BBS Toolkit (1995) Library Index
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Name File Count Description
ANSIFILE 1531 ANSI files
DOORS_1 1017 Door Games #1
DOORS_2 923 Door Games #2
EZY_COMM 21 Files for Ezy Comm BBS systems.
GT_POWER 198 Files for GT Power BBS systems.
MAXIMUS 90 Files for Maximus BBS systems.
OPUS 19 Files for the Opus BBS systems.
PC_BOARD 433 Files for PC_Board BBS systems.
PROGRAMS 217 Miscellaneous BBS-related software.
QBBS 398 Files for QuickBBS BBS systems.
RBBS_PC 271 Files for RBBS PC BBS systems.
REMOTE 227 Files for Remote Access BBS systems.
SPITFIRE 52 Files for Spitfire BBS systems.
TAG_BBS 96 Files for Tag BBS systems.
THEDRAW 15 Files for TheDraw Ansi drawing program.
TRI_BBS 39 Files for TriBBS BBS systems.
WILDCAT 538 Files for Wildcat! BBS systems.
WINDOWS 148 Files for working with BBS systems under Windows.