to allocating sizes for
partitioned disks. (Joseph T. Glosz)
(Reg.Fee: $0)
WDTBLCHK.ZIP Yes 19818 6/27/1994
WDTblChk reports the number of drives
physically detected, the number of drives
accessed by the BIOS, and some additional
drive table information. (RJ Smith) (Reg.Fee:
WFDS.ZIP Yes 90024 11/16/1993
Free Disk Space 3.21 monitors and displays in
numeric or graphical form the amount of free
disk space on all (or specified) hard drives.
(Mark Hamilton) (Reg.Fee: $0)