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1TIME23.ZIP Yes 6983 8/27/1991 Run a program once for each user on a BBS.
1UTIL20.ZIP Yes 63732 2/9/1993
The $1 Utilities v2.1; Nine DOS utilities and
22 pages of documentation INTERNAL - add new
commands to DOS, MOVE - move files, RENDIR -
rename dirs RES - display tsr's, RDEL -
recursive file delete, STAMP - change file
date, VIEW - view ascii files, CAPS turn caps
key on / off, NUM - turn off numlock key
2BARS.ZIP Yes 77164 5/4/1993
Graphic 3-D bar display shows how many and
what type of files on your computer. *NICE
LOOKING* summary of filespecs on your hard
drive> shows extensions and total files above
the bar graphs... VGA Support. Works with any
graphic card
3DBEN.ZIP Yes 65351 2/14/1992 Public Domain 3D VGA Benchmark Utility
3DRVS150.ZIP Yes 31789 2/10/1993
3_Drives v1.50: Universal Device Driver that
allows you to add a 2nd 16-bit Hard Disk
Drive Interface to your DOS AT (286+) system.
Add up to two more MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE AT
Interface drives for a total of THREE drives.
Windows compatible. Fully functional.
486SLOW.ZIP Yes 14049 7/27/1992 Turn A 486's Cache On/Off, Games Run Better!
4D24H20B.ZIP Yes 23170 5/2/1993
4D24H20B.ZIP contains a new critical error
handler designed to replace the one present
in the otherwise excellent 4DOS command
interpreter from JP Software. (The normal
critical error handler is the piece of code
printing the notorious message 'Abort, Retry,
Ignore ...' when you have forgotten to close
the drive door to the diskette drive - it
also called an interrupt 24h handler).
4DOS402D.ZIP Yes 233034 3/30/1993 4DOS Version 4.02 Documentation Files
4DOS402P.ZIP Yes 282285 3/30/1993 4DOS Version 4.02 Program & Help Files
4ED100.ZIP Yes 44420 8/10/1993
4Ed v1.0; 4DOS File Description Editor is a
editor for the users of 4DOS dos-shell
enhancer. This allows you to edit, make,
change file descriptions much more easily
than using the 'DESCRIBE' command.
4FILES30.ZIP Yes 102755 7/14/1993
4FILES v3.0; Multi-Purpose file manager for
4DOS & NDOS. Does single & marked files. Also
edits file descriptions. Point-&-shoot file
loading into your favorite utilities via
configurable utility ports. Fast disk navig-
ation! For DOS, Windows, OS/2 & DV. Great
interface. Substantial additions.
4HIST.ZIP Yes 12636 9/8/1993
4HIST; Free 4DOS utility: command history
duplicate entry deleter v1.00 4HIST removes
all superfluous lines from the current 4DOS
command history list. W/ PASCAL source.
Supercedes HISTU.BTM, and can be used for
other purposes.
4LOGIC10.ZIP Yes 34614 6/25/1992
4LOGIC is a set of 4DOS .btm files featuring
a complete Version Control System with pass-
word protection. Also included in the 4LOGIC
utilities are some file-management programs
using 4DOS scroll-bar pick-lists.
60ENVPAT.ZIP Yes 1740 5/10/1993
Text file explaining how to patch COMMAND.COM
(DOS 6.0 and others) to generate 512 bytes of
ENVIRONMENT space. Another jewel from The
ABBREVE.ZIP Yes 81735 10/10/1992 Expand Abbreviations To Char Strings To 1756
ACD210.ZIP Yes 55430 8/1/1992 Improves On Norton NCD Change Directory
ACSA.ZIP Yes 192534 11/3/1992 Russian Program Allows UNIX Type Security
ACT204.ZIP Yes 175771 1/3/1992 ActaeOn Hard Drive Manager, Full Featured
ADDTOIT2.ZIP Yes 2964 12/31/1992
FreeWare; Append additional directory names
to the end of an existing PATH string, even
if it is longer than 127 characters.
ADD_DES2.ZIP Yes 14148 3/28/1992
New ver of ADD-DESC. Now supports ARJ & LZH
as well as ZIPs.
ALF10.ZIP Yes 36933 9/26/1993
ALF v1.0; Simple program which is intended to
make your life a little bit simpler. It will
take any file and alphabetize the contents.
ANYDRIVE.ZIP Yes 12624 3/12/1993
Use any hard disk with any BIOS. Have you
ever tried to install a new Harddisk in your
PC and found that the BIOS did not support
it? I was faced with that situation lately. I
got advice to buy a new BIOS or to buy a
special controller. All of that costs $ and
is a lot of hassle. The BIOS might not be
compatible with your Motherboard etc. This
the problem WITHOUT additional Hardware.
APATH11.ZIP Yes 19354 7/24/1993 Addpath v1.1 BETA: easily edits search path.
APDZ27.ZIP Yes 69142 4/24/1993
Apply-Diz v2.7 * Will scan for any file spec
in any directory and check for a FILE_ID.DIZ
or DESC.SDI file within an archive. If one
exists it can be placed into the PCBoard DIR
file. If no DIZ, and there's a PCBoard DIR
file entry, that listing can be turned into a
FILE_ID.DIZ and compressed into the archive.
Great for boards with lots of file traffic!
Added optional formating of the info-line. *
SHAREWARE* Compiled 4/24/93
ASCIZE12.ZIP Yes 14762 9/25/1992
ASCIIZE 1.2; Convert binary files to and from
ASET10.ZIP Yes 80283 5/6/1993
ASET stands for Advanced SET command. It is
an alternative to the internal DOS command
SET which modifies shell variables. ASET
contains over 100 built-in functions which
cover the following categories: mathematical
calculations, information about files and
disks, retrieving information from
CONFIG.SYS, string handling, user and file
interaction, time/date handling, and others.
ASET comes with documentation, a quick
ASIST11A.ZIP Yes 274266 10/25/1992
OS/ASSIST v1.10 DOS Utilities - Disk 1 of 2 A
super collection of DOS utilities. Here, in a
single collection, are all the commands that
should have been included with DOS, but
weren't. Included in this package are:
SYSINFO, TEE, and WHERE. * Special feature *
Can be tailored towards either the novice or
expert user. Extensive on-line help. $14.95
ASIST11B.ZIP Yes 80690 10/25/1992
OS/ASSIST v1.10 DOS Utilities - Disk 2 of 2 A
super collection of DOS utilities. $14.95
ATBAT101.ZIP Yes 51525 4/4/1993
ATBAT v1.01 - A utility for AuTo-
matically creating and executing BATch files
which consist of a list of files, each
associated with the same DOS command or other
text. The files may be optionally selected by
size, age, attributes, or matching text.
ATBAT can also be used for automatically
creating "make" files used by programmers.
Version 1.01 fixes some minor errors in 1.00.
Source code available. Registration $15.
AUTO103.ZIP Yes 7754 4/10/1993 Custom Autoexec: Create Operating Env At Boot
AXSMYCFG.ZIP Yes 5867 5/1/1993 Batch Reconfigure System, Uses DOS6 Choice
A_CHECK.ZIP Yes 1481 7/7/1992 File To Check If Drive A: Ready For Access
BACKITUP.ZIP Yes 42234 1/18/1993 Management System For Hard Disk Backups! Supe
BANG1.ZIP Yes 50880 3/7/1992 Improves DOS CHKDSK, DIR & TREE Commands
BATLITE.ZIP Yes 21773 3/15/1992 Compile BATCH Files Into Self-Running COM File
BATMGR12.ZIP Yes 112306 4/23/1992 Batch File Manager & Menu System
BBSCAN20.ZIP Yes 17265 9/30/1993
BBSCAN v2.0; Excellent offline filelist
search utility for searching through BBS or
CDROM filelists for a keyword or search
string. The results of the search can be
saved to a file for later use. BBSCAN
features on-screen viewing of results and
highlighting of keywords and now has the
ability to do Logical AND, OR and NOT
BEHED12.ZIP Yes 9406 2/26/1993
BEHEAD v1.2; Utility to remove 128-byte
Macintosh binary header on a file. Useful
when PC utilities to unstuff Mac file can't
handle the header: behead it first.
BEN310.ZIP Yes 257069 4/19/1993
Batch ENhancer v3.10 Add colors, sounds,
boxes, menus, directory controls and other
SPECTACULAR features into batch files. Now
with new Menu Designer! VG!
BIGSRT42.ZIP Yes 38179 6/10/1993
BIGSORT v4.2: Uses the fastest known sorting
algorithm to sort files that can be as large
as your swapping area (not RAM) allows. A
wide range of options along with multiple key
fields enable you to pinpoint the desired
sorting method.
BILZUTLZ.ZIP Yes 22754 8/13/1992 UNIX Type Utilities For DOS Users
BIOSIMG.ZIP Yes 8258 1/15/1993 Copy Bios's Contents To A Text File
BLRMU13.ZIP Yes 74260 9/13/1992 Over 45 Assorted DOS Utilities
BMPS10.ZIP Yes 16058 4/23/1992 Encrypt BATCH Files With Password Protection
BOBCAT22.ZIP Yes 90148 4/4/1993 Easy File/Directory Utility, Editor Etc.
BOOT13.ZIP Yes 2136 9/23/1992 Boot File Manager For Autoexec/Config
BOOT200.ZIP Yes 204959 6/15/1993
BOOT.SYS v2.00 - The heavy-duty config
manager. Gives you one or more menus out of
CONFIG.SYS, similar to DOS6. Adds pretty
menu, if/then/else, use of variables, and
on-the-fly editing in CONFIG.SYS; reboot from
cmd line; installation program upgrades DOS6
multi-config; more! Does NOT write to your
disk! NO resident driver under DOS6! 20 items
per menu/25 menus. DOS 2.11 to 6.0 (DR, too),
supports DOS= command. Auth: Hans Salvisberg
BOOTMA33.ZIP Yes 147906 7/1/1992 BootMaster, Configure Different Boot-Ups
BOOTR03.ZIP Yes 21805 2/22/1993
BOOT'R v0.3� - DOS Configuration Manager
BOOT'R is a utility that allows the
management of multiple configurations on a
single machine. BOOT'R not only allows the
modification of the CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT files, but any other files that
might be needed.
BOOT_IT.ZIP Yes 24831 2/9/1992 Hard Disk Boot-Up Configuration Manager
BRAIN4.ZIP Yes 259609 4/22/1992 Dayo Job Scheduler, Run Files Etc Unattended!
BREAKIN.ZIP Yes 2369 9/4/1992 Modem Will Call You If Someone Messes With PC
BUSTATUS.ZIP Yes 37774 1/13/1993 Reports On Directories Needing Backed Up
BWIZ329.ZIP Yes 144150 1/3/1992 Highly Rated Hard Drive Backup W/ Compression
CAPBUFX.ZIP Yes 33353 3/31/1992 TSR To Capture Text Screens For Many Uses
CAT30.ZIP Yes 22974 1/1/1992 Excellent Replacement For DOS DIR Command
CATT.ZIP Yes 76837 5/4/1993 Catt: Fast TSR Menu/Bat Prog To Save HD Space
CAV10E.ZIP Yes 214806 4/13/1993
CacheAll(TM) v1.0e Factory Direct Eval -
Technology independent cache, caches CD-ROMs,
Network drives, Opticals, ... When run on
workstation reduces network traffic & server
loading, Artisoft LANtastic Compatible, has
DOS/Microsoft Windows interface (shows files
being cached). Uses RAM & SWAP FILE for cache
storage (64 Meg cache size). 21KB, loads
high, & can auto-configure itself. Runs under
DOS, Windows, DR DOS, ...
CCS103.ZIP Yes 4911 2/20/1992 Configuration Control System, Change Boot-Up
CCT386.ZIP Yes 211902 4/15/1993
The Celem Cache Test compares the performance
of memory subsystems on PC-compatible
mainboards, specifically by showing the
efficiency of the cache memory.
CDCONVRT.ZIP Yes 38518 9/20/1992
Convert CD-ROM file listings from most
popular CD ROMs to PCBoard file directory
CDD10.ZIP Yes 47606 3/18/1993
CD-Director v1.00;- From the makers of
AutoScribe PCB! This utility will move your
files from your CDROM or HD to your desired
location saving wear/tear on your drives.
Also inserts zip comments. FREEWARE from
Computer Profiles, this is highly configur-
able. For PCB 14.5+ ONLY
CDDA10.ZIP Yes 53695 6/13/1993
CD-ROM Duplicate Analyzer v1.0 Will read
"allfiles" listing for 2 CD-ROM discs and
quickly produce a listing of duplicate files
found between each, as well as duplicates
found within the disc. Want to know if that
new CD wil duplicate what you already have?
Use CDDA to prepare a quick analysis.
05/28/93 Author:Robert Neal NOT CRIPPLED!
CDFDA10.ZIP Yes 52433 6/13/1993
CD-ROM File Date Analyzer v1.0 Will read
"allfiles" listing for CD-ROM disc and
produce matrix of file dates indicating # of
file and # of bytes on a month by month
analysis. Want to know if that new CD is
really as "hot" as advertised? Use CDFDA to
prepare a quick analysis. 05/28/93 Author:
CDGRAB13.ZIP Yes 37277 7/5/1993
CDGRAB V1.3. Utility for CD-ROM drives.
Interesting for all CD-ROM users-invalualble
for audio or multimedia developers.
CDISK704.ZIP Yes 348377 7/7/1993
CATDISK v7.04 - Rick Hillier's Disk Catalog
System - A friendly, powerful program that
maintains a library of files in your disk
collection. Supports all major archive file
formats. DISKFILL automates and optimizes
offloading files to floppies and catalogs
them. DUPCLEAN cleans up duplicate or
redundant files. See CDSK704D.* for a
protected-mode version.
CDLDOS.ZIP Yes 46950 8/1/1993
CD-Link; CD-Link is a device driver that
allows DOS applications to access CD-ROM disk
readers as if they were "standard" DOS
compatible disk drives. For DOS, it is an
alternative to Microsoft's CD-ROM Extensions.
CDPRO20.ZIP Yes 437386 6/11/1993
CD-ROM Collections - Advanced Anniversary
Single/multi-CD player support; Find, view
(GIF, ZIP, ARJ, text files), copy, unarchive
files, more! Many great reports and
utilities; Create or convert FILES.BBS/DIRx
(single or multi-line file descriptions
supported); Floppy or file list dupe checker;
CDSK704D.ZIP Yes 173745 7/7/1993
CATDISK/D v7.04; Disk Catalog System -
DPMI-compliant version of the CATDISK program
itself. Runs in protected mode to use
extended memory. Has higher capacity to
facilitate CD-ROMS and large hard drives. You
need the standard version for documentation
and other utilities (avail as CDISK704.ZIP)
CDSPEED.ZIP Yes 72157 8/19/1992 Benchmark Test For CD-ROM Drives
CDTA.ZIP Yes 14805 5/11/1992 Compact Disc Access Time & Benchmark Program
CDU_V211.ZIP Yes 432542 5/29/1993
CDU is a collection of utilities that can be
used with Rick Hillier's CATDISK (version
7.00 and up). It contains simple routines to
update your diskette collection(s), to select
the newest files from your collection and to
clean catdisk databases. Also a clean-up
routine is added so you can remove old
diskette files in a simple way.
CFG2.ZIP Yes 36258 1/1/1993 Multiple Utilities For CONFIG.SYS File Use
CFGARC01.ZIP Yes 58299 4/2/1993 Config Archiver, Makes Backup Config&Autoexec
CHEKDP12.ZIP Yes 20200 1/18/1993 Generates A List Of Duplicate EXE & COM Files
CHKD120.ZIP Yes 14617 5/13/1992 Fast Replacement For DOS CHKDSK Command
CIASK.ZIP Yes 14940 8/23/1992 Make .Bat Files Prompt You For File Names
CLKTM20S.ZIP Yes 8834 5/7/1992 Clock And Task Performing TSR Utility
CLNDSK1.ZIP Yes 12751 3/31/1993
functions to clean unwanted data from a disk.
Fill all unallocated disk space "0" or "your
string". Fill the area of end file block not
used with "0" or "your string". Remove all
the deleted directory entries. Sort and store
all directories.
CLRTMP10.ZIP Yes 7249 7/19/1993
ClearTemp v1.0: erases all dead files in the
directory pointed to by the environment
variable TEMP, TMP or WINTEMP. Files in
subdirs and open files are not touched.
CMEDITOR.ZIP Yes 22160 7/30/1992
CMEditor, version 3.13, is a small, fast text
line editor able to edit or view large files
with long lines. Features easy mnemonic
command structure, block move/copy/delete/
output-to-file/print operators, text search/
replace/global-replace, more. Standalone
version of editor imbedded in CMFiler.
Requires 91k free conventional memory, MS-DOS
v.2 or better. Shareware by C. F. Martin,
Member ASP.
CMOS13.ZIP Yes 6832 3/18/1992 Restore & Verify Damaged CMOS From Backup
CMPDIR20.ZIP Yes 16635 4/19/1992 Utility To Compare Separate File Directories
COMBI113.ZIP Yes 46529 5/3/1993 Combi-Disk: RAM & Disk Cache
CONED28.ZIP Yes 70620 5/15/1992
Select AUTOEXEC & CONFIG at boot. Features
include: virtually unlimited # of
configurations, delay feature for unattended
system boots, warm/cold /alternate reboot
methods, menu or command line reboot
selection, Shell to the editor of your
choice, Easy to use yet very powerful. This
is both the novice and power users system
configuration tool.
CONINS14.ZIP Yes 26665 7/8/1993
CONINS v1.04; Small command line utility for
SYSOPS & BBS users alike to insert multiple
FILE_ID.DIZ description files into archives
using a BBS file listing or text file. It's
fast and simple to use. If you've got a lot
of ZIP archives and are loosing the battle
describing the archives then this may be the
answer for you. This release offers support
for non PCBoard Format DIR Lists. Hanging
bugs fixed added more speed.
COPYX.ZIP Yes 101531 1/12/1992
CopyX will copy a group of files from your
hard disk to a group of floppies in the most
efficient manner. CopyX will produce a group
of floppies in such a manner as to store the
largest number of files on the smallest
number of floppies.
CPYFBBS1.ZIP Yes 16245 11/18/1992
COPYFBBS is intended to copy FILES.BBS's off
of your CD-ROM or other media into the
current directory using the passed naming
convention. It will search all paths.
CRON250E.ZIP Yes 58119 4/7/1993 CronJr: Run Maintenence Events At Set Times
CRYPTE11.ZIP Yes 40321 5/20/1992 File Encryption Software, Protect Your Files
CSIP.ZIP Yes 3465 12/28/1991
simple utility program that causes a
continuous CRT display of the processor stack
and CS:IP registers. It is useful in
debugging and tracing code that occasionally
crashes or appears to "freeze".
CSSTOOLS.ZIP Yes 53703 9/25/1992 CSS Desktop Utils, Assist Day2Day Operations
CT50.ZIP Yes 59998 6/10/1993 Cache Test v5.0 - Test Drive Caches
CTRL3V74.ZIP Yes 58748 3/25/1993 Utility Like Norton Commander - But Faster!
CTV125.ZIP Yes 28296 7/27/1992 Script Based Software To Run Any DOS Program
CUDME373.ZIP Yes 305925 1/23/1993
v 3.7 Colorado Utilities Disk Manager Quick
catalog, update, & query every file on all
disks, diskettes, and CD-Roms. Retrieve by
user assigned category. Multiple wild card
and imbedded string queries. 410 character
comment for each catalog entry. Supports 22
printer types. Output user defined. 192
characters on scrollable line. Menu driven.
4000+ entries. Plus (retail) version uses
EMS. $47 + s/h. Upl/auth: Fred Hill
DASBOT22.ZIP Yes 62613 2/28/1993
DASBOOT v.2.1 - A menu program to allow
the user to select between several sets of
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to help you
get the maximum amount of memory for using
memory hungry programs, and then an easy way
to restore your normal day-to-day
configuration. Compatible with Stacker and
DATASAVE.ZIP Yes 4271 1/26/1993 Prevent Accidental Deletes, Like Norton Erase
DA_001B.ZIP Yes 38011 1/31/1993
The Allfiles Dieter; Removes many types of
very bulky lines from your allfiles listing
including "Files_:_", "Last_Revised:",
Uploaded_by:" "Uncompressed_Size:" Note: _
added to keep these lines! Version .001�eta
DBLCHECK.ZIP Yes 33092 6/30/1993
DoubleCheck helps you manage your DoubleSpace
drives. tells you how much disk space is
really available, how much space is occupied
by Sentry 'deleted' files, helps you recover
damaged files, scans your disk looking for
signs of trouble and much more.
DBLDIR14.ZIP Yes 142237 7/12/1993
Double Directory v1.40; display two disk
directories side-by-side. Either can be the
source or destination for copying, moving,
renaming, deleting, viewing and printing
files. It can compare two directories and tag
the differences. Loaded with abundant
DCP13B.ZIP Yes 28402 10/4/1992
DIRCMDr PLUS v1.2 [ASP] Helps manage the
multitude of switch combinations for DOS 5's
DIR command. Provides menu-driven interface
for selecting the various sorting/attribute
features. Will also set the DIRCMD environ-
ment variable to make selections permanent.
Requires DOS 5.00. ASP-authored shareware.
dos5 dos 5 dir dircmd utility Tay-Jee
Software [ASP] v1.2
DDKEY201.ZIP Yes 33504 2/26/1993
DDKEY 2.01 (ASP), 7.5k TSR key redefinition
utility with pop-up editing, optional record
mode, literal key, halt for user entry in
macros, instant on/off, pair shorthand,
toggle CapsLock or NumLock from macro,
automatic capitalization at sentence start,
24-hr alarm, screen blanker, ASCII table,
print screen to file, modify cursor, load and
save key files. Pause, reassign, or chain
macros. Includes Dvorak layout.
DDM11.ZIP Yes 11756 5/31/1993
DoubleSpace Disk Manager (DDM); provides a
menu'ed interface to mount and unmount a
doublespaced diskette. Requires MS-DOS 6.0
DEA001.ZIP Yes 52613 4/13/1993 Small Program Which Encrypts Data
DEL101.ZIP Yes 13484 8/24/1992 Enhancement Of DOS DEL/ERASE Command
DELBAK23.ZIP Yes 11725 9/2/1991
DELBAK v2.3; program to delete nasty, space
gobbling BAK, TMP, DBK, OLD and 0-length
files your disk drives.
DELETED.ZIP Yes 13154 5/2/1993 Maximum Security File Delete W/Pascal Source
DELEX127.ZIP Yes 41740 10/6/1993
DelEx 1.27 allows deleting all files except
the patterns that you specify. DelEx will
handle ten patterns at once. Delex also
erases hidden and read-only files. Delex will
also keep logs of its file deletions. All
deletions are recoverable via the DOS
undelete command. A quiet mode is also
included for batch opperations.
DEVLOD18.ZIP Yes 2885 3/25/1993
DEVLOAD loads DOS Device Drivers from the
command line. Character and Block device
drivers are supported. Useful for CDROM and
scanner drivers which can now be installed
only on the occasions when needed. Upgraded
for MS-DOS6 support.
DF461.ZIP Yes 235074 6/6/1993
Directory Freedom v4.61 Small/fast dir
manager. Move/copy files, create archives,
change time/date/attributes and much more.
Advanced user-defined commands and Smart
Viewers; includes archive viewers. Maint
release w/system info screen enhancements,
PKZIP 2.0x support in archive viewer, range
of bug fixes, more. $25 registration.
DFL333.ZIP Yes 193093 10/25/1992
Duplicate File Locator is a complete software
system used to locate, view, compare and
delete duplicate files on your computer
system. No matter where the files reside: in
various subdirectories, on network drives, or
even in archive files of various formats, DFL
will find them for you, and allow you to
view, delete or retain them as you see fit.
DIA.ZIP Yes 49600 9/28/1992 Edit Files, Delete Files & Directories
DIP20.ZIP Yes 113289 5/27/1993
DIP 2.0; (Diskette Information Program) disk
tracking program gives total information to
distinguise from newer copies of backed-up
files from older ones
DIR2BT16.ZIP Yes 30757 10/4/1993
DIR2BAT v1.6: Write a listing of drive path
file specs matching the user's entered file
specification to the file DIR2.BAT, allowing
DIR2.BAT to perform actions to the files.
DIRC11S.ZIP Yes 21826 2/9/1993
DIRC v1.1s - Now you can do a DIR in color!
This is the best DIR replacement ever! Must
see to believe.
DIRDSK.ZIP Yes 22739 11/7/1991
Allows you to easily maintain a files
directory (DIR file) for a constantly
changing file area. Designed for companies
that provide (files) support via BBS.
DIRSIZ20.ZIP Yes 14283 5/4/1993 Quickly Determine Size Of Any Directory
DIRTO306.ZIP Yes 157678 6/24/1993
Dirtotal - prepares a report showing files in
subdirectory or drive. Allows some
restriction requests (show only files with
date greater than a certain value).
DIRTOT.ZIP Yes 18575 5/14/1992 Visual View Of Used Hard Drive Space
DISCAT14.ZIP Yes 115598 12/17/1992 Automatically Catalogs Files Of All Types
DISK50.ZIP Yes 68705 3/25/1993
Disk Utilities By RO-SOFT Ver 5.0 -
Upgrade to work on any size drive partition A
disk optimizer DEFRAG, permanent directory
sort SORTDIR, error scan DISKSCAN, file
recovery UNDELETE, double color dir
list/print/all dirs DDIR, disk directory tree
list/print TREE, locate files on any drive
WHERE, repeat a command in all dirs REPTCOMM.
DISKLF25.ZIP Yes 37683 11/24/1992
DISKLEFT v2.5, fast disk profile of all
drives on a single screen, correct to the
byte. Smart about many drive types: fixed,
network, floppy (including DRIVER), RAM,
substituted, unavailable, and unconfigured
drives. New options for monochrome and color
configuration. Free product of FunStuff(tm)
Software, Paul Munoz-Colman, makers of
Personal Calendar(tm).
DIZ2153.ZIP Yes 28248 4/25/1993
DIZ/2 v1.53; ProDoor utility to extract
FILE_ID.DIZ in ZIP/ARJ/LZH/PAK files, adds
the # of files, newest/oldest file dates and
the uncompressed size. Local Uploading.
Removes unwanted BBSAds, archive comment
generator. The fastest and most powerful
processor out!
DIZEDIT2.ZIP Yes 41561 7/3/1993
DIZEDIT v2.0; Allows editing of those nice
little description files commonly found in
archive files. Supports ZIP,ARJ and LZH
formats. Many BBS systems use this file as
the ACTUAL description whenever the archive
file is uploaded to them. Commonly, the file
is named FILE_ID.DIZ, however other
variations are FILE.DES or FILE.SDI.
DIZGEN10.ZIP Yes 56000 4/5/1993
DIZ FILE GENERATOR v1.0 Creates and
maintains FILE_ID.DIZ description files in
the proper format for most BBS's to accept.
The generator allows a maximum of 10 lines of
45 characters or a maximum of 450 characters.
$0 Shareware by Micro System Solutions.
Registration requested. Software is free.
DIZMAN12.ZIP Yes 51889 5/31/1993
DizMan v1.20 - The Description Manager!
DizMan can import "FILE_ID.DIZ" to your
board. Working with all BBS's with FILES.BBS!
Works with ARC/ARJ/ DWC/EXE/HA
also describes BMP, GIF, JPG, LBM, MAC, MSP,
STM, STS, 669! You can define additional
formats & packers.
DIZZY1.ZIP Yes 12568 9/24/1993
DIZZY; Free DOS utility: FILE_ID.DIZ off-
line reformatter v1.01a, reformats any text
file into 44 (or other spec. length)
character lines, preparing it for use as a
FILE_ID.DIZ (a BBS .ZIP file contents
descriptor). W/ Pascal source.
DIZZY_39.ZIP Yes 48115 6/17/1993
Dizzy v3.9; Import FILE_ID.DIZ or OTHER DESC.
to your FILES.BBS
DLIST101.ZIP Yes 15841 5/9/1993
DLIST; Download List Description Creator
Process a user specified directory of files,
and extract the file descriptions from
file_id.diz or desc.sdi files inside zip's or
from an existing file list. It processes the
descriptions & outputs them to a text file.
DLOG322.ZIP Yes 70106 8/25/1993
DiskaLog v3.22; Add file notes to DIR list.
Disk cataloger and DOS shell in one! Now add
300 character descriptions to each filename
and directory on a disk like BBS file lists
DMBB25.ZIP Yes 80645 4/24/1993 Super Sys-Info, Over 250 Computer Tests!
DMODE104.ZIP Yes 3106 6/1/1993
Dmod v1.04; DMODE is a variation of the DOS
MODE command dedicated to servicing the
serial ports on a PC compatible computer.
What DMODE does do is allow the user to
program baud rates from 50 to 115200 bps.
Additionally, and perhaps more importantly,
DMODE allows you to check the current
configuration of your serial ports.
DODIR.ZIP Yes 42950 12/31/1991
Dodir is a simple program that will process a
PCB style dir## file. It locates the file
using dlpath.lst and then calls AC150a to
convert. Changes extension & filesize in the
dir##. Another toolkit utility.
DOG317.ZIP Yes 54897 4/17/1992 Hard Disk Defragmenter And Organizer
DOS6MENU.ZIP Yes 1628 4/3/1993 Sample Config Files For Dos 6's Bootup Menu
DOS6TECH.ZIP Yes 19409 3/5/1993 Tech Files For Dos 6 From Microsoft
DOSMAX21.ZIP Yes 114918 6/11/1993
DOSMAX 2.1 frees conventional memory by
STACKS into upper memory, get 628K free with
your memory manager. Also load the DOS 5/6
kernel or COMMAND.COM in a UMB. DOS 3 - 6,
DR-DOS, Shareware $15.
DOSNX20C.ZIP Yes 176948 7/10/1992 Unix Style DOS File And Text Utilities
DOSVU15C.ZIP Yes 261991 7/1/1993 DOSview "A DOS Extension" v1.5;
DRIVEGEO.ZIP Yes 12014 5/16/1993
Drive Geometry v7.395+e06 This program will
return the number of Cylinders, Heads and
Sectors Per Track for a Partionable drive.
DRIV_101.ZIP Yes 66646 4/30/1993
DRIV-MAN v1.01 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
SINGLE SCREEN disk drive(1-26) summary
display includes: DRIVE DATA SUMMARY with
capacity/used/free each drive, DRIVE DATA
INDIVIDUAL DRIVE DATA - all data, one drive
at a time. Great for multi-drive systems,
networks, large systems! Options include:
DRIVE RANGE, save output to disk, ability to
run a file manager, auto run, more++.
DRKRYPTN.ZIP Yes 52856 4/7/1993 Encrypt Files Using Numbers Up To 44-Digits
DRS122.ZIP Yes 116096 5/5/1992 Data Recovery, Get Data From Unreadable Disks
DRVTEST.ZIP Yes 16509 6/24/1993
DRVTEST v000: utility that tests SCSI disk
drives. ASPI driver is required. 06/24/93.
LDP Software. 06/24/93.
DRX109.ZIP Yes 39467 6/14/1992
Check .COM & .EXE Files For Type Of
Compression Used
DRY586.ZIP Yes 172829 4/24/1993 Dhrystone 586: 486 Or Pentium CPU Benchmark
DSHARP10.ZIP Yes 65449 1/24/1993
DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small
and useful utilities from a programming guru.
Drive batch files (included), walk memory and
driver chains, step through commands and
batch files. Low-level security routines and
a music program to play Bach. This is what a
whimsical programmer writes, collects and
uses. Shareware from the author of Victor
Charlie anti-virus program. Registration $25.
From an ASP member.
DST.ZIP Yes 33610 12/25/1992 Disk Searching Tool To Locate Lost Files
DTRAC200.ZIP Yes 19386 12/1/1992
The disk tracker v2.0 keep and print a log of
all the files on your drive. Disk tracker
will show you new files and also keep track
of deleted files. Find duplicate files and
delete them to save space. Great utility.
DUSE30.ZIP Yes 78452 11/11/1992
DiskUse v3.0 is an advanced utility program
that allows you to "see" your hard disk in
text and graphical modes. DiskUse reports
hard disk usage in MGA\CGA\EGA\VGA, as well
in text mode. Graphical charts of usage and
tabular (text) reports are easily created by
DiskUse and can be imported into spreadsheets
like Quattro and 1-2-3. (Shareware $15)
DZK4D304.ZIP Yes 164119 1/10/1993
DiZk4D 3.04 The FIRST dizk cataloger
created specifically for 4DOS. Edit & Create
description files, catalog dizks, print 4
styles of labels, dizk sleeves, perform
searches and MORE! Works as easy as slipping
a disk into the drive and running DIR. From
Unicorn Software Ltd.
ED6PATCH.ZIP Yes 27639 4/5/1993 Patch Dos 6.0's Edit, Make It Default To *.*
EDDY7D.ZIP Yes 210394 9/13/1993
EDDY 7d; Do ANYTHING with files, disks and
directories! EDDY is ALL of these:
Full-screen directory editor & manager;
Sector editor; RAM editor; DOS shell; File
finder, viewer, patcher & comparer; String
finder/replacer (hex,or ASCII); File backup
and data recovery utility; .and MUCH more!
EE.ZIP Yes 12668 7/28/1992 Environment Editor, Can Be Used Full Screen
EID140.ZIP Yes 115219 7/16/1992 Encrypt-It, DES File Security System
ELC10.ZIP Yes 2872 4/14/1992 Handy File Encryption, Up To 60k File Size
ENV17Z.ZIP Yes 53141 4/15/1992 DOS Environment Utility, Enhanced SET Command
ENVIRO30.ZIP Yes 10231 2/10/1993
ENVIRO v3.0 - The DOS Environment Inspector.
Displays allocation and usage information on
the DOS environment buffer, as well as its
content. Ideal for assisting in the tracking
down what is lost due to the DOS "Out of
Environment Space" Error message, and/or for
identifying unnecessary data in the buffer.
-[ Shareware by George Silberstern ]-
ENVI_103.ZIP Yes 22447 4/30/1993
ENVI-MAN v1.03 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
An Environment utility: small assembly
language routine with optional display of
environment strings & data such as location,
size & space available of the Master env.;
batch file environment space test provides
graceful exit if there is not enough.
EPW13.ZIP Yes 4548 2/1/1992 Executable File (COM, EXE) Password Protect
ERD23.ZIP Yes 7349 3/16/1993
Enhanced Remove Directory 2.3 Powerful
program to remove a directory with all its
files, subdirectories, and their files. Full
version. Reg fee: $5.00
ESCCMM10.ZIP Yes 226998 4/5/1993
CMMenu system interface; Menuize an
application, a series of applications or an
entire system. A CLOSER LOOK: The CMMenu
program is an elaborate, configurable,
customizable menu which exits with an
errorlevel ascending from low to high. The
first item in the CMMenu is the letter A. A =
errorlevel 2, B = errorlevel 3 etc. In other
words, errorlevel exits can be defined
starting from 2 through 37. Additionally
ET1E32.ZIP Yes 192255 4/3/1993
Packs 100's of extremely FAST file, directory
and program management utilities in an
easy-to-use package. Works with over 16,000
files across 26 disks as if they were in
place! View, print, copy, move, rename, tag,
sort, change attributes, change time/date,
erase, graft, find, attach notes, check disk
space on all disks or memory at once, create
user-defined programmable menus, shell to
DOS, run programs from EXE, COM, BAT, BTM or
EXC26.ZIP Yes 54867 7/18/1993
EXC v2.6: script processor for DOS apps that
works like your communications scripts w/key
on timing, data on the screen, data not on
the screen, etc. Enter programmed keystrokes
w/loop processing/branching. Allows you to
automate menu/dialogue box DOS applications
easily. Non-TSR
EXEPRO.ZIP Yes 9872 2/1/1993 Password Protect Any Executable Program
EXTFS2.ZIP Yes 14448 7/28/1992 List All Extensions In A Dir & # With Each
EZREAD23.ZIP Yes 32759 1/5/1993 Ez-Read, Replacement For DOS's "TYPE" Command
EZVIEW51.ZIP Yes 48065 7/6/1993
EZVIEW v5.1: file viewing util whose cursor
can be used to count characters in text and
bytes in hex. View/search/sort dirs/print.
07/06/93. Charles J. Hill.
FCOM30.ZIP Yes 201900 10/15/1993
FCOM 3.0:The File Combine; FCOM is an
invaluable tool if you have need to combine
multiple files into one. Prime example:
multiple chapters of a book, or manual. With
FCOM it's simple, you tag the files, in the
order you want added, set a few options if
needed, and sit back!
FCOMP101.ZIP Yes 111192 1/14/1992 Compare Text Files, Show Differences
FDATE80A.ZIP Yes 68831 7/20/1993
FDATE v80A: utility for date manipulation in
batch files. Functions include putting the
date/format of your choice into an
environment variable, & doing date & time
FFF40.ZIP Yes 109621 8/15/1992
FileFinder Release 4.0. Finds files on all
hard drives, networked drives, and inside
compressed files. FAST AND FLEXIBLE. This is
a bug fix release. It corrects the lockup
problem some users have been experiencing.
FFLIP217.ZIP Yes 101083 4/7/1992 FastFlip, Load Up To 10 Programs, Swap Fast
FFM120.ZIP Yes 23909 9/22/1992 Find File / Manipulator, Finds Any File
FILEID31.ZIP Yes 42377 2/20/1993
FILE_ID 3.10�; Supports automatic adding of
Easy to use Creates FILE_ID.DIZ header. FLAGS
meets Specs set by many Bulletin Board
ASP VENDORS, and Many other uses.
FILUP302.ZIP Yes 50614 2/8/1993 Copy Any Newer Programs Than Those In Target
FINDDRV.ZIP Yes 7563 3/17/1993 Quick Program To Determine If A Drive Exists
FINDIR40.ZIP Yes 18520 4/22/1993 Find Directory 3.0: Supp For DOS 6 & DblSpace
FINDIRQ.ZIP Yes 47968 8/25/1993 Utility For Finding Active IRQs
FIXCH305.ZIP Yes 50555 5/19/1993
FIXCHARS.EXE: Program which removes
non-standard print characters from a text
file. Translates graphics characters into
their ASCII equivalents. Also expands tabs
and removes backspaces. Is primarily intended
for people who have problems printing a file.
FIXMBR28.ZIP Yes 27171 4/3/1993 Combination Recovery/Integrity For Hard Drive
FL150.ZIP Yes 43777 8/17/1993
Fast Load v1.50; Unique productivity tool
which makes maximum use of available EMS or
XMS on your computer to provide instant
Execution Loading of .EXE, .COM, and .OVL
type files. Additionally, it can cache DAT,
BAT and other data files.
FLDDIR5.ZIP Yes 36270 9/4/1992 Double-Column, Non-Scrolling Directory
FLEXP250.ZIP Yes 189078 9/24/1992
FLEXIBAK Plus v 2.50. Hard Disk Backup.
Features compression, selective backups and a
unique backup method where you only have to
take a full backup once! Now you can backup
to fixed media (even across networks), also
includes IMPROVED compression and speed!! A
must try! Added utilities for registered
FMAN203.ZIP Yes 14098 3/1/1993 Records File Info Of Disks To Numbered Files
FMAV20.ZIP Yes 46227 12/11/1992
File Maven 2.0 File Maven (tm) is an advanced
DOS file manager with high speed PC-to-PC
transfer capabilities using a null modem
cable. Uses a modern user interface with
pull-down menus, mouse support, hot keys, and
user- defined screen colors. Copy, move,
delete, wipe, rename, edit, view, tag,
execute, and sort files. Create, delete, and
rename directories. $15 shareware program.
FNET_14.ZIP Yes 14174 8/14/1993
FNET@ v1.4; FeatherNet BBS @-MACRO developers
TSR util. invokes. Handy for quick
reference to FeatherNet's Xcodes and "@"
macros. Can also, "TRANSFER" your selection
to your work surface.
FP-209D.ZIP Yes 347978 8/30/1993
F-prot Antiviral Scanner v2.09d From Frisk's
FPICK23A.ZIP Yes 22562 3/29/1993 Add Picklist Capability For Batch Files
FRISK.ZIP Yes 10382 2/16/1992 Search For Files Fast, Command-Line Options
FSPLIT.ZIP Yes 36135 3/21/1992 Split, Join Or Kill Files In Current Dir
FSRCH21.ZIP Yes 44075 7/6/1992 Search Through Files To Find Text Strings
FSW2A.ZIP Yes 131708 12/22/1992 Fast, Powerful File Search Utility
FULLVIEW.ZIP Yes 42508 2/9/1992 View The Entire Memory Structure Of PC
FULL_D.ZIP Yes 53720 12/31/1992 Fully Enabled Version Of Directory Alternative
FUMBS100.ZIP Yes 6831 4/9/1993
- FIXUMBS v1.00- - - - UMB management aid for
DOS 5 (or above). - - First public release. -
- - - Do you use shadow ram for UMBs? - - Do
you load programs high? - - Do you use QEMM
or a similar memory - - manager? - - Do you
seem to have lost about 384K? - - Do you like
to have the most available - - memory? - - -
- If you answered yes to any of the above - -
questions, you probably need FIXUMBS. - - -
Another great utility from- - RJS Software
GENRGAP.ZIP Yes 159158 4/5/1992 Powerful File Compare Utility, Many Features
GGREP.ZIP Yes 87356 9/22/1992 Grep: Searches File For Specified Expression
GLEDIT27.ZIP Yes 31153 9/29/1993
GLEDIT v2.7: formerly GEDIT, globally search
for, & optionally replace, a string of
characters in all selected files in a dir.
GSCRN100.ZIP Yes 21159 4/26/1993 GrabScreen: Text/Ascii Screen Capture Util
GTBAK.ZIP Yes 254516 9/8/1992 Powerful Yet Safe Way Of Backing Up Your Data
GUIMEM.ZIP Yes 18617 3/19/1992 GUI Character Based Memory Display Program
HAVE122.ZIP Yes 29111 5/17/1993 Displays Dos/Mouse Version, Mem, Etc.
HDOS.ZIP No 67609 4/2/1992 Several Needed Utilities DOS Forgot!
HDTRAK11.ZIP Yes 72491 7/17/1993
HardTrack V1.1; Hard Drive Auditing. Tracks
Modified, New, and Missing Files on Hard and
Network Drives. Use Automatic Daily Scan,
Full Screen, or PC Admin. modes. Report
option the scan file or current drive scan to
report changes. PC admininstrators can use
HardTrack from a floppy for software audits.
Or, use just before a software install. Easy
to Install and Use!
HFM318.ZIP Yes 298393 3/18/1993 HFM: Convenient Shareware File Manager
HIMOV220.ZIP Yes 130346 5/12/1993
HiMOVE v2.20; Upper Memory Manager for
computers with NEAT-Chipset. HiMOVE uses the
shadow RAM of computers with the NEAT CHIPSet
from Chips & Technologies to load device
drivers and TSRs into unused areas of the
upper memory area. Easy, menu driven
installation and configuration.
HIVIDEO.ZIP Yes 15348 7/10/1993
HiVIDEO v2.03; DOS Memory Expander for
VGA/EGA systems. The unused graphics memory
of the VGA/EGA display adapter in text mode
is used to expand the conventional DOS memory
by 96kB. No graphic can be used if this mode
is on. The expansion can be switched on and
off dynamically from the command line.
HOBOSCAN.ZIP Yes 49876 1/2/1993
HoboScan will check for new files in the
specified directory, open up archives to
extract executable files and overlays, and
run VirusScan on them.
HOTDIR73.ZIP Yes 76796 6/8/1993
HotDIR Plus v7.3; An enhancement release
which adds several new features and options.
Many new features; increased colores, true
path, file size in MB, optimized for speed -
works with OS/2 HPFS
HTLITE10.ZIP Yes 249550 6/16/1992 32-Bit DOS PC Computer Benchmark Tests
HYDK452S.ZIP Yes 277713 1/18/1993 HyperDisk Cache v4.52s.
IDEID11.ZIP Yes 24369 5/12/1992 Gives Complete Info About Your IDE Hard Drive
IFP1P156.ZIP Yes 111469 12/30/1992
INFOPLUS 1.56, system information Display 21
pages of information about different aspects
of your computer. This 12/30/92 version adds
automatic printing, more info about some
TSR's, and even more TSR's.
IFP1S156.ZIP Yes 114628 12/30/1992 InfoPlus, Display 21 Pages Of Comp. Info, Src.
IMG.ZIP Yes 18609 5/1/1992 Disk Compactor, Better Than Senddisk
IMOVE10.ZIP Yes 6429 10/16/1993
V1.0 of Intergral Move, a file mover/
directory renamer
INCOMAND.ZIP Yes 324020 1/31/1993 Command-Line Utilities For Dos, Powerful!
INPUT22.ZIP Yes 27726 4/16/1993
INPUT v2.11-Adv. ASK.COM replacement [ASP]
Allows you to ask questions and receive input
in .BATs. Full color, many options for
returning input. Returns errorlevel, sets an
environment variable, or execute a program
directly. The ultimate interactive utility
for DOS batch files.
INT13.ZIP Yes 7209 7/30/1992 Makes Disk/File Access Visible To You
INTVL185.ZIP Yes 56424 10/6/1993
INTERVAL v1.85; Program which will run a DOS
command or program once during a user defined
period of time. INTERVAL will keep logs on
activity and is batch file friendly. INTERVAL
can also set an errorlevel to indicate its
completion status.
IOZON115.ZIP Yes 40346 5/29/1992 IOZone - Benchmarks Your System In File Reads
IP122.ZIP Yes 9587 11/19/1991 Interrupt checker for Serials
IUTILS.ZIP Yes 25777 2/17/1993 Package With Many Handy File Utilities
JPRDY10.ZIP Yes 45663 8/18/1993
Disk Cache Jeopardy Detection; Monitors a
particular directory on a particular drive
for jeopardy periods. It changes the screen
border color to red whenever the monitored
drive is in jeopardy of invalid directory
entries or cross-linked files.
JSFB4B10.ZIP Yes 34990 3/6/1993
Now you can COMPARE any two files of -ANY-
size using a BYTE for BYTE method with all
differences shown as DECimal, HEXadeciamal
and ASCII character values. Allows start &
end specifications on compare and non-stop or
set page length for output. *SHAREWARE* by
John S. Fowler Alt-Reality 508-630-2913
KBCRYP.ZIP Yes 14666 4/3/1992
KBCRYP alfatest KBCRYP puts an enconded
string in keyboard buffer.
KDBKUP.ZIP Yes 75371 5/9/1991
KDBackup; Menu-driven selection makes backups
easy. Built-in "Backup Advisor" helps you to
decide when to do a backup and what kind to
do. Supports up to five hard disks with
separate backup series.
KEYS1-0.ZIP Yes 2138 7/6/1993 Short File To Config. Keyboard On Bootup
KG_DF105.ZIP Yes 5176 3/15/1993 Displays Amount Of Free Disk Space As A %
KWSRC120.ZIP Yes 22337 1/22/1993 Do Logical And/Or/Not Searches On Text Files
LACE14.ZIP Yes 45901 5/11/1993 PC-DOS/MS-DOS Multiple Configuration Utility
LAMBCHOP.ZIP Yes 182957 1/21/1992
LambChop v1.02 Brand New! (01/21/92)
Absolutely the finest file chopping system
available. FASTer than xcopy, compression,
error checking, drop to DOS between disks,
operates from the DOS command line or a pull
down menu system, directly access files when
UnChopping, restores file attributes & time,
available memory is your only limit!
LAST21.ZIP Yes 88548 9/5/1992
LAST v2.1; Enables you to review and resume
the last work you've done without having to
remember filenames and directories. It
quickly searches your disk for the files that
you updated most recently, and displays them
in filedate order. Its repertoire includes a
file viewer/file finder, disk manager/DOS
shell, program launcher, high speed text
search functions, and file sorter.
LAWSON10.ZIP Yes 18876 2/20/1993 Lawson Menu; Like A Peg Board For BATch files
LCKR200.ZIP Yes 52942 1/16/1993
LHA Chunker 2.0 by Jibben Software LHA
Chunker splits and sizes all types of files,
including LHA files. Will split to a size to
fit specific floppy format or to user
determined size. Files except LHA files can
be rejoined. LHA files can be split so that
they will extract to fit on a specific floppy
size. The files created are still LHA files.
LHA Chunker can also split any file directly
to floppy for easy backup.
LKUP102A.ZIP Yes 11760 3/6/1993 Lookup File Names Or Extensions On Drives
LOC310.ZIP Yes 23521 12/9/1992
Use when you need to locate files across
several logical or physical drives.
LOGDATE.ZIP Yes 26761 12/15/1991
Logdate is a small utility program that will
rename your daily log files so that they can
be archived using the Dos ren command.
LOGMSG10.ZIP Yes 35849 11/15/1992
LogMsg v1.0; Simple and small program to help
you record messages, along with the date &
time, in a continuous text (log) file. Useful
for unattended program runs through batch
files to help track what happened and when.
LOGR10.ZIP Yes 2831 10/3/1992
TSR monitors your com port, and records when
your phone rings - what time and how many
rings. Should not interfere with other
telecommunications programs in progress.
LSDIR_20.ZIP Yes 13869 5/6/1992 Stacker Directory, Tells Compress Percentage
MAM1_09.ZIP Yes 64883 8/10/1993
MAM, Memory Allocation Manager. Memory
mapping and mark/release utility with lots of
features. Now supports DOS 6 and includes
full documentation.
MBACK20.ZIP Yes 198991 10/9/1992
MegaBack version 2.0 from Patriquin - A GREAT
backup program designed to make your backups
quick and easy! This new version of MegaBack
is 25% faster! MegaBack has point & shoot
exclude, interruptable full backup, data
compression, full/incremental backups, EASY
restore and more! Great compliment for tape
or notebook backup. Very professional!
MC100H_B.ZIP Yes 221419 4/12/1993 MegaCat v1.0h, Help Organize Files & Dirs
MCF100.ZIP Yes 66907 10/2/1992 Utility To Manage Multiple Boot Configurations
MEGA15.ZIP Yes 55176 7/26/1993
MegaForce Utlities v1.5; A load of useful
utilites for DOS Users.
MEGCPY10.ZIP Yes 17166 4/26/1993
MEGA-COPY v1.0 RyanWare Graphical,
multi-tasking compliant, replacement for DOS'
copy command. Accepts the @
directive, thus may be used as an "External
batch protocol" on local nodes of BBS
systems. Progress status bars, multi-disk
copies, etc...
MEMHINTS.ZIP Yes 7417 1/7/1992
Text: Helpful memory hints for people using
DOS 5.0 and/or Qemm. If you want the most out
of your memory, use these tips.
MH-ESDI.ZIP Yes 24041 1/13/1993
ESDI Identify v1.50: Returns info on all ESDI
hard drives attached to your (286+) system.
Shows head, cylinder, sector counts, and
other misc info. Drive only needs to be
hooked-up, does not need to be prepaired.
(Date 12/07/92) Req: 286+CPU. Freeware from
Micro House International. -AV
MITSUMI.ZIP Yes 3146 3/18/1993 Use 2+ Mutsumi CD-ROMS On An IRQ & DMA
MKDIZ130.ZIP Yes 61833 7/2/1993
MKDIZ Version 1.30S - A Menu driven program
which allows you to create and insert
FILE_ID.DIZ and/or DESC.SDI description files
into archive files created by PKZip. These
description files contain a short informative
description of the files & programs contained
within .ZIP files. These descriptions can be
read and automatically displayed on a BBS
file directory that supports .DIZ/.SDI
MLTIBOOT.ZIP Yes 1047 6/27/1993 Batch File Examples of DOS 6.0 Multiboot.
MORTON.ZIP Yes 58360 10/15/1992 Morton Utilities, Handy Memory Resident Progs
MOVE120.ZIP Yes 11691 7/28/1993
MOVE v1.20; File Utility to Move or Redirect
files from one directory to another. MOVE is
Very FAST....... and the command line syntax
is easy to use. This program is great for
those wanting efficient DOS enhancements
MOVEIT14.ZIP Yes 33020 8/29/1991 File Area Mgr, Can Use Remotely
MSGV1.ZIP Yes 36804 7/22/1992 Adds Music, Sound & Graphics To Batch Files!
MSYS12.ZIP Yes 61228 1/31/1993 Multiple Configuration System, Up To 50 Cnfgs
MV30.ZIP Yes 13294 10/13/1992 File move util, Supports moves Across Drives
NCPSVS.ZIP Yes 16182 2/27/1993 View Your First Meg (1024k) Of Memory
NDIR177.ZIP Yes 55099 2/26/1992
NDIR.EXE, the most powerful dir lister
around. Select different colors for each file
extention, full control of sorting and
display options, show mul- tiple filespecs in
one display, exclude extensions from list,
directory-tree display that shows tree sizes
in bytes AND disk space, powerful batch mode
for creating flexible batch files, configur-
ation program included, many other options!
NETLGO11.ZIP Yes 32930 9/7/1993
NetLOGO v1.1; Will insert a Text file into
your Zip's as a LOGO. NOT CRIPPLED in any
way, no extra's inserted into your ZIP file,
just the logo. Now With BBS and SET Support
NEWSED2.ZIP Yes 38845 5/10/1991
The *ULTIMATE* BBS news editor. This is the
most configurable news editor for your BBS.
Creates both ANSI and ASCII news files. Also
very FAST!
NJTIDY31.ZIP Yes 12760 8/20/1992 Disk Tidier, Delete BAK & User Specified Files
NLITN301.ZIP Yes 39400 9/17/1992
EnLighten v3.01 is a great executable file
compressor front end. It has been 90%
completely rewritten and supports PKLITE,
DIET, and LZEXE (and UNLZEXE). It features
compressing/expanding files simultaneously,
25 or 43/50 text modes, mouse support, and
most unique: Best Compression, which
determines which file compressor will produce
the best result! It is super easy to use and
VERY user friendly. Author : Jim Hisey
NOADS14.ZIP Yes 15931 10/14/1991
NoAds v1.4 - October 14, 1991. Contains FWKCS
compatible signatures for the exclusion of
BBS ads. Version 1.4 identifies 844 of them.
Instructions included on adding them to your
existing database of signatures. Works with
ExZTest & ExZip via the FWKCS program.
NUMDAY10.ZIP Yes 18726 7/22/1992 Figure # Of Days Between Dates & More!
OFFDISK1.ZIP Yes 38308 3/13/1992 OFFLINE; OffLine Storage Program
ONEADAY.ZIP Yes 112474 9/20/1992 Utility Will Run Any Program At A Given Time
OSCAR105.ZIP Yes 49340 9/3/1992 User-Friendly File Manager, Tons Of Features!
OZP11.ZIP Yes 87763 4/27/1992 Ounce Of Prevention, Protect/Restore Files
PASBR22.ZIP Yes 122112 5/4/1992 Point-And-Shoot Hard Disk Backup Utility
PASSWOD.ZIP Yes 20803 8/12/1992 Simple Password System, Lots Of Noise
PATH20.ZIP Yes 43454 5/11/1992
>>> PathTool v2.0 <<< PathTool is a powerful
utility which easily lets users modify the
PATH by using straight forward commands.
PathTool is capable of generating PATH's
longer than 121 bytes. It is more powerful
than any existing PATH modification
utilities! Tested with many versions of DOS
and LANs.
PATHTL22.ZIP Yes 56319 8/3/1993
PathTool v2.2; A powerful utility which
easily lets users modify PATH by using
straight forward commands. PathTool is
capable of generating a PATH longer than 121
bytes. It is more powerful than any existing
PATH modification utility! Non-PATH
environment variables can also be modified.
Modify the INCLUDE & LIB variables for your
compiler! Tested with many versions of DOS,
Windows, OS/2, 4DOS, and LANs.
PATH_113.ZIP Yes 22576 4/30/1993
PATH-MAN v1.13 r04/30/93 Micrometric :
Utility searches the directory path elements
of the PATH statement for a given file;
allows DOS wildcard characters; ERRORLEVEL
variable set, based on search result, to
allow more user friendly batch files;
optionally display the path element found.
PB19C.ZIP Yes 30880 2/24/1992 PlayBack Keystrokes, Anytime Or Later Time
PCDIR15.ZIP Yes 43422 10/26/1991
PC-Directory v1.6; With PC-Directory's
(PC-Dir) filenotes you can leave 160
character reminders to yourself, and others,
on the contents, status, or purpose of each
of your files.
PCDOC40.ZIP Yes 49274 5/7/1992 Pc Doctor, Find System Info, Edit Memory
PCEXTRA.ZIP Yes 11823 1/10/1993 Rename Directories Easily And Fast ...
PCLOCKS.ZIP Yes 76051 5/23/1992 Compilation Of PC Security/Password Programs
PCMASDIR.ZIP Yes 427208 3/26/1992 Combination File Catalog & DOS Utilities
PCS210B.ZIP Yes 102430 1/1/1993 PcSentry; Security System For PC's & Networks
PDEL44.ZIP Yes 64630 5/1/1992
PDELETE 4.1; A complete utility to
intelligently delete files from your system.
Saves time!
PDQ121.ZIP Yes 85070 9/12/1992
PDQ Utils 1.21 is a set of matched utilities
which can make life easier for any hard disk
user. Includes a directory changer,directory
lister, file locator and a text file viewer.
PFRP100.ZIP Yes 12617 1/17/1993 Pseudo-Random File Picker, Picks From List
PGP22.ZIP Yes 192338 3/7/1993 Public Key Encryption For The Masses (PGP)
PGP22SRC.ZIP Yes 532270 3/7/1993 Source Code To PGP Encryption Software
PMANDBL.ZIP Yes 1519 4/3/1993 Poor Mans Disk Doubler - Uses PKZIP Compress
PMEM.ZIP Yes 27429 12/30/1992 Protected Mode Monitor, Up To 4 GIG Address
POCK31.ZIP Yes 157175 10/16/1993
POCKETD PLUS v3.1; 29k DOS Army Knife
Excellent color directory list, file COPY and
immensely powerful file manager. Over 220 (!)
options and sub-options, making it a flexible
& formidable utility factory!NEW! 4DOS & OS/2
supp, Scan Self-extract Archives, Virus
Protected, Dir/Archive Browser, Menu Builder,
More Color, NEW! the 37k MENUD front-end with
60 menus.
POM233B.ZIP Yes 119249 10/8/1993
PARSE-O-MATIC v2.33; Moves data between
programs that normally don't understand each
each other's data. Convert reports from one
program into a format useful to the other
one. Edit text files by script. Don't retype
all your data: print your report to a file,
then use P-O-M to CONVERT it to the input
format you require!
PREXCM11.ZIP Yes 26310 4/26/1993
Protect! EXE/COM v.1.1 - Encrypts your EXE &
COM files and leaves them executable! Will
TAKE A CRC EVERY TIME a protected program is
run, something NO OTHER PROGRAM DOES! Needs
LZEXE or PKLite to compress EXE files before
protecting them. Makes files even more secure
than PKLite (R) commercial does! Not only the
most powerful EXE/COM security program, but
also the best value costing only $25. This
copy is a bug fix from version 1.0.
PROBE103.ZIP Yes 13096 1/23/1993 Probe: Search Hard Drive For Specified File
PROCESS.ZIP Yes 13472 6/16/1992
PROCESS.EXE Ver 1.0 Processes a file based on
its age (in days).
PS52B.ZIP Yes 94923 7/1/1992
PSEARCH v5.1 from Patri-Soft. This great text
search/file gets better with SEARCH and
REPLACE!. PSEARCH is one of the fastest text
search programs available with much needed
flexibility for YOUR searching! TRY IT! (Asp)
PS_V43A.ZIP Yes 185521 2/1/1993
Power Scanner 4.3a-PS is a Directory/File Mgt
program. Current drive showned in tree form.
User can dump, delete, rename, add & link to
directories. It displays files of the current
directory & users can delete, rename, execute
move, find, dump & chg file attributes. Has a
screen saver, mouse support,43/50 line mode &
show various parts of the system & provides
various levels of help. Has note pad, phone
book & over 50 total options.DEVELOPED IN ADA
PTM228.ZIP Yes 230189 3/8/1993 DosPhantom: Record A Task & Play Back Later
PU114.ZIP Yes 84776 7/29/1992 Turn any DOS Program Into A Pop-Up TSR
PUTTIME.ZIP Yes 7579 3/13/1993
PutTime 1.0 - PutTime is a command line
program to put a date and time stamp in a
text file along with an option text
description. This can be used in batch files
to record machine operation such as booting,
program runs, etc... By Michael Carnell
PV12.ZIP Yes 139832 3/5/1993 Proview Integrated Disk/System Memory Editor
PWPLUS13.ZIP Yes 16467 8/8/1992 Password System, Won't Allow Floppy Boot
QDIR131.ZIP Yes 130489 9/26/1993
QuickDir v1.31; Amazing Dos/Archive Shell. A
MUST HAVE for maintaining hard drive and LAN.
Over 50 DOS Functions. 3 pgms in 1. 1) A DOS
Manager that's Sensible and Smart! HD Tree is
displayed instantly. 2) An Easy Archive Mgr.
Just press 'X' or 'V' twice to extract or
view. 3) Find Duplicate, Archive, Temp or Any
file. Copy / Delete found files. New:
XMS/Disk Swap, Display Print Option. For DOS,
Windows, OS/2 FAT.
QDP.ZIP Yes 5060 2/8/1993 Quick Directory Printer, Any Printer
QFIL32B3.ZIP Yes 121432 3/3/1993 Qfile: Useful File (Disk/Directory) Manager
QINFO41.ZIP Yes 49861 1/13/1992
Qinfo 4.1 Displays free disk space with
totals (Network also), memory (EMS/XMS),
graphics type, #ports, memory map, and more
in a very fast concise pop-up. 99GB limit! If
you work with PC's, this is a *MUST*!
QSR.ZIP Yes 9255 8/5/1992 Command-Line Multiple Search & Replace
RAND20.ZIP Yes 12262 7/7/1993
RAND 2.0-Random errorlevel generator.
Generates a random errorlevel, any number
between 0-x, where x can be up to 255. Can
also be used to generate unique file names.
RDIR133.ZIP Yes 75289 11/20/1992 Shows Graphical Hard Drive Statistics
READ112H.ZIP Yes 63646 7/19/1993
Read ASCII File Viewer; Display, search and
browse binary & ASCII Files. Handy for
viewing Hard Drive Directories, copying,
moving and pasting. Combines with other
software to Edit files and manage Archives
RECYCLE.ZIP Yes 38893 8/13/1992 Computer Bit Recycler, Humorous Refresher
REC_199K.ZIP Yes 108970 2/16/1993 Remote Echo Control (REC) v2.0;
REKEY20.ZIP Yes 5144 2/12/1993 Rekey 2.0 Command Line Pop-Up Menu: F1-F12
RENDIR10.ZIP Yes 6023 3/16/1993
Rename Directory 1.0 Most of the time, the
only way to rename a directory is to purchase
an expensive utility program. RENDIR will do
it for just a $5.00 reg fee. Full version.
RFILE113.ZIP Yes 61930 4/2/1993
RFILE v1.13 - Shows Relative FILE size
of all files in the selected directory in a
pie chart. Enter a directory name or
extension such as *.TXT on the command line.
Or edit the directory name as displayed on
the graphics screen. An aid to finding where
the disk space is being used up. Latest
version adds PageUp & Down, Home & End while
viewing list of files. Requires CGA, EGA or
RKT-TEST.ZIP Yes 40199 7/28/1993
This demonstration of Drive Rocket software
allows you to see if your system would
benefit by having Drive Rocket Software
RMDIRX.ZIP Yes 14415 7/7/1993
SHH! Remove Dir X - quietly removes a dir-
ectory without a DOS error. If it does not
exist, no message will be shown. If it does
exist, it will be removed. No cost.
RNGBOT13.ZIP Yes 11400 8/15/1991
RingBoot is a small TSR that reboots your
computer after a given number of rings. It's
main purpose is to reboot a BBS system who's
modem stops answering but can be used for a
variety of things.
RS204.ZIP Yes 16835 10/1/1991
RS is an uncomplicated utility that prints a
full status report of a selected RS-232 "COM"
port. It provides information about the
communications protocol, handshake, line,
error and interrupt status.
RSSINST1.ZIP Yes 315191 6/15/1993
A set of C'n'N (Cheap'n'Nasty) install
routines for those who distribute data
compressed files (.ZIP .ARJ .LZH etc) on
diskette. Will handle up to 500 compressed
files per diskette. Mouse support
RTBHLP.ZIP Yes 145762 4/18/1992 Disk Backup/Restore Program
RUNWEN15.ZIP Yes 26054 8/19/1992 Boot-Up Program Scheduler, Run Them Anytime!
S14.ZIP Yes 14439 1/4/1992 S-Menu, Small & Tight MS-DOS Shell
SAFPAK13.ZIP Yes 52746 11/13/1992
SAFEPACK v1.3 Disk Defragmenter Nov 92 ASP
Designed so that the data on the disk should
be immune to interruptions from any cause
during defragmentation. Files and directories
may be sorted into almost any order, and many
other optimizations are possible. SAFEPACK
leaves all the free space as a single area so
a large Windows swap file may be created. May
be run in unattended mode. OS/2 supported
Shareware:- 9 UK pounds (credit cards taken).
SCHR_11.ZIP Yes 41017 7/19/1993
Searcher v1.1; Searches harddrive directories
for hacked, trogan, commercial, archived
files in any format (.ZIP, .ARJ ect..) using
any of the OFFICAL Hack????.col or .IDX files
in the monthly hack report found on many
BBS's. Perfect for users and sysops to check
if any file is in the report
SCOUT55.ZIP Yes 138005 7/15/1992 Scout Disk/File & Directory Manager v5.5
SCR11.ZIP Yes 17527 3/7/1993 Convert Any File Into A Debug Script
SCRLIT16.ZIP Yes 40148 3/24/1993
SCROLLit v1.6 Scrollback buffer utility. Lets
you scroll back, in full color, through lines
of text that have scrolled off the top of the
screen. Features searching, block-writing,
43/50 line mode, and XMS/EMS support.
Compression is used to squeeze more than
twice the number of lines into the available
buffer space. Desqview aware. A 9k TSR.
SCRP312B.ZIP Yes 142581 6/13/1993
SuperCrypt v3.12b Complete security with DES
encryption and decryption. Only $59 Contact:
SuperSoftWare @ 713-488-0210 Box 58177,
Webster TX 77598-8177 USA 713-280-0099-FAX
SCSICNTL.ZIP Yes 64159 2/28/1992
SCSICNTL is a program that runs under MS-DOS
allowing you to reprogram your SCSI device to
meet the needs of your environment. Repro-
gramming your SCSI device allows you to
achieve the highest possible throughput for
the given operating environment you will be
working in. Adaptec AHA-1540/1540A/1542A/
1540B/1542B/1640/1740 SCSI Adapter Board.
SCT-EM55.ZIP Yes 140524 7/15/1992 TSR Version Of Scout Directory/File Manager
SD-400.ZIP Yes 158881 3/30/1993 StupenDOS 4.0 - DOS Shell With Pkware Support
SECBAT.ZIP Yes 74493 8/19/1992
How To Create 64 Different Color Programs.
Detailed instructions on how to write simple
programs (Batch Files) for color and One-
Keystroke Speed (Macro) Keys. Teaches in
EASY-TO-LEARN LANGUAGE over 100 formulas for
the beginner in computer. Learn how to write
powerful programs that will make the computer
change colors or format or copy a disk.
Shareware ($10) from Pat Ferro.
SECCOPY4.ZIP Yes 138323 6/8/1993
Second Copy v4.0: Automatically copies files
for safekeep. It periodically monitors your
disk directories data files & makes a second
copy of those files to another disk/network
drive. Updates these second copies when you
make changes or additions to your files.
Works with Windows 3.0, 3.1 and any LANs.
Version 4.0 allows you to maintain mulitple
profiles & turn them on and off. New 3D look.
A "must have" if you hate doing backups.
SECUREV1.ZIP Yes 148161 7/12/1992 Security System For Pc's, Stop Hackers!
SEE265.ZIP Yes 22429 1/16/1993 See Memory v2.65
SETER146.ZIP Yes 31041 10/6/1993
SetEr v1.46 is a program which will allow the
user to set an errorlevel from the command
line or a batch file.
SHIFTKEY.ZIP Yes 8454 7/20/1992 Run A Program Or Batch File While Booting Up
SHOWF251.ZIP Yes 29478 6/24/1993
SHOWFAT v2.51; Graphically displays the
physical layout of the files on your disk.
First and foremost, it's a tool that lets you
look at your disk and satisfy your curiosity
about what's going on in there.
SIMPBACK.ZIP Yes 248937 7/15/1992 Enhanced Backup Utility, Simple To Use!
SINCE126.ZIP Yes 25325 3/12/1993
SINCE v1.26 - provides a printable list
of all files modified SINCE the date [and
optional time] you enter on the command line.
Or _only_ those files with the selected
attributes A H S R. Type "SINCE" followed by
the date, and it will list all the files
worked on by you or others since that date.
Type "SINCE a" to see how many files have
been modified since the last backup. Reviewed
in January 1993 Compute Magazine.
SL-FREE.ZIP Yes 6397 6/15/1992 FAST Free Space Utility, Better Than CHKDSK
SNOOP200.ZIP Yes 100308 3/31/1993
SNOOPER v2.0 . System information
utility shows CPU/NDP, CPU speed, bus, BIOS,
memory, disks, DOS, network, video, CD-ROM,
environment, keyd, sound cards, ports, more.
Now shows IDE model, CMOS drive type, mice,
Stacker, files & buffers, IRQs, DMA, modems,
port IRQs and status, more. Built-in setup,
Snooper is ideal for customer or technical
support, H/W inventory gathering, and
SOSTB.ZIP Yes 214610 5/19/1993
Solid Oak Software's DOS Tool Box. 76 utils
for batch file enhancement, command line
operations, PC and network administration,
process automation, and more. Literally 100's
of uses and functions. Many of the included
utilities have never been offered before in
any package. A must have for any serious
computer user! Fully functional!
SP.ZIP Yes 24267 9/17/1993
SetPriority v1.0; Utility to start a program
at a defined priority. It is also able to
start a VDM (DOS-session) at a defined
SPCEINF6.ZIP Yes 68137 6/11/1992 Graphical Show Of Hard Drive Memory & Usage
SPDBAK20.ZIP Yes 53751 5/27/1992 SpeedBack, Fast Professional Backup Utility
SPLITV3.ZIP Yes 15982 3/10/1993
Split v3.0; Reads a file, then cuts it to any
specific size. You can split any kind of
files, data, executable anything as long as
it is at least 2 bytes long. This program is
mainly for backup purposes, where there is a
big file on your hard-drive, and you want to
move it to another place, using small floppy
disks. Included a built in recompiler, which
can put your split back together without
other software.
SRDSK204.ZIP Yes 70683 5/19/1993
ReSizeable RAMDisk 2.04.; virtual disk device
driver and controller capable of using over
32M of XMS and EMS memory. The disk can be
disabled and it's size can be changed without
rebooting. Lots of other useful features.
SRTDSC24.ZIP Yes 170928 6/9/1993
SORTDESC V2.4 Find file descriptions from
listing(s) & move file to a different
directory based on key words in that
description, place description a separate
listing. With options to add a "FILE_ID.DIZ"
to archives that don't have them, remove
graphic characters, match on names with
different extensions, & more!
SSTAT103.ZIP Yes 3829 2/17/1992 Quick And Tiny System Status Utility
STACKEY.ZIP Yes 355249 1/12/1993 Batkey/Stackey, The Ultimate BATCH Enhancers
STPPRG20.ZIP Yes 9718 3/5/1993 StopPrg v2.0 - Exit To DOS From Any Program
STPROT.ZIP Yes 21691 8/18/1992 Hard Disk Password, Uses Stealth Technology
STRINGS.ZIP Yes 27087 9/22/1992 Find & Output The Printable Strings In A File
STRIPIT1.ZIP Yes 12617 6/19/1991
STRIP v1.0b; Strip is a Filter program that
removes or retrieves all lines in a file that
contain a specified string.
STRPPR20.ZIP Yes 33365 6/30/1993
Stripper v20: removes ASCII codes 1 to 31, &
127, carriage returns, formfeeds, etc., from
any size file. 06/30/93. Patrick R. Rygiel.
STS_410.ZIP Yes 107892 6/24/1993
Stereo Shell v4.10; dual-windowed dos shell
that provides FAST and POWERFUL file managing
in a small package. The program supports
internal and external file viewers, an
editor, eight FILE COMPRESSION utilities, ten
launchable applications, ten user de- fined
utilities, and 4DOS compatible File comments
STUF20.ZIP Yes 160486 6/4/1992
Documentation for STEENBURGH's STUFF [ASP] A
collection of 17 batch file utilities.
Includes menu creation, input, system func-
tions, much, much more.
SUTIL268.ZIP Yes 30894 4/26/1992 Copy/Delete/Move/Rename Files In 1 Operation
SW-44.ZIP Yes 61034 12/21/1992 Batch File Enhancer
SW510.ZIP Yes 57513 9/18/1992 Full Screen Handy DOS File/Disk Manager
SWAMPUTL.ZIP Yes 81914 7/24/1992
SWAMP TOOLS; SwampTools is a collection of
useful DOS utilities that will help any sysop
SYSCHK23.ZIP Yes 66659 1/2/1992 Complete System Check-Out For Computers
SYSIN57.ZIP Yes 11530 7/27/1992 Shows Internal Configuration Of PC
SYSMON30.ZIP Yes 51864 7/6/1993
System Monitor: monitors and reports problems
early, maintains performance, resolves hard/
software problems and Windows conflicts.
Strong virus defense, with support for single
and LAN users.
TAD127.ZIP Yes 40138 10/6/1993
Time And Date (TAD) v1.27; allows changing
the time and date on files. TAD supports
wildcards. TAD also will keep logs on files
that it has changed. For batch processing a
quiet mode is included.
TARGET15.ZIP Yes 73983 7/21/1992 McAfee File Locator And Manipulator
TBT314.ZIP Yes 47508 10/4/1992
TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.14 09/12/92
TurboBAT creates a .COM program file from a
DOS batch file. Eliminates the need to
distribute batch files with source code
Registered users do not need to pay royalties
on programs created with TurboBAT. Shareware
registration forms and manual included. From
Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).
TCAT100.ZIP Yes 212247 8/9/1993
TCAT v1.00; Tape cataloging system. For use
with Colorado compatible tape backup systems.
Supports import from and export to Paradox
database format. Other features include
description mastering, FILE_ID.DIZ scanning,
duplicate purging, great interface and more
TCD15.ZIP Yes 166435 2/15/1992 File & Directory Manager With Friendly GUI
TCMV01.ZIP Yes 112161 2/17/1993 Configuration Manager And Boot Control Program
THEREF43.ZIP Yes 179744 5/2/1993
THEREF(tm) Ver 4.3 is a comprehensive
Directory of Hard Drives, Floppy Drives,
Optical Drives, and Drive Controllers & Host
Adapters. It is designed to help the novice
and pro alike with integration problems and
system setups. Information compiled by Robert
TIMENAME.ZIP Yes 8210 4/12/1993 Rename A File To Reflect Its Time & Date Stam
TIMEZ.ZIP Yes 87569 2/21/1993 Timez: Program To Track World Time
TLB-A211.ZIP Yes 157040 8/11/1992
A set of ADVANCED UTILITIES to go with THE
Requires the companion standard package,
TLB-V211.ZIP Yes 198776 8/11/1992
device drivers, TSRs, and more between 640k
and 1 meg. Compatible w/DOS 5, Win 3.1, & all
prot. mode software. Requires 8088 or above
and a supported shadow ram controller, EMS,
or R/W ram in the UMA. Registration fee:
TOP122.ZIP Yes 349437 12/20/1992 Command-Line Enhancement Tool
TPAUSE.ZIP Yes 19844 11/7/1992 Cancel Execution Of Programs At Boot-Up
TRIGGER.ZIP Yes 29237 10/1/1992 Hair Trigger! Pop-Up Keystroke Macro Program
TS41.ZIP Yes 24005 11/2/1992 Triple Shell, Quick And Handy DOS Shell
TSBAT.ZIP Yes 84203 10/26/1992 Assorted Batch File Tricks With Examples
TSGREP.ZIP Yes 21300 6/1/1993
Version 4.5: A Line Finder That Searches
Groups Of Files & Lists Lines Containing A
String. Once A List Is Created, Press A Key
To Edit The File & Go Right To That Line.
Press A Key To Go Back To The List Or To Go
To The Next or prev Find. Runs From DOS
Prompt Interactively With Onscreen Help For
Each Prompt. Uses Simple Search Or Tse Reg.
TSRCOM34.ZIP Yes 75414 2/14/1992 TRS Utilities For Managing DOS Memory
TW22.ZIP Yes 90769 7/27/1992 Point-N-Shoot DOS File & Disk Manager
TXT2BAT1.ZIP Yes 14173 9/20/1992 Takes A Text File And Converts To BATCH File
UCDMGR40.ZIP Yes 281472 1/1/1993
Ultimate CD-ROM File Manager v4.0; Access all
your CD-ROMs from one program: Execute View,
Unzip, Copy or any valid DOS Command. Knows
that #1PRG.ZIP _1PRG.LZH and 1PRG.ARJ may be
the same program, and lists them together.
Reports and utilities include remove floppy
dupes, decide on buying new CDs, convert
FILES.BBS formats, correct file dates &
sizes, create FILES.BBS, find unique or
duplicate files on a CD, and more...
UFM50.ZIP Yes 57474 3/25/1993
FM.EXE Ultra File Manager v5.0 - This
update adds file pack functions. Dual tree
and directory windows with easy keyboard or
mouse menu selection to execute about sixty
useful file management functions. Execute any
command on any group of files any where on
your system. Has a built in clock, calendar,
base conversion calculator, command macros,
and execute functions.
ULTRA60.ZIP Yes 148682 9/30/1993
The Ultimate Batch Util v6.0; Over 250
functions, including compression, graphics,
sounds, video, detection, keyboard, files,
archive listing, system manipulation, plus
hundreds more. This thing blows away ALL
OTHER BATCH file utils!
UMA11.ZIP Yes 77312 3/2/1992 Useful Macros, Record/Playback Keystrokes
UMBDR521.ZIP Yes 31579 2/18/1992 Superb UMB Device Driver, Even Load Himem High
UMBFIL13.ZIP Yes 5008 4/5/1993
UMBFILES Version 1.3 Now 25% smaller. Save up
to 15K of conventional memory. Places File
Table into Upper Memory Area. For DOS 5.0 or
above and a 386 or above. Includes a .COM and
.EXE versions and Docs.
UNHANG.ZIP Yes 4033 1/1/1992 Break Out Of Programs That Hang Your Computer
USEMGR10.ZIP Yes 313952 4/2/1993
USEMGR V1.0 Trim megabytes of unneeded
files from your hard disk. Keep track of the
number of times, and when, each file is used.
Select/print files to be backed up, deleted
or archived based on this information. View,
Edit, Copy, Move, ZIP, etc from user
modifiable menu. This is a unique and
powerful new tool.
V-210.ZIP Yes 19049 5/1/1992 View Files Any Size Using All Available RAM
VADCD180.ZIP Yes 14854 3/15/1993
Vadol CD v1.8 - program to make it easier to:
1) change directories 2) show files by
extension. 3) quick access to any depth of
your storage devices. 4) get desired
executable file on the command line.
VIEWTXT.ZIP Yes 39619 7/19/1992 Text file Viewer, Up To 16,000 Lines
WAITDUDE.ZIP Yes 7067 2/23/1991
Time delay program. Worth getting. Will start
your bbs at any time you set. Works from
command line params or manual setting.
WDN119.ZIP Yes 22746 3/12/1993
WDN v1.19 - You may have dozens of
empty directories on your hard drive, taking
up valuable disk space. Typically an empty
directory uses 2048 or 4096 bytes on a hard
drive. WDN will seek out and remove hidden
and unused subdirectories with one command.
If DOS allowed RD *.*/s, you would not need
WDN, but RD requires that you type in every
name. WDN saves you time.
WF221.ZIP Yes 44014 8/1/1992 File / Directory Manager, Online Help
WHEN33.ZIP Yes 12809 4/4/1993 Delayed Wakeup Utility To Run A Command
WHTDAY11.ZIP Yes 2996 10/9/1993
WhatDay v1.1; Batch File Utility returns day
of week via ERRORLEVEL. Written in Assemby
Language, WhatDay is very small, very fast,
and very functional. Includes example batch
files in the documentation.
WILLY104.ZIP Yes 48833 5/4/1993
Willy will turn a file into a text file which
you can then send as a document. After
reciept the user can restore it to its
original state.
WIZFIND.ZIP Yes 39708 1/9/1993 Super Fast File Finder
WORST.ZIP Yes 12032 7/29/1992
WORST: Searches all the files and subdir-
ectories on your disk to find the oldest,
newest, largest, and smallest files. Handy
for removing ancient and zero-byte files,
finding what's just been modified, or those
files that are taking up lots of disk space.
Freeware (includes C source)
WOUT09.ZIP Yes 32253 5/23/1993
WaitItOut v0.09; Utility designed to
accomplish several small, but needed tasks.
Waits a specified # of minutes or until the
specified file exists.
WT210_1.ZIP Yes 191375 4/15/1993
WazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [1/4]
WT210-1.zip - Waztree Main program
WT210-2.zip - Modem comm program WT210-3.zip
- Voice dial program WT210-4.zip - Waztree
misc files
WT210_2.ZIP Yes 104792 4/15/1993
WazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [2/4]
WT210-1.zip PART 1 Waztree Main program
WT210-2.zip PART 2 Modem comm program
WT210-3.zip PART 3 Voice dial program
WT210-4.zip PART 4 Waztree misc files
WT210_3.ZIP Yes 61854 4/15/1993
WazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [3/4]
WT210-1.zip PART 1 Waztree Main program
WT210-2.zip PART 2 Modem comm program
WT210-3.zip PART 3 Voice dial program
WT210-4.zip PART 4 Waztree misc files
WT210_4.ZIP Yes 38143 4/15/1993
WazTree V2.10 Directory Utility Plus [4/4]
WT210-1.zip PART 1 Waztree Main program
WT210-2.zip PART 2 Modem comm program
WT210-3.zip PART 3 Voice dial program
WT210-4.zip PART 4 Waztree misc files
WTB15.ZIP Yes 83115 3/2/1993
What Tape Back-up? 1.5 (Freeware) Tape
library manager & back-up maker. Tracks when
back-ups are made, suggests next tape set to
use, and operates your tape software so you
don't have to remember commands. Has
Mountiain and Jumbo configs; others are user-
XD.ZIP Yes 4872 1/3/1993 Excellent Replacement For DOS Make Directory!
XDIR303D.ZIP Yes 51981 12/28/1992 Replacement For DIR/MEM/SPEEDRAM/SI Utils
XDISK331.ZIP Yes 62865 2/29/1992
Resizable EMS-RAM disk, LIM 3+, DOS-5 aware.
Options include: Resizing on-the-fly without
or with (limited) preservation of disk data,
disk collapse, UMB selfloading, DOS command-
line load/unload (DOS 2-4), password access,
and 086/286/386/486 code optimized releases.
For release information, decompress the .ZIP
archive, type READ and press Enter.
XFIND10.ZIP Yes 10242 8/19/1992 Enhanced FIND Command For DOS, Even Filters
XHLST122.ZIP Yes 9103 9/21/1992 Display XMS Handle Information
XL2271.ZIP Yes 217923 11/10/1992 Excellent Disk/File Manager For Beginners
XPNDTB11.ZIP Yes 20174 1/18/1993 One Of Tesslers Nifty Tools (TNT)
XPRO11A.ZIP Yes 276491 5/11/1992 Utility Collection Makes You A POWER USER
XRAYV15.ZIP Yes 14187 2/18/1992
XRAY is a TSR that reports DOS interrupt 21
function calls. For power users, programmers.
Watch DOS execute programs, open close read
write files etc. Diagnose obscure file IO
problems. Excellent documentation.
YZUTIL11.ZIP Yes 985 3/29/1993 Increase Speed By 10% & Stop PC Speaker Bells
Z20.ZIP Yes 122907 12/7/1992
= ZipShot 2.0 for DOS!= (c) 1992 YHO
Unlimited - Never type another Dir name! -
This awesome little utility will think up dir
names for your ZIP, ARJ, or LHA/LZH files,
and unarchive them there with the click of a
mouse! rel: 6:14PM 11-21-92
ZDIR20.ZIP Yes 60196 3/4/1992 ZanySoft's Easy But Powerful Directory Lister
ZERO4ROM.ZIP Yes 16623 1/2/1992 ZeroRom; The zero byte file-maker for CD-Roms
ZIPALL12.ZIP Yes 98559 9/15/1993
ZIPALL v1.2; Freespace: the final frontier. A
collection of .BAT files to continue on where
PKWARE left off. They exploit PKZIP and
PKUNZIP in a BIG way!
ZIP_18A.ZIP Yes 20163 12/19/1991
ZIPPY v1.8a; Read the most recent change date
INSIDE a ZIPFILE and clearly mark that date
in the file desciption text. This saves your
users from LOTS of unwanted downloads of old
releases and helps you, the sysop, keep tabs
on old files. ZIPPY will NEVER update the DOS
Date Stamp or File description Date stamp.
ZIP_GO12.ZIP Yes 48003 10/1/1993
ZIP&GO v1.2; Auto-Zip/Run/Backup Directories!
Increase hard drive space by running programs
from zipped directories. Zip, run, or backup
to/from drives A, B, or C. Multiple options
from the same command line. Size directories
for backup to disk if too large when zipped.
Operates transparently and uses 7K of memory.
-Requires a hard drive, DOS, and PKZIP v2.0G.