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1100TAGS.ZIP No 26799 02-22-92 1100 tags for your QWK messages.
1STSCAN.ZIP Yes 14448 07-29-92
1stScan works with 1stReader to
recreate missing .NDX files, scan
for messages addressed to ALL (and
write them to the ZIPPY
conference) and locate messages
addressed to other users and write
them into your PERSONAL
conference. Also lets you perform
a ZIPPY keyword scan as soon the
mail packet is unpacked. Easy to
install and use! Free for
1stReader users!!!
1STSYSOP.ZIP Yes 59174 10-04-92 Qmail Door sysop utilities for 1stReader
1ST_101A.ZIP Yes 352200 10-04-92
File #1 of 2. Release 1.01 of a totally
new concept in offline mail readers.
EVERYTHING you need for offline mail.
Telecom, internal ZIP, editors, etc.
are included. Designed for novices but
pros will love it. A "try before you
buy" release. A MUST-SEE!!! From Sparkware.
Registration $25.00.
1ST_101B.ZIP Yes 233003 10-04-92
File #2 of 2. Release 1.01 of a totally new
concept in offline mail readers. EVERYTHING
you need for offline mail. Telecom, internal
ZIP, editors, etc. are included. Designed
for novices but pros will love it.
A "try before you buy" release. A MUST-SEE!!!
From Sparkware. Registration $25.00.
1ST_101U.ZIP Yes 517817 10-04-92
A totally new concept in offline mail readers
EVERYTHING you need for offline mail. This
archive updates your 1stReader 1.00 to 1.01.
Do not download this file if you are new to
1stReader - download 1ST_101.ZIP instead.
1ST_SOM.ZIP Yes 6338 07-07-92
Automatically Configure
1st-Reader by Spark-| ware to call
SOM download your mail and| upload
your replies!
4500TAGS.ZIP Yes 98314 05-21-92
4500 new tag lines to add to
your probably already large collection
AD2QWK9B.ZIP Yes 42740 08-20-92
Add2QWK Adds personal downloads
to QWK packets
BNP120.ZIP Yes 33943 07-29-92
Bink/Opus Netmailer w/ 4d
Support And Built in Gms.
BOOTBOX1.ZIP Yes 31768 09-18-92
BOOTBOX.ZIP, An offline mail
reader util that places a box
around quoted text that you are
replying to. It formats text for
easier reading. Also placed the
name of the person you're replying
to in the box. FREEWARE QWK MAIL
Stogner, V1 Released: 9-18-92
BOXIT14.ZIP Yes 20110 01-02-92
A utilty program for SLMR mail reader. Makes
a fancy box around the quoted message.
BWANSI.ZIP Yes 10522 03-10-92
Allows users to add ANSI sigs
to mail uploaded with the Bluewave
offline mail system.
BWAVE210.ZIP Yes 327166 07-02-92
The Blue Wave Offline Mail Reader v2.10
Full internal .QWK packet support, supports
50 line & 43 line VGA or EGA video and has
special "Speach Capability" configuration for
use with speach hardware/software such as
used by the visually impaired.
CATQWK21.ZIP Yes 14725 01-13-92
CatQWK 2.1 [13 Jan 92] Program
to combine two or more QWK packets
from the same BBS into one. This
allows you to follow threads
easily across multiple QWK
downloads. Very easy to set up and
use; totally command line driven;
user changable archive programs.
CP100.ZIP Yes 56956 07-28-92
Cherry picker v1.0, new
shareware tagline selector.
cherry picker supports the
standard commands that most
selectors do, (random choice,
edit, add, delete, and search)
but it also supports files of up
to 32,000 taglines of up to 70
characters each. cherry picker
is a nice tagline selector that
should work well with any mail
reader. shareware registration $8
D2_125.ZIP Yes 275646 05-19-92
New release of Qmail DeLuxe�
1.25 offline mail reading system
from Sparkware. Includes
everything you need to "try before
you buy".| You can now read up to
20 messages in each conference in
demo mode. This file also is an
update for registered Qmail DeLuxe
owners see README for how to
update your copy online.
D2_125DX.ZIP Yes 118438 05-19-92
80386-specific release of Qmail DeLuxe�.
This archive contains the READER program
ONLY. You must also download D2-125.ZIP to
receive the full Qmail DeLuxe� system.
D2_125UP.ZIP Yes 169851 05-19-92
This archive contains everything you need to
update your existing copy of Qmail DeLuxe�
to release 1.25.
EZ138.ZIP Yes 190468 04-10-92
Ez-Reader V1.38 - Easy to use QWK mail
packet reader. Use with QWKMAIL Door.
FREDD12.ZIP Yes 360440 07-12-92
Freddie version 1.2. Offline
QWK mail reader for the MAC.
Significantly faster than 1.1. May
need to translate Freddie.app from
GETMAIL2.ZIP Yes 9234 12-22-91 Updated Getmail and dump to file.
INFQWK10.ZIP Yes 15263 07-20-92
Infoqwk 1.0
v1.00 the ultimate ansi/ascii
generator| for your qwk packets!!
use with| -=- remoteaccess 1.11 only
JABR12.ZIP Yes 139359 07-27-92
JABBER v1.2 QWK Reader. Jabber is
a memory efficient, easy to use
QWK packet reader. Features
include large packet usage
(>2megs), internal or external
editor, tagline managment, conf.
sorting, text searching, and text
oriented configuration. Has even
been tested on a 2-floppy 8086 PC!
JH3_1OF4.ZIP Yes 173749 04-19-92
John Hancock 3.0 (1/4)
The BEST Tagline Manager
in the Known Universe!
You can now fold, spindle, mutilate, sort,
manage, and mismanage your taglines!
Supported by DeLuxe�, EZ-Reader, SLMR/OLX,
Speed, MegaMail, KingQWK, Jabber & others.
JH3_2OF4.ZIP Yes 91365 04-01-92
John Hancock 3.0 (2/4)
The BEST Tagline Manager
in the Known Universe!
Printer-ready DOCs for all JH3 programs.
Includes the third of the now World-Famous
John Hancock README files.
JH3_3OF4.ZIP Yes 172519 04-01-92
John Hancock 3.0 (3/4)
The BEST Tagline Manager
in the Known Universe!
Download first!!! Will show you how to
install and operate John Hancock 3.0, the
JH3 Configuration, and tagfile maintenance
programs. Same system used for Qmodem and
PCBoard 14.5!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THESE!!!
JH3_4OF4.ZIP Yes 23191 04-01-92
John Hancock 3.0 (4/4)
The BEST Tagline Manager
in the Known Universe!
Optional text file viewer and DOS PATH
extender programs, which may be useful
to JH3 users who do not have LIST or
whose DOS PATH is fast becoming totally
unmanageable. These files are totally
FREE! Just for the downloading.
KQDUP103.ZIP Yes 41693 01-09-92
Kill QWK Dupes v1.03 by Dataware, Inc.
Quickly removes duplicate messages from QWK
& REP packets, even across multiple files.
Useful to users, netmail sysops and sysops
with QWK compatible mail doors. Maintains
its own CRC file which is smaller than most
other dupe checking mail doors. Can talk to
a comm. Port. Very flexible and
KQWK105.ZIP Yes 309355 04-05-92
KingQWK 1.05 - The latest release of
this new FAST, small QWK reader. It has
MANY features not found in other readers
including a unique interface to QWKMerge
allowing it to control precisely which
messages are merged into the ensuing QWK
packet. Many new features in this
release! Shareware by Mike King
LMAIL135.ZIP Yes 45188 05-12-92 Lantastic Mail in 6k TSR.
MF200.ZIP Yes 44583 02-10-92
MessageFilter v2.00: QWK-packet
pre-processor which archives, removes, or
personalizes QWK messages based on their
message headers.
MR2_104.ZIP Yes 151786 08-05-92 Mail Reader V1.04 For Qwk Files
NFILES10.ZIP Yes 11512 03-22-92
Compares two QWK packets to display all the
uploaded files that are REALLY new.
A great time saver. Don't wade through 100's
of file names you saw in your previous mail
packet! Try it! You'll like it!
Uploaded by: Keith Treichel
NFX59B.ZIP Yes 90608 08-20-92
NFX 0.59b: Easy to use graphic
offline mail reader for QWK
packets. Requires EGA/VGA.
NFX61B.ZIP Yes 92788 09-12-92
NFX 0.61b: Easy to use graphic offline mail
reader for QWK packets. Requires EGA/VGA.
OFFLI141.ZIP Yes 130383 08-24-92 Offline the qwk offline reader.
OLX2PTCH.ZIP Yes 63570 02-14-92
Patch update for OLX 2.1 mail
reader...updates to OLX 2.2....better memory
management and slight cosmetic change.
OLXSIG.ZIP Yes 1574 03-08-92
Create your own personalized signature when
replying tmsgs using OLX. May work with
OLX_TD21.ZIP Yes 221297 01-10-92
Off-Line Xpress 2.1 Test Drive:
Offline reader for .QWK-compatible
message packets
(Kmail/Qmail/Markmail et al.).
This program, formerly SLMR, now
belongs to Mustang Software. It
comes with the commercial version
of Qmodem (v5.0) but they are also
apparently marketing is as a
separate program. This "Test
Drive" version is not, as far as I
can tell, crippled at all
a very unobnoxious shareware pitch
on exit. And, eureeka, if you turn
taglines OFF, it doesn't leave
behind a signature advertising
itself (which was an option in
registered versions of SLMR
OLX, like SLMR, is easy to setup &
use and is the reader I'd use if I
could only find the time to call
any other BBSs!
PMD17A.ZIP Yes 339825 01-16-92
PMDBM v1.7 QWK mail reader/manager/archiver.
1 of 2.
PMDBM17B.ZIP Yes 364114 01-21-92
This file is for new users with an intention
to use Usenet. It contains fixes to some of
the files used in Usenet mode, to make the
mail generated Usenet compliant. A file of
tags has been included from th euploader.
The *.exe is same as 01/17/91. If you want a
GREAT olmr.... this is it. 286 or higher.
2 of 2
QEQTUTIL.ZIP Yes 1374 07-19-92
Handy quoting macro for use
with Qedit and offline mail readers
QPRN003B.ZIP Yes 44825 08-02-92
QWKPrune .03 beta, TWIT filter
for qwk packet mail. Will remove
unwanted messages from QWK
QUOTE10A.ZIP Yes 14775 07-20-92
Quote It! is a utility for SLMR
or OLX. When replying to messages,
it allows the user to put quoting
boxes around the reply. Choose a
style at startup, or have one
style selected as the default. ***FREE***
QWIX220.ZIP Yes 8378 04-05-92
Qwix 2.20: qwk reader for Unix. This is ANSI
C source code only and the qwk reader which
comes out of the compiler is a pretty
minimal implementation, but serviceable.
QWKINFO.ZIP Yes 18288 01-09-92
More information on the QWK/REP
and mail door formats.
QWKLAY15.ZIP Yes 17437 07-30-92
QWK Mail Packet File Format and
layout v1.5
QWKM105.ZIP Yes 210483 04-05-92
QWKMerge allows combination of several .QWK
packets from any one BBS into one packet.
Automatically deletes duplicate messages in
merged packets and "untrashes" .QWK files
altered by offline readers. A keyfile
available upon registration enables extensive
user-specific configuration of the merging
process. Shareware by Mike King.
QWKMAN10.ZIP Yes 130520 05-24-92
QwkMan 1.000B The intelligent
QWK manager. Easiest program
around to merge your QWK packets.
Completely configurable from day
1. Very fast to use.
QWKTXT41.ZIP Yes 26431 03-30-92 Convert QWK files to text files.
QWK_V38.ZIP Yes 21178 05-13-92 Tiny QWK off-line reader. From Belgium!
SCPRD209.ZIP Yes 40300 02-02-92 Scoop Off-Line Message Reader v2.09
SIG10.ZIP Yes 11102 02-20-92
SIG V1.0 - SLMR signature file appender. SIG
is an extension to SLMR that will
automatically append a signature file, of
your choice, to the end of your messages and
SLMRFIX.ZIP Yes 819 05-25-92
Patch for SLMR to eliminate
random function keypress in the
program opening.
SRTTAG11.ZIP Yes 14500 08-01-92
SORT_TAG version 1.0 This is a
FREEWARE package designed to sort
used by SLMR/OLX and to also kill
the dupes that you aquire over a
period of time. Just toss it in
your SLMR/OLX directory and run
it. It can either be run from the
DOS prompt or a 08-01-1992.
TAG001.ZIP Yes 172553 08-11-92
Over 5,000 Taglines Ready to
Use, Can Also be Used With Sage
For Windows.
TAGLX150.ZIP Yes 177496 08-28-92
Tag Line Xpress v1.50 is an
enhanced tagline manager for
offline mail readers Offers
UNLIMITED taglines; has a built in
quote enhancer; and suggests
taglines based on your message.
TLX is shareware.
TLX110.ZIP Yes 170869 06-16-92
Tag Line Xpress v1.1
*TLX* is an enhanced tagline
manager for off line mail readers.
TLX directly supports SLMR/OLX,
other mail readers can be manually
installed. TLX supports UNLIMITED
taglines, and intelligently
suggests taglines based on the
subject and contents of your
message. TLX also has a built in
quote enhancer that makes your.
TX2REP11.ZIP Yes 22574 03-19-92
TXT2REP 1.10
Converts text files into .QWK mail door .REP
message packet from DOS command line. Will
automatically create multiple messages if
text files are longer than standard length.
UMM11.ZIP Yes 369377 08-30-92
Ultimate maillist manager v1.1
manage multiple mailing lists.
XRS5M4AT.ZIP Yes 89574 03-15-92
EXpress Response System v5.0 "Mod 4" `286
executables. Fido & QWK offline reader.
XRS5MOD4.ZIP Yes 309180 03-15-92
EXpress Response System v5.0 "Mod 4" generic
version Fido & QWK offline mail reader.