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Name Extracted Size Date Description
10_MORE.ZIP Yes 23670 4/28/1991 Packet of ANSI screens with ANSI music & WC 3.x @codes@
2&3CODES.ZIP Yes 40965 5/21/1991 A list of the screen codes for Wildcat 2.x and 3.0
2DAYDN20.ZIP Yes 46599 8/16/1991 2DAYDOWN v2.0 List files downloaded Today For WC! 3.x
2DAYUP20.ZIP Yes 47046 8/20/1991 Creates display file showing daily uploads. For WC! 3.x
300LAST.ZIP Yes 25410 8/19/1990 WC! 3.x util makes bulletin of last 300 users. V1.0
ACOLOR50.ZIP Yes 13343 6/9/1991 AColor v5.0� Utility to add color to text files WC! 3.0
ACTPASS.ZIP Yes 22236 6/28/1991 ACTPASS Create key for ActView ... Released by Author WC 3
ACTV320.ZIP Yes 83533 8/25/1991 Actview 3.2 for Wildcat SysOps. Activity viewer / scanner. If you run a Wildcat BBS that takes more than 10 calls per day, this is a must have utility! Like nothing else!
ACTV321.ZIP Yes 83503 8/25/1991 Actview 3.21 for Wildcat SysOps. Activity viewer / scanner. If you run a Wildcat BBS, this is a *MUST*! Like no other utility available! Supports 1-100+ nodes! Super fast!
ACTV322.ZIP Yes 87006 8/25/1991 Actview 3.22 for Wildcat SysOps. Activity viewer / scanner. If you run a Wildcat BBS, this is a *MUST*! Like no other utility available! Supports 1-100+ nodes! Super fast!
ALLSDI.ZIP Yes 14170 12/7/1991 ALLSDI Add DESC.SDI/FILE_ID.DIZ to ALL WC3x+ files
ANS2WLD2.ZIP Yes 9673 11/20/1991 ANS2WLD v2.0 Convert ANSI files to Wildcat! 3.0 format
ATTACHE.ZIP Yes 18132 12/10/1991 WC3.x SysOp util reports messages w/attached files Ver 1.00
AUTODESC.ZIP Yes 25025 12/5/1991 AUTODESC Adds file descriptions automatically on upload WC3
AVB10.ZIP Yes 69181 6/11/1990 AVB v1.0 ANSI voting Booth Screens can be judged! WC 3.x
AVIEW61C.ZIP Yes 65762 1/27/1990 AVIEW V6.1 Online archive viewer for Wildcat 3.0
AVIEW61D.ZIP Yes 66272 1/27/1990 AVIEW v6.1D Online achive viewer and utility for WC 3.x
BICAT41S.ZIP Yes 101628 1/12/1992 BICATS 4.1 Bimodem to WC! v3.xx interface Bug Fix!
BICAT42S.ZIP Yes 102446 1/17/1992 BICATS 4.02 Bimodem to WC! v3.xx interface 01/17/92
BIGLIST.ZIP Yes 12728 11/29/1991 BIGLIST Creates files list from UNLIMITED size database WC3
BOBCAT3M.ZIP Yes 144485 9/25/1991 BOBCAT v3.0M A Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x Multi-Line
BOBCAT3S.ZIP Yes 144229 9/25/1991 BOBCAT v3.0S A Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x Single-Line
BOBCT20M.ZIP Yes 141106 8/3/1991 BOBCAT v2.0M A Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x Multi-Line
BOBCT20S.ZIP Yes 140856 8/3/1991 BOBCAT v2.0S A Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x Single Line
BOBST12.ZIP Yes 11067 9/15/1991 BOBSTAT v1.2 Bulletin generator for BOBCAT WC 3.x
BOBSTAT.ZIP Yes 10962 9/15/1991 BOBSTAT v1.0 Create a display file for BOBCAT CBV stats!
BTLQW32.ZIP Yes 238691 8/1/1991 BTLQW v3.2 Create Relational Queries for WC3.0
BUILDCAT.ZIP Yes 34871 9/4/1991 Adds Files to the RunLater.TXT file for Catscan2 WC! 3.x
CALL402.ZIP Yes 48130 9/13/1991 CALLYZER v4.0 Activity Analyzer that creates bulletins. WC3
CATBUL1.ZIP Yes 43819 11/8/1991 CATBUL v1.0 Convert text files into @CODES@ for WC 3.x
CATCL21B.ZIP Yes 66932 11/9/1991 CATCALLS v2.1 Complete dialing companion for Telix/WC v3
CATCLR.ZIP Yes 3640 11/23/1991 Batch help for use with CATCOLOR and WC 3.x display files
CATCOLOR.ZIP Yes 54689 5/17/1991 CATCOLOR v1.11 Viewer for Wildcat! 3.x @-coded color files
CATFILES.ZIP Yes 15004 9/29/1991 CATFILES for WC 3.x A Fast WC 3.x files list program
CATFLS3X.ZIP Yes 18434 9/25/1991 CATFILES Creates an ALLFILES type list for WILDCAT 3.x
CATGIF.ZIP Yes 12172 10/24/1991 CATGIF Scans GIF dir and adds the header info into WC 3.x
CATLOG30.ZIP Yes 51798 8/18/1991 CatLog v3.0 Activity log analyzer for WC! 3.x Now Multi-Node
CATLOG40.ZIP Yes 65244 11/11/1991 CatLog v4.00 - Activity Log Reporter/Bulletin Generator
CATSCANR.ZIP Yes 150836 8/21/1991 CATSCAN v1.0r Scan Files when uploaded and more! WC3
CATSCANS.ZIP Yes 151277 8/21/1991 Archive scanner for WC v3 key good until Feb 92'
CATST20A.ZIP Yes 48092 9/16/1991 CATSTAT v2.0 Creates bulletin of door stats and more! WC3.x
CDHELP.ZIP Yes 8639 11/12/1991 How to Load CD files into WILDCAT 3.0
CDRPATH.ZIP Yes 18694 5/17/1991 CDRPATH v.50 BETA sets "On CD-ROM" flag and dir in WC 3.x
CHATMODE.ZIP Yes 6670 9/15/1991 Text file on how to use the Wildcat 3.0 inter-node CHAT!
CHATON.ZIP Yes 11432 1/15/1992 WCAT3.0+, reset all user records to 'chat available'. Fast.
CIMEX.ZIP Yes 17317 8/19/1990 Import/Export Conference Desc's to text file. WC! 3.x
CLOCK1.ZIP Yes 38536 12/14/1991 Create @CODE@, ANSI, ASCII displays from Activity log
COLORHLP.ZIP Yes 45254 6/12/1991 Coded help screens for Wildcat 3.0
CONVDISP.ZIP Yes 22209 8/19/1990 Convert old Ansi screens from Wildcat 2.x to Wildcat 3.0
CONVDISQ.ZIP Yes 50707 8/19/1990 Another screen converter for Wildcat 3.0
CONVFILE.ZIP Yes 39176 5/21/1991 A Wildcat 2.xx - 3.0 file database converter...
CP100A.ZIP Yes 35527 12/12/1991 Doorfile conversion / control utility for Wildcat! 3.xx
CVTWCT10.ZIP Yes 9007 8/6/1991 Utility to convert WCTEXT.XXX to Ascii text file for WC 3.x
DATAV20E.ZIP Yes 51725 10/20/1991 DataView v2.0E Archive file viewer for BBS's w/ DOOR.SYS
DATAV22C.ZIP Yes 85376 1/3/1992 DATAVIEW v2.2C Archive file viewer for Wildcat v3
DAYSLEFT.ZIP Yes 19310 11/15/1990 DaysLeft Creates a Display file of days til Christmas
DBWC30WM.ZIP Yes 14515 11/27/1991 This is my various configs for the new Wildcat setup....
DOORSEC.ZIP Yes 7448 10/31/1991 DOORSEC Runs a DOOR for an EXACT security level in WC 3.x
DOORTIME.ZIP Yes 5598 9/29/1991 DOORTIME Will restrict a DOOR to any given time period WC3x
DRAWCAT.ZIP Yes 34148 11/19/1991 DrawCat v1.0 Draw screens with @CODES@ for WC 3.xx
DROPCL12.ZIP Yes 36414 10/10/1991 Drop Carrier Lister v1.2 Will list user who Dropped WC 3.x
DROP_MSG.ZIP Yes 13074 11/14/1991 DROP-MSG Creates USERxxx.BBS to user who drops carrier WC 3
DSTAT.ZIP Yes 20601 8/19/1990 WC! 3.x Door Stats bulletin maker. V1.0
DUPEFILE.ZIP Yes 20697 8/19/1990 DUPEFILE v1.01 Sysop utility detect dup/similar files WC3x
DUPMSG1.ZIP Yes 50992 11/15/1991 DupMsg v1.0 Finds and deletes duplicate messages from WC3.x
DUP_U_30.ZIP Yes 20174 8/19/1990 Dupe User for Wildcat 3.0 scans ALLUSERS.DAT to find dupes
EDEVENT.ZIP Yes 27284 8/19/1990 EDEVENT v1.01 Sysop Util to edit NODE EVENT files WC 3.x
EQT20.ZIP Yes 43817 9/14/1991 Environment Quick Tips for WC! 3.x and 2.x! Bull, Hello etc.
EVTIME20.ZIP Yes 5977 10/3/1991 EVTIME v2.0 Reads DOOR.SYS for time to next event WC 3.x
FDN_0201.ZIP Yes 17314 1/13/1992 File Distribution Network - Newsletter 01/13/92 includes WDN
FILEFLAG.ZIP Yes 19206 5/17/1991 FileFlag v.51 Beta Use to set the File Flags in WC 3.x
FILEPROB.ZIP Yes 12297 10/7/1991 FILEPROB Checks WC 3.x file Database aginst HD etc..
FILESBBS.ZIP Yes 20136 8/19/1990 FILESBBS v1.0 Creates a FILES.BBS D'BRIDGE File list! WC 3
FIMEX.ZIP Yes 17520 8/19/1990 Import/Export file area descriptions to a text file. WC! 3.x
FINDUSER.ZIP Yes 24753 8/19/1990 WC! 3.x Sysop util searches 14 fields in user record. V1.0
FIREWORK.ZIP Yes 3988 11/26/1991 WILDCAT 3.x Firework display with clock from MUSTANG
FIXFILE.ZIP Yes 10768 12/7/1991 FIXFILE Will rebuild your ALLFILES.DAT if corrupted
FLIPCAT.ZIP Yes 22977 11/18/1991 FLIPCAT v1.01 Rotate ANY screen in BBS in one pass.. WC 2-3
FLOP.ZIP Yes 32612 5/17/1991 FLOP v3.12 WC! 3.x Sysop util: File list output program.
FREEDOWN.ZIP Yes 24009 10/21/1991 FREEDOWN v1.05 Creates a Listing of FREE D/L files in WC 3
FREELOG.ZIP Yes 15203 10/26/1991 FREELOG Create a list of who has D/L Free files WC 3.x
FRESHALL.ZIP Yes 10539 10/28/1991 FRESHALL Freshen your WC 3.0 Files Database with Dos Values
FRESHEN.ZIP Yes 11130 10/27/1991 FRESHEN Freshen your Files Database with Date/Time WC 3.x
FSTAT_30.ZIP Yes 21491 8/19/1990 F-STAT for Wildcat 3.0 creates file area statistics
GIFCAT.ZIP Yes 52923 1/19/1992 WC3/GIF utils! Auto-add GIF INTERNAL DESCRIP to WC uploads!
HELLOBBS.ZIP Yes 45378 8/10/1991 BBS Daily Activity Report screen generator for WC! 3.x
HSBATS.ZIP Yes 1643 11/12/1991 Send and receive batch files for HS/LINK on WC 3.x
HS_WC301.ZIP Yes 3545 12/30/1991 Install and batch file info to install HS/LINK in WC v3!
KSUTIL.ZIP Yes 25155 9/29/1991 Karl Schnieder's DOC's for his WC 3.x Utilities..
LASTRANS.ZIP Yes 172081 9/30/1991 LASTRANS v1.0 Creates screen with Last mail x-fer info WC3
LOPPER3.ZIP Yes 35867 7/19/1991 Activity log scanner/trimmer for Wildcat 3.0
LVCAT313.ZIP Yes 323801 7/7/1991 LiveCat v3.1 Test Drive for Wildcat 3.0
MBULL11.ZIP Yes 97926 8/21/1991 MAKEBULL v1.1 Bulletin Generator for WC 3.x
MBULL12.ZIP Yes 98298 9/1/1991 MakeBull V1.2 WC! 3.x Bulletin/Hello/Disp made easy.
MEMODAT1.ZIP Yes 11230 11/20/1991 MEMODATE List user memo dates. All or only passed dates WC3
MKAREA35.ZIP Yes 53607 8/7/1991 Creates the AREAS.BBS file for running Wildmail
MMENU01.ZIP Yes 7639 8/31/1991 MAKEMenu v0.1 Export menus from MAKEWILD.DAT WC 3.x
MSI_FPI.TXT No 4627 10/14/1991 A text file about Mustang softwares acquisition of Qmodem!
MSTAT.ZIP Yes 26029 8/19/1990 MSTAT v1.04 Creates Bulletin from active conferences WC 3.x
MSTAT_30.ZIP Yes 25115 8/19/1990 M-STAT creates color bulletins listings of active areas.
MWEXPORT.ZIP Yes 28099 9/15/1991 MWExport v3.0 Export your Makewild settings to text. WC 3.x
NETBULL.ZIP Yes 28458 8/19/1990 NETBULL v1.12 Creates bulletins for WildMail for WC 3.x
NEWKEY.ZIP Yes 13704 10/15/1991 NEWKEY.ZIP New key for CATSCAN good through Dec 1991
NEWUSER3.ZIP Yes 66854 6/17/1990 NewUser v2.0 Create screen of Newusers in last 30days WC3
NODEUP.ZIP Yes 16797 11/23/1991 Netmail Lines show Waiting For Calls in the [W]ho for WC 3.x
NOTHERE.ZIP Yes 9560 9/11/1991 NOTTHERE Finds Files in WC 3 Databsae that aren't on Disk!
NR107.ZIP Yes 102040 9/13/1991 NewsRoom version 1.07 BBS News generating software. Create news files using ANSI, PCBoard, or Wildcat! color codes. No bug fix--this version will force a .BBS extension on the ASCII filename if generating Wildcat! specific codes. Non- Wildcat! SysOps would need this version only if running a pre-version 1.05.
OFFLINE.ZIP Yes 15359 11/9/1991 OFFLINE Fast files listing for files stored Offline WC 3.x
PACKLOG.ZIP Yes 11640 10/29/1991 PACKLOG Save Activity logs in Date/Compresssed format WC3.x
PBLAST10.ZIP Yes 3523 8/22/1991 PROMPT BLASTER Blows by Prompts in WC 3.x
PM9600SA.ZIP Yes 1745 7/18/1991 A modem file for use with the PM9600SA and Wildcat 3.0
PROM0110.ZIP Yes 319195 1/10/1992 P o n y R O M v.1.0 - CDRom Download Door This door features the following: - Updates BBS download Counts/Bytes - Works with ANY popular cdrom disc - For PCBoard 14.5, Wildcat 3.0, RA 1.10 - Supports COM 1-4 up to 115200 bps - Dbase compatible database - and more ... Not Cripled - Does Not Expire - Shareware Compile Date: 01/10/92 18:00
PROSTP12.ZIP Yes 14136 9/25/1991 PROSTRIP v1.1 Pulls apart WCPRO's Stats for sep. screens WC3
PROWLNET.ZIP Yes 24502 12/10/1991 Join PROWL Net! WILDCAT Network created by Ron Woods
PUTDESC.ZIP Yes 14209 11/24/1991 Easily add DESC.SDI descrip to .ZIP for u/l to WC w/AUTODESC
PUTON.ZIP Yes 18740 11/25/1991 Turn 'Off-Line' flag for any WC database file on or off.
QKDOOR2F.ZIP Yes 51121 5/1/1990 QKDoor v2.F Convert WC 3.x & 2.x to every door style out!
QM_WC2&3.ZIP Yes 3813 6/10/1991 Qmodem 4.2 Script for WC! 2.x znd 3.x, Includes fast logon.
QUESTRIP.ZIP Yes 21469 11/24/1991 QUESTRIP v1.0 Delete blank lines in Questionaire file WC.3
REMOTE51.ZIP Yes 31668 10/20/1991 REMOTE CONTROL v5.1 Use to work on BBS while remote!
RONSCALL.ZIP Yes 58396 11/19/1991 RONSCALL v3.20 Who called bulletin generator for WC 3.x
RONSETUP.ZIP Yes 15061 11/27/1991 TFP's collection of CONFIG's, BATCH's, etc.. for DB, WC etc.
RONSSTAT.ZIP Yes 52907 11/19/1991 RONSTAT v3.20 Stat bulletin generator for WC 3.x
SCANTST1.ZIP Yes 6727 11/19/1991 SCANTEST Batch file to run in the SCANFILE.BAT WC 3.xx
SCR2BBS.ZIP Yes 14533 9/2/1991 WC 2.x to WC 3.x Display file conversion program. V1.1
SELECTOR.ZIP Yes 22300 8/19/1990 Sysop util for WC! 3.x Globally open/close user conf's. V1.0
SETCONF.ZIP Yes 9486 12/15/1991 WC3: Return users to any specified conference after logoff!
SF0BYTE.ZIP Yes 44961 12/29/1991 SF0BYTE 0 byte file generator for use with WILDCAT! v3
SLS10.ZIP Yes 12760 9/15/1991 SLS v1.0 Security Level Sorter for WC! 3.x
SORTCONF.ZIP Yes 23376 8/19/1990 SORTCONF v1.01 Make an alpha listing of confs in WC! 3.x
STARTUP.ZIP Yes 16865 4/28/1990 STARTUP v1.0 Shut down DV windows for events WC 3.x
STATS.ZIP Yes 1833 9/9/1991 A nice little user Stats screen for Hello/Bull screen. WC 3
STATS140.ZIP Yes 33727 11/11/1991 Stats Machine v1.4 Creates Statistics from Activity WC3.x
STATS20.ZIP Yes 44004 11/18/1991 Stats Machine v2.0 Create stat screens from activity WC3.x
SUPRSCAN.ZIP Yes 55449 5/17/1991 SUPRSCAN v3.02 BBS list viewer run as door.. WC 2.x - 3.x
SWAPO11.ZIP Yes 16264 9/17/1991 SwapOrig v1.1 Wildmail util to randomly change origin line!
SWAPSEC.ZIP Yes 18378 8/19/1990 Change user record to match new security profile name. V1.0
TCAT301.ZIP Yes 234283 10/14/1991 TOMCAT v3.01 The FREEWARE version mail door for WC 3.x
TCSCRN3.ZIP Yes 12376 9/29/1991 TCSCRN v3.0 Create display file from TOMCAT activity WC 3.x
TDOOR30.ZIP Yes 155694 7/30/1991 Time Door v3.0 for Wildcat 3.0
TDOOR301.ZIP Yes 162168 7/30/1991 TimeDoor v3.01 The Time Banking Door for WC 3.x
TEXTRACT.ZIP Yes 14700 8/19/1990 WC 3.x utility extracts text from WCTEXT.DAT to file. V1.10
TODAYDOR.ZIP Yes 53770 5/17/1991 TodayDor v3.02 BBS Door for for historical facts WC 3.x
TOPDOWN.ZIP Yes 17052 10/24/1991 TOPDOWN Creats a Bulletin of TOP 10 Downloaded files WC 3.x
TOPTEN11.ZIP Yes 37637 10/27/1991 TOPTEN v1.1 Create Letterman type Top 10 list Door for WC 3
TS10.ZIP Yes 71192 12/3/1991 TOMCAT STATISTICS Tomcat Statistic Output Screen Generator
TSCAN112.ZIP Yes 29579 6/1/1991 TranScan v1.12 File Scanner for Wildcat 3.0
TSCAN200.ZIP Yes 48932 6/1/1991 TranScan v2.0 File Scanner for Wildcat 3.0
TSCN220.ZIP Yes 69524 12/29/1991 TRANSCAN v2.20 Archive scanner for Wildcat v3
TSCN224.ZIP Yes 71443 1/3/1992 TRANSCAN v2.24 -- Use in SCANFILE.BAT with WC v3.+
TSCN225.ZIP Yes 74889 1/3/1992 TRANSCAN v2.25 -- Use in SCANFILE.BAT with WC v3.+
TVDEM30B.ZIP Yes 141948 9/4/1991 TheVerifier v3.0b A Call Back Verifier for Wildcat 3.x
TVDEMO30.ZIP Yes 111055 6/28/1991 TheVerifier Demo Call Back Verifier for WC! 3.x
TVSTAT30.ZIP Yes 11385 8/10/1991 The Verifier Stats - .BBS/.SCR from TVLOG.DAT - WC! 3.x
TVSTAT32.ZIP Yes 11043 9/21/1991 TVSTAT v3.2 Create a display file for TheVerifier CBV WC3.x
UPDNWC30.ZIP Yes 13366 10/16/1991 UPDNWC30 Create stats on top Up/Down loaders for WC 3.x
USAREADR.ZIP Yes 21811 8/6/1991 WC 2.x - 3.x USA Today News reader Door. No Reg Fee!
USERINFO.ZIP Yes 15651 10/22/1991 USERINFO Create a condensed listing of all your users WC3
USERUPS.ZIP Yes 23387 10/26/1991 USERUPS A Door sends the user a list of all files U/D by..
USTAT.ZIP Yes 25526 5/17/1991 USTAT v1.01 WC! 3.x User Stats Bulletin maker
VFX20.ZIP Yes 80108 8/29/1991 Verifix V2.0 A Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x Expires 11/28
VFX30.ZIP Yes 95931 12/18/1991 Verifix v3.0 Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x
VFX301.ZIP Yes 128853 1/19/1992 VERIFIX v3.01 Call Back Verifier for Wildcat! 3.x+ BBSs
VIEWERS.ZIP Yes 39247 8/19/1990 Viewer v1.6 simple viewer for Wildcat 3.0 file, and users
VIEWPICK.ZIP Yes 19107 8/19/1990 VIEWPICK v3.0 Allow users to view inside archive online WC3
VPAGE10.ZIP Yes 17339 8/15/1991 VISUAL PAGE v1.0 for WC! 3.x Nice Diversion!
VPAGE12.ZIP Yes 20160 10/21/1991 VISUAL PAGE v1.2 A unique way to change your page. WC 3.x
V_CAT335.ZIP Yes 134592 10/14/1991 VIEW-CAT v3.35 An online Archive viewer for WC 3.x
V_CAT337.ZIP Yes 137526 10/14/1991 VIEW CAT v3.37 An online archive/file viewer WC 3.x
V_CAT339.ZIP Yes 135228 11/9/1991 VIEW CAT v3.39 An online archive/file viewer WC 3
WC30HELP.ZIP Yes 91454 11/16/1991 Official NEW help screens for Wildcat 3.xx 12/07/91
WC30NODL.ZIP Yes 11413 9/29/1991 WC30NODL Sysop util to find un-downloaded files.. WC 3.x
WC30REC.ZIP Yes 29099 6/29/1991 Wildcat 3.0 record & data structure. Mikie, this ones for yo
WC30USER.ZIP Yes 49679 11/4/1991 A Wildcat 3.01 Users Guide written by Joe Martin
WC30VIEW.ZIP Yes 40109 9/29/1991 WC30VIEW Allows users on-line to view inside archives WC 3
WC3FDATE.ZIP Yes 12972 12/11/1991 WC3, List files w/ any given YEAR WC date, & D/L info!
WC3FLIST.ZIP Yes 18115 10/12/1991 WC3FLIST Bug Fix release! A file list generator for WC 3.x
WC3HELPS.ZIP Yes 17044 8/29/1991 EXEL Spreadsheets to help setting up WC! 3.x conferences.
WC3PRESS.ZIP Yes 3960 6/13/1991 The official Wildcat 3.0 Press release infomation..
WC3SHOCK.ZIP Yes 21695 9/5/1991 WC! 3.x Users reference guide. Describes changes WC2 - WC3
WC3TO2.ZIP Yes 7862 3/18/1991 WC3TO2 Coverts USERINFO.DAT to CALLINFO.BBS
WC3U_INF.ZIP Yes 15555 9/29/1991 Make nice summary of users /w dupe PW, Phone, B/D WC! 3.x
WC3_10UT.ZIP Yes 150121 3/5/1990 Collection of 10 utils for WC! 3.x from author!
WCALL15.ZIP Yes 82892 10/4/1991 WILDCALL v1.5 Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x
WCALL16.ZIP Yes 85230 10/4/1991 WILDCALL v1.6 Call Back Verifier for WC 3.x
WCBULL10.ZIP Yes 89457 9/13/1991 WCBULL v1.0 A Bulletin to create the .BBS files for WC 3.x
WCDR100U.ZIP Yes 37462 6/28/1991 WILDRAW v1.0 THEDRAW clone for creating WC 3.x .BBS screens
WCFILE.ZIP Yes 133605 7/21/1991 Used to add files to your 3.0 will scan 3 types of info..
WCFLFWRD.ZIP Yes 70536 8/1/1991 WC File Forward v3.0 A TICK type utility for WC 3.x
WCHELP.ZIP Yes 29878 8/22/1991 Collection of all the WILDCAT 3.x Help screens
WCHSLINK.ZIP Yes 31533 1/12/1992 Add HSLink BIDIRECTIONAL up/dnloads to WC v3 Minor Changes!
WCMODEM.ZIP Yes 65115 12/20/1991 WCMODEM - Modem configuration program for WC v3
WCNWS100.ZIP Yes 9957 1/22/1992 WCNEWS v1.0 Newsletter creator uses @CODES@ for WC v3
WCODE30C.ZIP Yes 24754 5/30/1991 TSR program to display screen codes for Wildcat 3.0 from TD
WCONVERT.ZIP Yes 25174 1/18/1992 WCONVERT Wildcat! 3.x Display File Conversion Utilities
WCOZLIST.ZIP Yes 14268 10/6/1991 WCLIST v1.0 Allfiles list producer reads ALLFILES.DAT WC3.x
WCPRINT.ZIP Yes 4933 10/31/1991 WCPRINT Toggle your printer on and off in WC 3.x
WCPUTGIF.ZIP Yes 10600 10/23/1991 WCPUTGIF Adds GIF header information after upload WC 3.x
WCSTRIP.ZIP Yes 31669 8/20/1991 Public Domain program to strip WC 3.x color codes from .BBS
WCSWAP10.ZIP Yes 36456 10/21/1991 Wildcat Swapper v1.0 Randomly rotates display screens
WCT350.ZIP Yes 68277 5/1/1991 Today v.35 creates a bulletin of who called today.
WCT351.ZIP Yes 68219 5/1/1991 Who Called Today v3.5 for WC 3.x - Creates Hello/Bulletin
WCTEXT.ZIP Yes 14323 8/23/1991 The Actual WCTEXT file from the Wildcat Headquarters BBS
WILDBATS.ZIP Yes 41583 11/21/1991 Wildbats v1.0 Helps create external protocol batches!
WILDMAIL.ZIP Yes 146515 7/18/1991 Wildmail v1.01C. This is the Scan/Tosser for Wildcat 3.0.
WILDNODE.ZIP Yes 40466 8/1/1991 Wildnode v1.0 Compiles the FIDO nodelist to be used in WC30
WILDSCAN.ZIP Yes 9222 9/29/1991 WildScan Create Bulletins from Wildmail's activity log
WILDVIEW.ZIP Yes 11016 11/29/1991 WILDVIEW v1.0 Wildcat v3 @SCREEN@ viewer utility
WMAIL200.ZIP Yes 185391 12/1/1991 WILDMAIL v2.0 Mail tosser for Wildcat 3.xx 30 evaluation
WMDUPER.ZIP Yes 24508 10/15/1991 WMDUPER v1.0 Util to reduce Wildmail's Dupe files to size
WMFIX.ZIP Yes 37289 9/19/1991 Utility for using AreaFix and Wildmail together.
WMFIX11.ZIP Yes 11909 10/5/1991 WMFIX v1.1 Utility for using AreaFix and Wildmail together.
WMLOG.ZIP Yes 39870 9/16/1991 WMLOG v1 Creates a display file of WILDMAIL activities WC 3
WMLOG11.ZIP Yes 9931 12/16/1991 Log reporter & Trimmer for Wildmail v2.xx
WMSCAN1.ZIP Yes 40182 9/5/1991 WMSCAN v1.0 Wildmail Log Scanner for Daily logs.
WMSTAT.ZIP Yes 42553 10/15/1991 WMSTAT v1.0 Beta A Wildmail Bulletin generator
WUPGRADE.ZIP Yes 79789 8/1/1991 Here is the new WCUPGRADE to fix the File Database...
XPIRDATE.ZIP Yes 12026 9/29/1991 XPIRDATE Compares Expiration dates in ALLUSERS.DAT WC 3.x
YESTDY50.ZIP Yes 127840 7/19/1990 Who called Yeterday & Today v5 for Wildcat 3.0
YESTRDY6.ZIP Yes 202655 1/17/1992 Yesterday and TodayCall v4.0 Log scanners for Wildcat! v3
ZERO4ROM.ZIP Yes 17622 1/1/1992 The zero byte file-maker for CD-Roms and WC v3
ZLABWC13.ZIP Yes 220787 11/3/1991 ZipLab v1.3 Online archive scanner/utility for WC 3.x