On October 26th, 2018 I purchased the software assets of Full Moon Software.
Full Moon Software used to be known as Crescent Software. They produced a line
of excellent development libraries for MS-DOS. The supported environments were
QuickBASIC 4.x, Microsoft Professional Development System v7.x, and Visual
Basic for DOS.

The idea behind obtaining these products was to release them to the public
domain to ensure that people could still access these things in the future.
While most developers will have no use for these products in a modern
develoment environment, they still have value as an example of "how it was
done" back in the heyday of x86 DOS development.

The software in this repository hasn't been modified from how I received it
from Ethan Winer, the original author. While all the source files carry some
kind of Copyright notice, the software is now in the public domain.

The contents of the installation floppies will be uploaded to the Internet
Archive soon and when the manuals are scanned, they'll be uploaded there
as well. I'll update this page with links to the manual scans when
they are available.

The home page for Full Moon Software can be found here.

About Crescent Software:
After 20 years as a professional recording engineer and musician, Ethan
Winer founded Crescent Software in 1986, quickly building it to become the
leading provider of add-on products for use with Microsoft compiled BASIC
for DOS. During that time Ethan wrote numerous articles about DOS BASIC and
assembly language for all of the major programming magazines, and also
served as a contributing editor for PC Magazine. Ethan also received
Microsoft's MVP award every year since 1996 for his assistance in the
Microsoft BASIC programming newsgroups. In 1992 Ethan sold Crescent to his
partner Don Malin, and retired in order to pursue his musical interests.

[07Nov18] QB Plus, QuickMenu, and QuickHelp have been added to the collection!
[08Nov18] Added a user-contributed scan of the PDQ Assembly Toolbox manual.
[30Nov18] Added QuickPak Scientific and QuickScreen product documentation.
[02Dec18] Added Graphics QuickScreen product documentation.
[03Dec18] Added Compression Workshop product documentation.
[08Dec18] Added Graphics Workshop product documentation.
[12Dec18] Added PDQ & QuickPak manuals.
[17Dec18] Added PDQ Comm manual and QuickTALK V2N1.
[26Dec18] Added manuals for QuickHelp, QuickMenu, QB Plus, Don Malin's Cross Reference, and V1N1 of QuickTALK
[26Dec18] Added QBase source code. Unfortunately, no documentation is available.
[06Sep19] Added a native PDF version of Ethan Winer's book, BASIC Techniques and Utilities. Disk contents from the original book are included.
[07Mar23] Added a previously unpreserved copy of The Assembly Tutor. Thanks to Ethan Winer for loaning out his only copy!
[04Jun23] Added an MP3 file of the "hold music" that you'd hear when calling for tech support. (It's hilarious)

crescent software hold music ads - wbas.mp3 Hilarious MP3 of ads & music that was be played while on hold waiting for tech support.
QuickPak Professional v4.20, Disk #1 Github Repository The Most Comprehensive Collection of BASIC Tools Ever Produced
QuickPak Professional v4.20, Disk #2 The github repository for QuickPak is a combination of both disks.
PDF QuickPak Professional Manual
PDQ Disk #1 Github Repository A Revolutionary Concept in High-Level Languages
PDF PDQ Manual (full scan of v3.13 manual)
PDF Scan of the v3.0 PDQ Assembly Toolbox Manual
PDQComm v2.64 Disk #1 Github Repository Add Full-Featured Communications to Your Compiled BASIC Programs
PDF PDQ Comm Manual
QuickScreen v4.02 Disk #1 Github Repository Create Attractive Text-Based Data-Entry Screens in Minutes
PDF QuickScreen User Guide
PDF QuickScreen README sheet.
PDF QuickScreen Registration Card
Graphics QuickScreen v1.12 Disk #1 Github Repository Create Attractive Graphics-Based Data-Entry Screens in Minutes
PDF Graphics QuickScreen Manual
PDF Graphics QuickScreen README
PDF Graphics QuickScreen Registration Card
PNG Graphics QuickScreen Diskette Image
Compression Workshop v1.11 Disk #1 Github Repository Routines to Compress and Decompress Data
PDF Compression Workshop User Guide
PNG Compression Workshop Diskette Image
Graphics Workshop v1.17 Disk #1 Github Repository Create blazing fast graphics with half the code
PDF Graphics Workshop User Guide
PNG Graphics Workshop Diskette Image
GraphPak Professional v3.08 Disk #1 Github Repository Add professional-looking graphs and charts to your programs.
Don Malin's Cross Reference v2.24 Disk #1 Github Repository The Most Sophisticated Cross-Reference Program Ever Developed
PDF Don Malin's Cross Reference User Guide
QuickPak Scientific v3.10 Disk #1 Github Repository A Powerful Numerical Analysis Toolbox for DOS Compiled BASIC
PDF QuickPak Scientific User Guide
PDF QuickPak Scientific User Guide Addendum
PDF QuickPak Scientific README sheet.
PDF QuickPak Scientific Registration Card
LaserPak v2.08 Disk #1 Github Repository A comprehensive set of subroutines for generating graphics on a LaserJet or compatible.
QB Plus v1.0(ish) Disk #1 Github Repository A collection of software accessories developed especially for the QuickBASIC programmer.
PDF QB Plus User Guide
QuickMenu v3.0 Disk #1 Github Repository A DOS menu creation tool.
PDF QuickMenu User Guide
QuickHelp v1.0 Disk #1 No Source Available A tool for generating "pop up" help screens (memory resident).
PDF QuickHelp User Guide
QBase Disk #1 Github Repository QBase is a relational database system for QuickBASIC & PDS

QuickTALK Magazine
QuickTALK Vol1 No1, 1987 PDF
QuickTALK Vol2 No1, 1988 PDF

"Orphan" documentation
Hardware Tutor (instructional booklet)
The Assembly Tutor (instructional booklet)
QBase Report

Other Works
BASIC Techniques and Utilties
Support files included with the original book on diskette.