Kirk's Comm Disc 2 (October 1995) Library Index
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Name File Count Description
/DOS/BBSLIST 24 Lists of DOS and Windows BBS's
/DOS/BBS 260 Bulletin board progs and utils
/DOS/CELERITY 8 Celerity BBS program and utils
/DOS/CITADEL 8 Citadel BBS programs
/DOS/CLIPPER 67 Utils/codes/patches for Clipper
/DOS/COMM 70 Communication progs and utils
/DOS/CONNECT 27 Connectivity progs and utils
/DOS/DOORS 141 Doors for various BBS's
/DOS/EZYCOM 25 Ezycom BBS program and utils
/DOS/FALKEN 37 Falken BBS program and utils
/DOS/FIDO 40 Fido BBS & Fidonet-related progs
/DOS/FOSSIL 13 FOSSIL drivers for BBS use
/DOS/FRONTEND 14 Frontend progs for BBS systems
/DOS/IO_UTIL 80 I/O port utils and drivers
/DOS/JDRBBS 7 Juggernaut BBS program & mailer
/DOS/KA9Q 16 KA9Q TCP/IP network utilities
/DOS/MAXIMUS 3 Maximus add-on language files
/DOS/MISC 143 Misc BBS and comm progs & utils
/DOS/MODEM 223 Modem programs and utilities
/DOS/NAPLPS 14 NAPLPS drawing programs & utils
/DOS/NCSATLNT 7 NCSA Telnet progs/utils/drivers
/DOS/OFFLINE 94 Off-line news/mail readers
/DOS/OPUS 23 OPUS BBS program and utilities
/DOS/PCBOARD 35 PCBoard BBS program and utils
/DOS/POWERBBS 10 PowerBBS program and utils
/DOS/PRODIGY 4 Prodigy on-line services-related
/DOS/QMODEM 16 QModem comm program and utils
/DOS/RA 6 Remote Acess BBS progs and utils
/DOS/RBBS_PC 97 RBBS-PC BBS program and utils
/DOS/RENEGADE 162 Renegade BBS programs and utils
/DOS/RIP 17 RIP graphics utilities
/DOS/ROBOFX 25 RoboBOARD/FX program and utils
/DOS/SLBBS 17 Searchlight BBS prog and utils
/DOS/TAGBBS 61 TAG BBS program and utilities
/DOS/TELEGARD 33 Telegard BBS program and utils
/DOS/TELIX 87 Telix comm program and utils
/DOS/TERMPROG 31 Telecommunication programs
/DOS/TERMUTIL 35 Utils for telecomm programs
/DOS/TOSSERS 11 Mail tossers
/DOS/TRIBBS 5 TriBBS 5.01 program and utils
/DOS/ULTRABBS 14 UltraBBS program and utilities
/DOS/UTILS 7 Other comm and modem utilities
/DOS/UUCP 23 UUCP programs and utilities
/DOS/VBBS 13 VBBS program and utilities
/DOS/WAFFLE 69 Waffle BBS program and utils
/DOS/WILDCAT 15 Wildcat BBS program and utils
/DOS/WWIV 39 WWIV BBS program and utilities
/DOS/ZMODEM 61 X/Y/Zmodem protocol programs
/OS2 170 Comm and BBS programs for OS/2
/WIN/COMM 82 Comm programs for Windows
/WIN/OFFLINE 26 Windows offline mail readers
/WIN/WINSOCK 88 WINSOCK progs and information